Customs Port Books 1672

Port of: Appledore, Barnstaple and Bideford

Book for: Overseas trade

Type of book: Controller

Transcribed by David Carter 2019

Taken from Port Books in National Archives ref: E 190/955/6

Note: In many places 955/6 was illegible, so additional information was taken from the Searcher’s Book ref: E 190/955/7 to fill gaps

YearImport or ExportDateFrom / ToVesselTonsBelongingMasterMerchantSummary of Goods
 Port of Barnstaple      
 Subsidy petty [faded] coynage & newe[faded] inwards in the said porte from the 25th day day of December 1671 to 25th day of March 1672
1671Import29 Dec 1671DublinDesire16 tonsBarnstapleWilliam CadeGeorge IvieWool.
1672Import2 Jan 1672[As before]Elizabeth & Joan[As before][As before][As before]Robert FishleyWhite sugar.
1672Import2 Jan 1672OportoHopewell40 tonsBidefordJohn TraceyRobert FishleyMoranges and leamons, onions, nuts.
1672Import2 Jan 1672LisbonAmity100 tonsBidefordGeorge PowellJonathan ScampSugar.
1672Import2 Jan 1672[As before]Amity[As before][As before][As before]Robert HearsonSugar.
1672Import2 Jan 1672[As before]Amity[As before][As before][As before]July HolemanSugar.
1672Import2 Jan 1672[As before]Amity[As before][As before][As before]Abraham HeimanPortugal salt, Portugal oil, sugar, cheese.
1672Import2 Jan 1672BostonHopewell70 tonsBostonJohn MillerThomas ColeOak planks, pine planks, stoc', hogshead staves, trayne oil, deal boards, tar, logwood, dry fish, sugar from English plantations.
1672Import3 Jan 1672DublinAgreement16 tonsBarnstapleWilliam VernamWilliam VernamHerrings English taken, hake English taken, butter.
1672Import3 Jan 1672[As before]Elizabeth & Joan[As before][As before][As before]Robert FishleyPort wine, oranges and lemons, nuts, white sugar.
1672Import3 Jan 1672OportoSeaflower100 tonsBarnstapleHenry WilkeyHugh ScampWhite sugar.
1672Import3 Jan 1672[As before]Unity[As before][As before][As before]Phillip HooperWhite sugar.
1672Import3 Jan 1672[As before]Seaflower[As before][As before][As before]George MiddletonWhite sugar, Portugal oil.
1672Import4 Jan 1672DublinTryall18 tonsBarnstapleWilliam HoggWilliam HoggTallow.
1672Import4 Jan 1672[As before]Expedition[As before][As before][As before]John QuanceSack.
1672Import4 Jan 1672[As before]Elizabeth & Joan[As before][As before][As before]Robert FishleyWhite sugar.
1672Import4 Jan 1672WaterfordJohn18 tonsBarnstapleJohn FuensRichard ButlerWool, tallow, candles.
1672Import4 Jan 1672[As before]Hopewell[As before][As before][As before]Robert FishleyPortugal salt, schumack, sugar.
1672Import4 Jan 1672[As before]Agreement[As before][As before][As before]Eldred BeapleHogshead and barrel staves
1672Import4 Jan 1672[As before]Amity[As before][As before][As before]Jonathan ScampWhite sugar, figs.
1672Import4 Jan 1672[As before]Elizabeth & Joan[As before][As before][As before]John Wadland & Comp.Sugar, schumack.
1672Import5 Jan 1672WaterfordSeaflower30 tonsBarnstapleBartholomew ShaptonWilliam DennisWool, cheese, butter, herrings English taken.
1672Import5 Jan 1672[As before]Seaflower[As before][As before][As before]Christopher HuntTallow, frieze, wool.
1672Import5 Jan 1672WaterfordMarygold18 tonsBarnstapleThomas AllenRichard ButlerWool, herrings English taken, tallow, butter.
1672Import5 Jan 1672DublinCherubin20 tonsNorthamWilliam CowlesRichard HughesWool, tallow.
1672Import5 Jan 1672[As before]Amity[As before][As before][As before]John TuckerSugar
1672Import5 Jan 1672[As before]Elizabeth & Joan[As before][As before][As before]Francis SnapPortugal wine.
1672Import5 Jan 1672DublinJohn & Mary18 tonsBarnstapleWilliam BicknerRichard HughesWool.
1672Import8 Jan 1672[As before]Amity[As before][As before][As before]Lawrence DraperWhite sugar.
1672Import8 Jan 1672DublinLylly21 tonsBidefordHugh TarrenceRichard Hughes/HuyshWool.
1672Import8 Jan 1672OportoDyamond70 tonsBidefordRobert FishleyAbraham Heiman Comp.White sugar, Portugal salt, oranges and lemons, port wine.
1672Import9 Jan 1672[As before]Seaflower[As before][As before][As before]George Middleton & Comp.White sugar.
1672Import9 Jan 1672[As before]Amity[As before][As before][As before]John MarshWhite sugar.
1672Import9 Jan 1672[As before]Hopewell[As before][As before][As before]John Tracey & Comp.Porto wine.
1672Import9 Jan 1672[As before]Amity[As before][As before][As before]Abraham HeimanWhite sugar, Portugal oil.
1672Import10 Jan 1672[As before]Hopewell[As before][As before][As before]John TraceyPortugal wine.
1672Import10 Jan 1672OportoSerafin70 tonsBidefordGeorge FlemingJohn FlemingWhite sugar, Portugal salt, oranges and lemons.
1672Import12 Jan 1672[As before]Hopewell[As before][As before][As before]Robert FishleyWhite sugar, shumack.
1672Import12 Jan 1672[As before]Hopewell[As before][As before][As before]Robert FishleyWine.
1672Import16 Jan 1672[As before]Seraphim[As before][As before][As before]Etheldred DarracottSugar, Portugal wine.
1672Import20 Jan 1672LisbonBideford Merchant120 tons[blank]John DarracottJohn Darracott & Comp.Portugal salt.
1672Import22 Jan 1672[As before]Bideford Merchant[As before][As before][As before]John RoweWhite sugar, earthenware
1672Import22 Jan 1672WaterfordYoughall Merchant[blank]BidefordWilliam WilmottsJohn DavieWool, tallow.
1672Import22 Jan 1672WaterfordWaterford Merchant[blank]BidefordHenry WilsonWilliam DennisWool, cheese.
1672Import22 Jan 1672RosseDelight[blank]BidefordEdward DennardSamuel LeachWool, hides, butter, cheese, candles.
1672Import23 Jan 1672CarrickfergusArke[blank]BarnstapleEdward BurrowesHenry DrakeHerrings, cod fish, tallow, cheese.
1672Import23 Jan 1672[As before]Arke[As before][As before][As before]James AllenHogshead staves, raw hides in the hair, butter.
1672Import23 Jan 1672WaterfordHester20 tonsSwanseaJohn HordenJohn HordenHerrings English taken, wool.
1672Import24 Jan 1672~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~William BellewOut of the Kings Seller (cellar) at Barnstaple: William Bellew, 40 gallons of French wine in 3 casks.
1672Import26 Jan 1672LisbonBideford Merchant120 tons[blank]John DarracottWilliam EllisSugar.
1672Import29 Jan 1672[As before]Arke[As before][As before][As before]John FlemingButter, cheese, candles, Irish soap, tallow, herrings English taken.
1672Import29 Jan 1672OportoSeraphim[As before]BarnstapleGeorge FlemingJohn FlemingWhite sugar.
1672Import31 Jan 1672St LucaHester[blank]BidefordRobert HanfordJohn Frost & Comp.Sack, taint, raisins solis, Spanish salt.
1672Import31 Jan 1672DrughedaElizabeth & Joan[blank]BarnstapleHenry GordonRichard ClarkeTallow, candles, Irsish freeze, 1 horse, wool.
1672Import1 Feb 1672St LucaFyall Merchant[blank]BidefordThomas ChopeAbraham HeimanSack, tent, raisins solis, Spanish salt.
1672Import6 Feb 1672[As before]Bideford Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Hugh Rendle & Comp.White sugar.
1672Import6 Feb 1672St LucaHester~~~~Bideford~~~~Robert HanfordSecured in the Kings cellar: 50 gallons of sack, raisins solis.
1672Import7 Feb 1672DublinBeginning[blank]BidefordJohn VennerRichard HuyshWool.
1672Import8 Feb 1672[As before]Fyall Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Thomas ChopeWine.
1672Import9 Feb 1672[As before]Bideford Merchant[As before][As before][As before]John Darracott & Comp.White sugar.
1672Import9 Feb 1672OportoDyamond[blank][blank]Robert FishleyAbraham Heiman & Comp.White sugar, nuts.
1672Import10 Feb 1672VirginiaLoyalty40 tonsBidefordRobert KingAndrew Hopkins & Comp.Tobacco.
1672Import16 Feb 1672St LucaHester~~~~Bideford Abraham FrazeSecured in the Kings cellar: seven gallons of wine in two small casks.
1672Import16 Feb 1672[As before]Bideford Merchant~~~~[As before][As before]William EllisWhite sugar (short entered).
1672Import21 Feb 1672BilbaoExchange~~~~BidefordRobert HuxlandJohn DavieIron (short entered).
1672Import21 Feb 1672[As before]Loyalty[As before][As before][As before]Robert King & Comp.Tobacco
1672Import22 Feb 1672CadizNeptune70 tonsBidefordPeter CrangJohn Frost & Comp.Spanish salt, raisins solis, sack.
1672Import22 Feb 1672[As before]Neptune[As before][As before][As before]Peter CrangOlives.
1672Import23 Feb 1672[As before]Neptune[As before][As before][As before]John Frost & Comp.Jasse(?) ore.
1672Import27 Feb 1672WaterfordMarygold[blank]BarnstapleThomas AllenJohn DavieWool.
1672Import27 Feb 1672CadizProsperous[blank]BidefordGeorge MulesJasper Greening & Comp.160 gallons Spanish wine secured in the Kings cellar.
1672Import27 Feb 1672[As before]Prosperous[As before][As before][As before]John Frost & Comp.Spanish wine, Spanish salt, corr fish.
1672Import1 Mar 1672WaterfordMermaid30 tonsBidefordEdmond SmaleRoger VallettWool, herrings English taken, tallow, cheese, candles.
1672Import1 Mar 1672DublinRecovery[blank]BidefordWilliam EllisWilliam HowardWool.
1672Import1 Mar 1672WaterfordJohn[blank]BidefordJohn FuensJohn DavieWool.
1672Import1 Mar 1672DublinPresident20 tonsBarnstapleIsack QuickWilliam HowardWool, cheese.
1672Import1 Mar 1672DublinRichard & Mary30 tons[torn]Richard [torn]William [torn]Wool, tallow, one horse.
1672Import1 Mar 1672[As before]Recovery[As before][As before][As before]Samuel LeachWool, butter, candles.
1672Import1 Mar 1672[As before]Recovery[As before][As before][As before]Samuel LeachWool.
1672Import1 Mar 1672WaterfordLylly[blank]North[am]Peter BensonDaniel PrideauxWool, tallow.
1672Import2 Mar 1672CorkeSpeedwell[blank]BarnstapleRichard DennisBennett DunscombeSpanish wine, raisins solis.
1672Import2 Mar 1672WaterfordDelight[blank]BidefordEdward DennardJohn DavieWool, salt hides, dry hides, candles.
1672Import2 Mar 1672WaterfordPatience[blank]WaterfordGeorge SymmonsJohn DavieWool.
1672Import3 Mar 1672WaterfordLawrelltree[torn]North[am]William LyllJohn DavieWool, pelts.
1672Import4 Mar 1672DublinTryall[blank]BidefordJames GreeningJames GreeningWool, tallow, candles.
1672Import4 Mar 1672DublinAdventure[blank]BarnstapleGeorge BowesGeorge Wilson & Comp.Wool, tallow, candles.
1672Import5 Mar 1672VirginiaLoyalty[blank]BidefordRobert KingRobert KingTobacco.
1672Import6 Mar 1672DublinSuccesse18 tonsBidefordRichard GreeningRichard LawrenceWool, raw hides in the hair, shot.
1672Import8 Mar 1672RochellResolution[blank]North[am]William HammetThomas CoxAqua vitae.
1672Import9 Mar 1672WaterfordUnity[blank]North[am]James ComerJohn DavieWool, tallow.
1672Import9 Mar 1672WaterfordWaterford Merchant[blank]BidefordHenry WilsonWilliam DennisWool.
1672Import11 Mar 1672WaterfordSeafaire[blank]BidefordJohn PikeJoseph IvieWool, salt hides, candles.
1672Import11 Mar 1672[As before]Seafaire[As before][As before][As before]Christopher HuntWool, herrings English taken, tallow, butter.
1672Import12 Mar 1672WaterfordBeginning[blank]BidefordJoseph GreeningJohn DavieWool.
1672Import12 Mar 1672DublinIndustry[blank]North[am]Miles EllisMiles EllisTallow, small band tar.
1672Import13 Mar 1672The CanariesDiligence[blank]BidefordJohn WillsRobert Fleming & Comp.Canaree wine
1672Import19 Mar 1672DublinOrangetree[blank]North[am]Joseph ComerChristopher BlackwoodWool, salt hides, butter.
1672Import21 Mar 1672RochellResolution[blank]North[am]William HammetWilliam HammetSalt, resin pitch, Irish freeze.
 Inwards - Appledore from 25 March 1672 to 24th June 1672.     
1672Import4 Apr 1672WaterfordJohn18 tonsBidefordJohn FuensJohn DavieWool.
1672Import5 Apr 1672WaterfordFellowship20 tonsNorth[am]James CockJohn Davie & Comp.Wool, tallow, butter, cheese.
1672Import5 Apr 1672[As before]Fellowship[As before][As before][As before]Archibald LukeGray coney skins, fox skins, goat skins, pelts.
1672Import13 Apr 1672WaterfordDelight[blank]BidefordEdward DennardJohn DavieWool.
1672Import13 Apr 1672RosseBeginning[blank]BidefordJoseph GreeningJohn DavieWool.
1672Import13 Apr 1672RochellResolution[blank]North[am]William HammotThomas CoxAqua vitae
1672Import19 Apr 1672DublinMarygold[blank]BidefordWilliam LakeJohn DavieWool, salt hides.
1672Import27 Apr 1672CarrickfergusMaryfortune[blank]North[am]Thomas IncledonHenry DrakeHerrings English taken, tallow.
1672Import2 May 1672WaterfordJohn20 tonsBidefordJohn FuensJohn DavieWool.
1672Import2 May 1672[blank]Restoration[blank]Bristol[blank]William TuckerDriven on shore at Wollacombe, carrying tobacco.
1672Import2 May 1672WaterfordGolden Fleece[blank]BidefordHenry PerrynJohn DavieWool, three horses.
1672Import4 May 1672WaterfordSeafaire[blank]BidefordBartholomew ShaptonJoseph IvieWool, four horses.
1672Import6 May 1672CarrickfergusWilliam & John[blank]BarnstapleWilliam TripletJohn FlemingBarrel staves, hogshead staves, butter, clap-boards.
1672Import7 May 1672WaterfordJacob[blank]WaterfordJohn NeagleWilliam DennisWool.
1672Import11 May 1672LisbonBideford Merchant[blank][blank]John DarracottJohn Darracott & Comp.White sugar (short entered from 9th Feb).
1672Import22 May 1672YoughallGlobe[blank]BidefordAbraham SavellJohn Keison & Comp.Wool, tallow, woollen yarn, sheep skins.
1672Import23 May 1672[As before]Globe[As before][As before][As before]Richard GilesIron bars, frieze, one horse.
1672Import24 May 1672WaterfordMermaid20 tonsBidefordEdmond SmaleJohn DavieWool.
1672Import24 May 1672[As before]Mermaid[As before][As before][As before]Samuel LeachWool, tallow.
1672Import25 May 1672[As before]Globe[As before][As before][As before]Samuel LeachWool, pelts, Irish calve skins, two horses.
1672Import25 May 1672DublinRecovery[blank]BidefordJames CardSamuel LeachWool, glue, pelts, tallow, three horses.
1672Import25 May 1672[As before]Globe[As before][As before][As before]John KelsonWoollen yarn (short entered).
1672Import30 May 1672PulginVirgin Mary28 tonsPulginJohn MoganJohn MoganFrench salt.
1672Import30 May 1672PulginMary12 tonsPulginJohn GuervallJohn GuervallFrench salt.
1672Import31 May 1672[As before]Recovery[As before][As before][As before]Samuel LeachPelts, lamb skins, Irish freeze, one horse.
1672Import4 Jun 1672WexfordPrimerose18 tonsClovellyHenry GinningHenry GinningTimber, trunnells, lasts, barrell staves, Irish planks.
1672Import5 Jun 1672CarrickfergusArke16 tonsBarnstapleJames BerryJohn FlemingBarrell staves, clap boards, butter.
1672Import14 Jun 1672WaterfordJohn18 tonsBidefordJohn FuensJohn DavieWool, pelts, two horses, three punchions of prunes. Exported in the Marygold 12th Jan.
1672Import17 Jun 1672PoledavieJames12 tonsPoledavieHally FerrickHally FerrickFrench salt.
 Inwards - Barnstaple from 25th March 1672 to 24th June 1672.     
1672Import7 May 1672LimerickTrue Dealing30 tonsBidefordWilliam WhitsonThomas HubbertWool.
1672Import9 May 1672CoalingfordElizabeth & Joan25 tons[blank]Henry GordenJames AllenHogshead staves, hogshead heading, barrell staves, barrell heading, clap boards, trunnell, Irish planks, feathers for beds, salt hides, butter, cheese.
1672Import9 May 1672GallwayProvidence15 tonsBarnstapleJohn BensonAndrew LynchWool, salt hides, tallow.
1672Import21 Jun 1672VirginiaExchange50 tonsBidefordRobert ChurtonWilliam TitherlyTobacco.
1672Import21 Jun 1672VirginiaVirginia Merchant[blank]BidefordJoseph ChopeAbraham HeimanTobacco.
1672Import21 Jun 1672[As before]Exchange[As before][As before][As before]John DavieTobacco.
 Midsummer quarter ended        
 Inwards - Appledore from 24th June 1672 to 29th Sept 1672     
1672Import26 Jun 1672WaterfordGolden Fleece30 tonsBidefordHenry PerrynAbraham Heiman & Comp.Wool, tallow, candles, butter.
1672Import2 July 1672WaterfordAbraham[blank]North[am]Thomas BleekeJohn DavieWool, cheese.
1672Import2 July 1672[As before]Abraham[As before][As before][As before]Thomas Bleeke11 horses, one horse delivered free, tallow, butter, candles, freeze.
1672Import4 July 1672WaterfordMayflower[blank]CombeSamuel PyneDaniel PrideauxWool.
1672Import8 July 1672RochellHester[blank]SwanseaJohn HordenJohn HordenAqua vitae.
1672Import16 July 1672WaterfordJohn[blank]BidefordJohn FuensJohn DavieWool, one horse free.
1672Import17 July 1672DublinRecovery[blank]BidefordWilliam EllisChristopher BlackwoodWool, tallow.
1672Import24 July 1672WaterfordWaterford [Merchant][blank][blank]Henry WilsonJoseph IvieWool, candles, two horses.
1672Import25 July 1672WaterfordJohn & Mary40 tonsWexfordThomas HayesThomas PooreWool.
1672Import5 Aug 1672DublinIndustry20 tonsNorth[am]Miles EllisChristopher BlackwoodWool, pelts.
1672Import13 Aug 1672CrestTrue Love20 tonsNorth[am]William VernanThomas VernamFrench salt.
1672Import19 Aug 1672WaterfordJames[blank]WaterfordJohn FaganThomas PooreWool, tallow, Irish soap.
1672Import19 Aug 1672WaterfordAdventure16 tonsWaterfordJohn BennernThomas PoweWool, dressed pelts, candles, lamb skins, one horse
1672Import19 Aug 1672RochellBeginning[blank]NorthamJohn MillsJohn MillsFrench salt, vinegar, one tearce.
1672Import22 Aug 1672RochellUnity30 tonsNorthamJames ComerJames ComerFrench salt, pitch.
1672Import26 Aug 1672WaterfordMarygold18 tonsBidefordThomas AllenJohn DavieWool, candles.
1672Import28 Aug 1672DublinSuccesse[blank]BidefordRichard GreeningMichael LyncolnWool, one horse, tar.
1672Import28 Aug 1672DublinSuccesse[blank]BidefordRichard GreeningHenry JonesWool.
1672Import30 Aug 1672WaterfordWaterford Merchant20 tonsBidefordHenry WilsonJoseph Ivie & Comp.Wool, one horse.
1672Import30 Aug 1672WaterfordSeafaire30 tonsBidefordRoger WhitefieldJoseph IvieWool, candles.
1672Import3 Sep 1672RossDelight20 tonsBidefordEdward DennardNathaniel StephensWool, candles, Irish freeze, butter, hides, Irish stockings.
1672Import5 Sep 1672WaterfordJohn[blank]BidefordJohn FuensJohn DavieWool.
1672Import11 Sep 1672WaterfordGeorge[blank]North[am]William BleekeJoseph IvieWool, cheese, Irish freeze, two horses, household goods desired free.
1672Import11 Sep 1672WaterfordMayflower30 tonsCombeSamuel PyneThomas PooreWool.
1672Import13 Sep 1672WaterfordGolden Fleece30 tonsBidefordHenry PerrynJohn DavieWool, butter, tallow.
1672Import18 Sep 1672CarrickfergusWilliam & John[blank]InstowWilliam TripletJohn FlemingTanned hides, butter, tallow, clap-boards, cheese.
1672Import18 Sep 1672CarrickfergusArke16 tonsInstowJames BerryMargret FlemingBarrell staves, clap boards, butter, cheese, tanned hodes, candles.
 Inwards - Barnstaple from 24 June 1672 to 29 Oct 1672.     
1672Import25 Jun 1672VirginiaExchange50 tonsBidefordRobert ChurtonRobert ChurtonTobacco.
1672Import25 Jun 1672VirginiaVirginia Merchant55 tonsVirginiaJoseph ChopeWilliam DennisTobacco.
1672Import26 Jun 1672BilbaoExpedition30 tonsNorthamRichard SandersArthur AcklandDouble bars of iron.
1672Import22 July 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]William DennisTobacco, with allowance for damage.
1672Import13 Aug 1672RochellMargret20 tonsOlleronJohn MoyzetThomas CoxAqua vitae, French salt, reams of coppy paper, French wine.
1672Import29 Aug 1672[As before]Margret[As before][As before][As before]Thomas CoxAqua vitae, French salt, allowance for damage of paper.
1672Import5 Sep 1672RochellSeaflower25 tonsBarnstapleJohn PerremanChristopher HuntFrench salt, deal boards, reams of coppy paper, aqua vitae.
1672Import20 Sep 1672[As before]Exchange[As before][As before][As before]Robert ChurtonTobacco (short entered).
1672Import27 Sep 1672[As before]Seaflower[As before][As before][As before]Christopher HuntSalt, Aqua vitae (all short entered).
1672Import26 Jun 1672VirginiaVirginia Merchant80 tonsBidefordJoseph ChopeJoseph ChopeTobacco.
1672Import26 Jun 1672VirginiaExchange50 tonsBidefordRobert ChurtonWilliam MoseyTobacco.
1672Import27 Jun 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Robert Knill & Comp.Tobacco.
1672Import28 Jun 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Joseph Chope & Comp.Tobacco.
1672Import1 July 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Abraham HeimanTobacco.
1672Import8 July 1672[As before]Exchange[As before][As before][As before]William TytherlyTobacco.
1672Import9 July 1672[As before]Exchange[As before][As before][As before]John DavieTobacco.
1672Import15 July 1672[As before]Exchange[As before][As before][As before]John DavieTobacco (under & over entered & damaged).
1672Import15 July 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Joseph Chope & Comp.Tobacco.
1672Import16 July 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Abraham HeimanTobacco.
1672Import17 July 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]George Davie & Comp.Tobacco.
1672Import17 July 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Thomas Masson & Comp.Tobacco.
1672Import18 July 1672[As before]Exchange[As before][As before][As before]William TytherlyTobacco.
1672Import19 July 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Robert Knill & Comp.Tobacco (short entered & damaged).
1672Import19 July 1672[As before]Exchange[As before][As before][As before]William TytherlyTobacco.
1672Import20 July 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Charles Juell & Comp.Tobacco, taken out of the Kings cellar.
1672Import24 July 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Joseph Cooch & Comp.Tobacco (short entered & damaged).
1672Import25 July 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Joseph ChopeTobacco (short entered & damaged).
1672Import5 Aug 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]George Davie & Comp.Tobacco (short entered).
1672Import7 Aug 1672[As before]Exchange[As before][As before][As before]William Mosey & Comp.Tobacco (short entered & damaged).
1672Import12 Aug 1672RochellExpedition23 tonsNorthamRichard SandersRichard SandersSalt, Aqua vitae.
1672Import27 Aug 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Abraham HeimanTobacco (short entered & damaged).
1672Import27 Aug 1672[As before]Exchange[As before][As before][As before]William TytherlyTobacco (short entered & damaged).
1672Import7 Sep 1672[As before]Exchange[As before][As before][As before]Thomas Masson & Comp.Tobacco (short entered & damaged).
 Inwards - Appledore from 29th Sept 1672 to 28th December 1672.     
1672Import30 Sep 1672WaterfordSwan24 tonsNorthamJohn HoggJohn DavieWool, old household goods desired free, five horses, Irish freeze.
1672Import30 Sep 1672RochellAbraham[blank]BarnstapleThomas BleekeThomas BleekeFrench salt, aqua vitae.
1672Import5 Oct 1672WaterfordJohn[blank]BidefordJohn FuensJohn DavieWool.
1672Import8 Oct 1672NewfoundlandBlack Swan[blank]BidefordGeorge BewesAbraham HeimanTrayne oil.
1672Import9 Oct 1672DublinRecovery[blank]BidefordWilliam EllisSamuel LeachWool, glue, tallow, candles, tar.
1672Import10 Oct 1672NewfoundlandFellowship[blank]NorthamJames CockGeorge MiddletonTrayne oil.
1672Import14 Oct 1672NewfoundlandTorrington Merchant[blank]NorthamDavid BakerRobert DennisTrayne oil.
1672Import14 Oct 1672[As before]Torrington Merchant[As before][As before][As before]David BakerTrayne oil.
1672Import15 Oct 1672[As before]Torrington Merchant[As before][As before][As before]John FrostTrayne oil.
1672Import22 Oct 1672RochellAbraham[As before]BarnstapleThomas BleekeThomas BleekeFrench salt (short entered).
1672Import22 Oct 1672[As before]Torrington Merchant[As before][As before][As before]John FlemingTrayne oil, fish.
1672Import24 Oct 1672[As before]Torrington Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Nicholas GilderTrayne oil, fish.
1672Import3 Nov 1672NewfoundlandTrue Love?? tonsMineheadRobert PearePhillip KerkeTrayne oil.
1672Import3 Nov 1672[As before]True Love[As before][As before][As before]William DavieTrayne oil.
1672Import8 Nov 1672[As before]True Love[As before][As before][As before]John RoweTrayne oil, dry fish, corr fish.
1672Import9 Nov 1672WaterfordSeafaire[As before]BidefordJohn PikeJoseph IvieWool, tallow, candles.
1672Import9 Nov 1672WaterfordWaterford Merchant[blank]BidefordHenry WilsonWilliam DennisWool.
1672Import9 Nov 1672WaterfordJohn[blank]BidefordJohn FuensJohn DavieWool.
1672Import9 Nov 1672[As before]John[As before][As before][As before]John WoodTallow.
1672Import9 Nov 1672WaterfordSwan[blank]NorthamJohn HoggJohn MorpheyWool, flax, Irish freeze.
1672Import9 Nov 1672WaterfordMarygold[blank]BidefordWilliam WilmotsJohn DavieWool.
1672Import12 Nov 1672WaterfordGolden Fleece[blank]BidefordHenry PerrynJohn DavieWool, tallow, books(?)
1672Import13 Nov 1672DublinSupply[blank]NorthamJoseph ComerChristopher BlackwoodWool, tallow, butter, candles.
1672Import13 Nov 1672DublinIndustry[blank]NorthamMiles EllisJoseph IvieWool, tallow, raw hides in the hair.
1672Import20 Nov 1672[As before]Industry[As before][As before][As before]John DavieTallow.
1672Import21 Nov 1672DublinDesire16 tonsNorthamWilliam CadeJoseph IvieHides, tallow.
1672Import25 Nov 1672DublinSuccesse[blank]BidefordRichard GreeningChristopher BlackwoodWool, tallow, salt hides in the hair.
1672Import25 Nov 1672~~~~Restoration~~~~~~~~~~~Gregory ChichesterOut of the Kings cellar: Hogshead of tobacco ... out of the Restoration 6th April ult at Wellcombe.
1672Import26 Nov 1672WaterfordAdventure[blank]CombeHam WhiteJoseph IvieWool, butter.
1672Import27 Nov 1672DublinSupply[blank]NorthamJoseph ComerJohn PriceTallow.
1672Import28 Nov 1672San SebastianWillingminde[blank]BidefordJohn TuckerJohn Darracott & Comp.Iron bars, resin pitch, 7000 reeds or canes.
1672Import28 Nov 1672San SebastianTrue Love[blank]BidefordJohn HeimanAbraham HeimanSpanish iron, resin pitch, 2000 reeds or canes.
1672Import5 Dec 1672WaterfordAdventure30 tonsNorthamJames MayJoseph IvieWool, butter.
1672Import6 Dec 1672WaterfordUnity[blank]NorthamJames ComerDaniel IvieWool, tallow, cheese, candles.
1672Import10 Dec 1672[As before]Unity[As before][As before][As before]Edward BrowneTallow.
1672Import17 Dec 1672RossDelight20 tonsBidefordEdward DennardJohn DavieWool, Irish freezes, candles, butter.
1672Import19 Dec 1672Bord[eaux]Delight[blank]NorthamRobert HuxlandAndrew HopkinsFrench ~oins, bolts of poldavie, ells of vit~~~, prunes, aqua vitae, resin pitch.
1672Import23 Dec 1672San SebastianWillingminde[blank]BidefordJohn TuckerJohn Darracott & Comp.Iron (short entered).
 Inwards - At Barnstaple from ?? October to ?? December 1672 - nihil.     
 Inwards - At Bideford from 29th October to 21st December 1672.     
1672Import12 Oct 1672NewfoundlandFellowship25 tonsNorthamJames CockAndrew HopkinsTrayne oil.
1672Import23 Oct 1672NewfoundlandTorrington Merchant[blank]NorthamDavid BakerThomas Gerring & Comp.Trayne oil.
1672Import28 Oct 1672NewfoundlandHester40 tonsBidefordWilliam HackerJohn Frost & Comp.Trayne oil, dry fish, corr fish, pickell cood.
1672Import28 Oct 1672[As before]Hester[As before][As before][As before]William HackerTrayne oil.
1672Import6 Nov 1672NewfoundlandTrue Love[blank]MineheadRobert PoarJohn DavieTrayne oil.
1672Import14 Nov 1672GallwayDiligence30 tonsBidefordRobert HanfordRobert Hanford & Comp.Salt hides, candles, cheese, etc.
1672Import16 Nov 1672WaterfordGolden Fleece30 tonsBidefordHenry PerrynWilliam TitherlyCandles(?), cheese(?).
1672Import23 Nov 1672WaterfordDovy Merchant20 tons(?)BidefordJohn WillsJohn WillsWool.
1672Import27 Nov 1672DublinSuccesse20 tons(?)BidefordRichard GreeningJohn DavieTanned hides.
1672Import27 Nov 1672[As before]Successe[As before][As before][As before]Richard GreeningTallow.
1672Import24 Nov 1672San SebastianCharles40 tonsBidefordSymon DallynRichard GylesIron bars.
1672Import24 Nov 1672[As before]Virginia Merchant[As before][As before][As before]Matthias ComackTobacco.
 Subsidy & Petty C~~~~ received outwards in the Porte of Barnstaple from ?? December 1671 to 25th March 1672.     
1672Export2 Jan 1672DublinSuccesse18 tonsNorthamRichard GreeningRichard GreeningEarthenware, apples, cyder.
1672Export2 Jan 1672GallwayPhenix[illeg]BidefordGeorge LakeJohn DavieEarthenware, etc.
1672Export9 Jan 1672[As before]Successe[As before][As before][As before]Richard Greening[illeg]
1672Export10 Jan 1672WaterfordMaremaid[blank]BidefordEdmund SmallEdmund Small[illeg]
1672Export12 Jan 1672WaterfordMarygold[illeg]BidefordThomas AllenJohn DaviePrunes, 1 horse, [illeg].
1672Export20 Jan 1672WaterfordSeaflower[illeg]BarnstapleJohn PikeBartholomew ShaptonEarthenware, Devon dozens, coal, [illeg].
1672Export20 Jan 1672GallwaySwan20 tonsBarnstapleJohn HoggJohn HoggCoal, earthenware.
1672Export26 Jan 1672CorkSeaflower[illeg]BidefordWalter LawrenceWalter LawrenceEarthenware, [illeg]
1672Export27 Jan 1672CorkSeaflower[illeg]BidefordAbraham HeimanAbraham Heiman[illeg]
1672Export29 Jan 1672WaterfordWaterford Merchant[illeg]BidefordHenry WilsonHenry WilsonDevon dozens, raisins solis paid duty by Andrew Hopkins.
1672Export1 Feb 1672WaterfordDelight[blank]BidefordEdward DennardHenry AmorySugar, earthenware, hops, 800 pieces of eight.
1672Export07 Feb 1672DublinWilliam & John[blank]BidefordWilliam TripletJohn Fleming[illeg]
1672Export09 Feb 1672DroghedaElizabeth & Joan18 tons[illeg]Henry GordonRobert FishleyOranges and lemons, [illeg].
1672Export17 Feb 1672[As before]William & John[As before][As before][As before]John FlemingWhite sugar, muscavadoes sugar, earthenware.
1672Export20 Feb 1672[As before]William & John[As before][As before]William LeworthyWilliam Leworthy[illeg]
1672Export22 Feb 1672LimbrickEndeavour[illeg]AppledoreThomas PollardThomas Chappell[illeg]
1672Export29 Feb 1672KinsaleFellowship[illeg]NorthamMark CockJames Cock[illeg]
1672Export08 Mar 1672NewfoundlandNightingall[illeg]BidefordJohnson MorcombeJohnson MorcombeTobacco, [illeg].
1672Export18 Mar 1672WaterfordDelight[illeg]BidefordEdward DennardAndrew Hopkins[illeg]
1672Export18 Mar 1672DublinMarygold[illeg]BidefordWilliam LakeAndrew Hopkins[illeg]
1672Export18 Mar 1672RochellPearle26 tonsNorthamRichard DennisThomas Cox[illeg]
1672Export19 Mar 1672GallwayProvidence[illeg]NorthamJohn BensonThomas Quick[illeg]
1672Export19 Mar 1672BelfastArke[illeg]NorthamJames BerryAbraham HeimanTobacco.
1672Export19 Mar 1672[As before]Arke[illeg][As before][As before]George MiddletonWhite sugar, tobacco, earthenware, [illeg].
1672Export20 Mar 1672WaterfordJohn[illeg]BidefordJohn FuensGeorge MiddletonTobacco, earthenware from Holland, [ileg].
1672Export23 Mar 1672WexfordPrimrose[illeg]BidefordHenry GinningsHenry GinningsEarthenware.
1672Export23 Mar 1672NewfoundlandDyamond[illeg]NorthamRobert FishleyRobert Fishley[illeg]
 Outwards - Appledore from 25th March 1672 to ?? June 1672.     
1672Export04 Apr 1672GallwayLylly30 tons ?AppledorePeter BensonFrancis HopkinsEarthenware, raisins solis, white sugar.
1672Export04 Apr 1672WaterfordMermaid30 tonsBidefordEdmond SmaleThomas DennisVittoris canvas, bread lothes, Devon dozens, earthenware, hops, [illeg].
1672Export11 Apr 1672WaterfordJohn[blank]BidefordJohn FuensJohn FuensEarthenware.
1672Export11 Apr 1672RochellHopewell70 tonsBarnstapleJohn MillerThomas ColeEarthenware, Devon dozens, [illeg].
1672Export02 May 1672YoughallJohn & Samuel20 tonsYoughallArthur MichellArthur MichellEarthenware, [illeg].
1672Export11 May 1672WaterfordGolden Fleece[blank]BidefordHenry PerrynJohn FrostEarthenware, hops, [illeg].
1672Export07 Jun 1672HantzVirgin Mary37 tonsPulginJohn MoganJohn Mogan[illeg] smylekayo(?).
1672Export17 Jun 1672DublinRecovery[blank]BidefordWilliam EllisWilliam Ellis[This entry only in Searchers Book]
1672Export07 Jun 1672HantzMary12 tonsPulginJohn Gunwell(?)John Gunwell(?)[illeg]
1672Export20 Jun 1672[As before]John[As before]BidefordJohn FuensWilliam ScollaEarthenware, Devon dozens, Spanish wine, raisons solis, sugar, [illeg].
1672Export20 Jun 1672WaterfordWaterford Merchant20 tonsBidefordHenry WilsonJoseph IvieDevon dozens, [illeg].
1672Export21 Jun 1672DublinIndustry[illeg]North[am]Miles EllisMiles EllisEarthenware, [illeg].
 Outwards - Barnstaple from 25th March 1672 to ?? June 1672.     
1672Export14 May 1672BilbaoExpedition[illeg]NorthamRichard SandersArthur AcklandSingle baise, Barnstaple coarse baise, worsted stockings for men, lead shot, bee wax.
1672Export21 May 1672[As before]Expedition[As before][As before][As before]John BrookeBarnstaple single baise, Barnstaple coarse baise.
 Outwards - Appledore from 24th June 1672 to 29th Sept 1672.     
1672Export25 Jun 1672PoledavieJames12 tonsPoledavieAllen FerrickAllen FerrickBarnstaple single baise.
1672Export25 Jun 1672YoughallSeafaire20 tonsNorthamEdward DarvorHugh LangdonCoal.
1672Export26 Jun 1672WaterfordDelight20 tonsBidefordEdward DennardEdward DennardEarthenware, 500 peeces of eight.
1672Export8 July 1672DublinSuccesse[blank]BidefordRichard GreeningRichard GreeningEarthenware, white sugar, 1500 peeces of eight.
1672Export8 July 1672BelfastArke[illeg]InstowJames BerryMargret FlemingWhite sugar, French [illeg].
1672Export10 July 1672WaterfordSeafaire[blank]BidefordRoger WhitefieldSamuel LeachWhite sugar, [illeg].
1672Export22 July 1672CarrickvargusWilliam & John[blank]BarnstapleWilliam TripletJohn Fleming[illeg], white sugar, [illeg].
1672Export24 July 1672[As before]Seafaire[As before][As before][As before]Samuel LeachWhite sugar, [illeg].
1672Export31 July 1672DublinRecovery[blank]BidefordWilliam EllisWilliam EllisCoals, earthenware, household goods.
1672Export31 July 1672GallwayDiligence30 tonsBidefordRobert HanfordRobert Hanford[illeg]
1672Export07 Aug 1672WaterfordWaterford Merchant20 tons[illeg]Henry WilsonHenry WilsonDevon dozens.
1672Export21 Aug 1672DublinIndustry20 tonsNorthamMiles EllisMiles EllisEarthenware, household goods, indico, white sugar, pewter, apples.
1672Export06 Sep 1672MarylandMaryland Merchant50 tonsNorthamJohn HordenThomas Hurstone & Comp.Barnstaple course baise, serges, [illeg], silk manufacture, coarse felts, [illeg], English herrings, soap, yarn, worsted stockings for men, ironmongers wares, pewter, white sugar, short cloth.
1672Export10 Sep 1672WaterfordMarygold[blank]BidefordWilliam WilmotsAndrew HopkinsTobacco, one horse.
1672Export10 Sep 1672OlleronMargret20 tonsOlleronJohn MoyzetThomas CoxButter.
1672Export12 Sep 1672WaterfordWaterford Merchant20 tons[blank]Henry WilsonSamuel LeachHops.
1672Export27 Sep 1672DublinDesire14 tonsNorthamWilliam CadeWilliam CadeApples.
 Outwards - Barnstaple from 24th June 1672 to 29th September 1672.     
1672Export31 Aug 1672RochellMargret[blank]OlleronJohn MoyzeThomas CoxLondon coal, single baise, soap.
1672Export15 Sep 1672GallwayGuift50 tonsBarnstapleWilliam DawkinsThomas BeapleCider, apples, English earthenware.
 Outwards - Bideford from 24th June 1672 to 29th September 1672.     
1672Export26 Jun 1672WaterfordMarygold30 tonsBidefordThomas AllenJohn DavieTobacco.
1672Export15 July 1672[As before]Marygold[As before][As before][As before]John DavieTobacco.
1672Export15 July 1672DublinSuccesse18 tonsBidefordRichard GreeningJohn DavieTobacco.
1672Export16 July 1672[As before]Successe[As before][As before][As before]Joseph ChopeTobacco.
1672Export03 Aug 1672DublinRecovery18 tonsBidefordWilliam EllisJoseph ChopeTobacco.
1672Export03 Aug 1672[As before]Recovery[As before][As before][As before]George DavieTobacco.
1672Export21 Aug 1672CorkeThomas & Joan30 tonsCorkeGeorge AtwillAbraham HeimanTobacco.
1672Export21 Aug 1672[As before]Thomas & Joan[As before][As before][As before]William TitherlyTobacco, earthenware.
1672Export02 Sep 1672WaterfordJames30 tonsWaterfordJohn FaganAbraham HeimanTobacco.
1672Export07 Sep 1672WaterfordMarygold[blank]BidefordThomas AllenAbraham HeimanTobacco.
1672Export19 Sep 1672WaterfordGolden Fleece30 tonsBidefordHenry PerrynAbraham HeimanTobacco.
 Outwards - Appledore from 29th September 1672 to 25th December 1672.     
1672Export30 Sep 1672WaterfordGolden Fleece[blank][blank]Henry PerrynSamuel LeachSearges, canvas, [illeg].
1672Export08 Oct 1672CarrickvargusWilliam[blank]InstowEdward BurrowesEdward BurrowesEarthenware, cider, apples.
1672Export10 Oct 1672DublinExpedition[blank]North[am]Richard SandersHugh LangdonApples, cider.
1672Export11 Oct 1672DublinProsperous20 tonsNorth[am]Isaac QuickIsaac QuickApples.
1672Export15 Oct 1672CarrickvargusWilliam[blank][As before]Edward BurrowesHenry DrakeYarn, white sugar.
1672Export17 Oct 1672[As before]Maryland Merchant[As before][As before]John HordenThomas ThurstoneSoap, [illeg], Devon dozen, [illeg], dowlais.
1672Export29 Oct 1672WaterfordDovy Merchant24 tons[blank]John WillsGeorge MeddletonEarthenware.
1672Export30 Oct 1672RosseDelight20 tonsBidefordEdward DennardEdward DennardEarthenware, [illeg].
1672Export02 Nov 1672KinsalePrimerose[blank]BidefordHenry GeningsHenry GeningsLondon coals, earthenware, apples, iron sha[k]ells(?).
1672Export04 Oct 1672VirginiaVirginia Merchant[blank]BidefordJoseph ChopeAbraham HeimanEnglish linen, pewter, brass manufacture, iron manufacture, silk manufacture, haberdasheryware, [illeg], saddles & furniture, hard soap, shoes, salt, Devon dozens, broad-cloths, [illeg], Welsh felts(?), worsted stockings, coarse Barum baise, coarse dowlas, Hamburg cloth, coarse blew & coloured linen, iron pots.
1672Export20 Oct 1672BelfastArke[blank]BarnstapleJames BerryMargret FlemingApples, cider, earthenware, salt.
1672Export25 Oct 1672WaterfordSeafaire30 tonsBidefordJohn PikeardRobert ShaptonEnglish [illeg] earthenware, Devon dozen, pieces of [illeg].
1672Export29 Nov 1672[As before]Arke[blank][As before][As before]Henry DrakeHops.
1672Export04 Dec 1672DublinFaulcon[blank]North[am]Mark WhitsonAlex VionApples, cider.
1672Export05 Dec 1672DublinIndustry[blank]NorthamMiles EllisMiles Ellis[illeg], earthenware.
1672Export05 Dec 1672VirginiaExchange[blank]BidefordGeorge CawseyWilliam TytherlyCanvas & dowlase, soapes, ironmongery wares, shoes, pewter, [illeg], Devon dozens, felts, coarse Barum baise, skarthen(?) ware, hand soap, iron pots.
 Outward - Bideford from 29th Septmeber 1672 to 26th December 1672.     
1672Export30 Sep 1672YoughallSpeedwell25 tonsBidefordRoger WhitefieldWilliam TitherlyTobacco, salt, sugar, apples, earthenware.
1672Export30 Sep 1672WaterfordGolden Fleece30 tonsBidefordHenry PerrynWilliam TitherlyTobacco, wyckyarn.
1672Export11 Oct 1672CarricfargusWilliam16 tonsBarnstapleEdward BurrowsAbraham Heiman & Comp.Tobacco.
1672Export04 Nov 1672DublinRecovery18 tonsBidefordWilliam EllisJoseph ChopeTobacco, earthenware.
1672Export16 Nov 1672[As before]Recovery[As before][As before][As before]John DavieTobacco.
1672Export29 Nov 1672WaterfordJohn20 tonsBidefordJohn FlemingWilliam TitherlyTobacco.
1672Export29 Nov 1672WaterfordGolden Fleece[blank]BidefordHenry PerrynJoseph ChopeTobacco.
1672Export29 Nov 1672[As before]Golden Fleece[As before][As before][As before]Abraham HeimanTobacco.
1672Export23 Dec 1672WaterfordMarygold18 tonsBidefordWilliam WilmotsSamuel LeachRaisins solis, white starch, white sugar, haberdashery wares, currants, hops, steele, worsted combes.
  The Contents of this Book   
  Lady DaySubsidys & petty Customes of Goods outwards £9.7s.6d  
   Subsidy of poundage goods inwards £490.12s.6d  
   Additional duty of ditto paid £6.10s.8d  
   Ditto secured by bonds £197.8s.10d  
   Subsidy of French & Rhenish wines & vinegar £10.0s.0d  
   Additional dutys of ditto paid £0.9s.3d  
   Subsidy of Spanish wines £55.2s.7d  
   Additional duty on ditto paid £51.15s.3d  
   Ditto secured £15.6s.11d  
   Import on French wines £1.0s.2d  
   Import on Spanish & other sweete wines paid £143.19s.11d  
   Ditto secured £43.14s.4d  
   Salt farme £15.7s.10d  
   Wood farme £3.19s.1d  
   Logwood £11.8s.0d  
   Coynage £14.8s.4d  
   Excise £32.0s.0d  
   TOTAL £1098.0s.?d  
   Midsomer qtr at Appledore, Barnstaple & Bideford    
  AppledoreSubsidy & petty Customes Outwards £1?.15s.0d  
   Subsidy & petty Customes & of Poundage goods inwards £33.6.10½d  
   [faded] on all duty on ditto paid etc. £2.7s.09d  
   Coynage £0.7s.6d  
   Excise £3.6s.8d  
   Tonage of French vessels £13.5s.0d  
   Salt farme £3.2s.6d  
   Wood farme £0.18s.4½d  
  [illeg]Subsidy & petty customs outwards £41.3s.1½d  
   Subsidy & petty customs of poundage and goods inwards £5.10s.6d  
   Wood farme £1.5s.10d  
  [illeg]Subsidy Outwards - nihil £0.0s.0d  
   Subsidy etc of Poundage goods inwards £209.15s.10d  
   Additional duty on ditto secured by bonds £209.15s.10d  
   Michelmas qtr at Appledore, Barnstaple & Bideford    
  [illeg]Subsidy & petty Customes Outwards £5.11s.06½d  
   Subsidy etc of Poundage goods inwards £4.11s.3½d  
   Subsidy French vinegar £0.14s.3d  
   Import on ditto £1.0s.6d  
   Salt farme £8.15s.2d  
   Wood farme £0.7s.7d  
   Coynage £0.2s.11d  
   Excise £0.11s.4d  
   Tonage £8.10s.0d  
  BidefordSubsidy & petty Customes Outwards £10.5s.10d  
   Subsidy inward of Poundage goods £65.8s.9d  
   [faded] on all duty on ditto paid £1.14s.10d  
   Ditto secured £48.13s.9d  
   Subsidy French wine etc. £0.6s.7d  
   Additional duty on ditto paid £0.6s.1d  
   Imp's on ditto £0.15s.4½d  
   Salt farme £2.1s.1d  
   Coynage £8.16s.2d  
   Excise £31.10s.0d  
  [illeg]Subsidy etc, outwards [illeg] £?.8s.?d  
   Subsidy etc, [illeg] inwards [illeg]  
   Additional duty of ditto paid [illeg]  
   Ditto secured [illeg]  
   Salt farme [illeg]  
   Coynage [illeg]  
   Excise £3.2s.3d  
   Christmas qtr at Appledore, Barnstaple & Bideford    
  AppledoreSubsidy outwards [illeg]  
   Subsidy of poundage goods paid inwards £66.?s.?d  
   Additional duty of ditto paid, etc. [illeg]  
   Subsidy on French etc wines £34.6s.4d  
   Additional duty on ditto paid £34.14s.10d  
   Imp's on ditto [illeg]  
   Wood farme £0.7s.0d  
   Salt farme £2.16s.?d  
   [faded] farme [illeg]  
   Coynage [illeg]  
   Excise [illeg]  
  BarnstapleSubsidy outwards nor inwards - nihil £0.0s.0d  
  BidefordSubsidy etc, outwards [illeg]  
   Subsidy of poundage goods inwards £20.2s.0½d  
   Additional duty on ditto £1.6s.11d  
   Lady Day duty inwards & outwards £1038.0s.3½d  
   Midsomer duty ditto £535.4s.9½d  
   Michaelmas ditto   £67.14s.1d  
   Christmas ditto   £289.12s.5d  
   [signed] John Morice, customer    

Transcriber’s notes:
Port Books survive for the ports of Appledore, Bideford and Barnstaple from 1565 to 1745.
There are some gaps due to non-survival of records, and other gaps due to damaged documents.

Typically these books record:
• Date of entry
• Name of ship
• Tonnage of vessel
• Port where vessel is registered
• Port where vessel is going to, or coming from
• Name of the Captain or Master of the vessel
• Name of the merchant responsible for the goods
• Whether the merchant is English or foreign
• Description of the cargo, including the method of storage (barrels, casks, bags), the weight (hundredweights, pounds) and the value for the purposes of assessing tax to be paid.

The following officials were responsible for checking the cargoes and recording the tax due:
• Collector or ‘Customer’ – made a return of all goods exported or imported and all moneys received, for which he issued a cocket (receipt).
• Controller – made a similar return but did not receive the payments.
• Searcher – appointed to prevent fraud, who had to make examine the goods and return a warrant to show he had done so.
• Surveyor - appointed to check the work of the Searcher.

The book for 1672 contains 53 pages, mostly written in English, but with some Latin.

Details of the cargoes have only been transcribed in brief. Further information may be available on each one from the original document.
Values of the commodities were recorded in the document, plus the amount of tax due, but these figures have not been transcribed here.

Some commodities may not be obvious, so here are some definitions:
• Acquavita – Distilled wine, eg: Brandy
• Baise – A coarse woollen cloth
• Coney skins – Rabbit skins.
• Devon dozens – A coarse lightweight cloth usually 12 yards long - hence the name ‘dozens’.
• Dowlas – A plain cloth chiefly for used aprons, pocketing, soldiers' gaiters, linings and overalls.
• Frieze – A coarse woollen, plain weave cloth with a nap on one side.
• Hides in the hair – Animal skin that has not been tanned or dressed.
• Muscavadoes - Unrefined brown sugar.
• Poledavy – A course canvas sailcloth from the town of Pouldavid in Brittany.
• Raisins solis – Sun dried grapes (raisins).
• Staves - Shaped wood used for constructing barrels and hogsheads.
• Sack – Fortified wine imported from mainland Spain or the Canary Islands.
• Serge – A type of twill fabric with diagonal ridges on both sides. French serge was softer and finer than English serge.
• Shumack – Dried berries of the Sumac plant, used in dying and tanning.
• Train [oil] – Drained fish oil, usually from cod.
• Trunnell (or treenail) – a wooden peg or dowel used to fasten pieces of wood together in boat building.
• Vittery canvas – A light sail-cloth canvas, originally from Vitré in Brittany.

Similarly, some destinations may not be spelt as we expect today:
• Coalingford = Carlingford, Ireland
• Crest [unknown]
• Drugheda = Drogheda, Ireland
• Hantz = [unknown] Nantes?
• Olleron = Oleron, France
• Poledavie = Pouldavid, Brittany
• Pulgin = Le Pouliguen, France
• Rochell = La Rochelle, France
• Ross = New Ross, Ireland
• San Sebastian = On north coast of Spain
• St Luca = Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain

= = = = = = = =