Engrossed Inventory - Joseph Fraine, of Barnstaple, linen draper (1692)

19 March 1692

© Crown Copyright

PROB 4/7585, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by Jonathan Frayne


An Inventory of all and singular the goods debts & creditts of Joseph ffraine Late of Barnstaple in the County of Devon . . . . . . 3 day of March 1691 by John Reardon and John Hawks Overseers.


Imprimis his wearing apparell£xviij-xvs.
Item his bookes£ij-xs.
Item his plate and gold rings£vj-iijs.
Item his severall small things in his Estate in(?)
    Newport where his ( - ? -) ( - ? -) 
Item 6 baggs of ( - ? -)(?)
Item 1 ( - ? -) of ( - ? -)(?)
Item one hundred and eightie bushells of salt sold for(?)
Item twenty three bushells of figs sold for£xj-xvjs.
Item rotten barrells lost in the cellar-
Item seaven barrells thrown away being rotten-
Item one cask of wine three parts full not good-
Item money rec'd from Mr John Symonds and Company£vl-xviijs.
Item rec'd that was due on book£ij-ijs.-iijd.
Item twenty bushells of salt sold for£vij-xvijs.-vjd.
Item about twenty five bushells in the cellar£viij-vjs.
Item good debts due on book£l
Item bad debts due on book£lxxij-viijs.-vijd.
Item money rec'd on John Coggers Bond£xxj
Item rec'd on Nicholas Sweets Bond£ij-xvijs.
Item rec'd on William Yeos Bond£j-xviijs.-iijd.
Item rec'd on William Moores Bond£j-xviijs.-iijd.
Item rec'd on William Leys Bond£xv-xviijs.
Item Agnis and John Lakes Bond£v
Item John Greads bill£viij-xijs.
Item Thomas Palmers bill£viij-iijs.
Item John Stephens bill£xvj
Item John Lakes bill£j-xjs.
Item Susanna Cattles bill£ij-xs.
Item Richard Norbutts bill£v-vijs.
Item money withdrawn on John Shepheards bill£v-viijs.-iiijd
Item James Lees bill£vj
Item Richard Matthews Bond£c
Item Richard Matthews Bond£xxj
Item Richard Matthews Bond£xl
Item Richard Matthews Bond£xxxj
Money good of the above£l
Item money bad on the above£clxxiiij-viijs.-vijd.
Item money rec'd money of William Moore being part of a bond£lx-vijs.
Item money lent on a peice of plate£vij
Item lumber£j
[There follows 8 rolls of debtors to Joseph Fraine-about 500 names at an estimate]