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Help and advice for Barnstaple Protestation Return, 1641

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Information provided by Debbie Kennett and Jonathan Frayne

Adams, Humphrey
Aedford, George
Aley, Richard jun.
Aline, Matthew
Anthony, Hugh
Arvall, Philip
Ash, John
Atwill, John
Babington, Francis
Badchoke, William
Badecome, William
Bagister, John
Baglehole, Thomas
Baiodens, Anthony
Baker, Anthony
Baker, George sen.
Baker, John
Baker, Jonas
Baker, Joseph
Baker, Richard
Baker, Samuel
Baker, William
Bale, Edward
Ball, Simon
Ballenn, John
Band, Anthony
Barne, John
Barne, Robert
Barnes, James
Barnes, James
Barnes, William
Barrowe, Richard
Bartlett, Nicholas
Basting, Henry
Battern, John
Bayly, Jacob
Bayly, Samuel
Baylye, James
Beaple, James
Beaple, Richards
Beaple, Richard
Beard, John
Beare, Griffing
Beare, John
Beare, John
Beast, John
Becke, John
Beeple, Walter
Beeve, Simon
Bellowes, John
Bennet, Owen
Bennt, Thomas
Berch, Samson
Bereard, Edmund
Berry, Richard
Bersonn, Robert
Berye, Richard
Best, John
Bettson, Humphrey
Bevenn, William
Bider, Robert
Bineme, William
Bis, Humphrey
Bis, Robert
Blackmore, James
Blackmore, Walter
Bond, Anthony
Bond, William
Bondenn, Peter
Boneford, Joseph
Bonivant, Joseph jun.
Bound, Peter
Bowen, John
Boyenn, John
Boyinn, George
Bragge, William
Brand, John
Bremacombe, George
Britt, John
Brocke, William
Brodland, Edward
Brooke, John
Browne, William
Bud, Thomas
Budde, Richard
Budley, George
Buegas, John
Bulsworthye, William
Bunch, Richard
Burdenn, Josias
Burges, Thomas
Cane, John
Carpenter, John
Carpenter, Philip
Caslike, Robert
Castell, Samuel
Cempland, Peter
Chaldonn, Miles
Chambers, Williams
Chappell, Alexander
Cimpland, Augustine
Cirober, Rowland
Clapham, Arthur
Clapham, Culpepper
Clapham, Joseph
Clarke, Richard
Clarke, Samuel
Clarkwill, Robert
Clatworthye, Robert
Cliferd, Walter
Cobly, George
Cocke, Nicholas
Cockes, John
Cohilles, John
Colacutt, Nathaniel
Cole, Thomas
Coles, Philip
Coll, John
Collens, George
Colliber, William
Collislot, Gawen
Colscott, John
Colscott, Richard
Comer, Robert
Commons, Adam
Commons, Arthur
Conneybear, Roger
Cooke, Richard
Cooke, Thomas
Cooper, Richard
Cooper, Richard
Cooper, William
Coorfird, Richard
Coper, Peter
Cornish, James
Cornish, Philip
Cornish, Robert
Cornishe, James
Cottle, Oliver
Courtis, Anthony
Courtis, Arthur
Cox, Oliver
Cronin, John
Crosse, Henry
Crucke, Poliet
Cruse, John
Dabs, John
Dacker, Thomas
Daniell, Richard
Darracott, Ephraim
Darracott, William
Darvie, John
David, Sander
Davie, John
Davy, Edward
Davye, John
Davye, John
Davye, William
Delbridge, Edward
Delbridge, Richard
Dennis, Nicholas
Dennys, Thomas
Dolbridge, Joseph
Dodridge, Pentecost
Dorracot, Bartholomew
Dotingtonn, John
Downe, John
Downe, Nicholas
Downe, William
Downemann, Robert
Drewe, Justinian
Dune, Lewis
Dunne, Robert
Dymonn, Jonathan
Edge, John
Edwards, Philip
Edwards, Philip jun.
Edye, Edward
Elice, Jonas
Elliott, Roger
Esseke, Matthew
Evens, Thomas
Facye, Francis
Fecrib, Richard
Ferchild, Lewis
Ferefield, John
Ferris, John
Finimoore, Richard
Fisley, George
Flay, Nicholas
Fleminge, Edward
Ford, John
Ford, Thomas
Ford, William
Foundmore, Stephen
Fox, James
Fox, Jonathan
Frankline, Robert
French, William
Frey, Hugh
Frost, John
Frye, George
Frye, Thomas
Furse, Thomas
Garrenn, Philip
Gaydonn, Alexander
Gaye, Anthony
Gaye, Anthony
Gaye, George
Geofrys, Richard
Gibbe, John
Gibbs, William
Giddins, John
Gill, Nicholas
Gill, Nicholas
Gills, Stephen
Gip, Ambrose
Gipp, Francis
Gloseard, George
Gloyne, Philip
Gloyne, Robert
Gortonn, Richard
Gould, George
Grade, Gilbert
Graid, George
Gread, John
Gread, Thomas
Grible, Ezekiel
Grible, Hugh
Grible, John
Grible, John
Grible, John
Grible, Richard
Grible, Robert
Griffy, Henry
Growe, John
Hall, Thomas
Hammetts, Silvanin
Handman, William
Hanger, Christopher
Hankocke, John
Hap, William
Harde, Walter
Hardey, John
Harris, David
Harris, Edward
Harris, Gilbert
Harris, John
Harris, John
Harris, John
Harris, Richard
Harris, Richard
Harris, Richard
Harris, Roger
Harris, Stephen
Harris, William
Harris, William
Harteman, Godslacke
Hartnole, Alexander
Hatch, Thomas
Hawkins, Alexander
Hawkins, Gamaheil
Hawkridge, Samuel
Hawle, Richard
Hayman, Walter
Headon, Robert
Headonn, Robert
Heale, Bowdenn
Hearde, John
Hearle, James
Heckett, William
Hecott, John
Hegell, Hugh
Herder, Robert
Heymann, Robert
Heyward, Robert
Hickman, Luke
Hill, Anthony
Hill, David
Hill, George
Hill, James
Hill, Josias
Hill, Miles
Hill, Sir Philip
Hill, Robert
Hill, Robert
Hill, William
Hinsley, William
Hitchen, William
Hobbs, James
Hodge, John
Hodge, John
Hodge, Leonard
Hodge, William
Hogge, Abdall
Holland, John
Holmes, John
Holmes, Tristram
Homes, John
Hone, John
Hoob, Simon
Hoop, Nathaniel
Hoope, Philip
Hoope, Richard
Hooper, Nicholas
Hooper, William
Hoorwoods, John
Hoper, Edward
Hoppinn, William
Horfood, George
Horsum, Hugh
Horwood, Alexander
Horwood, Anthony
Horwood, David
Horwood, Eusebius
Horwood, John
Horwood, Richard
Horwood, Paul
Horwood, Thomas
Horwwod, William
Horwoode, John
Howell, Rowland
Huddy, Richard
Hue, John
Hugh, Anthony
Hursonn, Caleb
Jackman, Benjamin
Jackman, Benjamin
Jackmann, William
Jefferye, Roger
Jenking, David
Joane, William
Johnson, John
Johnsonn, John
Johnsonn, Richard
Johnsons, William
Jones, Samuel
Jose, Richard
Jowells, John
Juell, Abraham
Juell, Edward
Juell, Nicholas
Juell, Richard
Juell, Robert
Juell, Robert
Juell, William
Keepe, William
Kerslake, William
Kimpland, Nicholas
King, John
King, William
King, William
Kinge, Thomas
Kingonn, William
Knigsdome, William
Kinsonn, Charles
Kinsonn, John
Knicke, Nathaniel
Knies, Walter
Kunnells, John
Lake, John
Lake, John
Lake, John
Lake, John
Lake, Peter
Lake, Simon
Lancy, John
Lancy, John
Land, William
Landmann, Samuel
Landonn, Humphrey
Lang, Edward
Langdonn, James
Langdonn, John
Langford, Thomas
Lane, Robert
Lansworthy, Martin
Larkes, Richard
Larrence, Lewis
Laurans, William
Leasland, Nicholas
Leay, John
Lee, John
Lee, Richard
Lesland, John
Lewes, John
Lewes, John
Lewis, Alexander
Ley, Philip
Leymann, Robert
Like, Richard
Linard, Matthew
Linsland, Peter
Long, John
Losemore, Samuel
Lugg, Adam
Lugge, Adam
Lurday, John
Lyle, John
Magrock, Robert
Maney, Edward
Marles, John
Martin, Robert
Martinn, John
Martinn, John
Martinn, Nathaniel
Martinn, Peter
Martinn, Richard
Mason, Henry
Masonn, Henry
Mathas, William
Mathew, Richard
Mathew, Thomas
May, Robert
Maye, John
Maye, Morris
Maye, Nicholas
Maye, Philip
Maye, Walter
Mayor, George
Meane, Walter
Medford, John
Merrick, Nathaniel
Merrywether, John
Midomy, Richard
Millard, Edward
Milles, John
Mills, Henry
Mocombe, Philip
Moore, Edmund
Moore, James
Morginn, George
Morris, Moses
Morris, Simon
Morrom, John
Moule, John
Moyses, John
Murgann, Dennis
Murgann, Dennis
Mynard, John
Nash, Richard
Nash, William
Necke, James
Neele, Arthur
Neldes, James
Nethercott, James
Newtonn, Francis
Nicholl, James
Nicholls, Anthony
Nicholls, James
Nicholls, John
Nicholls, William
Nicholls, William jun.
Norbett, Richard
Norcott, William
Norman, Joseph
Northam, Humphrey
Nosworthy, John
Nottell, William
Odome, Philip
Ogenn, William
Oliver, James
Onosye, William
Osborne, George
Oxenn, Andrew
Paddinn, Peter
Paige, Gilbert
Palmer, Anthony
Palmer, James
Palmer, William
Panchard, William
Parker, Arthur
Parker, Edward
Parker, Hugh
Parker, John
Parker, John
Parmeter, Robert
Parmit, Henry
Parneter, Philip
Parsons, Laurence
Parsons, Richard
Parsons, Richard
Passmore, James
Pearce, Daniel
Pearce, Henry
Pearce, Roger
Pearce, Thomas
Peard, Charles
Peard, Jack
Pearde, Adam
Pearde, George
Pearde, Roger
Peirce, Matthew
Penell, Nicholas
Penrose, George
Perrie, John
Perry, Henry
Perry, John
Perry, John
Perry, John jun.
Perry, William
Peters, Henry
Philips, Richard
Pigge, Philip
Pittionn, Nicholas
Plym, George
Plyme, Richard
Powell, William
Powier, John
Pyinns, Edward
Poynts, Edward
Poysey, George
Prince, William
Prise, Thomas
Pugsley, Peter
Pugsley, Robert
Pugsley, Thomas
Pugsley, William
Pugsley, William
Pugsly, Richard
Punchard, Humphrey
Punchard, John
Punchard, Richard
Quicke, Tobias
Radffrey, Thomas
Raffel, John
Randolp, John
Rawle, Richard
Reamer, John
Reed, Oliver
Reed, William
Reede, John
Reede, John
Reede, Mark
Regnell, Edmund
Reynolls, John
Richards, Humphrey
Richards, James
Richards, John
Richards, William
Riddelchese, Thomas
Robart, David
Roberts, Hopkin
Roe, Henry
Rooke, George
Rose, Edward
Rose, Thomas
Rose, Thomas
Rose, William
Rosier, John
Rosyer, Robert
Roverine, John
Rowe, John
Rowland, George
Sacell, John
Sage, Arthur
Salisbury, John
Salisbury, Richard
Salsbury, Richard
Sanders, Robert
Savidge, Jacob
Say, Thomas
Science, Roger
Scoble, Arthur
Scott, Richard
Searell, Thomas
Shavenn, George
Shepheard, Abraham
Short, John
Sidnam, Robert
Simonn, David
Singe, Lewis
Singe, Thomas
Skidner, Francis
Skinner, Barnabas
Skinner, Edward
Skinner, Nathaniel
Skinner, Richard
Slaye, John
Slee, Edward
Sleper, Richard
Sloly, George
Sloly, John
Smalcorne, Anias
Smale, Arthur
Smale, Henry sen.
Smale, Henry
Smale, Richard
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Snow, Richard Snow, Richard
Sparrow, William
Sparrowe, Robert
Sprye, Henry
Stanburye, Roger
Stanburye, William
Stehell, Miller
Stephens, Adam
Stephens, Elnor
Stephens, Gilbert
Stephens, Henry
Stephens, John
Stephens, John
Stephens, John
Stephens, John
Stephens, John
Stephens, John
Stephens, Peter
Stokam, Anthony
Stophards, Thomas
Stotings, John
Stribbinn, John
Suddelchesse, Walter
Sumer, Robert
Sursell, Nicholas
Swayne, Edward
Swayne, John
Sylie, Robert
Symons, Nicholas
Symons, John
Symons, John
Symons, John
Symons, John
Symons, Nathaniel
Symons, Thomas
Tames, John
Tanner, John
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, William
Tarifith, William
Thomas, Hugh
Thorne, George
Thorne, George
Thorne, John
Thorne, John
Thorne, Simon
Tibbs, William
Toger, John
Toie, William
Toker, John
Tolescott, Edward
Tomlyns, Thomas
Tooker, Anthony
Tooker, John
Tooker, John
Tooker, William
Towle, John
Treenn, James
Tregibone, Edmund
Tricke, James
Tricker, John
Tucker, John
Tucker, John
Tucker, Michael
Tucker, Walter
Tuckerr, Matthew
Turrenn, James
Uly, George
Veale, Roger
Veivefeild, Andrew
Venie, Walter
Vigures, Balthazar
Vigures, Richard
Visley, Richard
Vyle, Thomas
Waie, William
Walker, Richard
Walters, George
Walters, James
Walters, Morgan
Warman, William
Warmann, George
Waycombe, Arthur
Waye, John
Wearde, Simon
Webber, Geoffrey
Webbes, William
Weekes, Simon
Weeles, John
Wescombe, George
Wescome, William
Westcome, Justinian
Wetharcate, Theodore
Wetheridge, John
Wey, Anthony
Wheler, Nicholas
Wheler, Philip
Whiller, John
White, Edward
White, Michael
White, Roger
Whitefeild, Robert
Whitfeild, Edward
Wileye, George
Wilkey, Henry
Wilkey, Mark
Williams, George
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Matthew
Williams, Robert
Williams, Roger
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Walter
Winpenn, Andrew
Winpenny, John
Winpenny, Nicholas
Witheridge, John
Witheridge, Robert
Witheridge, Robert
Witheridge, Thomas
Wood, Anthony
Woodridge, Richard
Wormann, John
Worth, Lewis
Wyett, Charles
Yeo, Anthony
Yeo, Hugh
Yeo, Jonathan
Yeo, Lewis
The Protestation was presented to George Baylis who refused to take it

Martin Blake Minister