Name Index


Some Recent Devonshire Literature

The Devonian Year Book, London: The Devonian Association, (1910) 144-146.


H. Tapley Soper

Prepared by Michael Steer

National pride in the industrial might of Britain and its growing Empire during the Victorian and Edwardian eras generated an increased public awareness of regional identity. Devon literature of that period became no longer just of interest to antiquarians or tourists. There was a growing market for it among Devonians, including those expatriates who formed Devonian associations in London and elsewhere. The London Devonian Association published a yearbook for many years. As a regular yearbook feature, H Tapley-Soper, Exeter's City Librarian, compiled a list of books that appeared in 1908-9 either about Devon, or books attributed to Devonshire authors. This index presents all the names in his 1910 list and as well includes those of the publishers and names that appear in some book titles. An original (print) copy of the year book is held at the University of Toronto Library and was produced from a digital copy that can be downloaded from: Google Books with a search by either author or title, and also from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Blackmore, R D 144
Blackwood printer 145
Blake, Martin BD 144
Bond, F Bligh 144
Brendon & Sons printer 145
Brittain, Charles E 144
Brixey, A 144
Brock, C E 144
Brushfield, T N 144
Buller, Sir Redvers 144
Burrow, E J printer 145
Butler, Lewis 144
Camm, Dom Bede 144
Cassell & Co 145
Chanter, J F 144
Chope, R Pearse 144
Claydon, A W 144
Commin, J G printer 144-6
Cresswell, Beatrix F 144
Crossing, W 144
Dodderidge family 144
Dodderidge, S E 144
Doone, Lorna 144
Fry, E A 144
Gibbings & Co 145
Gould, S Baring 144
Granville, Sir Richard 144
Granville, Roger 144-5
Gregory, Alfred T 145
Gregory & Son printer 145-6
Hooker 146
Hughes, A 145
Hussell, Allen T 145
Hutchinson printer 145
Jacson, M 145
Lane printer 144
Lord, Mrs F 145
Martin, E C 145
Mates printer  
Moody, A Penderel 145
Morgan, H J 145
Mugford, W E 145
Newbolt, Henry 145
Northcote, Lady Rosalind 145
Parry, H Lloyd 145
Phillimore printer 145
Phillimore, W P W 145
Pitman printer 144
Pollard & Co printer 145
Prickman, J D 145
Ralegh, Sir Walter 144-5
Salmon, Arthur L 145
Sampson Low printer 144-5
Shaddick H G Hastings 144-5
Simpkin Marshall 146
Smith Elder printer 144
Soper. H Tapley 145-6
Stabb, John 146
Townsend, G 146
Townsend & Sons printer 144
Wood, H W printer 144
Wreford, Reginald 146
Wright, W H K 146
Wheaton printer 146