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Bibliotheca Devoniensis: A Catalogue of the Printed Books relating to the County of Devon


James Davidson   

Exeter: William Roberts (1852). pp. v, 221 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

This rich and invaluable resource was compiled when its author lived in Axminster. It originated in his compilation of books relating to Devonshire held in a private library, but was expanded in order to be useful to those interested in the topography, history or biography of the county. Including books from a wide variety of highly reputable sources, the author has also included a short list of articles published in periodicals. The book has an extensive index of places (page 213, and an equally impressive index of persons, page 215. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the New York Public Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Acland, Sir T D
Acland, Rev P L D
Aberdein, R H
Ames, John Esq
Baker, Mrs Lloyd
Balle, Mr William
Bartholomew, The Venerable
Basleigh, Captain
Bateman, H Esq
Bayley, William R Esq
Bellamy, J C Esq
Bent, Mrs Frances
Besley, Mr Henry
Besly, Rev John DCL
Boger, Deeble Esq
Bond, Rev J
Borlase, Rev W
Bowring, Mr John
Bowden, Henry Esq
Bray, Rev E A
Brent, Robert Esq MD
Brickdale, J Fortescue Esq
Brutton, Charles Esq
Buck, M W Esq, MP
Burridge, W Esq
Canton, G A Esq
Carew, J H Pole Esq
Cary, George Stanley Esq
Cary, Mrs
Churchill, The Hon Lady Henrietta
Clifford, Mr W
Coham, Holland Esq
Cole, Robert Esq
Coleridge, Francis George Esq
Coldridge, Rev S P
Collyns, W Esq
Coppard, Rev W J
Cosens, W Esq
Cotton, Richard W Esq
Courtenay, The Rt Hon Lord
Croydon, Mr Edward
Dawson, W Esq
Dawson, Rev George
Dayman, Rev E A
Drake, T E Esq
Drayton & Sons, Messrs
Dredge, Rev John Ingle
Drewe, E Simcoe Esq
Dunboyne, Rt Hon Lord
Duckworth, Sir J T P, Bt, MP
Durant, R Esq
Earle, Rev J
Elton, Sir E Marwood, Bt
Fortescue, Rt Hon Earl
Gibbs, Henry H Esq
Giffard, Edward Esq
Gordon, Charles Esq
Gorham, Rev G C
Gould, Daniel Esq
Gray, Mr Robert John
Hannaford, Mr P A
Harding, Lieutenant Colonel
Harrison, Mr S G
Harvey, Mr J
Hassard, John Esq
Hedgeland, Rev Philip
Hele, Rev George Selby
Herring, Miss
Hodge, Mr H
Holden, Mr
Hole, Henry Esq
Holland, Rev R
Hutchinson, Peter Orlando Esq
Ilbert, W Roupe Esq
Ingham, Mr John
Jones, Rev J P
Kennaway, Sir John, Bt
Kerslake, Mr
Kingdon, G Broughton Esq
Lasbury, Mr
Lester, Alfred Esq
Lethbridge, John King Esq
Ley, William Esq
Lidstone, Mr R
Lopes, Sir Ralph, Bt MP
Loveridge, W Esq
Luscombe, John Esq
Mackey, Captain
Macray, J Esq
Martyn, Mr R
Matthews, W Esq
Miles, W Esq
Miller, Patrick Esq, MD
Moore, Mr W
Nettleton, E Esq
Newman, Sir R L, Bt
Newton, J G Esq
Oliver, Rev G, DD
Parker, Mr J H
Parker, Montagu E N Esq
Parkhouse, Mr
Patteson, S R Esq
Pearse, George Esq
Pennell, Richard Lewin Esq
Petheram, Mr
Pigott, J S Esq, FRS
Pitman, J S Esq
Prance, C R Esq, MD
Prideaux, G Esq
Prideaux, Sir E Sanderson, Bt
Pring, T Esq
Pulman, James Esq
Pulman, Mr G P R
Pyke, Rev John
Radcliffe, Rev Walter
Rawlings, James Esq
Rickard, J L Esq
Roberts, George Esq
Rogers, Rev Canon
Rowe, Rev S
Rudge, Rev J, DD
Ryde, J G Esq
Shapter, T Esq, MD
Smirke, Edward Esq
Smith, Mr J R
Stevens, Ven Archdeacon Moore
Taylor, Major General
Terrell, John H Esq
Toms, Rev H W
Treby, H H Esq
Troyte, A H D A Esq
Tucker, Charles Esq
Walkey, Rev C E
Walrond, Bethell Esq
Wellington, Rev W
Whitehead, Arthur Esq
Whitaker, Mr J
Willesford, Rev Bedford
Yarde, John Esq
Yarde, Thomas Esq