Summary of Will of John Mallett of Beaford (1570)

[Moger transcripts , West Country Studies Library, Exeter]

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MALLET, John esq. of Ullegh* in par. of Beaford

Date of Will 23 Oct. 1570 wit. by Anthony Higgins, sergeant.

Proved 13 Nov 1570

Bequests to prisoners in goal of Exeter castle, to prisoners of Torrington to poor and prisoners of S. Molton, to poor of Crediton, to the leprose houses of Honyton and Tadyporte.

To John Mounke my godson. To Thomas Stowford my kinsman, my feoffees of my land in Aishebeare shall stand seised of an estate for life of said Thomas Stowford to use of said Thomas of all the mansion house and barton lands called barton of Aishebeare and thereof to make him an estate for life after the death of Johan Stowford wid.

In case my next heir will not perform my will as above relating to Stowford, said Thos. Stowford is to have £5 of lands to him and heirs male of his body with condit. that he shall not alienate same from my heirs, out of all my lands in co. Southampton called Kenstede popham besides Alton.

My feoffees shall be seised of an estate for lives of my 2 sons Malachias and Michaell Mallet of those two mansion houses etc. in S. Molton called Hatche and Heale to use of said Malachias and Michaell for their lives.

[Mentions his land in Crediton and Shobbroke.]

My feoffees shall maintain a competent house at Ulleghe for one whole year for the finding of my children and servants.

To my 3 daughters Elizabeth Marie and Dorothie above that within my scedule and will annexed to my feoffment is provided for them, all there mothers apparell and jewells equally to be divided between them and £40 in money.

To my 2 younger sons above that which is provided for them in my scedule and will annexed to my feoffment £20 to be divided bet. them.

To Alice Canford 40s.

To my son in law John Davells. To his wife my daughter her mothers gown of wrought vellot etc. and I give to Zeusbia a vellot wrought kertill and the crosse set with rubies and a diamond in the midst etc.

To my friend Mr. Thomas Browne a ring.

Residue to Malachias Mallet my son to dispose it to his three sisters marriage and for payment of my debts.

Overseers: Sir Robt. Denys, knt. Thomas Monke, Thomas
Mallet and Thomas Browne of Langtree Esqs.

* now called Woolleigh Barton

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