Bideford Emigrants 1775

The National Archives T47/10

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Transcribed by Brian Randell

NamesAgeQuality, Occupation or employmentFormer ResidenceWhere BoundBy What ShipMasters NameFor What Purposes They Leave This CountryPageDate
Ann Martin Wife of Peter Martin a SeamanClanwellKinsaleActiveGeorge SymonsGoing to her friends in hopes of support12528 Aug 1775
Edward Nelson Late of His Majesty's Sloop HunterMunsterGlasgowIndustryWaler ArnellReturning home12528 Aug 1775
John Pitt23Seargeant of the 33rd Reg[iment]ExeterCorkConcordWm. Edwardsgoing to join their Regiment1801775
Richard Paul30Do. of the 33rd Reg[iment]Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.1801775
John Mayne24Corporal of the 33rd Reg[iment]Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.1801775
Thomas Taylor22RecruitFrom the neighbourhood of ExonDo.Do.Do.Going to join the same Regiment1801775
John Avery19Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.1801775
John Eberd22Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.1801775
Edward Marchant21Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.1801775
William Hide22Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.1801775
Samuel Ridgestone20Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.1801775
Richard Bright20Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.1801775
Edward Saunders212Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.1801775
John Braning30Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.1801775
Abraham Browning27Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.1801775
Mr. John Rowe30MerchantDo.KildareDo.Do.Going on Business1801775
Eleanor Renshaw51Widow of soldiers in America IrelandDo.Do.Going to their respective places of abode or Settlement in Ireland1801775
Grace Colley25Do.IrelandDo.Do.Do.Do.1801775
Elizabeth Ebert25Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.1801775