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Help and advice for Barnstaple and its three sub-manors: index

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Barnstaple and its three sub-manors, part of the inland hundred of Braunton

Trans. Devon. Assoc., vol. 49, (1917) pp. 376-388.


Rev Oswald J. Reichel

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Rev Reichel, lived in 1866 at A La Ronde, an 18th-century 16-sided house near Lympstone, now considered a tourist attraction. Reichel was a brother of one of the former occupants and the sole male owner in over two hundred years. He was responsible for substantial structural changes to the building. The scholarly Reichel wrote and delivered no less than 16 papers for the Devonshire Association, as well as a number of papers with religious themes that appeared in related journals. His papers are invariably substantial and well researched. This paper in particular relies on detailed records from the early history of Braunton Hundred. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Ailtry, Dean 381
Albemarle, Robert de 379
Alwyngton, John de 378
Arundel, Master William 385
Ascelin, Archdeacon 380-1
Audeley, James de 378
Audeley, Joan 378
Audeley, Nicolas de 378
Barre, Matilde de la 388
Barre, Maurey de la 388
Barre, Maurice de la 387-8
Barre, Richard de la 387
Barre, Roger de la 378
Barre, Simon de la 378
Bathon, Walter de 387
Beaupel, Reginald 388
Beaupel, Richard 387-8
Beaupel, Robert 388
Bigot, Ralf 382
Braose 378
Braose, Matildis 383
Braose, Philip de 383
Braose, William de 383
Braose, William 2 383
Braose, William 3 383
Brian, Eva de 378
Brian, Guy de 378
Brian, Matilda 378
Briwere, Bishop William 384-5
Bronescombe, Bishop 384-6
Campo Arnulphi, William de 378
Camville, Geoffrey de 378
Camville, Matilda de 378
Cavert, William de 381
Chichester, John Esq 386
Chichester, Sir John 378
Chubbe, Reginald 378
Clement III 386
Columbers, Eleanor de 378
Columbers, Philip de 378
Coutances, Bishop of 377, 379, 387
Cruna, Ralf de 381
Davis, Mr 382
Dugdale 380-2, 385
Edward I 378, 388
Edward II 378
Edward III 378, 388
Evrard, Roger 385
FitzBaldwin, Robert 382
FitzHerbert, Peter 378
FitzNigel, Alured 381
FitzRichard, Robert 382
Fleming family 386
Framtton, William de 381
Godwin 381
Gribble 376-7, 379, 388
Guraunt, Laurence de 378
Helond, Philip de 378
Henry I 377, 382
Henry III 378
Hervei 381
Horloe, Robert 378
James I 377
Johel, Prior 386
John, King 378
Knyst, Thomas le 378
Lacy, Bishop 387
Lantelas, Hugh de 378
Langres, Walter de 386
Leland 377
Londay, Yvon de 378
Loringe, Nigel 388
Luscote, John de 378
Mandeville, Geoffrey de 379
Marrow, Samuel 378
Marrow, Thomas 378
Martyn, Eleanor 378
Martyn, Joan 378
Martyn, Matilda 378
Martyn, Nicholas 378
Martyn, William 378
Martyn, Sir William 388
Mary, Queen 378
Matilda, Queen 382
Molendinis, Master William de 385
Mowbray, Robert de 377
Nesta 382
Nunant, Roger de 382
Oliver 380-2, 385, 387
Osbert 381
Paswar, Thomas 387
Philip, Precentor 385
Pidekesville, Reinald de 384
Pleistow, Robert de 384
Porer, Roger 381
Prestcote, Richard de 378
Prudue, Martin 385
Raelega, William de 381
Ralegh, Hugh de 384
Ralf, Bishop 382
Richard, Chancellor 385
Richard II 388
Round, Dr 379
Rufus, Hugh 384
Sancto Albino, Malger de 381
Sancto Albino, Walter de 381
Sheriff, Baldwin le 379, 382
Siccavilla, Philip de 384
Siccavilla, Ralf de 384
Soraton, Henry de 383
Stapeldon, Bishop 385
Stigand, Bishop 382
Suffolk, Henry Duke of 388
Totnes, Alured of 378, 382-3
Totnes, Juhel de (also Toton) 377, 380-3, 384, 386
Tracy, Eva de 378
Tracy, Henry de (also Trasci) 378, 383-4
Tracy, Oliver de 378, 384, 386
Warelwast, Bishop William 380, 383
Warwick, Henry Earl of 382
Watkin 380-2
William, Abbot 386
William I 377, 381-2
William II (Rufus) 377, 382
Wyngham, Henry de 387
Zoin, Alured de 381