Bideford Emigrants 1776

The National Archives T47/11

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Transcribed by Brian Randell

NamesAgeQuality, Occupation or employmentFormer ResidenceWhere BoundBy What ShipMasters NameFor What Purposes They Leave This CountryDate
Thomas Colmer45Mariner in his M[ajes]tys Ship Ranger WaterfordAdmiral SaundersStephen Harrison his return to IrelandMar 1776
Antonio Francisco40A Portuguese from Do. Do. Do.Do.Do.going in search of EmploymentDo.
Morris Trenan23Mariner from his M[ajes]tys Ship Dublin Do.Do.Do.on his return to IrelandDo.
Brian Nurman50Do. from his M[ajes]tys Ship Wasp Do.Do.Do.Do. Do.Do.
Catherine Redman39a Widow of LiverpooleLiverpoolDo.Do.Do.to get a passage from Ireland to LondonDo.
William Sanders40Merch[an]t with his wife aged 25 & Infant Son Do.UpcottThomas Sammgoing on their own private AffairsDo.
John Blakeney27Merch[an]t Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.
Roger Sweetman36Do.WexfordDo.Do.Do.Do.Do.
John Draper27Clerks & Servants to Roger Sweetman Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.
Patience Davy22Do. Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.
Philip Hern26Do. Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.
Bridget Buddit[?]20Do. Do.Do.Do.Do.Do.