The Slannings of Leye, Bickleigh, and Maristow

Trans. Devon Assoc. vol. 19 (1887), pp. 451-466.


W. Jones

Prepared by Michael Steer

The paper, read at the Association's 1887 Plympton meeting preceded the author's paper on the Slanning family delivered at its 1888 Exeter meeting. The family is first documented in 1538 and spanned nine generations until extinction of the male line in 1700. It was granted or acquired land in Bickleigh, Walkhampton, Maybury, and Roborough, all near Plymouth. Its most famous member was Sir Nicholas Slanning (1606-1643) a soldier and politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1640 to 1642. He was a Royalist army officer active in the West of England, during the English Civil War. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Allez, Daniel456
Amadas, William453
Arundell family460
Arundell, Gertrude462
Arundell, John461
Arundell, John jnr461
Arundell, Richard, Lord461-3
Bagge, George462
Bagge, Gertrude459
Bagge, Sir James459
Bellamy, Mr J C451, 457
Bertie, Albemarle Esq465
Bertie, Emma465
Blathwaite, Secretary463
Bray, Mrs451
Brooking Rowe, Mr J451, 456, 459, 463, 465
Burke451, 464
Butler, Anthony452
Calmady, Josiah Esq464
Carteret, Ann463
Carteret, Sir George, Knt463
Champernown, Anthony453
Champernown arms458
Champernown family453
Champernown, Henry455
Champernown, Margaret455
Champernown, Philip453
Charles I459-60, 466
Clarendon, Lord461-2, 465
Colby, Dr451
Coplestone, John459
Coplestone, Philippa459
Coppard, Rev W J457
Cotton, Mr R H460
Courtenay, Bridget456
Courtenay family456
Courtenay, Sir William456
Cruwys arms458
Cruwys, Jane455
Cruwys, William455
Crymes, Richard463
Cuff, Henry453
Davidson, Mr James456, 463
Davie, Lady Anne463
Davie, Sir John, Bt.463-4
Dean arms466
Dean, John464
Dean, Madame Mary464, 466
Dymond, Mr Robert455
Elizabeth I453-6
Essex, Earl of460
Fitz, Bridget456
Fitz, Sir John455-7
Fitz, Mary456
Fortescue, Sir Edmund463
Godolphin family460
Godolphin, Sydney461
Grenville, Sir Bevil460-1
Grenville, Sir Richard456
Halliwell, Mr J O456-7
Heath, Margaret454-5
Hele, Ann463
Hele, Elizabeth464
Hele, Thomas463
Hele, Walter Esq463-4
Henley, Sir Andrew463
Henley, Mary463
Henry VIII452
Heywood, Emma465
Heywood, Frances465
Heywood, Grace464-5
Heywood, James466
Heywood, James Modyford Esq465, 466
Heywood, Maria Henrietta465
Heywood, Peter464
Heywood, Sophia Catherine465
Hopton, Sir Ralph460
Horstons arms458
Horstons, Joan455
Horstons, William455
Howard, Lady456
Hunter, Frances465
Hunter, Thomas Orby Esq465
Hyde, Sir Edward461
Iddesleigh, Earl of463
James I456
James II463
Jenkyn, James Esq463
Jenkyn, Mary463
Kempe, Mr A J, FSA451, 457, 462
Lopes, Manasseh Masseh Esq465
Lopes, Sir Masseh465
Lysons451, 453
Marler, Agnes454, 459
Marler, Edward454, 459
Marler, Margaret459
Maynard arms458
Maynard, Elizabeth453, 455
Maynard, Lord458
Metcalfe, W C456, 460
Merivale, Mr John H460
Modyford arms466
Modyford, Dame Elizabeth464, 466
Modyford, Grace464
Modyford, Sir James, Bt464, 466
Modyford, John464
Modyford, Mary464
Modyford, Sir Thomas Bt464
Molesworth, Sir John464
Molesworth, Margaret464
Montolieu, Lewis Esq465
Montolieu, Maria Henrietta465
Musters, John Esq465
Musters, Mr John Chaworth462
Musters, Sophia Catherine465
Neve, Peter le464
Nichols, J G464
Oliver, Dr451-2
Oliver, Captain S P460
Orange, William Prince of463
Parker, Amy463-4
Parker, Edmund463
Prince, John451, 456-9, 461, 465
Quicke, John Esq464
Risdon, Tristram458
Rupert, Prince461
Scobell, Rev G R462
Slanning, Agnes453-4, 459
Slanning, Amy463-4
Slanning, Sir Andrew464
Slanning, Ann463
Slanning arms457, 459, 466
Slanning, Elizabeth453, 455-6, 459, 464
Slanning familythroughout
Slanning, Gamaliel Esq456, 459
Slanning, Gertrude459, 462
Slanning, Grace466
Slanning, Jane455, 459
Slanning, Joan455
Slanning, John the elder453, 455, 466
Slanning, John Esq (1)452-5, 458-9
Slanning, Margaret453-5, 459, 464
Slanning, Mary453, 455, 463
Slanning, Nichola455
Slanning, Nicholas (1)452-5, 457, 466
Slanning, Sir Nicholas MP (2)451, 454-62, 466
Slanning, Sir Nicholas, KB (3)456, 459, 462-3, 466
Slanning, Philippa459
Slanning, William453-5
Stafford, Amy463
Stafford, Hugh Esq463
Sutherland, Alexander Hendras462
Treby, Jane459
Trevanion, Colonel John460-1
Waller, Sir William460
Warburton, Eliot461
Wilmot, Lord460
Wood, Mr457
Woollcombe, Agnes459
Woolcombe arms459
Woollcombe, William459