Inquisition Post Mortem, Robert Mallett (1577)

19 Eliz. [1577]

Chancery Inq p.m. Ser. II. Vol. 176 (17).

Transcribed by Mike Mallett <mm-lists AT ntlworld.com>

Reproduced by kind permission of the Devon and Cornwall Record Society


l.m. only. [Commission wanting].

Devon. Delivered into court by John Bydgood.

Inquisition taken at Exeter Castle 18 Oct. 19 Eliz. [1577] before Thomas Mouncke, esq., & John Eveleigh, esq., by virtue of a commission directed to them and to George Toll, esq., & Richard Gylberte, esq., after the death of Robert Mallet of Wolley, esq., by the oath of William Courteney, esq.,

.... Thomas Seyntclere, John Carter, John Saunder, William Watson otherwise Gale, gentlemen, Philip Turner, John Towill, Ralph Nore, William Badge, John Skibboe, David Anthony, William Hawkes, William Row [th?], and Michael Whiterowe:

Who say that Robert Mallet was seised of the manor of Ivedon, with lands in Clief, Honyton & Aulescombe; worth by the year, clear, £4.1s.8d.*:- a messuage, &c., in Blacktorrington:- a close in Chippinge Torrington, held of Philip Basset.of the manor of Great Torrington:- and a capital messuage called St. Nicholas and 6 acres in Exeter, held of the Queen in chief, by 1/20 of a knight's fee; worth, &c., 33s. 4d.

By charter dated 13 May 13 Eliz. [1571] ** he granted the premises to Malachi Mallet his brother & the heirs male of his body, with reversion to the said Robert Mallet. Malachi is yet living at Wolley.

Robert Mallet was also seised of another messuage and 100 acres in Blacktorrington: and 2 messuages and 60 acres in Northcot in the parish of Stucombe, held of John Stowell, knt., worth, &c., 20s.

By charter dated 6 July 14 Eliz. [1572] he granted the same to Thomas Mouncke, John Daveles, Anthony Mouncke & Thomas Browne, esquires to the use of Michael Mallet his brother & the heirs male of his body, with reversion to the said Robert Mallet. Michael is yet living at Wolley.

Robert Malet was also seised of the manors of Hatche, held of Philip Bassett:- Nymet St. George, held of the same; worth, &c., £4.16s.:- Romansley; worth, &c., £4.6s. 4d.: - Leighe otherwise Loverleighe; worth, &c., £6.0s.8d.:Forhuishe:- Essebolen; worth, &c., £10.13s.7d.:- Essebeare; worth, &c., £5.4s.6d.:- Hunshew:- Fulforde held of the bishop of Exeter by fealty only:- and Credye, held by fealty only; worth, &c., £2.3s. 4d.:- the advowsons of Nymet St. George & Romansley:- 4 messuages, &c., in Wolley & Beaford; worth, &c., £16.:- a messuage, &c., in Awlescote, held of Philip Basset: 20 messuages, a ferling-mill, &c., in Southmolton:- a messuage &c. , in Estforde:- 4 messuages, &c., in Omer:- 1 messuage &c., in Doddacott, held of Philip Bassett:- and 1 messuage, &c., in Knoweston.

A fine was levied, Easter 14 Eliz. [1572] between William Periam, esq., and Anthony Copleston, gent., plaintiffs, and the said Robert Mallet, deforciant, of these premises. Robert acknowledged the same to be the right of William, as that which plaintiffs had of the gift of deforciant to them & the heirs of William for ever. This fine was levied to the following uses. Nymet St. George, Leigh, Essebeare & Romansley (except the advowsons) to the use of Robert Mallet & Elizabeth his wife, for their lives; then to the use of John Mallet, son of said Robert, & his heirs male, with contingent remainder to the right heirs of Robert. Essebolenne to the use of Robert, for life, & afterwards to William Periam & Antony Copleston, to pay the debts of said Robert, and then for the marriage of Christian, daughter of said Robert; if she die unmarried, then to John, son of Robert & his heirs. Hatche, Gorhuishe, & all other premises to the use of Robert Mallet for life, then to the use of John his son and of Mary Peryam daughter of the said William Peryam, whom John was to marry, and their heirs, with contingent remainder to the heirs of Robert Mallet; as contained in indenture of 13 April 14 Eliz. [1572].

Elizabeth Mallet is yet living; and Mary Peryam is yet living at Crediton.

Robert Mallet died at Colleyton Rawley, 24 April last past [1577}.

John, son & heir, then aged 8 years, 4 months and 5 days.

* For details here omitted see Ch. Incl.p.m. Ser. II. Vol. 156 (34). John Mallett.

** sic: query 14 Eliz.?

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