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Bibliotheca Devoniensis: A Catalogue of the Printed Books relating to the County of Devon


James Davidson

Exeter: William Roberts (1852). pp. v, 221 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

This rich and invaluable resource was compiled when its author lived in Axminster. It originated in his compilation of books relating to Devonshire held in a private library, but was expanded in order to be useful to those interested in the topography, history or biography of the county. Including books from a wide variety of highly reputable sources, the author has also included a short list of articles published in periodicals. The book has an extensive index of places (page 213, and an equally impressive index of persons, page 215. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the New York Public Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Abell, Philip140
Abingdon, Earl of (Bertie)149
Acher, Shem136
Ackland, Sir Arthur Kt135
Acland, Mr64
Acland, Sir T D Bt, MP8-9, 12, 17, 135
Addison, Mr126-7
Addington, Rt Hon Henry195
Albemarle, Christopher Duke of125
Albemarle, George Duke of (Monck)124-5, 179-81
Albert, Prince132
Alcock, Rev Mr Thomas, MA110, 114-5, 135
Alison, Archibald FRS178
Allen, Mrs34
Allen, William170
Allom, Thomas11
Amory, Rev Thomas DD195
Anderson165, 198
Anderson, Judge121
Andrew Dr John185-6
Andrews, Charles19
Anne, Queen35, 46, 138, 193-4
Anstis, John135
Anstis, Mary135
Anton, Ruth193
Archer, Sir John193
Arthur & Dwelly, Messrs47
Arundell, Humfrey61
Ash, Mr64
Ashburnham, Colonel66
Ashburton, Lord129
Ashley, Sir Jacob82
Ashley, Master Ralph57
Ashley, William37-8
Ashwood, Rev Mr John135
Asshe, Michael Salter135-6
Atherley, Rev A159
Atkins, Rev Mr Samuel136
Avant, Philip125
Avery, Elizabeth184
Avery, Captain John136
Ayre, Rev John MA172
Ayscue, Sir George87
Babb, Rev J, MA101
Badely, Edward Esq MA, FRS102
Bagge, Rev Henry T J105
Baird, Henry13
Bailey, John140
Baker, Dr George54, 114-5
Ball, Rev Mr John136
Ball, Robert Esq13
Baller, Rev Joseph163
Ballamie, Richard95
Balle, William Esq20
Bampfield, Elizabeth136
Bampfield, Francis136-7
Bampfield, John Esq136
Bampfield, Sir John Bt164
Bampfield, Mr89
Bampfylde, Sir Copleston Warwick Bt25, 137
Bampfylde, Sir R W Bt, MP114
Bancroft, Archbishop171
Banfill, Samuel8
Banks, ___49
Banks, George, FLS48, 118
Banks, Sir T C150
Barker, Robert77
Barnes, John24
Barnes, Ralph Esq31, 101
Baring, Mr Charles137
Barlow, John168, 199
Baron, Robert Webb Stone42, 44, 46, 131
Barrable, T203
Barret, Roger61
Barrow, John Esq, FSA158
Bartholomew, John AM137
Bartlet, William94, 146
Bartlett, W H11
Baskerfield, Sir Thomas155
Basset, Elizabeth Eustasia142
Bassett, Joseph Davie Esq7
Bath, Henry Earl of63, 122
Bath, Rt Hon John Earl of123
Batten, Captain83
Baulet, Sir John64
Bayford, Dr102
Beardmore, Nathaniel46
Bedford, Earl of111
Bedford, Duke of9
Bedford, Hannah137
Bedford, John Duke of137
Beechey, Henry William192
Bell, Dr116
Bellamy, John C13, 117, 119
Bennet, H140
Berkley, Sir John66, 69, 84-5
Bernaldino, Don153
Berrie, Dorothy138
Berrie, Henrica138
Berrie, Henrietta138
Berrie, Thomas Esq138
Berry, Mr John61, 64, 138
Bertie, Lady Anne149
Bidder, George138
Bidgood, Mr138
Bidlake, Dr207
Bill, John77
Billingsley, Nicholas199
Birch, Thomas, MA, FRS190
Bird, Charles Esq33, 42
Birkhead, Henry123
Blackall, Ofspring DD90, 138
Blake, Colonel75
Blewitt, Octavian57
Block, John97
Blundell, John53
Blundell, Peter55-6
Boazio, Baptista152
Bodley, Rev Mr Laurence BD140
Bodley, Thomas Kt139
Bolingbroke, Oliver Earl of51
Boringdon, Augusta Lady140
Boringdon, Rt Hon John Lord42, 140
Bosc, Claude de177
Bouchet, Monsieur du148
Bound, Peter140
Bourne, Captain88
Bowchier, Joshua99
Bowdage, Mary140
Bowdler, H M131
Boyce, George55
Bray, Henry61
Bray, Mrs11, 122, 146
Brayley, Mr E W7, 11, 140
Brereton, Sir William82
Bretland, Rev Joseph140, 173, 193
Brewer, J N29
Brice, Andrew128
Brice, Thomas25, 28
Bridges, M132
Bridges, W B37
Bridgewater, John Earl of51
Brindley, Robert45
Bristol, Countess of174
Britton, John Esq FSA7, 11, 30
Brougham & Vaux, Lord150
Brounrig, Dr141
Browne, Sir John (also Brown)66, 72, 77
Browne, William141
Brydges, Sir Egerton, KJ190
Bryer, Mr Thomas & Co41
Buchanan, William Tharp Esq141
Bucke, Charles178
Buckland, Mrs118
Buckland, Professor118
Budgell, Eustace Esq141-2
Bulkeley, Elizabeth Viscountess142
Buller, Sir J B Yarde Bt, MP20
Burd, John Marsh Esq38
Burnet, Bishop125
Burns, Robert76
Burrough, Rev J W106
Burrow, Rev E L, DD31, 142
Burt, Major Seymour T142
Burt, William Esq42, 131, 142
Burton, Henry165
Burton, Richard156-7
Bushell, Thomas Esq86-7
Butcher, Rev Edmund50
Butter, John MD, FRS116
Cade, Roger122
Cadogan, William Earl of127
Calamy, Rev Doctor96, 201
Callon, William57
Calmady, Shilston Esq127
Calverley, Dame Julia201
Campbell, Diana A G105
Campbell, Elizabeth Eustasia142
Campbell, John LLD177
Campbell, John Hook142
Campbell, Miss206
Carew, Bampfylde Moore133, 142-4
Carew, Sir Gawen142
Carew, Rev John West55
Carew, Reginald Pole Esq41
Carew, Thomas142
Carey, Robert144
Carleill, Christopher155
Carne, Rev Robert Harkness100-1
Carpenter, Richard135
Carpinger, George40
Carrington, Henry E44, 131
Carrington, N T52, 130-1
Carter, John28
Carteret, John Lord204
Carwithen, William AM25
Carey, Colonel (also Carre)74
Carey, George Esq56
Carye, Sir Alexander161
Cavendish, Mr Thomas157-8
Cary, Elizabeth39
Cary, Philippa40
Catel, L19
Cawse, Mr John144
Cayley, Arthur jnr Esq190
Cecill, Lord189
Ceely, Mr Christofer154
Chamberlayne, Roger204
Champernowne, Arthur144
Champernowne, Henry204
Chapple, William5, 20, 186
Charldon, John DD142, 162
Charles I27, 203
Charles II96-7, 123, 180
Charles, Prince77, 79-84
Chattaway, Joseph10
Cheatham, Robert Esq47
Chichester, Sir Arthur Kt123
Chichester, Sir John144
Cholmley, Hugh165
Cholmondeley, Marquis of193
Cholwich, John Burridge Esq7
Christie, T W Esq106
Chudlegh, James68
Chudleigh, Elizabeth173-4
Chudleigh, Sir George64-7, 72
Churchill, John, Duke of Marlborough127
Claringbull, J49
Clark, Captain Henry132
Clark, Samuel156
Clarke, Rev Alured26
Clarke, Mr Christopher66
Cleaveland, E, BD149
Clifford, Arthur Esq145
Clifford, Charles Lord145
Clifford family145
Clifford, Sir Nicholas155
Clifford, Thomas Esq149
Clifford, Thomas Lord144
Clinton, Lord193
Clinton and Saye, Rt Hon Lord145
Clotworthy, Colonel63
Clotworthy, Sir John145
Coleridge, Rev Edward104
Coleridge, Henry Nelson146
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Esq145-6
Coles, G55
Collacott, William133
Colles, Rev W M, AB104
Colleton, Lady Anne146
Colleton, Sir John146
Collibear, Mr W122
Collier, R P112, 121
Colling, Mary Maria146
Colton, Rev C, MA49-50
Congreve, Mr126
Conybeare, Rev W D118
Cooke, ___49
Cooke, George Alexander7, 29
Cooke, John146
Cooley, W D153
Coolidge, George159
Copleston, Edward DD146
Copleston, Rev J G131-2
Copleston, W J, MA146
Coppard, Rev W J, MA49
Cornish, C H10
Cornish, Mr Philip146
Cornwall & Albany, Duke of77
Cosens, Rev W B, MA105, 108
Cottle, Joseph101, 130, 145-6
Cotton, William FSA59
Cotton, Lord Bishop William92-3
Courtenay, Lady Anne149
Courtenay, Lady Elizabeth148-9
Courtenay, Hon Mrs Elizabeth128
Courtenay, Captain George W A Esq129
Courtenay, Henry Reginald Esq149
Courtenay, Kellond Esq128
Courtenay, Lady Margaret161
Courtenay, Lady Mary191
Courtenay, Messieurs de (Family of)147-9
Courtenay, William Esq, MP8
Courtenay, Sir William Bt149-50
Covel, William DD94
Coverdale, Bishop Miles107, 147
Cowley, Mrs150
Cox, John102
Coxe, William MA, FRS, FSA163, 178
Creswel, Rev R119
Crispin, Thomas36
Croker, Dr17
Crompton, William150
Crooke, Captain Unton88
Crosse, Alexander144
Crosse, Henry150
Crosse, Mrs Mary150
Cruwys, Henry gent159
Crymes, Elizeus Esq151
Crymes, Mary151
Cullen, W H, MD116-7, 119
Cullum, R8
Culme, Rev Mr John151
Curll, E2, 163
Curson, F133
Daddo, Rev W54
Dallaway, James MA194
Damant, Walter47
Damer, Hon Mrs193
Darras, Charles205
Davenport, R A163, 187
Davidson, James14
Davie, John15
Davie, Sir John Bt151
Davy, Rev C151
Davy, John Tanner110
Davy, Rev W, AB151
Dawes, Archbishop William138-9
Dawson, W Esq117
Deane, Captain88
Deeble, William10
De Foe202
Degen, Catherine151
Degen, G C151
Dene, Humphrey140
Denham, Lieutenant H M, RN11
Dennis, Rev J203
Dennis, Rev John AB151
Dennis, Rev Jonas AB101
D'Eon, Chevalier182
Despreux, Mons. Boileau126
Devenant, Sir William124
Devon, Earl of150, 189
Dibble, John Esq37
Dicke, Lovis66
Dickenson, R B9
Digby, Lord George65, 77
Digby, Sir John77, 80
Dixon, Miss19
Dobson, Rev W S, MA170
Doddridge, Mr122
Donn, Mr Abraham151
Don, Benjamin152
Donne, Dr John169
Downall, Rev John MA37-8
Downe, Mr John, BD152
Downeham, Mr John82
Drake, Dame A158
Drake, Elizabeth136
Drake, Lady Elizabeth123
Drake family159
Drake, Sir Francis Kt120, 123, 152-8
Drake, Sir Francis Bt154
Drake, Sir Francis Henry Bt158
Drake, Mr64
Drake, Mrs158
Drake, Samuel Gardner159
Drake, Thomas Esq136
Drake, Sir William158
Drew, Mary159
Drew, Robert gent159
Drewe, Edward159
Drue, Sergeant122
Drumond, W124
Dryden, Mr116
Dubois, Edward Esq196
Duckworth, George159
Duckworth, Admiral Sir John Thomas159
Duckworth, Mary159
Duncombe, William36
Dundas, Monsieur180
Dunning, Richard gent1, 116
Dunsford, Martin5, 55
Duntze, Sir John Bt137
Dutems, Abbé H178
Dyce, Rev Alexander AB184
Dymond, Ann159
Eardley, Sir Culling E, Bt105-6, 109, 206
Eastcott, Rev Edwin159
Easton, Thomas AM179
Ebrington, Lord8, 44
Edgecombe, Richard Esq159
Edward the Confessor21
Edward I52
Edward III111, 179
Edward IV112
Edward VI61, 162
Edwards, Susanna15-6
Egremont, Earl of160
Elford, Sir William42
Elizabeth I21, 58, 111, 120
Elsynge, Henry70, 72, 87
Elys, Edmund124
Englefield, Sir Henry Bt28
Enty, John99
Erisey, Frances203
Erisey, Mary203
Erisey, Richard203
Essex, Earl of74
Evans, Ann39-40
Evans, Mr201
Evans, Rachel52
Evans, Richard174
Eveleigh, Josiah99, 202
Exeter, Anthony Lord Bishop of97
Exeter, Henry Lord Bishop of (Phillpotts)101-6, 108, 185
Exeter, John Earl of51
Exeter, John, Lord Bishop of (Gauden)169
Exeter, Jonathan, Lord Bishop of (Trelawney)53
Exeter, Joseph, Lord Bishop of (Hall)94
Exeter, Ofspring, Lord Bishop of (Blackall)98
Exeter, Seth, Lord Bishop of (Ward)96
Exeter, Thomas, Lord Bishop of (Lamplugh)97-8
Exon, Rt Rev Stephen, Lord Bishop of (Weston)54
Exmouth, Admiral Viscount160
Exoniensis, Joannis Episcopi95
Fairfax, Sir Thomas75-86
Fane, Charles Lord Viscount160
Fane, Mary Viscountess160
Fanshawe, Richard77
Farington, Joseph RA192
Farmer, John132
Farre, Dr194
Fellows, John201
Fennelle, John205
Finney, John DD192
Fish, T L Esq50
Fisher, Mr Adam57
Fitz, Sir John160
Fitzgeffrey, Charles123
Flavel, Rev Mr John161, 202
Fleetwood, Sir M168
Fletcher, Master Francis155-6
Fleming, Caleb161
Flindell, Thomas161
Flood, Frances161
Floyd, Mary16
Floyd, Temperence16
Forbes, Mrs Mary161
Ford, John161
Fortescue, Earl34, 173
Fortescue, Sir Edmund66, 86
Fortescue, Sir Edward65
Fortescue, John Esq124
Fortescue, John Inglett Esq20
Fortescue, Mr64
Foster, Dr161
Foster, Rt Hon Sir Robert Knt63
Foulston, John45
Fownes, Thomas Esq161
Francis, Mr Phillip161-2
Franklin, Nathaniel196
Fraser, Robert AM110
Freeman, Rev G J207
Frobisher, Martin155
Frost, Elizabeth184
Fry, Nicholas162
Fuge, Mr S162
Fulford family162
Fulford, Francis Esq162
Fulford, Thomas Esq162
Fuller, Thomas BD151, 171
Fullford, Anne146
Furlong, Catherine151
Fust, Sir H J, Kt102
Gale, Theophilus123, 193
Gandy, Frances135
Gandy, John135
Gandy, Justice189
Gascoigne, George163
Gaselee, Robert40
Gauden, Dr John DD141, 169
Gay, Mr John163
Geach, Francis FRS114-5
George I55
George II40, 46, 161, 182
George III28-9, 34, 42, 44, 46, 52, 145-6, 200
George IV35, 56, 145
Gerrard, John128
Gifford, Captain64
Gifford, William Esq161, 163
Gilbert, Sir Humfrey, Kt163-4
Gilbert, Sir John163
Giles, Sir Edward Kt194
Giles, Francis Esq14
Giles, Lady Mary194
Gilling, Isaac, VDM136, 182, 191, 201
Gillman, James146
Gist, Thomas15
Glandyl, Sergeant122
Glanvile, Francis51
Glanville, Judge121-2
Godbear, Walter51
Godolphin, Master126
Gompertz, J Esq131
Gondamore, Count of189
Goode, William MA, FSA103
Goodridge, Charles Medyett164
Gorham, George Cornelius BD102-3, 107
Goring, General Lord George18, 76, 79-80
Goswill, D196
Gould, Mr Nicholas162
Gould, Colonel William164
Grandison, Lord65
Granville, George49
Graves, Lord8
Graves, Louisa Carolina164
Graves, Rear Admiral Richard164
Green, J30
Greenvile (also Grenville)18, 123
Greenvill, Sir Bevil Kt64, 123
Greenvill, Sir Richard (also Grenville)73-4, 76, 79, 83, 123, 165
Grenville, Lord135
Gribble, Joseph Besly15, 122
Griffin, Rev John165
Griffin, Rev John jnr165
Grove, Hugh gent89
Grosse, Alexander183, 195
Grundy, Mary159
Guizot, Monsieur181
Gumble, Thomas DD180
Gurney, Mr R173, 202
Gwatkin, Mrs11
Gwyn, Francis Esq165
Hacche, Agnes165
Hacche, Robert Esq165
Hakewill, George DD152
Hales, John MA139
Hall, Captain86
Hall, Rt Rev Joseph DD165-7
Hall, Rev P166
Halle, Dr Fraser17
Hallet, John201
Hallett, J H Esq14
Hallett, Joseph99
Halloran, Lawrence Hynes DD129
Hamilton, ___166
Hamond, Colonel85
Hanbury, Benjamin169
Hannaford, Samuel jnr119, 206
Harding, Lieut. Col. FGS56
Harding, Thomas171
Hardy, James MD115
Harington, Rev R144
Harley, Rt Hon Robert Esq126-7
Harris, Lieutenant Christopher Arthur170
Harris, Gilbert122
Harris, John205
Harris, Major General80
Harris, Philip Esq167
Harris, T, CE47
Harrison, R35
Harrys, Sergeant122
Harvey, James AM151
Harvey, Mrs173-4
Hausoullier, Lewis John Marie Esq167
Hawker, Rev John BA168
Hawker, Rev Robert, DD146, 167-8, 200
Hawkins, A Esq35
Hawkins, Sir John155
Hawley, J Esq168
Haydon, Gideon Esq168
Hazlitt, William183
Heale, Mr122
Hearne, T139
Heath, Dr Benjamin109
Heathcote, Mary205
Heineken, Rev N S116
Hele, Elize17
Hele, Philippe168
Hele, Walter gent168
Henley, Thomas MD113
Hennah, Rev Richard117
Henley, Mr177
Henry III124
Henry VI36
Henry VIII1, 38, 111-2, 147, 190, 199
Henwood, Oliver14
Heraud, Abraham John145
Herbert, Mr George169
Herbert, Commander George F, RN11
Herne, Frederick Esq20
Herne, Nathaniel20
Hewett, J W33
Hewgoe, Walter194
Heydon, H H117
Heydon, John81-2
Hicks, John96
Hieron, Master Samuel168, 196
Hill, Rev Charles MA129
Hine & Co168
Hingeston, Henry35
Hingston, Mr168
Hoadley, Benjamin DD98
Hobbs, Mr John133
Hockin, W L168
Hodge, Dr John97
Hogg, Nathan13
Holdsworth, A H Esq MP8, 20
Hole, Rev Richard LLB168
Hole, William MA59
Holland, Mr Edward Christopher117
Holmes, William28
Hone, R B167
Hooker, Richard MA169-70
Hooper, Henry Esq116
Hooper, Mary135
Hooper, William135
Hopton, Sir Ralph (also Lord)63-8, 70-1, 74, 81-2, 87
Hopton, Sir Richard (also Lord)66, 80
Hore, William51
Hort, Captain170
Howard, Lord Henry189
Howard, Nathaniel129
Howarth, Edward Esq170
Howarth, Mrs170
Huddy, Matthew99
Hughes, George MA94, 150
Hughson, D, LLD197
Huish, Mistress Deborah170
Huish, James Esq170
Humfrey, Laurence171
Hutchinson, Peter Orlando118
Hutton, Thomas BD92-4
Huxham, Dr John MD, FRS113-5
Huyshe, Rev Francis100
Hyett, W7
Ignotus, Clericus33
Inchequin, Lord73
Incledon, Benjamin55
Ingle, Rev John, BA33, 107-8
Ingleby, Mr64
Inglis, Sir Robert Bt, MP185
Isaac, Sebastian Esq172
Isaacson, Rev Stephen BA172
Izacke, Richard Esq22, 25
Izacke, Samuel Esq22, 25
Jacob, Rev J, LLD119
Jago, Rev John DD36
James II202
James, Dr139
Jeffrys, Mary171
Jemmat, Mrs Catherine171
Jenings, Abraham193
Jenkins, Alexander29
Jervis, Rev Thomas170, 183
Jewell, Bishop John171-2
Jewitt, Llewellyn33
Johns, H J6
Johns, Henry Incledon, MA172
Johns, Mr & Mrs129
Johnson, Dr163
Johnson, Madam E122
Jones, C128
Jones, Rev John166
Jones, Rev J P9-10, 13, 36, 118, 172
Jones, Pitman Esq1, 11, 33
Jones, Rev William AB4
Judd, Robert174
Jurdain, Mr Ignatius172
Keble, Rev John MA170
Kekewich, Mr Peter162
Kempe, Alfred John51
Kendall, John32
Kennaway, Rev Charles Edward173
Kennaway, Miss F173
Kennaway, Sir John Bt173
Kennicott, B128
Kemp, James130
Kerr, Colonel77
Kiddell, Henry128
King, Humphrey184
King, Josiah97
King, Lord173
King, Sir Peter Kt173
Kingston, Elizabeth, Dowager Duchess of173-4
Kingston, J F117-8
Kirkpatrick, J, MD113
Kite, Francis135-6
Knollis, Francis155
Lampen, Robert MA42
Land, D N, Esq168
Lane, John Esq170
Lane Mrs170
Lang, William174
Larkham, Thomas51
Lavington, Rev Mr John174
Lavington, John jnr183
Lavington, Rev Samuel174
Lawrence, General174
Lear, Sir John Bt174
Le Bas, C W, MA172
Lediard, Thomas gent177
Lee, Agnes175
Lee, Henry61, 163
Lee, Nathaniel V Esq11
Lee, Richard175
Leigh, John Esq175
Lempriere, J, DD29-30
Lenthall, Hon Mr William Esq70, 77-82, 85, 89
L'Estrange, Roger23
Lewes, Thomas204
Lewis, F C8-9
Ley, Rev Thomas18
Lindsay, Lord103
Lipscombe, Mr George5
Lisburne, Rt Hon Wilmot, Earl of115
Lloyd, Rev A F35
Lloyd, Rev David179
Lloyd, Temperence15-6
Lott, Yeoman175
Louis XIV, King178
Louis XVI, King147
Louvencour, F de154-5
Lovell, Mr Baron1
Luscomb, Richard Esq175
Lyde, Robert56
Lye, Edward MA175
Lysons, Rev Daniel9
Lysons, Samuel Esq9
Lyte, Henry Francis MA175
Lyttelton, Bishop28
Macdonald, Lieut. Col John FRS, MRAS175
Malone, Edmond Esq191-2
Mann, A131
Manning, James201
Manning, Rev Owen175
Mare, Samuel136
Marlborough, John Duke of (Churchill)126-7, 162, 175-8
Marlborough, Sarah Duchess of177
Marshall, Bourchier16
Marshall, Elizabeth16
Marshall, Mr110
Martin, Lieut Col73
Martyn, Sir Nicholas64-7, 135, 178
Martyne, Mayor122
Mary, Queen112
Maskell, Rev W106
Massie, Major General18
Mathias, P197
Maurice, Prince69, 72-4
Maynard, Mr178
Maynarde, Thomas153
Melford, John Esq179
Melhuish, Elizabeth204
Mennis, Sir John196
Meyrick, Ann Elizabeth179
Midhope, Stephen MA164
Miege, Guy180
Mills, Mr Thomas185
Mogridge, Theodore H, Esq, MD50, 184
Mohone, Lord (also Mohune)65, 70
Monck, General George88-90, 124, 179-81
Monmouth, Earl of144
Moor, John181
Moore, E, MD, FLS119
Moore, F Edmund, Esq MA103
Moore, Francis161
Moore, George181
Moore, John99
Moore, Peter138
Moore, Mrs Rebekah181
Moore, Rev Thomas10
Morden, Robert3
Moreman, Thomasin3
Moreman, Wilmot3
Morgan, Colonel82
Morgan, Rev Samuel182
Morley, Earl of49
Morrice, Sir William Bt59, 171, 182
Morton, Bishop171
Mosse, Rev S Tenison182
Mount Edgcumbe, George Earl of41, 110
Moyle, Samuel48
Mudge, Zachary100
Mullett, Mr Joseph140
Mullins, Rev Samuel182
Musgrave, Dr182
Nation, Kello Esq182-3
Nation, Mrs182
Nation, W Esq183
Needham, Rev R W107
Newte, John MA53
Nicolas, Sir Harris150
Nichols, Master Philip113, 156
Nicols, Matthias BD183, 195
Nicolls, Ferdinand172
Noble, Mr Henry183
Norris, Sir John Kt120, 153
Northcote, James Esq, RA183, 191
Northcote, Sir John Bt64, 66-7
Northleigh, Henry Esq183
Northmore, Thomas Esq29, 206
Odgers, Rev W J46-7
Oldys, William189-90
Oliver, Rev George DD1, 8, 10, 12-3, 30, 33, 145
Oliver, Joseph gent183
Orange, William Prince of90-2
Osler, Edward Esq160
Ottolenghi, Joseph Solomon183-4
Overbury, Sir Thomas189
Oxenham, Mr James gent184
Oxenham, James the younger, gent184
Oxenham, Rebecka184
Oxenham, Tomasin184
Page, Master120-2
Page, Mrs Ulalia121-2
Paget, Sir Arthur140
Palk, Lawrence Esq108
Palk, Sir L V5, 56
Palmer, J F11
Palmer, Mrs11
Palmer, Thomas75
Palmer, Rev W, DD10
ParadÈs, Robert Compte de40-1
Parker (society)204
Parker, George54, 204
Parker, J Esq, MP114
Parr, Bartholomew168
Parr, Susannah95
Parrott, Jasper Esq, MP110
Partridge, John136
Paulet, Captain66
Peach, Mr Michael MA99
Pearce, Philip97
Pearce, Thomas gent112
Peard, Charles15
Pearson, Rev George147
Peeke, Richard MA140
Peele, George MA120, 184
Peirce, Rev Mr James99, 185
Peirce, Major86
Pellew, Eliza Harriet185
Pellew, Hen George DD195
Pellew, Pownoll Bastard Esq185
Pendarves, Mr44
Penneck, Rev John135
Penruddock, Colonel John88
Penson, Henry Esq185
Perceval, Hon Spencer56
Peters, Mr Hugh78-9
Philips, Mr126
Phillipps, Rev John11
Philpotts, Bishop Henry185
Pierce, Samuel Eyles185
Pindar, Peter Esq129, 204
Pitfield, Mr William185-6
Ploughshare, John129
Pole family50
Pole, Sir John William de la, Bt186
Pole, Sir William Kt134
Pole, Sir W T, Bt132
Pollard, Sir Hugh186
Pollard, Mr64
Polwhele, Digory51
Polwhele, Rev Richard5, 28, 167-8
Pope, Mr177, 202
Pope, Dr Walter FRS203
Porter, Henry Esq137
Potter, Barnaby194
Prance, Courtenay C46
Pratt, Josiah BD, FRS166
Preston, John138, 191, 202
Price, John180
Price, Joseph186
Price, Mrs Lucy142, 200
Price, Thomas143
Prichard, Mr99
Prideaux, Hon Edmund Esq77-8, 187
Prideaux, Bishop John187
Prince, Rev John MA58, 121, 134
Prior, Mr127
Prynne, Captain Thomas97
Pulman, G P R14
Putt, Raymundo Esq187
Putt, Sir Thomas Bt187
Pyke, Richard187
Pyke, William MA203
Pym, Captain Alexander65-6, 71
Pyne, Colonel75
Quicke, John39, 167
Radclyffe, Walter Esq187
Radnor, Letitia Isabella, Countess of167
Ralegh, Sir Walter111, 123, 165, 187-90
Ramshay, Edward136
Rattenbury, John190
Rawlings, Mr191
Raynton, Sir Robert64
Read, Mr Benjamin99
Redding, Cyrus130
Reece, Richard MD198
Reefe, Roger134
Rees, Mr3, 135
Reeve, Rev Joseph128
Rennie, Sir John FRS48-9
Reynel, Sir Carew Kt191
Reynel, Sir George Kt191
Reynel, Josaiah Esq191
Reynel, Richard Esq191
Reynel, Sir Thomas Kt191
Reynell, Edward Esq191
Reynell, Mrs Joanna124
Reynell, John Esq191
Reynell, Lady Lucie191
Reynell, Mrs Mary140
Reynell, Richard Esq13
Reynell, Mrs Susannah191
Reynolds, Mrs Jane124
Reynolds, Sir Joshua Kt, LLD, FRS, FSA10, 130, 191-2
Reynolds, Thomas135
Roberts, Henry Esq DD192
Richard II52
Richards, John196
Riollay, Francis115
Risdon, Tristram gent2-3, 5
Roberts, George118, 205
Roberts, Michael, STP125
Robinson, Arthur gent56
Rochester, Earl of88
Rodd, Richard45
Rogers, George Blaxland9
Rogers, Richard193
Rogers, Richard C104
Rolle, Denys Esq5, 27
Rolle, John Esq27
Rolle, Sir John KB193
Rolle, Lord7
Rolle, Mr89-90
Rolle, Hon Colonel Robert Esq193
Rolle, Sir Samuel Kt (also Mr)64, 66-7, 193
Romans, Richard King of the179
Rooker, Alfred46
Rooker, William174
Rouse, Anthony66
Row, Nicholas Esq193
Rowe, Mrs Elizabeth193
Rowe, Mr John193
Rowe, Joseph151, 181
Rowe, S, BA19
Rowe, Samuel AM19, 42, 48
Rundle, Thomas LLD194
Rupert, Prince63, 76, 83
Ruthen, Colonel William (Ruthyen)65-6
Rutter, Rev Mr John194
Sainthill, Edward Esq194
Sainthill, Fanny204
Sainthill, Richard12
Salisbury, Lord189
Salter, Anne135-6
Salter, Mary135-6
Sanderson, Dr Robert169
Sandford, Francis gent179-80
Sandys, Mrs Barbara194
Sanford, Ezekiel Esq141-2, 163, 166, 190, 198, 205
Sanford, John44-5
Sarum, Seth, Lord Bishop of179
Sauile, Henrie Esq154
Saunders, Dr John Cunningham115, 194
Savoie, Prince Eugene de176
Sawyer, W Esq132
Say & Seal, Viscount Lord87
Schomburgk, Sir Robert H188
Scipio, Seignior172
Scoble, Andrew R181
Score, Mr John194
Scrub, Timothy Esq141
Seaton, Lord194
Seley, Mr Jacob24
Sellon, Commander RN206
Sellon, Miss104-5, 206
Semor, Mr82
Seygar, Willyam61
Seymore, Sir Edward65, 194
Shakespeare, William191
Shapcote, Philip Esq151
Shapcott, Colonel194
Shapleigh, Counsellor185
Shapter, Thomas Esq, MD33, 116-7
Shebbeare, DR194
Shee, Martin Arthur, RA130
Shepherd, William Esq129, 141
Sherwill, Thomas195
Sherwin, Mrs181
Shirley, Benjamin189
Shore, Rev J, MA105
Short, J Esq4
Short, Samuel140
Shortt, W T P12, 32
Shower, Sir B24
Shower, Rev Mr John195
Sidmouth, Viscount195
Sidney, Rev Edwin AM202
Skinner, Antony97
Skinner, Thomas MD181
Skippon, Major General75
Slater, Mrs Mary195
Slater, Rev Mr Samuel195
Sleech, Archdeacon John186
Sloane, Sir Hans114
Sloeman, Jhon61
Smale, Thomas205
Smeaton, John FRS48
Smith, ___20
Smith, Edmund AM139
Smith, Humphry95
Smith, Dr James196
Smith, Rev J B132
Smith, Samuel MA54
Smith, Rev W G Parks102
Smith, Philip196
Smith, William196
Snell, Alderman25
Soltau, G W, Esq119
Somers, Nicholas196
Sommaster, Henry Esq196
Southcomb, Lewis151
Southcott, Joanna196-8
Southey, Robert Esq11, 146
Spark, T, DD94
Spencer, Lord164
Spicer family2
Sprat, Thomas DD198
Spratt, Lieutenant T A B, RN52
Spreat, W12
Spurrell, Rev James AM104-5, 206
Squire, Miss M C42
Stafford, Hugh Esq109, 198
Stafford, Roger Esq198
Stamford, Rt Hon the Earl of67-9
St Aubyn, Sir John Bt119
Stavely, Master George133
Steed, Mrs Frances198
Steed, Mrs Mary198
Stephens, Rev Lewis DD184, 199
Stephens, Mary184
Stirling, Rev D McNee11, 37, 50
St Loo, Captain George40
Stogdon, Rev Mr Hubert99, 199
Stokes, Henry Sewell131
Storer, J & HN29
Strangwidge, George120-2
Stanhope, Sir John189
Strode, Lady199
Strode, Richard40, 199
Strode, William Esq40
Strode, Sir William196, 199
Stucley, Sir Lewis Kt95, 188
Stukeley, Thomas120
Suffolk, Earl of189
Sweetland, John Esq199
Swete, Rev James3, 135
Tanner, Rev Henry199
Tanner, John Esq199
Taperell, N44
Tate, Mr126
Taunton, Henrietta200
Taunton, William Doidge200
Taylor, Ann200
Taylor, Catherine Birchall200
Taylor, George gent200
Taylor, Mr John3, 62
Templer, Rev John200
Terrell, James31
Theobald, Mr189
Thomas, ___45
Thomas, Rev C37
Thomas, Hannah16
Thompson, George66
Thompson, Jhon61
Thomson, Mrs A T190
Tindal, Dr Matthew LLD142, 200
Tindal, Mr Nicholas142
Tomlinson, F H34
Tong, Mr W195, 201
Tonkin, W H jnr, Esq130
Tooker, Joane184
Toplady, Rev Mr Augustus Montague, AB128-9, 200-1
Toulmin, Joshua DD41, 178, 182
Towgood, Rev Micaiah18, 201
Toye, Joseph T, MA33
Tozer, Rev W, MJS197
Tracy family (and arms)149
Tracy, John149
Tracy, Viscount149
Tregagle, John Esq201
Trelawney, Sir Harry Bt135
Tremayne, Arthur Esq201
Trembles, Mary15-6
Tremlett, Mr Richard185-6
Trevelyan, Sir George Bt201
Trevelyan, Dame Julia201
Treves, Gabriel183-4
Trevethick, William MA193
Tripe, Mr113
Tripp, George160
Trist, Miss E Ayshford167
Trist, Tryphena167
Trosse, Rev George127, 201-2
Truscott, Joshua46
Tucker, A G C119, 193
Tucker, Miss Mary Ann202
Tucker, W Esq199
Tucker, Rev William John130
Tuckfield, Joan31
Tuckfield, Roger Esq13
Turnbull, Joseph BA198
Turner, John194
Turton, W, MD117
Tutchin, John202
Tyrwhitt, Sir Thomas42
Tytler, P F Esq, FRS, FSA190
Underhyll, Thomas61
Upton, Mr Arthur202
Upton, Mistress Dorothy202
Upton, Mr John Esq202
Vancouver, Charles110
Vaughan, Charles161-2
Vaughan, Evan187
Vaughan, Captain Joseph70
Venner, Sir John64
Vernon, Thomas Esq20
Viccary, John202
Victoria, Queen32, 34, 45, 59, 132
Vivyan, Charles203
Vivyan, Mary203
Vowel, John alias Hooker gent (also Hoker)20-2, 25-6
Vowles, Rev William200
Vryer, Abraham de177
Wade, Sir William189
Wagstaffe, Sir Joseph88
Wales, HRH George Prince of164
Walker, Rev G125
Walker, Samuel BA202
Waller, Sir Hardress87
Waller, Lady Lucie191
Waller, Sir William191
Walrond, John99, 136
Walsh, John92
Walton, Isaac169-70
Warburton, Justice189
Ward, Bishop Seth203
Wardlaw, R DD166
Warren, Mistress Joan203
Warren, William70
Warwick, Robert Earl of69, 73-4
Watkins, John LLD16, 201
Watts, Nicholas51
Webb, Major General83
Webster, William MA181
Welche, Mr122
Welden, Colonel Ralph83, 86
Wells, Captain Fortescue182
Wentworth, Lord80
Wesley, Samuel MA126
West, Frances203
West, Mary203
Westcote, Thomas gent1
Westcott, John203
Weston, Robert Harcourt Esq48
Weston, Bishop Stephen25
Wharton, Lady Lucy182
Whear Degory172
Wheeler, Jonathan174
Whichcote, Sir Paul201
Whidbey, Mr Joseph48
Whinnel, T198
Whitaker, William171
Whitby, Daniel DD203
White, Andrew113
White, Captain82
White, M13
White, Mr203
Whitefoote, John MA165
Wichalse, Mary204
Wightwick, George45, 133
Wilberforce, Archdeacon103
Willcocks, Mary, alias Baker142
William III & Mary125
William IV31
Williams, Elizabeth204
Williams, Rev Sir Erasmus, Bt107
Williams, John gent204
Williams, Rev John DD167
Williams, T H6
Wilmot, Fanny204
Wilmot, Mr John Esq3, 65, 204-5
Winterbotham, W204
Wolcombe, Robert148
Wolcot, Dr129, 204
Wollocombe, Roger Esq198
Wolston, Agnes175
Wolton, Bishop22
Woodley, Rev G130
Woodley, Robert184
Woolcot, William130
Woollcombe, Dr3, 135
Woollcombe, Henry Esq42, 135
Woollcombe, Mr T44
Woolmer, Joseph204
Woolmer, Mr S28, 199
Woolton, John DD204
Wordsworth, Dr172
Worth, John Esq204
Worth, Simon Esq113
Wortley, Hon J Stuart181
Wotton, Hampden134
Wotton, Sir Henry169
Wotton, Lord189
Wray, Sir Charles64
Wreford, Mr Robert191
Wrey, Sir Bourchier Bt204-5
Writtle, Jo Petrei, Baronis de123
Wyatt, J117
Wyatt, Mary119
Yalden, Thomas DD205
Yard, Edward Esq194
Yeo, Admiral171
Yonge, Mary205
Yonge, Rev J110
Yonge, Sir Walter, MP35, 205
Yonge, William Esq205
York, Archbishop William of (Dawes)138-9
Zouch, Thomas MA170