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Help and advice for Barnstaple Port Book - 1617

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Customs Port Books 1617

Port of: Barnstaple

Book for: Overseas trade

Type of book: Customer & Controller

Transcribed by David Carter 2019

Taken from Port Books in National Archives ref: E 190/943/16

Import or Export Date From / To Vessel Tons Belonging Master Merchant Goods
Certificata Extra in Porte Barum a Ffesto Natinitats Christi 1616 usque ad Idem Ffest extunt sequens 1617.
Export 15 Jan 1616/17 Bristol Diamond 30 Barnstaple Thomas Browne Mathew Tucker Oil, rice, almonds.
Export 17 Jan 1616/17 Bristol Daisie 7 Northam John Cutter Richard French Train oil, Canary wine, correfish.
Export 18 Jan 1616/17 Bristol Hoape 20 Barnstaple Robert Westcott William Gamyn Spanish wool, kersies, traine [oil], wrought pewter.
Export 14 Feb 1616/17 London Christopher 20 Northam Christopher Colman William Palmer Spanish wool, Spanish iron, glass, corslette armor, herrings, bags of gaules(?), almonds.
Export 21 Mar 1616/17 Minehead Speedwell 18 Northam Thomas Walter William Thomas Wool.
Export 29 Mar 1617 Bristol Blessing 10 Northam John Nickle Mathew Haselands Canary wine, French wine, tar, pitch, beef, two brazen heades, pewter, broadcloth.
Export 12 Mar 1616/17 Minehead Marie 10 Barnstaple Edward Jenninges Edward Eastman Canary wine, Gascony wine, English iron, sugar, marmalade, succatte.
Export 13 Mar 1616/17 Carmarthen Roger 12 Northam Richard Cocke John Horsham Sugar, marmalade & succate, tregar, earthenware, woolen cloth.
Export 6 May 1617 Carmarthen John 12 Northam Richard Bennett Griffeth Reede Dowlas & tregar, glass cannas, earthenware, calico.
Export 13 May 1617 Milford James 10 Bideford Jerome Lofte? William Bollen Spanish iron, dowlas & tregar, vinegar, woollen cloth, baise, pewter, dry wares, deal boards, hops.
Export 15 May 1617 London Batchelor 24 Gosport Walter Merricke William Palmer Spanish iron, woad, Spanish wool, unrefined white sugar.
Export 22 May 1617 Bridgwater Marie 10 Barnstaple Edward French William Palmer Spanish iron, spanish wine, Spanish wool.
Export 30 May 1617 Sarnevan(?) Cherubin 14 Northam William Southcott John Hearde Spanish iron, Bristol soap, pitch, madder, sugars, rice, gaules, indico, succate, marmalade, Casteel soap, hops, raisins solis, train [oil], dowlas, Spanish wool, starch, great raisins, earthenware.
Export 23 Jun 1617 Westchester William 12 Northam William Gethrie John Gille Canary wine, French wine, prunes, vinegar, Spanish wool, marmalade, Spanish iron, liquoris.
Export 17 July 1617 Bristol Bonaventure 24 Barnstaple John Vellacott William Hodge Barnstaple single baise, Devon dozens, Frieze, goat & calve skins, hats, trunk of apparel, sarges, pewter, Spanish wool, cinnamon.
Export 17 July 1617 Bristol Marie 10 Barnstaple Edward Jenninges William Palmer Spanish wool, Devon dozens, kettles & crockes, wrought pewter, hats.
Export 12 Aug 1617 Bristol Marie 10 Barnstaple Edward French William Standburie Gascony wine, Spanish wool, Single baise, Succate.
Export 22 Sep 1617 Bristol Concorde 60 Barnstaple John Girringe Richard Norris Barnstaple single baise, northern plaines, pennistones unfrized, cottons, single serges, butter, Spanish pikes without heads, fish.
Export 31 Oct 1617 Bristol Hoape 20 Barnstaple Robert Westcott Justin Westcombe Spanish wool, correfish, train [oil], starch, soap.
Certificata recept Intra in Portu Barum a Ffesto Natuntatis Christi 1616 usque ad idem Ffestum extunc seqens in anno 1617.              
Import 16 Nov 1616 Neath Mosies 26 Barnstaple Simon Copner Michael Stoneman Coal
Import 29 Nov 1616 Gloucester Concorde 20 Tewxburie George Shawe Michael Stoneman Malt, poulse, peas.
Import 29 Nov 1616 Bristol Margaret 20 Bideford Richard Bremacombe Abraham Shurte Black soap, frieze, butter, hops, lead, lead ore, candles, gunpowder, shot, French wine, Bedtike wine.
Import 10 Feb 1616/17 Bristol Hoapewell 20 Northam Patrick Coales John Chappell Lead ore, iron, lead, soap, hops, bed mattes, bisquett bread, candles.
Import 8 Jan 1616/17 Gloucester Swanne 10 Northam Robert Ellis William Watkins White peas, malt.
Import 8 Feb 1616/17 Gloucester John 8 Northam John Vernam George Shawe Gray peas.
Import 30 Jan 1616/17 Bristol Providence 30 Barnstaple George Millard Hugh Slolie Iron, lead, hops, soap, chan[d]lerie wares, dry wares, grocerie & other wares, oil, manndes batterie & brazen wares, currants, shumake.
Import 6 Feb 1616/17 Bristol Maieflower 20 Northam Richard Seellie John Hearde Iron, lead ore, lead, pieces hollande, nails, raisins, hops, pitch, starch, groceries, soap, woollen cloth, biscuit bread, refined sugar, yellow wax.
Import 22 Jan 1616/17 Bristol Retourne 20 Northam John Gerrin John Chappell Soap, lead, lime, timber, hops, oil, reames of paper, glass, bell metal.
Import 17 Feb 1616/17 Newton Speedwell 18 Aberthawe Thomas Walter John David Wool, butter.
Import 28 Jan 1616/17 Swansea Mosies 26 Barnstaple Nicholas Heard Nicholas Heard Coal, butter.
Import 29 Jan 1616/17 Swansea Mosies 26 Barnstaple Nicholas Heard Lyson Johns Wool
Import 2 Feb 1616/17 Swansea Primerose 25 Barnstaple Anthony Dennys Anthony Dennys Coal
Import 18 Dec 1616 London Whiteharte   Barnstaple William Hitchcocke George Shurte Madder, gunpowder, starch, smalte, grocery wares, glasses, hemp, hops, bricks, spruce chests.
Import 18 Dec 1616 London Whiteharte   Barnstaple William Hitchcocke Laurence Ley Nyles or comblings wool.
Import 24 Feb 1616/17 Neath James 20 Appledore Peter Stephen Nathaniel Merricke Coal, wool, butter.
Import 23 Feb 1616/17 Swansea Speedwell 40 Bridgwater Christopher Urie Christopher Urie Coal
Import 25 Feb 1616/17 Cardiff Godspeede 14 Cardiff John Gwinne John Hearde & others Oats, peas, barley.
Import 3 Mar 1616/17 Purtynon William 12 Barnstaple Ciprian Hogge Jankyn Bevan Wheat, oats, wool.
Import 6 Mar 1616/17 Bristol Blessing   Northam John Nicle Abraham Shurte Clothes, cloth, black soap, hides, wool, trenchers, noyer.
Import 1 Mar 1616/17 Neath Peter 20 Barnstaple John Bennett John Bennett Coal
Import 1 Mar 1616/17 Milford Mariefortune 20 Northam John Pearce William Bowlen Oats, barley, wheat, sides of bacon, wool, white leather.
Import 17 Feb 1616/17 Milford Speedwell 10 St Davids Thomas Parrie John Voyle Barley, oats, wheat, rye, pilcorns, butter.
Import 8 Mar 1616/17 Milford John 8 Northam John Vernam William Bowlen Oats, white leather, sides of bacon, dry wares.
Import 8 Mar 1616/17 Milford James 10 Northam John Sheber William Whellin Barley, oats, bacon, cheese.
Import 15 Mar 1616/17 Milford Marie 20 Polthelie Kidwaliter Glinne Richard Walter Barley, wool, butter.
Import 10 Feb 1616/17 Tenby Margaret 16 Tenby Thomas Waterston Richard Bealt Oats, fleeches of bacon.
Import 7 Mar 1616/17 Neath Michael 24 Barnstaple Phillip Kente Phillip Kente Coal, butter.
Import 17 Mar 1616/17 Milford Peter 8 Northam Richard Bishop Richard Bishop Barley, wheat.
Import 8 Mar 1616/17 Milford Edwarde 8 Tenby George Wattes Edward Kirton Barley.
Import 7 Mar 1616/17 Gloucester Unitie 12 Ilfracombe John Reede William Watkins Malt.
Import 10 Mar 1616/17 Bristol Hoape 20 Barnstaple Robert Westcott Nathaniel Simons Glass, salt, black soap, lead, cardboard, wire, Spanish wool.
Import 10 Mar 1616/17 Lanelthie Susanne 18 Barnstaple Peter Tarrence Peter Tarrence Coal.
Import 8 Apr 1617 Bristol Blessing   Northam John Nichol John Lewrey Old brass, new brass, new pewter, lead ore, new bottles, soap, hemp cloth, wire, card board.
Import 2 Apr 1617 Sandwich Christopher   Barnstaple Christopher Colman Laurence Ley Comblinge, flockes.
Import 5 Apr 1617 Milford Pellican 12 Northam Leonard Sheber John Horsham Oats & barley.
Import 29 Mar 1617 London Christopher   Barnstaple Christopher Colman Christopher Colman Starch, allom, hops, castle soap, gallie pottes, apothecary wares, wooden canns, trunks of apparel, grease, household stuff.
Import 14 Apr 1617 Oxenwich Grace 20 Portynon Phillip Geffrie Nicholas Horsham Wool.
Import 1 Apr 1617 London Mariefortune   Northam John Ellis Nicholas Delbridge Spanish wool, cotton wool, hemp.
Import 2 Apr 1617 Southampton Vantage 18 Barnstaple Christopher Cade Christopher Cade Malt.
Import 4 Apr 1617 Southampton Consente 26 Barnstaple William Lille William Lille Malt.
Import 4 Apr 1617 Chichester Batchelor 18 Gosport Walter Merricke John Lickfold Malt, Malliga wine.
Import 15 Apr 1617 Swansea Margaret 18 Barnstaple Richard Bremacombe Richard Bremacombe Coal.
Import 25 Apr 1617 Burrie Jennett 20 Sandwich Joohn Lamberte Joohn Lamberte Coal.
Import 2 May 1617 Bristol Daisie 12 Northam John Gutter John Gutter Iron, black soap, glasses, grocery & dry wares.
Import 23 Apr 1617 Gloucester Hoapewell 30 Tewksbury John Hale John Slaughter Malt.
Import 18 Apr 1617 Milford Blessing 4 Milford Gelly Griffeth John Moore Barley, wheat, oats.
Import 10 May 1617 Bristol Goodlucke 10 Apsam John Wheton Samuel Chappell Cinnamon, marmalade, succatte, nutmeg & mace, pepper, callicowes, wool, skinnes cinnamon, starch, powder, figs, soap, painted marmalade, conserves.
Import 9 May 1617 Neath Blessing 25 Barnstaple George Downe George Downe Coal, one thousand foot planks.
Import 22 May 1617 Neath Swanne 18 Northam Peter Tarren Peter Tarren Coal, a thousand two inch planks, timber.
Import 23 May 1617 Bristol Blessing   Northam John Nichols Penticost Doddridge Lead, lead ore, black soap, glasses, cardboard, wax, cottons, gunpowder.
Import 17 May 1617 London Bonaventure   Barnstaple John Vellacott Laurence Ley Comblinge wool, flock.
Import 20 May 1617 London Bonaventure   Barnstaple John Vellacott Richard Delbridge Hemp, gunpowder, glasses, tar, trunk of apparell.
Import 27 May 1617 Burry Prosperous 14 Bideford Hugh Dune Hugh Dune Wool.
Import 2 Jun 1617 Portynon Elizabeth 16 Portynon John David Gregory Shottocke Wool, barley.
Import 1 Jun 1617 Burrie Jennett 20 Sandwich John Lamberte John Lamberte Coal.
Import 5 Jun 1617 Burrie Barnacell 10 Barnstaple Christopher Schampe Christopher Schampe Coal, wool.
Import 4 Jun 1617 Tenby John 6 Northam Richard Bennett Lewis Ackland Wool.
Import 11 Jun 1617 Milford Trinitie 12 Northam Robert Sheber Nicholas Hiddon Wool, sides of bacon.
Import 13 Jun 1617 Bristol Blessing 20 Northam John Nicoll Abraham Shurte Calf skins, wax, glass, weke yarn, reames of paper, wool cardes, blockwood, wire, hops, freestones, broadcloth, black soap.
Import 7 Jun 1617 Southampton Advantage 20 Barnstaple Peter Blackmore Christopher Cade Malt.
Import 18 Jun 1617 Burry Prosperous 12 Bideford Gabriell Lake Gabriell Lake Wool, coal.
Import 12 Jun 1617 Tenby Joseph   Ilfracombe Phillip Dune Nicholas Horsham Wool, butter.
Import 17 Jun 1617 Portynon Elizabeth 16 Portynon John Davides John May Wool, butter, barke.
Import 17 Jun 1617 Milford Samuell 12 Northam John Pomery William Whellin Wool, sides of bacon, raw cloth, white leather.
Import 17 Jun 1617 Plymouth Marie 25 Northam John Ellis William Hille Rye.
Import 24 Jun 1617 Neath Bonaventure 26 Barnstaple John Vellacott Robert Beaple Coal, wool, butter.
Import 23 Jun 1617 Swansea John 16 Barnstaple John Clarke Nem Rees Wool.
Import 27 Jun 1617 Burrie Francis 20 Northam William Lake William Lake Coal.
Import 23 Jun 1617 Swansea John 16 Barnstaple John Clarke William Dankin Wool.
Import 6 July 1617 Neath Barwicke 10 Barnstaple Richard Goulde Henry Merricke Wool.
Import 2 July 1617 Burrie Sparrowehawke 30 Barnstaple John Wilkey John Wilkey Coal.
Import 31 May 1617 Bristol John 10 Clovelly John Gennynge Christopher Woodward Iron, tar, black soap.
Import 12 July 1617 Carn'von Cherubin 14 Northam William Southcott John Hearde Wool, butter.
Import 21 July 1617 Tenby Trinitie 12 Northam William Norman John Barrowe Wool.
Import 18 July 1617 Milford Samuell 14 Northam John Pomery Richard Walter Wool, butter, wheat.
Import 29 July 1617 Bristol Daniell 14 Bideford Daniel Smith Thomas Leech Iron, soap, lead, grocery & drapery wares.
Import 28 July 1617 Bristol Marie   Barnstaple Edward French Nathaniel Simons Grocery and dry wares, iron, linen cloth, soap, glass, calf skins, brass.
Import 29 July 1617 Bristol Bonaventure 20 Barnstaple John Vellacott Nicholas Slolie Iron, lead, black soap, campech wood, dry wares, mercerie wares, wool, ruggs, baise, canvas, ropes, raisins, soap, cottons, butter, crocks, hops, household stuff, wire, glass, cinnamon, mercery wares, succats.
Import 31 July 1617 Bristol Marie   Northam Edward Burges John Strannge Batterie, hides, cottons, lead, grocery and chan[d]lerie wares, dry wares, sope, frieze, mercery wares.
Import 1 Aug 1617 Burrie Angell 18 Northam John Vernam John Vernam Coal.
Import 28 July 1617 Bristol Blessing 12 Bristol John Nichols John Chappell Black soap, salt, grocery and dry wares, wools, metherney.
Import 1 Aug 1617 Swansea Swanne 20 Northam John Kingsland John Kingsland Coal.
Import 6 Aug 1617 Gloucester Concorde 30 Tewksbury George Shawe William Watkins Malt.
Import 8 Aug 1617 Swansea James 20 Bideford John Sherman John Sherman Coal.
Import 11 Aug 1617 Burrie Mosies 25 Barnstaple Michael Stoneman Michael Stoneman Coal.
Import 18 Aug 1617 Tenby Margaret 16 Tenby Thomas Waterston Richard Horsham Wool, butter.
Import 20 Aug 1617 Aberystwith Daisie 8 Northam John Curthor Edward Kirton Lead ore.
Import 21 Aug 1617 Bristol Marie 10 Barnstaple Edward French Richard Slolie Lead ore, iron, cottons, mather, baise, dry wares, kettles.
Import 22 Aug 1617 Swansea Mariegolde 30 Northam William Burrowe William Burrowe Coal.
Import 26 Aug 1617 Swansea Elizabeth 18 Barnstaple Arthur Belworthie Arthur Belworthie Coal.
Import 26 Aug 1617 Swansea Margaret 16 Barnstaple Thomas Southcott Thomas Southcott Coal.
Import 30 Aug 1617 Burrie Blessing 20 Barnstaple Thomas Beaple Thomas Beaple Coal.
Import 2 Sep 1617 Neath Bonaventure 24 Barnstaple John Vellacott John Vellacott Coal, wool.
Import 6 Sep 1617 Tenby Trinitie 16 Tenby Nicholas Stafford Richard Rogers Wheat, wool.
Import 19 Sep 1617 Swansea Bonaventure 28 Barnstaple John Vellacott John Vellacott Coal.
Import 18 Sep 1617 Swansea Barkestrannge 30 Barnstaple John Cocke John Cocke Coal.
Import 18 Sep 1617 Neath Blessing 30 Barnstaple Thomas Beaple Thomas Beaple Coal.
Import 21 Sep 1617 Swansea Elizabeth 18 Barnstaple Arthur Belsrie Arthur Belsrie Coal.
Import 23 Sep 1617 Swansea Margaret 18 Barnstaple Thomas Southcott Thomas Southcott Coal.
Import 4 Oct 1617 Neath James 20 Northam Peter Stephens Thomas Jenkin Coal, butter.
Import 3 Oct 1617 Burrie Edwarde 20 Portsmouth John Ingram John Ingram Coal.
Import 10 Oct 1617 Swansea Hoape 20 Barnstaple Robert Westcott Robert Westcott Coal.
Import 12 Oct 1617 Swansea Hoape 20 Barnstaple Robert Westcott Henry Knoell Wool.
Import 9 Oct 1617 Milford Tobie 20 Northam Peter Preest Peter Preest Barley, oats, wool.
Import 9 Oct 1617 Swansea Elizabeth 20 Barnstaple Arthur Belsorie Arthur Belsorie Coal.
Import 23 Sep 1617 Cardiff Speedwell 16 Aberthawe Rees Hopkins Griffeth Joanes Wool, butter.
Import 18 Oct 1617 Swansea Vineyard 30 Barnstaple John Downe John Downe Coal, wool.
Import 22 Oct 1617 Neath James 16 Barnstaple Peter Stephens Richard Prideaux Coal, butter, wool.
Import 19 Oct 1617 Milford Cherubin 12 Northam William Southcott Nicholas Hedden Wool, cheese, butter, sides of bacon, liquoris, wheat.
Import 22 Oct 1617 Tenby Prience 15 Beyed Richard Yeo John Barrowe Wool, barley, oats, butter.
Import 19 Oct 1617 Milford Diana 12 Northam John Gerrin Richard Walter Wool, wheat.
Import 19 Oct 1617 Milford Diana 12 Northam John Gerrin Jeffery Bues Wheat, barley.
Import 3 Nov 1617 Neath Diamond 30 Barnstaple George Luxon George Luxon Coal, planks.
Import 18 Nov 1617 Swansea Vineyard 30 Barnstaple John Downe John Downe Coal.
Import 10 Nov 1617 Milford Trinitie 12 Barnstaple John Dement William Whellin Barley, oats, butter, sides of bacon, wool, raw cloth.
Import 18 Nov 1617 Tenby Willing Mind 16 Barnstaple William Norman Nicholas Horsham Wool, oats, barley, wheat, butter, wax.
Import 8 Nov 1617 Milford Margaret 16 Tenby Thomas Waters John Horsham Barley, oats, wool.
Import 21 Nov 1617 Llanelly Michael 20 Aberstoh Phillip Lewis David Griffith Coal, butter, wool.
Import 17 Nov 1617 Bristol Hoape   Barnstaple Robert Westcott Justin Westcombe Iron, lead, wool, hops, blockwood, cottons, sacke, soap, brass, shumake, glass, lead ore, sailcloth, cardboard.
Import 21 Nov 1617 Portinon Elizabeth 18 Portinon John David Jenkin Apkvan? Wool, wheat, peas.
Import 25 Nov 1617 Milford Tobie 15 Northam John Cocke John Cocke Oats, barley, wheat.
Import 10 Nov 1617 Milford James 12 Northam John Sheber John Sheber Barley, oats.
Import 22 Nov 1617 Swansea Endeavour 30 Barnstaple James Gille James Gille Coal.
Import 19 Nov 1617 Milford Nicholas 8 Tenby William Horler William Pitte Barley, wheat.
Import 25 Nov 1617 Milford Marie 16 Bainton Walter Busten Simon Sherland Barley, wheat.
Import 5 Dec 1617 Neath Roger 10 Barnstaple John Hanforde Roger Pranlfe Wheat, butter, calf skins, flannens.
Import 5 Dec 1617 Swansea Blessing 40 Northam Phillip Peers Phillip Peers Coal, barley, raw hides.
Import 30 Nov 1617 Llanelly Phillippe 40 Bideford William Berriman William Berriman Coal.
Import 9 Nov 1617 Milford Diana 14 Northam John Gerrin Richard Walter Barley, oats, wool.
Import 13 Dec 1617 Milford Cherubin 14 Northam William Southcott John Peerce Wheat, oats, barley.
Import 15 Dec 1617 Southampton Angell 20 Barnstaple John Vernam John Vernam Malt.
Transcriber’s notes:

Port Books survive for the ports of Appledore, Bideford and Barnstaple from 1565 to 1745. There are some gaps due to non-survival of records, and other gaps due to damaged documents.

Typically these books record:
• Date of entry
• Name of ship
• Tonnage of vessel
• Port where vessel is registered
• Port where vessel is going to, or coming from
• Name of the Captain or Master of the vessel
• Name of the merchant responsible for the goods
• Whether the merchant is English or foreign
• Description of the cargo, including the method of storage (barrels, casks, bags), the weight (hundredweights, pounds) and the value for the purposes of assessing tax to be paid.

The book for 1617 contains 18 pages, written in a mixture of English and Latin.

Details of the cargoes have only been transcribed in brief. Further information on quantity and value may be available from the original document.

Some commodities may not be obvious, so here are some definitions:
• Baise – A coarse woollen cloth.
• Battery – Metal articles of brass or copper.
• Calico – A plain-woven textile made from unbleached cotton.
• Corslette armor - A piece of plate armour covering the torso.
• Devon dozens – A coarse lightweight cloth usually 12 yards long - hence the name ‘dozens’.
• Dowlas – A plain cloth chiefly for used aprons, pocketing, soldiers' gaiters, linings and overalls.
• Flock – Wool refuse or shearings.
• Frieze – A coarse woollen, plain weave cloth with a nap on one side.
• Kersey - Coarse woollen cloth with a smooth back, derived from the village of Kersey in Suffolk.
• Madder – A plant whose roots produce a red dye.
• Raisins solis – Sun dried grapes (raisins).
• Sack – Fortified wine imported from mainland Spain or the Canary Islands.
• Serge – A type of twill fabric with diagonal ridges on both sides. French serge was softer and finer than English serge.
• Shumack – Dried berries of the Sumac plant, used in dying and tanning.
• Succatte – Fruit preserved in sugar; sweetmeats.
• Train [oil] – Drained fish oil, usually from cod.
• Tregar – A linen fabric from Treguier in Brittany.
• Trencher - A flat circular plate of metal or wood, used as tableware.
• Woad – A plant used to produce a blue dye.

Similarly, some ports may not be spelt as we expect today:
• Burrie = Barry, Wales
• Lanelthie = Llanelli, Wales
• Oxenwich = Oxwich, Wales
• Milford = Milford Haven, Wales
• Purtynon = Port Eynon, Wales
• Sarnevan(?) = unclear
• Westchester = unclear

= = = = = = = =