Will of Ann Byers, Widow of Bideford

Proved 23 June 1829

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PROB 11/1756, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Liverpool Quire Numbers: 301 - 350

Transcribed by Ros Dunning

In the Name of God Amen I Ann Byers Widow of the late Isaac Byers of Bideford in the County of Devon being of sound mind and looking forward in the blessed hope of Salvation to that hour when my Soul may humbly trust through the merits of my blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ be received into the Mansions of eternal rest and may God in mercy fit and prepare me for this awful moment Amen! I do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in the following manner and request that my mortal body be not too hastily interred and also that it be done private and without the least pomp whatever but in a quiet plain decent manner as required in the beautiful sublime and solemn service of our Holy Church devoutly performed by some pious servant of God ffirst I hold myself responsible to my son James Broff for a legacy left to him by his dear ffather of £426-7-7 four hundred and twenty six pounds seven shillings and seven pence this sum as his lawful right (and only held in trust by me) must be paid prior to any other arrangements Secondly I bequeath to my Daughter Mary Ann Wife of Colonel B.W.D. Seeley now in the East Indies on the Bombay Establishment the sum of four hundred pounds for her own use and disposal independant of her husband and in the event of her death to her child or children that may survive her but if she should die without issue the said four hundred pounds shall be equally divided between her Brothers James Broff John Sparks Richard Hoare and Robert Walter I also give to my aforesaid Daughter the small quantity of Plate and trinkets I may be possessed of to be added to the silver teapot and stand left to her by her dear ffather also my quarto bible my wearing apparel and linen but as aforesaid in the event of her death without issue these articles shall be given to my two Grand Daughters Amelia Broff and Maria Helen equally divided by the discretion of their Mother Thirdly as a small tribute of affection to my Daughters and Son in law I give to each the sum of twenty pounds that is to say To Maria Wife of James Broff £20 To Mary Wife of John Sparks £20 To Eliza Wife of Richard Hoare twenty pounds To Ann Wife of Robert Walter £20 To Benjamin W D Sealy £20 ffourthly I give and bequeath to my Son James Broff all my household furniture now in his House except any article I may hereby otherwise dispose of ffifthly I do give and bequeath all the remaining part of my property to be equally divided between my four Sons i.e. James Broff John Sparks Richard Hoare Robert Walter and that the two Eldest James Broff and John Sparks shall by my appointment be the Executors to fulfil this my Will being lawfully enabled to do so be me And I do nominate constitute and appoint the said James Broff and John Sparks my lawful Executors And I request that should the Almighty be graciously pleased to permit my Daughter Mary Ann Sealy to return to England that she may have a few trifles in remembrance of her Mother who watched over her with parental tenderness and anxious care I name the following articles if she wishes for them _ the tea things from India the chimney piece ornaments which Colonel Sealy gave me the very ancient cup which was my...... ffather's Writing Desk Wardrobe Calamander Work box and stande Dressing table and swing Glass Watch And now my dear children accept my blessing and may our God bless and send his holy Spirit to guide and direct you all I offer to you my sincere and grateful thanks for the many comforts I have received from your very dutiful and most affectionate attention to me during my Widowed life which the Almighty has been pleased to prolong and has strengthened the common tie of nature with a stronger bond of mutual love implanted by him in each of our hearts to create an earnest desire to support each other and forward all our temporal and spiritual happiness as one body May the same spirit of affectionate love continue to unite you when I am (by the help of my God)far removed to a better World which through faith in my all gracious Redeemer's merits only I do look forward to with a blessed hope Amen! _ Ann Byers

N.B Having strong proof that my dutiful Children are ever ready to comply with my desire and will know this to be my own act and hand writing I shall not strengthen it by calling the aid of witnesses but only add my name and seal in the presence of Eleanor Susan Loraine _ The seal of Ann Byers To John Broff and James Sparks (Byers) 1823

(Affidavit of due Execution sworn by James Margoty of No 26 Upper Berkeley Street Portman Square in the County of Middlesex Esquire relating to Ann Byers formerly of Bideford in the County of Devon but late of Lamphey in the County of Pembroke)

Proved 23 June 1829 by the oath of Reverend James Broff Byers, Clerk power reserved to Reverend James Sparks Byers, Clerk

PCC PROB 11/1756