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Berry castle and its ancient lords.

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol.15, (1883) pp. 426-440


Charles Worthy

Prepared by Michael Steer

Before archaeological excavations began in 1980, Berry Pomeroy was generally believed to be a fortress of Norman origin, containing a mansion largely built during the site's short ownership between 1547 and 1552 by Edward Seymour, known as 'Protector Somerset'. In fact, it is now clear that the castle was begun by the Pomeroy family at some time in the late 15th century, and encloses a great house built by Somerset's descendants between about 1560 and 1610. The paper also presents an interesting account of the reaction in Devon to the 1549 Act for Reforming the Church Service. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

A Pomeroy pedigree is presented on pp 438-9.

Acland, Hugh440
Acland, Margaret440
Alricius (Alric)426-7
Arundel, Earl of428, 433
Bampfield, Joan429, 438
Bampfield, John429, 438
Beavil, Margaret429, 438
Beavil, Peter429, 438
Bedford, Earl of431
Berry, Mr John432-3
Bevill, Mary437
Bonython, Eliza437
Bonython, John437
Bowerman, Johan437
Bowerman, Thomas437
Brewes, Philip de427
Brian, Lord Guy429, 438
Brian, Joan429, 438
Brian, Sir Philip429, 438
Bronescombe, Bishop Walter440
Buckfast, Abbot of429-30, 435, 438
Calways, Agnes439
Calways, Thomas439
Camell, Amy438-9
Camell, Robert439
Camel arms438
Camvil, Amicia de438
Capel, Arthur435
Carew, Sir Gawen431
Carew, Sir Peter431
Champernowne, Sir Arthur433
Champernowne, Elizabeth433
Charles I428, 434, 437
Chidleigh, Sir James429, 438
Chidleigh, Joan jnr438
Chidleigh, Joane429, 438
Coffin, Mr432-3
Coker, Eleanor439
Coker, John439
Colaton, Margaret de438
Colaton, Richard de438
Colby, Dr440
Cole, Adam438
Cole, Margaret438
Cork, Dean of435
Cornwall, Reginald Earl of (de Dunstanville)427, 438
Densell arms434
Densell, Elizabeth430, 434, 439-40
Densell, Richard430, 434, 439
Dredge, Rev J Ingle436
Edgcomb, Jane436, 439-40
Edgcomb, Sir Piers436, 439-40
Edward the Confessor427
Edward III428
Edward IV435
Edward VI431
Elizabeth I433, 435
Essex, Earl of435
Filleigh arms434
FitzHerbert, Herbert427
FitzHerbert, William427
Ford arms436
Ford family429
Ford, John the elder435-6
Ford, John the younger435
Ford, Mary435
Fortescue, Elizabeth434, 439
Fortescue, Martin434, 439
Francis, Sir William432
Gilbert, Humphrey Esq439
Gilbert, Joan439
Gille, Alfred429-30
Grey, Lord, de Wilton432
Harburton, Baron435
Harepath, Galfrid430
Hengescot, Anne439
Hengescot, Nicholas439
Hengescot, Thurstan439
Hengescote, John439
Hengestecot, Elizabeth (also Hengscot)435-6, 439
Hengestecot, John, armig. (also Hengscot)435-6
Henry I427, 438
Henry II427
Henry III428
Henry IV429
Henry VI429
Henry VII439
Henry VIII430, 434, 436, 439
Herbert, Sir William432
Hext, Digory437
Hext, Jane437
Hody, Gilbert439
Holinshed427, 438, 440
Incledon, Mr435
Jenkyn, Anne437
Jenkyn, Peter437
Lysons, Messrs435-6
Maclean, Sir John437
Marwood, Agnes439
Marwood, William439
Mathewe, Anne437
Mathewe, Sir George437
Merton, Joan429, 438
Merton, Prior of440
Merton, Sir Richard429, 438
Mules, Joan de428, 438
Norfolk, Duke of428
Oliver, Dr429-30
Osborne, Elizabeth435
Osborne, Sir Richard435
Pennington, Elizabeth437
Pole, Sir William427, 429, 437
Pomerai, Thomas438
Pomerio, Radulphus de la426, 438
Pomeroy, Agnes439
Pomeroy, Alice de438
Pomeroy, Amy438-9
Pomeroy, Andrew Esq437
Pomeroy, Anne437, 439
Pomeroy arms433-4, 436-7
Pomerpy, Amicia de438
Pomeroy, Arthur435
Pomeroy, Rev Arthur435
Pomeroy, Dorothy439
Pomeroy, Edward429-30, 437-40
Pomeroy, Sir Edward, KB430, 436, 439-40
Pomeroy, Elias435, 439
Pomeroy, Eliza437
Pomeroy, Elizabeth430, 435-7, 439-40
Pomeroy, Elynor (Eleanor)437, 439
Pomeroy, Ethelward430
Pomeroy familythroughout
Pomeroy, Francis437
Pomeroy, Gilbert434, 439
Pomeroy, Henry de la427-30, 437-40
Pomeroy, Sir Henry438
Pomeroy, Honor436
Pomeroy, Hugh435-7, 439-40
Pomeroy, Rt Hon James Spencer435
Pomeroy, Jane430, 434, 436-7, 439-40
Pomeroy, Joan429, 438-40
Pomeroy, Joane429
Pomeroy, Joel de427-8, 438
Pomeroy, Johan437
Pomeroy, John de la427, 429, 435-9
Pomeroy, Rev John437
Pomeroy, Sir John429, 438
Pomeroy, Joscelin (or John)438, 440
Pomeroy, Katherine440
Pomeroy, Lettice436
Pomeroy, Margaret429, 438-9
Pomeroy, Margery438
Pomeroy, Mary435, 437
Pomeroy, Matilda438
Pomeroy, Nicholas428-9
Pomeroy, Petronilla440
Pomeroy, Ralph de426-7, 438
Pomeroy, Richard437, 439
Pomeroy, Sir Richard430, 434, 439-40
Pomeroy, Robert429
Pomeroy, Roger, JP, DL, MP434-5, 439
Pomeroy, St Clere (Sinclere)429-30, 435, 438
Pomeroy, Thomas armig.429, 435-6, 438-40
Pomeroy, Thomazine439-40
Pomeroy, Sir Thomas Knt428, 430-6, 438-40
Pomeroy, Valentine434, 436, 439
Pomeroy, William437, 438-40
Pomeroy, Wilmot437
Pomroy, Joan439
Ponte, R de440
Prideaux, Nicholas gent436
Prideaux, Thomasyn436
Prince, John427, 429, 433-4, 437, 439-40
Ralegh, Alice434, 438
Ralegh arms434
Ralegh, Mr Walter431, 438
Ralegh, Sir Walter431, 434
Rede, John429
Reynell, Jane434, 436
Reynell, Sir Thomas Knt436, 439
Richard II428
Roll, Honor436
Roll, John Esq436
Rolle, Henry439
Rowe, Mr Brooking429-30
Russell, Lord431-2
Sapcote, Jane430, 439-40
Sapcote, Sir John430, 439-40
Seymour, Lord Edward433
Seymour, Sir Edward Bt433-4
Seymour, Elizabeth433
Seymour, Lady Jane434
Somerset, Duke of433
Spinola, Baptista432
St Aubyn, Sir John429, 438
St Aubyn, Joane429, 438
St Cleare, Gilbert435
St Mary de Valle, Ralph Abbot of440
Strowbridge, Agnes439
Strowbridge, William439
Throwbridge, John435
Tresagell, Amy439
Tresagell, Thomas439
Underhill, William431
Valletort, Joan de438
Vere, Alice de438
Vernun, Margery438
Vitrei, Matilda de438
Wales, Henry Prince of439
Whiddon, Margaret439
Whiddon, Sir John Knt439
Wichalse, Arthure440
Wichalse, Dorothie440
Wichalse, Hugh440
Wichalse, John440
Wichalse, Margaret440
Wichalse, Nicholas440
Wichalse pedigree440
William I426
Wills, Elias439
Wills, Joan439