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Devon Book Indexing Project - call for volunteers.

Devon Bibliography - an immense bibliography, associated with Ian Maxted's Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History project,  that "is based largely on the records of the Westcountry Studies Library (WSL), supplemented by other sources such as COPAC and the ESTC". (As of December 2018 it listed: "53,000 Books; 500 Newspapers; 2,000 Periodicals; 7,500 Articles; 1,500 Digital records; 500 Theses; 3,500 Manuscripts; 16,000 Maps; and  4,000 Illustrations . . . held in more than 150 Collections across Devon and beyond"!)

Bibliography in Devon, past, present and future - a wonderfully detailed history, by Ian Maxted.

What was originally intended as a Devon Bibliography, but expanded to became an immensely useful general index listing over a million references to Devon places and people, is now known as the Burnet-Morris Index (archived copy) - the original is at the Westcountry Studies Library, but microfilmed versions can be seen at any LDS Family History Centre. (For the reference sources covered see The Burnet Morris Index 1940-1990, Devon Library Services, Exeter, 1990.) 

The Devon Local Studies Library provides very extensive and useful listings of books and periodical articles (archived partial copy), arranged alphabetically by geographical location. (Superceded by the Devon Bibliography project.)

Publications available from the Devon Record Office bookshop.

Full index to nos. 1-152 (Archived copy) of the Devon Family Historian.

Listing of article titles in Devon Family Historian, No 40 (Oct 1986) - No 74 (May 1995).

Listing of articles relating to Devon in other genealogical periodicals.

Publishers and book distributors with coverage of Devon genealogy and history include: Archive CDDartmoor Press (archived site), HalsgroveStevensbooksWestcountrybooks.

Antiquarian and second hand books relating to Devon - Ambra BooksChapel BooksJoel Segal BooksStella and Rose's Books, and Antiquarian and Old Books (a listing of Antiquarian & Secondhand Booksellers in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset & Dorset).

Maps, Plans, Manuscripts, Documents, etc., especially relating to the West Country - Lesley Aitchison.

Genealogy and Family History Documents relating to Devon, offered by Beryl Anderson (archived copy).

Liz Shakespeare's Books from Devon.

Listing of Dartmoor Press Publications - an extensive set of parish register and trade directory transcripts and indexes, etc., related to parishes in the Dartmoor Region.

selected bibliography related mainly to North Devon is provided by James Brannan.

The Exeter Working Papers in British Book Trade History - biographical and bibliographical information on the book trades.

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Tree House Resources - A Guide to the Books, Documents, Microfiche, CD's and Magazines, Part 2: Documents, Microfiche, CD's and Magazines, Devon Family History Society (2002) 44 pp.