The surprising adventures of Bampfylde Moore Carew: King of the Beggers


Tiverton: Printed by W. Salter. Sold by Crosbys & Co. London and the Booksellers in Exeter, Taunton, Sherborne, Frome, Salisbury, Plymouth & Dock, (1812) 255 pp., illus.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Bampfylde Moore Carew (1693-1759) was an English rogue, vagabond and impostor, who claimed to be King of the Beggars. He was the son of Reverend Theodore Carew, rector of Bickleigh. The Carews were a well-established Devonshire family. Although they had a reputation for adventurousness, Bampfylde Moore Carew took this to extremes, if his picaresque memoirs are to be believed. He became a gipsy and was elected their king, was transported to Maryland but escaped back to England, followed Prince Charles Edward's army to Derby in 1745, and eventually settled down at Bickleigh where he died in 1758. This book, held in the Bodleian Library Collection was produced from a digital copy that can be downloaded from https://books.google.co.uk/books, with a search by either author or title. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Ackland, Squire183-4
Anderson, Captain89
Anderson, Mr138
Andrews, Dr150
Andrews, Joseph88
Anne, Queen112, 120, 224
Annesley, Lord177, 179
Argall, Captain111-2
Arundel, Anne88
Arundel, Lord51
Ashcraft, Mr86
Atkins, Curate241
Ball, Captain228
Ball, Dr173
Ball, Samuel125
Baltimore, Lord97
Bampfylde, Mr Copplestone173, 191
Bampfylde, Hugh Esq3-4, 49
Bampfylde, Mr John149
Barber, Squire194
Beavis, Justice81
Beer, Parson173
Bell, Squire153
Benett, Mr214
Bengy, Madam75
Birt, Rev Mr235
Blagdon, Squire193
Bluet, Squire149
Blundel, Squire149
Bolingbroke, Lord183-4
Bolton, Duke of50-2
Boobry, Sir Edward194
Boon, George136
Boswell, Rev Mr149
Bouverie, Sir Edward51
Bower, Parson242
Bredaw, Dr203
Broadrip, Colonel74
Brown, Colonel74, 88, 193
Brown, Justice89
Brown, Madam75
Bruce, Sir William247
Bryant, Rev Mr40-2
Buck, Mr91
Buckstone, Mr190-1
Burd, George91, 164
Cabot, Sebastian26
Calvert, Mr97-100
Cann, Justice147
Carew family1, 3, 49
Carew, Sir Coventry157
Carew, Mr Henry157
Carew, Mr Theodore3-4
Carew, Sir Thomas155, 173, 232
Carter, Mr191
Cary, Squire188-9, 191
Charles II41, 246-7
Clifford, Lord155, 231
Cock, Aaron75-6, 78
Coleman, Thomas6-7, 20, 198, 204-5, 255
Collins, Governor75
Cooke, Mr234
Courtney, Sir William (Courtenay)51-3, 94, 151, 153, 181
Courtenay, Mr Henry152
Crab, Mr177
Cromwell, Oliver246
Cumberland, Duke of247
Dale, Thomas111-2
Davey, Merchant151, 230
Davis, Captain134
Dawkins, John134
Day, Sir Matthew181-2
Delany, Mr213
Dickenson, Rev Mr235
Dilworth, Mr4
Dipford, Dr151
Drake, Captain77-8
Dubois, Captain132-3
Duke, Mr193
Dyche, Mr4
Dyke, Edward Esq173
Eastchurch, Mr188
Elton, Captain75
Elworth, John125
Escott, John6-7, 25
Falford, Squire74
Farewell, Justice74
Fergus I (Scotland)247
Finnimore, Kitty230
Fleet, Captain Henry97
Frame, Captain133-4
Froade, Captain83, 94-5, 151-2, 214
Fursdon, Mr150
Galloway, Captain75
Garrick, Mr21
George I120-1, 145, 248
Gidley, Mr222
Giles, Captain Thomas204
Goodyre, Captain141
Goyf, Mr221
Gray, Mr31, 35
Griffin, Captain71
Griffy, Parson85, 135, 175, 237
Grosse, Justice149
Groves, Squire194, 235
Hadlam, Susky95
Hambleton, Mr86
Hamilton, Duke of247
Harrison213-5, 230
Harvey, Captain164
Harvey, Sir John100
Hawkers, Miss238, 240
Helliar, Squire242
Henapin, Pre108
Henry VII26
Hervey, Captain91-2, 96
Hildyard, Dr149
Hobbes, Thomas195-7
Hogarth, Mr43, 88
Holmes, Landlord182, 184
Holtsworth, Captain26
Hopkins, Captain91, 96, 164
Horner, Mrs207-8
Hosier, Admiral199
Huxter, Mr David86
Incledon, Mr Robert79
Jackson, Mr153
James I112, 114
James V247
Jones, Mr, of Ashton45
Jones, Thomas154, 171, 185
Jordan, Mr193
Keat, Mr235
Kenny, Captain91
Ker, Lord Mark180
Kilshaw, Mr231
Land, Mr150
Larky, Betty135, 237, 240
Leithbridge, Justice79-80
Liddon, Farmer165-6
Liddon, Joan166, 169-70
Lidiate, Merchant146
Lillycraft, George (King)120-1
Lingworthy, Mr Southeon222
Lot, Captain John176
Lucas, Mr139
Lush, Captain139
Mallock, Squire188
Mansell, Captain176
Marks, Parson238
Martin, John6-7
Martin, Mr223
Matthews, Captain127
Matthews, Mr137, 139, 221
Mean, Mr151
Medlycott, Thomas, Esq243
Minifee, Rev Mr149
Mitchel, Colonel74
Mohun, Madam72
Moore, John124, 253
Moore, Major3, 49
More, Mr149, 185
Morgan, Sir John237
Morrice, Mrs168
Morrice, Squire232-4
Morrice, Sir William232
Morris, Captain78
Musgrove, Madam13
Neil, Justice156
Newman, Captain75
Newt, Rev Mr149
Nicholas, Mr138
Nicholas, Parson85
Northcote, Sir Henry150
Nutcombe, Colonel7
O'Brien, Mr178, 199
Osburn, Mr54
Oxenham, Mr154
Passmore, Mother228
Passmore, William155
Patch, Claus54
Penn, Proprietor133
Perkins, Mr222
Philips, Madam242
Philips, Mr173
Pike, Mr John238-40
Pike, Roger238-40
Pindar, Peter1
Playdell, Mr41-3
Pocahonta105, 111-4
Poole, Dr186
Pore, Patrick75
Portman, Squire40-1
Powhatan105, 111-2
Price, Mr179
Proctor, Justice Thomas, Esq241, 244
Ratcliffe, Mrs231
Rayner, Mr7
Read, Captain134-5
Richards, Rev Mr52, 156
Richards, Squire74
Rode, Mr Bampfylde150
Rolfe, Mr John112-4
Rolls, Mr85
Sandford, Parson156
Seymour, Mr42
Seymour, Sir Edward158
Sharp, Captain228
Short, Madam75
Shrimpton, Colonel223
Simmonds, Captain210-11, 230
Smith, Captain105, 111-3
Squire, Mr235
Standford, Rev Mr234-6, 238
St Leger, Lord178-81
Stucky, Squire192-3
Tanner, Dr170
Tar, Brother196
Taylor, Justice156
Tent, Sir Haswell78
Thomas, Master75, 135
Treby, Mr234
Trenchard, Squire74
Tucker, Mr244
Turner, Master75
Turner, Mrs125
Tynte, Sir Charles235-8
Tynte, Sir John149
Tynte, Lady236, 240
Upton, Moll155-6
Wager, Sir Charles146, 179, 200
Walpole, Sir Robert92
Walton, Rear Admiral George146, 179
Webb, Bailiff242-3
Wesley, Mr249
Weymouth, Lord158, 160
White, Parson241
Whitfield, Mr125, 127-8, 221, 249
Wiggil, Mr125
William III131
Windham, Hon Sir William183-6
Worth, Major149-50
Worthy, Mr44-5