Customs Port Books 1616

Port of: Barnstaple

Book for: Overseas trade

Type of book: Customer

Transcribed by David Carter 2019

Taken from Port Books in National Archives ref: E 190/943/8

Import or ExportDateFrom / ToVesselBelongingMerchantGoods
Import7 Oct 1616BilboaMermaidNorthamJohn HammerSpanish wool.
Import3 Oct 1616RochellPhillipNorthamPhillip StrangeVinegar.
Import7 Oct 1616BilboaFlowerNorthamNicholas DowneSpanish wool.
Import7 Oct 1616BilboaFlowerNorthamJohn DarracottSpanish wool.
Import7 Oct 1616BilboaFlowerNorthamPentecost DodridgeSpanish wool.
Import7 Oct 1616BilboaFlowerNorthamWilliam GaminFelt wool.
Import7 Oct 1616BilboaFlowerNorthamJohn HammerSpanish wool.
Import7 Oct 1616BilboaFlowerNorthamWilliam PalmerSpanish wool.
Import7 Oct 1616BilboaFlowerNorthamGeorge GayeSpanish wool.
Import10 Oct 1616TerreasMelchesadickNorthamGeorge ShurteIndigenous woade.
Import12 Oct 1616St SebastiansFalconNorthamRichard BeapleFelt wool.
Import12 Oct 1616St SebastiansFalconNorthamJustin WestcombeSpanish wool.
Import12 Oct 1616AveraPhillipNorthamHugh HauckridgeShumacke.
Import12 Oct 1616LishbourneParragonBarnstapleDaniel DavyConserves, synamon, pepper, mace.
Import12 Oct 1616St SebastiansFalconNorthamRobert ColliberSpanish wool.
Import14 Oct 1616St SebastiansJohnNorthamRobert ColliberSpanish wool.
Import14 Oct 1616St SebastiansJohnNorthamPentecost DodridgeSpanish wool.
Import14 Oct 1616St SebastiansJohnNorthamWilliam GaminSpanish wool.
Import14 Oct 1616St SebastiansJohnNorthamJohn DarracottSpanish wool.
Import14 Oct 1616St SebastiansJohnNorthamRichard BeapleFelt wool.
Import14 Oct 1616St SebastiansJohnNorthamWilliam PalmerSpanish wool.
Import14 Oct 1616St SebastiansJohnNorthamJustin WestcombeSpanish wool.
Import14 Oct 1616St SebastiansJohnNorthamGeorge GayeSpanish wool.
Import14 Oct 1616St SebastiansJohnNorthamWilliam PalmerSpanish wool, shumack.
Import14 Oct 1616St SebastiansJohnNorthamGeorge ShurteSpanish wool.
Import14 Oct 1616St SebastiansJohnNorthamNicholas DowneSpanish wool.
Import14 Oct 1616St MichaelsJohnNorthamJohn ColliberGreene woad
Import21 Oct 1616St MichaelsJohnNorthamJohn PenroseSpanish wool.
Import21 Oct 1616RochellFrancisNorthamMathew TuckerPrunes, vinegar.
Import25 Nov 1616CalesBonaventureBarnstapleEdward EastmanFigs, raisins, great raisins.
Import25 Nov 1616CalesBonaventureBarnstapleRichard BurgonRaisins solis, figs.
Import21 Dec 1616St SebastiansBlessingNorthamWilliam PalmerSpanish wool.
Import21 Dec 1616St SebastiansBlessingNorthamRichard BeapleSpanish wool.
Import21 Dec 1616St SebastiansBlessingNorthamPentecost DodridgeSpanish wool.
Import21 Dec 1616St SebastiansBlessingNorthamJohn HammerNavarne wool.
Import21 Dec 1616St SebastiansBlessingNorthamJustin WestcombeSpanish wool.
Import21 Dec 1616St SebastiansBlessingNorthamWilliam GamynSpanish wool.
Import30 Dec 1616RochellDyamondBarnstapleJohn GarrenVinegar.
Import7 Jan 1616/17LishbournePhillipNorthamSamuel DavyeSuccatts, etc [illeg].
Import13 Jan 1616/17MarcellasSamaritanNorthamMathew TuckerPuincoyle, gaules, almonds, [illeg].
Import13 Jan 1616/17LishbournePhillipNorthamNicholas SpicerSynamon, pepper.
Import13 Jan 1616/17LishbournePhillipNorthamJohn BadcockSynamon.
Import13 Jan 1616/17LishbournePhillipNorthamJohn HarrisPepper.
Import23 Jan 1616/17BordiauxMaryBarnstapleJames BeaplePrunes.
Import11 Feb 1616/17CanariesVineyardBarnstapleEdward EastmanConserves, wet conserves, shumack.
Import11 Feb 1616/17CanariesVineyardBarnstapleRobert ColliberSuckets.
Import11 Feb 1616/17CanariesVineyardBarnstapleJames BeapleSuckets.
Import11 Feb 1616/17CanariesVineyardBarnstapleThomas WestlakeNil?
Import12 Mar 1616/17BordiauxJamesNorthamJohn MathewesPrunes.
Import15 Mar 1616/17RochellConcordBarnstapleJames BeaplePrunes, vinegar.
Import19 Mar 1616/17RochellDashingBarnstapleJames BeapleVinegar.
Import19 Mar 1616/17RochellDashingBarnstapleJames BeapleVinegar the 24th day.
Export12 Oct 1616CalesConcordBarnstapleWilliam PalmerDouble baise.
Export18 Oct 1616CanariesEndeavourBarnstapleJohn HillPewter.
Export16 Nov 1616St SebastiansFalconNorthamJustin WestcombeDouble baise.
Export15 Jan 1616/17[blank]SwannNorthamNicholas DowesDouble baise.
Export15 Jan 1616/17[blank]SwannNorthamJohn SalisburyLead.
Export31 Jan 1616/17St SebastiansBlessingBarnstapleNicholas DowneDouble baise.
Export17 Feb 1616/17BilboaRichardBarnstapleRichard BeapleDouble baise.

Transcriber’s notes:

Port Books survive for the ports of Appledore, Bideford and Barnstaple from 1565 to 1745. There are some gaps due to non-survival of records, and other gaps due to damaged documents.

Typically these books record:
• Date of entry
• Name of ship
• Tonnage of vessel
• Port where vessel is registered
• Port where vessel is going to, or coming from
• Name of the Captain or Master of the vessel
• Name of the merchant responsible for the goods
• Whether the merchant is English or foreign
• Description of the cargo, including the method of storage (barrels, casks, bags), the weight (hundredweights, pounds) and the value for the purposes of assessing tax to be paid.

The book for 1616 contains just 4 pages, mostly written in English, but with some Latin.

In the case of this document, the names of the Captains and the tonnages of the vessels were not recorded.

Details of the cargoes have only been transcribed in brief. Further information on quantity and value may be available from the original document.

Some commodities may not be obvious, so here are some definitions:
• Baise – A coarse woollen cloth
• Raisins solis – Sun dried grapes (raisins)
• Shumack – Dried berries of the Sumac plant, used in dying and tanning
• Succatts – Fruit preserved in sugar; sweetmeats
• Woad – A plant used to produce a blue dye

Similarly, some ports may not be spelt as we expect today:
• Avera = Aveiro, Portugal
• Bilboa = Bilbao, Spain
• Cales = Cadiz, Spain
• Lishbourne = Lisbon, Portugal
• Marcellas = [unclear]
• Rochell = La Rochelle, France
• San Sebastian = On north coast of Spain
• St Michaels = might be Sao Miguel, Azores
• Terreas = unclear, might be Terciera, Azores


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