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BICKLEIGH 1861 CENSUS RG9/1433, Enum. Distr. 20

Transcribed by Wayne Shepheard

RG9/1433 SRD: Plympton St. Mary; EDN 20; RSD: Plympton; NoE: Weeks
The whole of the Parish of Bickleigh Including Woolwell Darklake Bower Blackoven
Bickleigh Village Grenafin and such Part as is situated in the Village of Jump
No. of Schedule Road, Street, &c., and No. or Name of House Houses Name and Surname of each Person Relation to Head of Condition Age of Rank, Profession, or Occupation Where Born Whether Blind or Deaf and Dumb
Inhab. Uninhab. Male Female
1 1 Tavistock Road 1   George WALTERS Head Mar 52   Agricultural Laborer Coryton Devon  
          Maria WALTERS Wife Mar   68   Helly? Devon  
          Jane WALTERS Daur Un   25 Dressmaker Coryton Devon  
2 2 Tavistock Road 1   Thomas MONK Head Mar 38   Agricultural Laborer Tamerton Foliott Devon  
          Sarah MONK Wife Mar   37   Buckland Monachorum Devon  
          Jane A. MONK Daur     9 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Thomas R. MONK Son   6   Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Elizabeth MONK Daur     2   Bickleigh Devon  
3 3 Tavistock Road 1   Stephen FOWLER Head Mar 41   Agricultural Laborer Tamerton Foliott Devon  
          Mary FOWLER Wife Mar   37   Plympton St. Mary Devon  
          Camilla FOWLER Daur     13   St. Budeaux Devon  
          Amias FOWLER Son   9     Tamerton Foliott Devon  
          George H. FOWLER Son   6     Bickleigh Devon  
          Richard P. FOWLER Son   3     Bickleigh Devon  
          Ellen P. FOWLER Daur     1   Bickleigh Devon  
4 4 Tavistock Road 1   John ROWE Head Mar 58   Agricultural Laborer St. Stephens Cornwall  
          Mary ROWE Wife Mar   56   Beer Ferris Devon  
          Jane ROWE Daur Un   21 House Servant Bickleigh Devon  
          Richard ROWE Son   9     Bickleigh Devon  
5         William PETHYBRIDGE Head Mar 48   Agricultural Laborer Morton Hamstead Devon  
          Mary B. PETHYBRIDGE Wife Mar   33   Tavistock Devon  
          John PETHYBRIDGE Son   1     Bickleigh Devon  
          William COOK Son-in-law   8     Tavistock Devon  
  5 Tavistock Road   1                    
6 6 Tavistock Road 1   George ST. JOHN Head Mar 57   Laborer Charles Devon  
          Elizabeth ST. JOHN Wife Mar   49   Madeara British Subject  
          Elizabeth M. ST. JOHN Daur Un   19 Dressmaker Egg Buckland Devon  
          Emily ST. JOHN Daur     8 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Matilda ST. JOHN Daur     5 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Sarah J. ST. JOHN Daur     4 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          George ST. JOHN Son Un 26   Sailor St. Andrews Devon  
7 7 Tavistock Road 1   Thomas LILLICRAP Head Mar 40   Agricultural Laborer Shaugh Devon  
          Mary A. LILLICRAP Wife Mar   38   Shaugh Devon  
          Mary A. LILLICRAP Daur     9   Bickleigh Devon  
          William LILLICRAP Son   2     Bickleigh Devon  
8 8 Tavistock Road 1   John SYMONS Head Widr 68   Mason Buckland Monachorum Devon  
          Jane M. SYMONS Daur Un   29 Housekeeper Buckland Monachorum Devon  
9         Richard FOLLAND Head Mar 35   Tin Miner Bickleigh Devon  
          Ellen A. FOLLAND Wife Mar   25 Dressmaker Buckland Monachorum Devon  
10 9 Tavistock Road 1   Richard SLOGGETT Head Mar 45   Master Wheelwright employing 2 men & 1 boy St. Andrews Devon  
          Mary Ann SLOGGETT Wife Mar   40   Tavistock Devon  
          Richard SLOGGETT Son Un 17   Wheelwright Charles Devon  
          Mary A. P. SLOGGETT Daur Un   16   Charles Devon  
          Johannah SLOGGETT Daur     12 Scholar Charles Devon  
          Edward SLOGGETT Son   9   Scholar St. Andrews Devon  
          Elizabeth SLOGGETT Daur     4 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          William SLOGGETT Son   2     Bickleigh Devon  
          Ellen SLOGGETT Daur     2 mth   Bickleigh Devon  
          George LANG Serv Un 45   Wheelwright Wilcove Cornwall  
11 10 Tavistock Road 1   Henry DAVYS Head Mar 36   Agricultural Carter Bishop's Tawton Devon  
          Elizabeth DAVYS Wife Mar   29   Widdecombe Devon  
          Henrietta G. DAVYS Daur     9   Widdecombe Devon  
          John DAVYS Son   7     Lidford Devon  
          Frances DAVYS Daur     2   Bickleigh Devon  
          Elizabeth A. DAVYS Daur     7 mo   Bickleigh Devon  
12 11 Tavistock Road 1   William ROLSTONE Head Mar 43   Charcoal Manufacturer Bridford Devon  
          Sally G. ROLSTONE Wife Mar   42   Bickleigh Devon  
          Walter G. ROLSTONE Son   11   Charcoal Manufacturer Bickleigh Devon  
          Mary E. ROLSTONE Daur     8 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Adolphus H. ROLSTONE Son   6   Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Margret A. ROLSTONE Daur     4 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Sarah J. ROLSTONE Daur     1   Bickleigh Devon  
13 12 Tavistock Road 1   Walter WEEKS Head Mar 48   Innkeeper, Charcoal Manufacturer Lifton Devon  
          Mary WEEKS Wife Mar   50 Farmer 22 ac emp 1 man Wembury Devon  
          Frances WEEKS Daur Un   28   Bickleigh Devon  
          William R. WEEKS Son Un 23   Innkeeper's Son Bickleigh Devon  
          James FOSTER Serv Un 30   Agr Laborer Shaugh Devon Blind 6 years
          Charlotte LAVERS Serv Un   18 House Servant Shaugh Devon  
14 13 Tavistock Road 1   George BEER Lodger Un 22   Agr Laborer Teignmouth Devon  
15 14 Tavistock Road 1   William WESTLAKE Head Mar 51   Cordwainer Horrabridge Devon  
          Jane WESTLAKE Wife Mar   51   Plymouth Devon  
          Emma WESTLAKE Daur Un   26 Cordwainer's Daughter Beer Ferris Devon  
          Elizabeth J. WESTLAKE Daur Un   16 Cordwainer's Daughter Beer Ferris Devon  
16 15 Tavistock Road 1   Thomas ELFORD Head Mar 28   Wood Sawyer Bickleigh Devon  
          Ann ELFORD Wife Mar   23   Buckland Monachorum Devon  
          Keziah ELFORD Daur     2   Bickleigh Devon  
          Elizabeth A. ELFORD Daur     8 mo   Bickleigh Devon  
17         Edwin DAMERELL Head Mar 36   Railway Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
          Harriett DAMERELL Wife Mar   27   Buckland Monachorum Devon  
          Ellen DAMERELL Daur     3   Bickleigh Devon  
          Fanny DAMERELL Daur     1   Bickleigh Devon  
          Winnifred MILLS Molaw Wid   60   Walkhampton Devon  
18 16 Tavistock Road 1   Thomas CASOR Head Widr 64   Agr Laborer NK    
19 17 Tavistock Road 1   Humphrey JEFFERY Head Mar 47   Agr Laborer Dunterton Devon  
          Mary JEFFERY Wife Mar   40   Lifton Devon  
          William S. JEFFERY Son   15   Agr Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
          Mary A. JEFFERY Daur     11 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Thomas JEFFERY Son   8   Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          George JEFFERY Son   6   Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Selina JEFFERY Daur     4   Tamerton Foliet Devon  
20 18 Tavistock Road 1   Robert LETHBRIDGE Head Mar 46   Land Agent Clerk to Petty Sessions Buckland Monachorum Devon  
                      Clerk to Commisioner of Land Assesst.      
          Susan LETHBRIDGE Wife Mar   46 & Income Tax Walkhampton Devon  
          Robert J. LETHBRIDGE Son   15   Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Anne LETHBRIDGE Daur     10 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Helen LETHBRIDGE Daur     7 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          John LETHBRIDGE Son   4     Bickleigh Devon  
          Mahalah FOWLER Serv Un   16 House Servant Tamerton Foliet Devon  
21   Police Station 1   Philip NOTT Head Mar 30   Acting Sargent Devon Constabulary Rose Ash Devon  
          Elizabeth NOTT Wife Mar   32   Bishop Nympton Devon  
          Helena J. NOTT Daur     2   Dartmouth Devon  
          Sarah E. NOTT Daur     5 mo   Bickleigh Devon  
          Emma TREBLE Niece     10   Bishop Nympton Devon  
22         James PARSONS Head Mar 23   Police Constable Henford Devon  
          Thirza PARSONS Wife Mar   33   Aylsbear Devon  
23 19 Tavistock Road 1   John J. PARNALL Head Mar 41   Saddler   Cornwall  
          Susanna PARNALL Wife Mar   40     Devon  
          John M. PARNALL Son   3     Bickleigh Devon  
          John COLE Ap   15   Saddler Bickleigh Devon  
24   Lopes Arms 1   George MARK Head Mar 50   Innkeeper Clukenwell Middlesex  
          Eliza A. MARK Wife Mar   44   Stoke Damerell Devon  
          Annie L. MARK Daur Un   16   St. Andrews Devon  
          Alice MARK Grdaur     2 mo   Bickleigh Devon  
          Sarah HINGSTON Serv Un   24 House Servant Holberton Devon  
          John PALMER Serv Un 39   Ostler Milton Abbott Devon  
25 20 Tavistock Road 1   John BAILEY Head Mar 44   Copper & Tin Miner & Grocer Walkhampton Devon  
          Elizabeth BAILEY Wife Mar   43   Beer Ferris Devon  
          Mary J. BAILEY Daur Un   19   Bickleigh Devon  
26         Sarah LANE Widow Wid   70 Retired Innkeeper St. Germans Cornwall  
27 21 Tavistock Road 1   William KING Head Mar 52   Carpenter emp 1 man Buckland Monachorum Devon  
          Mary A. KING Wife Mar   48   Plymouth Devon  
          Thomas DOCKETT Ap Un 18   Carpenter Ashwater Devon  
          Esther WILLS Orphan     5   Truro Cornwall  
28 22 Tavistock Road 1   Ann GILES Head Un   82 Fundholder Walkhampton Devon  
          Jenny GILES Sister Un   72 Fundholder Walkhampton Devon  
          Mary ELFORD Serv Un   16 House Servant Buckland Monachorum Devon  
29   Roborough Mills 1   Thomas SPURRELL Head Mar 40   Miller emp 2 men 1 boy Walkhampton Devon  
          Ann V. SPURRELL Wife Mar   35   Bickleigh Devon  
          Emma SPURRELL Daur Un   16   Plymouth Devon  
          Amelia SPURRELL Daur Un   15   Plymouth Devon  
          Ann SPURRELL Daur Un   11   Bickleigh Devon  
          James HARDING Ap Un 16   Miller Apprentice Exeter Devon  
30   Leigh House 1   Thomas MATTERS Head Mar 36   Farmer 360 ac emp 4 men 1 boy Okehampton Devon  
          Mary A. MATTERS Wife Mar   32   South Tawton Devon  
          John MATTERS Son   4     Samford Courtenay Devon  
          Thomas MATTERS Son   4     Samford Courtenay Devon  
          Betsy SNELL Serv Un   15 House Servant South Tawton Devon  
          George SNELL Serv Un 21   Agr Laborer South Tawton Devon  
          George TOZER Serv Un 21   Agr Laborer Broadhempstone Devon  
          John ROWE Serv   13   Agr Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
31   Higher Frogonne 1   William HODGE Head Mar 42   Carter Okehampton Devon  
          Mary HODGE Wife Mar   39   North Tawton Devon  
          Susannah HODGE Daur     13 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Mary A. HODGE Daur     8 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          John HODGE Son   6   Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Emma HODGE Daur     3   Bickleigh Devon  
          Louisa HODGE Daur     2 mo   Bickleigh Devon  
32         Edmund DAMERELL Lodger Un 43   Mason Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
33   Higher Coombe Park 1   John SYMONS Head Mar 40   Mason Buckland Monachorum Devon  
          Mary SYMONS Wife Mar   38   Chagford Devon  
          Damaris A. SYMONS Daur     15   Bickleigh Devon  
          Jospeh SYMONS Son   13   Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          James E. SYMONS Son   7   Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          George SYMONS Son   4     Bickleigh Devon  
          Selina SYMONS Daur     2   Bickleigh Devon  
34   Lower Upperton 1   John KING Head Mar 30   Farmer 81 ac emp 1 man 1 boy Walkhamptom Devon  
          Thirza KING Wife Mar   26   Walkhampton Devon  
          Samuel H. KING Son   2 mo     Bickleigh Devon  
          Ann CREBER Serv     14 House Servant Walkhampton Devon  
          Henry E. FINEMORE Serv Un 16   Carter Egg Buckland Devon  
35   Higher Upperton 1   William WESTLAKE Head Mar 75   Farmer 50 ac em 1 boy Poundstock Cornwall  
          Margrett WESTLAKE Wife Mar   63     Wales  
          William WESTLAKE Son Un 30     Egg Buckland Devon  
          Sarah WESTLAKE Daur Un   29   Egg Buckland Devon  
          William COLE Serv   12   Agr Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
36   Lee Ford 1   William DAW Head Mar 67   Farmer 52 ac Thrushelton Devon  
          Elizabeth DAW Wife Mar   55   Bickleigh Devon  
          William H. DAW Son Un 23   Farmer's Son Bickleigh Devon  
          Samuel DAW Son Un 21   Farmer's Son Bickleigh Devon  
          Richard DAW Son Un 19   Farmer's Son Bickleigh Devon  
37     1   William J. RICH Head Un 28   Farmer of 72 ac emp 1 Lab & 1 boy Okehampton Devon  
          Elizabeth RICH Mother Wid   60 Housekeeper Idesleigh Devon  
          Samuel RICH Brother Un 25   Shepherd Okehampton Devon  
          Samuel RICH Nephew Un 5   Scholar Okehampton Devon  
          John PHILLIPS Serv Un 18   Carter Okehampton Devon  
38   Willake 1   George HAMLYN Head Mar 39   Farmer 70 ac emp 1 man Widdecombe Devon  
          Mary HAMLYN Wife Mar   32   Chagford Devon  
          Samuel HAMLYN Son   8   Scholar Walkhampton Devon  
          Richard HAMLYN Son   6   Scholar Walkhampton Devon  
          George HAMLYN Son   4   Scholar Walkhampton Devon  
          Emmaline HAMLYN Daur     1   Bickleigh Devon  
          Ellen ATWILL Serv Un   15 House Servant Shaugh Devon  
          Walter PALMER Serv Un 34   Carter Plympton St. Mary Devon  
39   Shaugh Bridge 1   Mary WALL Head Wid   72 Agr Laborer South Sydenham Devon  
          George WALL Son Un 27   Agr Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
40         Robert HARCOURT Head Mar 47   Agr Laborer North Broome Somerset  
          Philippa HARCOURT Wife Mar   48   St. Germans? Cornwall  
41   Hampool Cottage 1   Richard FERRIS Head Mar 26   Agr Laborer Revelstoke Devon  
          Susan FERRIS Wife Mar   20   Egg Buckland Devon  
          Elizabeth FERRIS Daur     1   Bickleigh Devon  
42   Hampool Cottage 1   William FOLLAND Head Mar 69   Carpenter Shaugh Devon  
          Agnes FOLLAND Wife Mar   77   Crewkerne Somerset  
43         John FERRIS Lodger Widr 56   Agr Laborer Totnes Devon  
44   Hampool Cottage 1   Robert ELFORD Head Mar 63   Farmer 5 ac Buckland Monachorum Devon  
          Mary ELFORD Wife Mar   58   Peter Tavy Devon  
          Mary J. ELFORD Grdaur     7 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
45   Hain Cottage 1   William ALDIN Head Mar 37   Agr Carter South Tawton Devon  
          Elizabeth ALDIN Wife Mar   28   Dolton Devon  
          John ALDIN Son   9 mo     Bickleigh Devon  
          Jane ALDIN Mother Widow   62 Agr Laborer South Tawton Devon  
          William ALDIN Nephew   8   Scholar South Tawton Devon  
46     1   William NORRISH Head Mar 35   Agr Laborer Woodbury Devon  
          Harriett NORRISH Wife Mar   32   Coryton Rawleigh Devon  
          Edward NORRISH Son   12   Agr Laborer Exmouth Devon  
          Jeptha NORRISH Son   4     Exmouth Devon  
          Louisa NORRISH Daur     1   Exmouth Devon  
49   Hele Barton 1   John D. PRATT Head Mar 37   Farmer 452 ac emp 10 lab & 2 boys Yalaton Ottery Devon  
          Edith PRATT Wife Mar   27   Bath Somerset  
          John A. PRATT Son   6     Exmouth Devon  
          William C. PRATT Son   4     Exmouth Devon  
          Francis D. PRATT Son   2     Exmouth Devon  
          Robert J. PRATT Son   1     Exmouth Devon  
          Diana HUTCHENSON Visitor Un   22   Bath Somerset  
          Annie HUTCHENSON Visitor Un   19   Bath Somerset  
          Francis TILT Boarder Un 16   Farmer's Pupil Colyton Rawleigh Devon  
          Annie GLANVILLE Serv Un   17 House Servant Buckland Monachorum Devon  
          Elizabeth SERUCH Serv Un   15 Nursery Maid Meavy Devon  
          Henry AUSTEN Serv Un 15   Carter Meavy Devon  
          Robert CURRELL Serv Mar 55   Herdsman Buckland Monachorum Devon  
          Grace CURRELL Serv Mar   61 Herdsman's Wife Buckland Monachorum Devon  
          Thomas BUDELL Serv Un 30   Shepherd Woodleigh Devon  
50   Coombe Farm 1   John BEER Head Mar 65   Farmer 160 ac emp 1 lab & 3 boys Brixham Devon  
          Jane BEER Wife Mar   74   Dodbrook Devon  
          Henry J. BEER Son Un 32   Farmer's Son Holberton Devon  
          Frederick BEER Son Mar 30   Farmer's Son Holberton Devon  
          Susan BEER Daulaw Mar   23   Slapton Devon  
          Matilda PHILLIPS Serv Un   23 House Servant Plymouth Devon  
          Henry GULLY Serv Un 16   Carter Bickleigh Devon  
          Samuel WALL Serv Un 11   Agr Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
          Charles WALL Serv Un 11   Agr Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
51   Coombe Cottage 1   William WALL Head Widr 43   Agr Laborer Egg Buckland Devon  
          Mary A. WALL Daur Un   21 Housekeeper Bickleigh Devon  
          Henry WALL Son   7   Scholar Shaugh Devon  
          Elizabeth WALL Darr     4 Scholar Shaugh Devon  
52 8 Bickleigh Cottage 1   Walter K. GRAY Lodger Widr 71   Agr Laborer Shaugh Devon  
53         John MOUL Head Mar 28   Mason Milton Abbott Devon  
          Emma E. MOUL Wife Mar   30   Bickleigh Devon  
          John A. MOUL Son   4   Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Walter R. MOUL Son   2     Bickleigh Devon  
          Alfred H. MOUL Son   1     Bickleigh Devon  
54 7 Bickleigh Cottage 1   John COLE Head Mar 43   Agr Laborer Grocer Christow Devon  
          Elizabeth COLE Wife Mar   32   Calstock Cornwall  
          Georgiana WHITE Daulaw     11 Scholar Plymouth Devon  
          Ellen COLE Daur     8 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Arthur S. COLE Son   2 mo     Bickleigh Devon  
55 6 Bickleigh Cottage 1   William CARTER Head Mar 44   Gardener Aubourne Wilts  
          Mary CARTER Wife Mar   42   Cullumpton Devon  
          Fanny WESTLAKE Niece Un   23   Bristol Somerset  
56 5 Bickleigh Cottage 1   William MANN Head Mar 42   Railway Station Master Ashburton Devon  
          Mary MANN Wife Mar   42   Stokingham Devon  
          Mary MANN Daur     12   Ashburton Devon  
          Emma MANN Daur     7   Ashburton Devon  
          William MANN Son   5     Darlington Devon  
          Jessie MANN Daur     2   Totnes Devon  
57         Samuel NORMAN Lodger Un 50   Agr Laborer Lenty Devon  
58   Maristowe Inn 1   Thomas AVERY Head Mar 45   Farmer 60 ac, Innkeeper Maker Cornwall  
          Jane S. AVERY Wife Mar   44   Stonehouse Devon  
          Thomas A. AVERY Son   11   Scholar Maker Cornwall  
          John J. AVERY Son   9   Scholar Maker Cornwall  
          Elizabeth AVERY Daur     5 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Frances AVERY Daur     3 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          William H. AVERY Son   1     Bickleigh Devon  
          George F. CURTIS Stpson Un 19   Farmer's Stepson   Scotland  
          Mary J. EDEN Serv Un   16 House Servant Lydford Devon  
59   Old Alms House 1   Robert HORNE Head Mar 21   Stone Quarry Worker Exbourne Devon  
          Harriett HORNE Wife Mar   21   South Tawton Devon  
60         James HORNE Head Mar 27   Agr Carter Exbourne Devon  
          Eliza HORNE Wife Mar   27   South Tawton Devon  
          George A. HORNE Son   3     South Tawton Devon  
          Harriett HORNE Daur     1   Exbourne Devon  
61   Old Alms House 1   Ann LITTLEJOHNS Head Un   75 Needle Woman Bickleigh Devon  
62 4 Bickleigh Cottage 1   James POLK Head Mar 24   Agr Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
          Mary POLK Wife Mar   28   Meavy Devon  
          Mary J. POLK Daur     6 mo   Bickleigh Devon  
63 3 Bickleigh Cottage 1   Caroline PEEK Wife Mar   39 Dress Maker Langton Devon  
          Adelaide PEEK Daur     11   Bickleigh Devon  
          Helen PEEK Daur     9   Bickleigh Devon  
          Emily PEEK Daur     7   Bickleigh Devon  
          Thomas PEEK Son   3     Bickleigh Devon  
          William PEEK Visitor Mar 61   Agr Laborer Meavy Devon  
          Elizabeth PEEK Visitor Mar   64   St. Agness Cornwall  
64 2 Bickleigh Cottage 1   James B. HALLS Head Mar 40   Agr Laborer Ashburton Devon  
          Jane HALLS Wife Mar   33   Bickleigh Devon  
          Sarah J. HALLS Daur Un   14 Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          Frederick HALLS Son   4     Bickleigh Devon  
          William G. HALLS Son   1     Bickleigh Devon  
          Emma M. HALLS Daur     2 mo   Bickleigh Devon  
          Thomas CANTER Boarder Un 47   Agr Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
          Charles LAMBDON Boarder Un 25   Ag Hurdle Maker Overtown Hampshire  
65 1 Bickleigh Cottage 1   Lydia POLK Head Widow   59 Butt Woman Bickleigh Church Bickleigh Devon  
          Ann POLK Grdaur     4   Yealmpton Devon  
66 9 Bickleigh Cottage 1   James PENGELLY Head Mar 56   Carpenter Bickleigh Devon  
          Jane PENGELLY Wife Mar   54   Meavy Devon  
          Emma PENGELLY Daur Un   20   Bickleigh Devon  
          Margret PENGELLY Daur Un   27   Bickleigh Devon  
          William H. PENGELLY Grson   2     Bickleigh Devon  
67   School House 1   Samuel J. COX Head Mar 24   National School Master Abbotsbury Devon  
          Louisa COX Wife Mar   25 School Mistress Portsea Hampshire  
          Harry COX Son   3     Stokesay Shropshire  
          Louisa E. COX Daur     4 mo   Tranmere Cheshire  
68   Hatshill Farm 1   James B. KING Head Mar 39   Farmer 92 ac emp 2 men & 1 boy Walkhampton Devon  
          Emlin KING Wife Mar   38   Walkhampton Devon  
          Elizabeth KING Daur     8 Scholar Walkhampton Devon  
          Walter KING Son   6   Scholar Bickleigh Devon  
          James KING Son   3     Bickleigh Devon  
          Emlin S. KING Daur     1   Bickleigh Devon  
          Henry PEARSE Brolaw Un 40   Retired Farmer Walkhampton Devon  
          John C. PEARSE Brolaw Un 36   Retired Farmer Walkhampton Devon  
          Maria L. GRIGG Serv Un   15 House Servant Shaugh Devon  
          William SQUIRES Serv Un 14   Carter Hatherleigh Devon  
69   Railway Hut 1   John ELFORD Head Mar 32   Railway Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
          Emma ELFORD Wife Mar   24   Egg Buckland Devon  
          John ELFORD Son   2     Bickleigh Devon  
70   Railway Hut 1   William BRAY Head Mar 35   Railway Laborer Coombeinteignhead Devon  
          Elizabeth BRAY Wife Mar   30   Widdecombe Devon  
          Mary A. BRAY Daur     9 Scholar Coombeinteignhead Devon  
          Elizabeth BRAY Daur     6 Scholar Coombeinteignhead Devon  
          Emlyn BRAY Daur     3   Kingskerswell Devon  
          William H, BRAY Son   1     Kingskerswell Devon  
71   Railway Hut 1   John HOBBS Head Mar 52   Railway Plate Layer Arnold Nottingham  
          Sophia HOBBS Wife Mar   47   Canterbury Kent  
          Emma HOBBS Daur     9   Lillehampton Devon  
72   Darklake Farm 1   John E. WOTTON Head Mar 48   Farmer 160 ac emp 2 Lab & 1 Boy Ermington Devon  
          Rachell WOTTON Wife Mar   50   Plymstock Devon  
          William J. WOTTON Son   7   Scholar Plymstock Devon  
          Jane SYMONS Serv Un   18 House Servant Egg Buckland Devon  
          Elizabeth STADDON Serv Un   11 House Servant Plymstock Devon  
          William BAKER Serv Un 48   Agricultural Servant Plymstock Devon  
          William NICOLLS Serv Un 14   Agricultural Servant Shaugh Devon  
73   Woolwell Farm 1   John HEX Head Mar 54   Horse Dealer & Farmer 211 ac emp 6 Lab Chudleigh Devon  
          Mary HEX Wife Mar   46   Martock Somerset  
          Henry HEX Son Un 16     Devonport Devon  
74 5 Bickleigh Bounds 1   Mary ROBINS Head Un   61 Retired House Servant Holdsworthy Devon  
75 4 Bickleigh Bounds 1   William AVERY Head Mar 73   Agricultural Laborer Plymstock Devon  
          Ann AVERY Wife Mar   70   N.K.    
76 3 Bickleigh Bounds 1   Joseph BAILEY Head Mar 60   Butcher Selby Leicester  
          Mary A. BAILEY Wife Mar   49   Newbury Berkshire  
          Edward BAILEY Son   13     Birmingham Warwick  
          John BAILEY Son   11     London Middlesex  
          William BAILEY Son   9     Plymstock Devon  
77 2 Bickleigh Bounds 1   Henry BANCE Head Mar 55   Road Contractor Dean Gate Hampshire  
          Mary BANCE Wife Mar   50   Picworthy Devon  
          William BANCE Son Un 20   Agricultural Carter Egg Buckland Devon  
          Henry BANCE Son Un 18   Agricultural Laborer Egg Buckland Devon  
          Mary BANCE Daur Un   16   Egg Buckland Devon  
          Emma BANCE Daur     12 Scholar Egg Buckland Devon  
          Ellen BANCE Daur     10 Scholar Egg Buckland Devon  
          Charles BANCE Son   6   Scholar Egg Buckland Devon  
78 1 Bickleigh Bounds 1   Cornelius COLMOR Head Mar 63   Agricultural Laborer Egg Buckland Devon  
          Jane COLMOR Wife Mar   63   Stoke Damerell Devon  
          William BALBY Boarder Un 26   Agricultural Laborer Danbury Devon  
79     1   James TREWIN Head Mar 65   Road Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
          Mary TREWIN Wife Mar   68   Shebbear Devon  
          James TREWIN Son Un 23   Agricultural Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
          Mary A. TREWIN Grdaur     9   Bickleigh Devon  
          John TREWIN Grson   7     Bickleigh Devon  
80     1   Joseph HAMBLY Head Mar 38   Blacksmith emp 1 Man & 1 Boy Beer Ferres Devon  
          Mary HAMBLY Wife Mar   35   Bickleigh Devon  
          Frances E. HAMBLY Daur     12   Bickleigh Devon  
          Charles H. HAMBLY Son   3     Bickleigh Devon  
          George BALL Ap Un 15   Blacksmith Apprentice Plymstock Devon  
81 1 Blackoven Cottages 1   John CANTER Head Mar 39   Laborer Bickleigh Devon  
          Sarah CANTER Wife Mar   32   Meavy Devon  
          Sarah CANTER Daur     7   Bickleigh Devon  
          Richard CANTER Son   6     Bickleigh Devon  
          Joseph CANTER Son   4     Bickleigh Devon  
          Ann CANTER Daur     3   Bickleigh Devon  
          Thomas CANTER Son   7 mo     Bickleigh Devon  
          Elizabeth CANTER Mother Widow   78   N. K. Devon  
82 2 Blackoven Cottages 1   George WALL Head Mar 83   Agricultural Laborer Egg Buckland Devon  
          Ann WALL Wife Mar   71   Meavy Devon  
83 3 Blackoven Cottages 1   Richard MOLE Head Mar 53   Agricultural Laborer Lamerton Devon  
          Elizabeth MOLE Wife Mar   67   Lifton Devon  
          Ann MOLE Daur Un   32 Dress Maker Milton Abbott Devon  
          Noah MOLE Son Un 20   Mason Milton Abbott Devon  
          Ellen MOLE Daur Un   17   Marystowe Devon  
84   Vicarage House 1   Joseph D. CORK Head Mar 49   Vicar of Bickleigh Chelsea Middlesex  
          Emma CORK Wife Mar   56   Stoke Damerell Devon  
          Elizabeth TURPIN Serv Un   42 Cook Stoke Damerell Devon  
          Charity HEAS Serv Un   39 House Keeper Stoke Damerell Devon  
          Caroline HEAS Serv Un   35 Parlour Maid Stoke Damerell Devon  
          Mary A. HEAS Serv Un   37 House Maid Stoke Damerell Devon  
          William VANSTONE Serv Un 18   Stable Boy Bickleigh Devon  
85   Bickleigh Bridge Cottage 1   William BROWNE Head Mar 38   Gamekeeper Falmer Sussex  
          Ann BROWNE Wife Mar   40   Hadlow Kent  
          Ann BROWNE Daur     10 Scholar Tamerton Foliet Devon  
          William BROWNE Son   8   Scholar Tamerton Foliet Devon  
          Caroline BROWNE Daur     6 Scholar Tamerton Foliet Devon  
          Lucy BROWNE Daur     4 Scholar Tamerton Foliet Devon  
          Thomas BROWNE Son   2     Bickleigh Devon  
          William COLE Nephew Un 17   Railway Laborer Hadlow Kent  
86   Lower Leigh 1   John HAM Head Mar 44   Agricultural Laborer Marystowe Devon  
          Susan HAM Wife Mar   39   Marystowe Devon  
87         Richard HAM Head Mar 47   Shepherd Stowford Devon  
          Maria HAM Wife Mar   54   Virginstow Devon  
          Henry NORTHCOTT Sonlaw Un 28   Cordwainer Broadwoodwidger Devon  
          Emma NICOLLS Visitor     7   Devonport Devon  
88   Tamerton Road Cottage 1   John FRENCH Head Mar 30   Granite Quarry Laborer Widdecombe Devon  
          Essleney FRENCH Wife Mar   27   Manaton Devon  
          Mary G. FRENCH Daur     10   Lidford Devon  
89 11 Tavistock Road     George CHAPPLE Lodger Un 44   Agricultural Laborer Tamerton Foliet Devon  
          Richard BENNETT Lodger Un 40   Miller's Carter Holcombe Rogus Devon