London and Provincial New Commercial Directory,

London, J. Pigot & Co. (1830)

IS a corporate and market town, sea-port and parish, in the hundred of Shebbear; 201 miles from London, 36 from Exeter, nine from Barnstaple, and six from Great Torrington. It is situated on the river Torridge, about two miles from Barnstaple bay. The town is divided by the river, the greater part being on the western side. The Torridge here is about 900 feet in width, over which is a handsome stone bridge of 24 arches, built about the 13th century, by subscriptions raised in Devon and Cornwall, and since supported by the proceeds of lands vested by the court of chancery in trustees. The ancient name of the place was Renton 'by the ford,' or 'Byth'ford,' probably so called from there being a 'ford' across the river (before the bridge was erected), a short distance above the town, and near to a house to this day called 'ford house.' By a charter granted it in the year 1610, the government of the town is vested in a mayor, recorder, eight aldermen, 10 capital burgesses and two serjeants at mace. The mayor, recorder and two aldermen are magistrates, and hold a court of quarter sessions, in the guildhall of the town, on the Monday previous to the county quarter sessions; and a court of record by adjournment, every three weeks, for civil actions. There is also a court leet held, once annually, by Augustus Saltren Willett, Esq. the lord of the manor.

During the earlier part of the last century, and for some time before, Bideford possessed an extensive trade to America, Newfoundland and the Mediterranean; and, although this trade and ship-building has much decreased, there are now some large establishments here, and the merchants are opulent and most respectable. Since the warehousing system has been extended to the port of Bideford, its trade has kept increasing, and consists chiefly in importing timber from North America, general goods from Ireland, and coals for the north-west of the county; exporting oak bark, iron and other goods to Ireland; earthenware, tiles, &c. to Guernsey and Jersey; linen and woollen goods, cordage, iron, provisions, naval stores, &c. &c. to the colonies in North America. The coasting-trade is in corn to, and general goods from, London and Bristol; slates, china ware, iron castings, bar iron and lime-stone from Wales. The principal manufacture of the place is a peculiar kind of earthenware, viz. ovens, salting-pans, pitchers and other coarse wares. There are in the neighbourhood some culm, and mineral black paint mines; the former are becoming very productive, having been worked but partially, until lately, for nearly two hundred years.

The church, a neat structure, contains some interesting monuments; the living is a rectory, of which Lewis William Buck, Esq. M.P. is patron, and the present rector is the Rev. William Walter. Besides the church, there are three other places of worship for dissenters. The free grammar-school here is an ancient foundation; it was rebuilt in 1657, and a new front was added by the Bideford bridge trust, in 1780; and from the same fund is paid the salary of the master. There is also a commercial school maintained by the same trust; and a national school, upon Dr. Bell's plan, opened in 1824, where are educated 200 boys and the like number of girls; this school-house was also erected out of the surplus revenue of the bridge funds. Bideford realizes considerable benefit, in its local trade, from the numerous opulent families which reside in its immediate vicinity; and there are many handsome seats, that countribute highly to ornament the country round: amongst these, it may be well to particularize 'Daddon house' the residence of L.W. Buckley, Esq. M.P.; 'Hartland abbey' the seat of the widow of the late Paul Orchard, Esq.; 'Clovelly court,' Sir J.H. Williams, Bart.; 'Portledge house' R.P. Coffin, Esq. &c. &c. The market days are Tuesday and Saturday - the former is the principal one; the fairs, Feb. 14th, July 18th, and Nov. 13th - the one held in February is the largest. The parish of Bideford contained, by the census for 1821, 4,053 inhabitants.

POST OFFICE, High-street, Walter Bowen, Post Master. - Letters from LONDON, &c. arrive every night at ten, and are despatched every morning at half-past four. - Letters from EXETER, CORNWALL and the West arrive every morning at nine, and are despatched every afternoon at four.


Adderly Mrs. Sarah, Raleigh
Alford Rev. Henry, New buildings
Bartlett Miss Sarah, New buildings
Bayly Zachary, gent. New buildings
Bruton the Misses, Quay
Buck Capt. Richard, Mill st
Buck Lewis William, esq. M.P. Daddon
Chanter Mrs. Elizabeth, High st
Clyde John, gent. But garden
Clyde Mrs. Frances, New buildings
Cochet Admiral, Mill st
Coffin Richard Pine, esq. Portledge
Dalgety Mrs. Elizabeth, Mill st
Ellis Miss Sarah Shapley, Mill st
Ellis Mrs. Mary, Bridge st
Glynn Admiral, East the water
Glynn Miss S.M. New buildings
Gordon Colonel Arthur, Porth hill
Harben Mrs. Ann, Cold harbour
Heywood Mrs. Elizabeth, Quay
Horden the Misses, Mill st
Hughes Arthur, esq. Highfield cottage
Incledon Capt. Robt. R.N. New bldngs
Keats Miss, Quay
Kirkman Mrs. Martha, New buildings
Lillicrap Capt. Jas. R.N. New bldgs
McArthur Lieut. James, Quay
Mill Mrs. John, Meddon st
Mills Mrs. Mill street
Morrison the Misses, York place
Mules John Cohan, gent. Tower st
Mules Mrs. Robert, Church yard
Passmore Rev. Chris. East the water
Pollock Robert, gent. New buildings
Reynolds Edward, esq. Clerelands
Rodd John, gent. East the water
Rogers Mrs. Ann, New buildings
Rooker Rev. Samuel, New buildings
Smith Mrs Thomas, New buildings
Spicker the Misses, High st
Tardrew William, esq. Annery house
Teyth William Short, Esq. Pill house
Videl Rbt. Studley, esq. Cornborough
Waiter Rev. William, Parsonage
Webb Hny, gent. (surveyor of taxes) Meddon street
White Miss E. Emma st
Willcock Mrs. Mary, East the water
Willett Augustus Saltren, esq. Tapeley
Williams Sir James Hamlyn, bart. Clovelly court
Woollecott Christopher, gent. Quay


Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

Beer William, High st
Croscombe Sarah, Mill st
Ferris Elizb. (boarding & day) Quay
GRAMMAR SCHOOL (endowed) Bridge st - Rev. Hny. Alford, mastr
Handford Mary & Margaret (boarding and day) High st
Jewell John, East the water
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Old town - William Blight, master; Ann Inch,
Pickard John (boarding & day) Market place


Boyce and Hooker, But garden
Carter and Son, Mill street
Carter Charles, jun. (& town clerk) Mill street
Hamlyn Robert (& proctor) High st
Hatherly William Collins (& clerk to the magistrates, and commisioners
of taxes) High st
Smale and Harvie, High st


Blake William, jun. Meddon st
Heard Richard (and general agent) High street
Lee John (and house agent) High st
Staveley George, High st


Barry John, Allhalland st
Grigg Thomas, Silver st
Hancock Hugh, East the water
Mill Sarah, Mill street
Pickard John, Mill st
Powe Robert, Mill st
Whitelock John, Honestone lane


Ley James and Co. (Bideford old bank) - (draw on Sir James Esdaile
and Co. London)


Baker James, Market place
Baker, Robert, High st
Berry William, Mill st


Hopgood John, East the water
Mock John (& farrier) Towns end
Rook Alexander, East the water
Rook John, East the water
Stevens Thomas, Honestone lane
Tardrew John, Mill st


Crocker John (& boat builder) Quay
Griffey Richard, Quay
Heard Thomas, Quay


Barrett Samuel, Allhalland st
Cole William, Allhalland st
Griffiths Thomas and Jane, High st
Snell Thomas, Emma st
Taylor William, Mill st
Wilson John, Quay


Dart Richard, Bridge st
Hookway James, Allhalland st
Jackson Crispin, Bridge st
Major John, Honestone lane
Major William, Allhalland st
Maynard James, High st
Oatway William, Mill st
Philkins Stephen, Market place
Phillips George, Mill st
Rendle John, Allhalland st
Trick William, Mill st
Way John, Emma st
Whitaker George, Mill st
White John, Mill street


Chope Walter, Market place
Lendon James, High st
Lendon William, Mill st
Lethbridge Edward (and plumber) Bridge st
Squire Humphrey, Mill st
Tardrew Philip, High st


How John (and spirit dealer) Market place
Pugsley Henry (retail) Cooper st


Balch Richard, Back lane
Eastman William, Towns end
Holman Thomas, Allhalland st
Holman William, Towns end


Brown Christopher, Mill st
Ellis William, Allhalland st
Heard Richard (& builder) High st
Lee John (& upholsterer) High st
Lee Samuel, Mill st
Lock George, Mill st


Bartlett Robert, Bridge st
Griffith Thomas and Jane, High st
Hogg John, Bridge st
Saunders John Cornish (druggist) Quay


Baines John, New buildings
Ballhatchett Thomas (and iron) Allhalland st
Cook George, East the water
Handford Jno. (& pawnbroker) Quay
Howe John (& iron) Market place
Payne John, New Buildings


Friendship Ann, High st
Ocock James, Allhalland st
Pennington Grace, Mill st


Hutchings Edward, Emma st
Pillefant Samuel, Bridge st
Stevens Emanuel, Meddon st
Turner James, Meddon st
Turner John, Market place


Giddy Thomas Cann, But garden
How John, Market place
Mallett James, New buildings


Heal Henry, High st
Heard Peter, Honestone lane
Pethick Thomas, Path
Pow John, Mill street
Prust Michael, Mill st


(See also Earthenware Manufctrs.)

Baker James, Market place
Jones Hannah, East the water
King Mary, Mill st


Anthony Thomas, Path
Bale James, Potter's lane
Bird John, Potter's lane
Petherick Edward, East the water
Swain John, East the water
Tucker John, Potter's lane


ATLAS, Thomas Vellacott, High st
BRITISH, George Staveley, High st
GLOBE, Walter Bowen, High st
PHOENIX, John Hogg, Bridge st
PROTECTOR, John Wilson, Quay
ROVAI. EXCHANGE, Samuel Barrett, Allhalland st WEST OF
ENGLAND, Robt. Hamlyn, High st


Craggs William, Meddon st
Greenough John. Towns end
Jewell George, B,idge st
Lethbridge John, East the water
Poole Thomas, East the water


(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

Barber James, (and draper) Mill st
Bartlett John, Bridge st
Chope Thomas, Market place st
Clark George, Mill st
Colmer Wm. Ford (tea & coffee) High st
Giddy Thomas Cann, But garden
Halls Wm. & Co. (& wholsale) High st
Powe Frances, Emma st
Sanders John, Lower Grinstone


Brend Joseph, Market place
Cawsey Lewis, Meddon st
Lilly Nathaniel & Wm. Allhalland st
Westacott George, Market place


(See also Taverns & Public Houses.)

Bush, Bartholomew Pickard, High st
New Inn, Wm. Phillips, Market pl


Saunders John, High st
Staveley George, High st
Stevens William, Market place
Tardrew Philip, High st


Croscombe Thomas, Cooper st
Dark Thomas, Meddon st
Dyer John, Cooper st
Elliott Stephen, Chapel st
Goss Robert, Allhalland st
Lamping James, Mill st
Pasker John, Market place
Peard John, East the water
Stevens Philip, Silver st
Taylor Robert, Back st
White Edward, Mill st


Barratt Samuel, Allhalland st
Burnard William, East the water
Courtice Christopher, Cleave houses


Bligh James, Market place
Brayley James, Emma st
Brook Thomas, Market place
Giddy Thomas Cann, But garden
Hamlyn Robert Cook (and stamp distributer) High st
Haseldine and Spencer (& mercers) High street
Thorne English, High st
Vellacott Thomas, High st
Wills Richard Wm. Market place


Courtice Christopher, Mill st
Ellis John, Allhalland st
Facey John, Cooper st
Ford Samuel, Pill mouth
Ley Thomas, Quay
Pugsley Henry, Cooper st
Spencer Beata, High st


Burnard Edward & William, Quay
Burnard Thomas, High st
Chaunter Thos. Bernard, New buildings
Evans Thos. (timber) East the water
Hatherly and Hamlyn, High st
Turker Henry, East the water
Willcock Thos. John, East the water
Wren Robt. (& ship owner) Quay


Chope Betsy, Allhalland st
Davies Mary, Emma st
Doidge Sarah & Sisters, High st
Heard Emma B. High st
Young Mary, Honestone lane


Bartlett Bryant (and glass bender) High street
Carter John, Mill street
Clark George, Mill st
Hernaman John, High st
Pim George, Quay
Sweet William, Allhalland st


Smith William, New buildings
Turton William, Meddon st


Colmer George (French language) High street
Colmer Mary (dancing) High st


Balch John, But garden
Chope Henry, Emma st
Facey Edwin, High st
Heal Henry, High st
Yeo Thomas, High st


Brook William, East the water
Crocker George, Willet st
Evans Thomas (& timber merchant) East the water
Taylor William, East the water


Adams Mary, Bridge st
Ashton Mary, Silver st
Bailey William, Honestone lane
Carter James, East the water
Chidley Samuel, Potter's lane
Davis George, Market place
Drew John, Meddon st
Keates William, East the water
Keen Richard, Mill st
Lisle John, Meddon st
Lott Elizabeth, Pott garden
Pasker John, Bridge st
Phillips John, Mill st
Spearman Richard, Cooper st
Vinson Thomas, Allhalland st


Baker Isaac (& marble) East the water
Boyne John, But garden
Lee Henry, Mill street
Martin John, But garden
Moase William, Potter's lane


Doidge Sarah and Sisters, High st
Mills Elizabeth, Allhalland st
Monkley Mary, Silver st
Morrish Mary Ann, Bridge st
Oatway Mary, Mill st
Tilk Sarah, Mill street
Way Elizabeth, Emma st


Ackland William, Mill st
Balter Joseph, Willett st
Caddy Charles Andrew, But garden
Hawke William. Mill st
Mill Diggory, Mill street
Pridham Francis William, R.N. New buildings
Shopland John, Mill st


Ash Francis, High st
Babb George, High st
Beer James, Meddon st
Braund John, Meddon st
Croscrombe Robert. Silver st
Isaack Thomas, Mill st
Lake Simon, East the water
Major Thomas, Church yard
Passmore John, Silver st
Saunders John, Mill st
Stevens John, Bridge st


Down Samuel, High st
Huxtable John, Market place


Cole Robert, Meddon st
White Joseph, Westcombe


Angel, Edward Holman, Market place
Appledore Inn, James Lang, Mill st
Barley Mow, Rebecca Warman, Mill st
Blacksmith's Arms, Thomas Lile, East the Water
Bridge Inn, William Frost, Bridge st
Castle Inn, John Pun?, Allhalland st
Curriers' Arms, Richard Lake, East the Water
Dolphin, John Grant, Market place
Dove, Thomas Hughes, New st
Duke of York, John Hobes?, High st
Globe, Thomas Monkley, Honestone lane
Horse and Jockey, Wm. Morrish, market place
Hotel, William Paddon, Quay
King of Prussia, Wm. Pristacott, New st
King's Arms, Robert Stafford, Quay
Lamb, John Crossman, Honestone lane
London Inn, Richard Balch, Quay
London Inn, John Daniel, East the Water
Malt Scoop, Wm. Stapleton, Cooper st
Mariners' Inn, John McNamara, Cooper st
Newfoundland Inn, John Maunder, Quay
New Ring of Bells, W. Brock, Honestone lane
Old Portobello, Wm. Cawsey, Silver st
Old Ring of Bells, Jas. Bate, Honestone la
Peacock, John Illman, Market place
Plough, Henry Chope, Market place
Red Lion, Susanna Moon, Honestone ]a
Rising Sun, Wm. Oxenham, Market st
Ship, Richard Crocker, Mill st
Ship, Humphrey Williams, Market place
Ship on Launch, John Embery, East the Water
Swan, Joseph Lendon, Mill st
Swan, Wm. Sperman, East the Water
Three Crowns, Cath. Mock, East the Water
Three Tuns, William Pill, Quay
Torridge Inn, Wm. Stevens, But garden
Union, Enoch Baily, Mill st


Down Robert, High st
Mill William Jewel, Quay
Rickard William, Church yard
White & Son (& jewellers) Allhalland st


Forester Henry, High st
Whickham & Co. High st


Haycroft William, Meddon st
Hazel Henry, East the water
Searle William, Honestone lane


Cann Zacharias, coach & car owner, Mill st
Cole, How and Co. Mineral black paint manufacturers, Meddon st
Denbow William, tawer, Meddon st
Facey Samuel, miller, Cooper st
Faning Frederick. organist, Bridge st
Fieldew Elinor, fishmonger, Quay
Hookway Wm. wheelwright, East the Water
Oatway George, hair cutter, &c.
Parsons Fras. veterinary surgeon, Willet st
Pickard John, turner, Silver st
Pugsley Wm. Henry, brush mkr. Cooper st
Scruton Sarah, dyer, Cooper st
Smale Jas. carver, gilder, &c. Allhalland st
Whickham Thomas, sail maker, Quay
Williams John, glover, &c. Emma st


Collector, Thomas Grant. Esq.
Collector's Clerk, Mr. John Wilson
Comptroller and Surveyor, Mr. George Colmer
Landing Waiter and Searcher, Mr. John Baller
Tide Surveyor, Mr. William Penny
Officer of the Coast Guard, Lieut. John William Jones
Harbour Master, Mr. Wm. Martin


To BARNSTAPLE, the North Devon (from Plymouth) calls at the London Inn. East the Water, every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday evening at seven.

To EXETER, the Torridge Express, from the New Inn, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at seven.

To PLYMOUTH, the North Devon (from Barnstaple) calls at the London Inn, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at a quarter before nine; goes through Great Torrington, Hatherleigh, Oakhampton and Tavistock.


To BARNSTAPLE, Frank Purchase. from the Hotel, daily - James Payne, from the Newfoundland Inn, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - and John Bowen, every Friday.

To CLOVELLY, Walter Jewell, from the Hotel, and Thomas Lashbrook, from the Ship, Market place, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

To EXETER, William Gordon, from the Newfoundland Inn, every Mon & Tues.

To HARTLAND, Thomas Williams, from the Ship, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - Thos. Cook, from the Peacock, and Samuel Bagihole, from the Plough, Tuesday and Sat.

To KILKHAMPTON, James Gist, from the Newfoundland Inn, every Wednes.

To MURWINSTOW, John Worth, from the Newfoundland Inn, every Wednes.

To PLYMOUTH, John Bowman's Waggon, from the King's Arms, every Mon.

To STRATTON, Richard Ham, from the Hotel, every Wednesday.

To TORRINGTON, Wm. Handford, from the Hotel, every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.


To LONDON, the Little Bray, Francis Brewer; Alice, Richard Yeo; Fanny, George Crocombe; and the Countess Fortescue, William Edwards. - One of the above sail every month.

To BRISTOL, the Bristol Packet, William Pill; Albion, Richard Gay; Experiment, James Marshall; Emma, William Fishwick; and the Perserverance, John McNamara - One of the above sail every fourteen days.

Transcribed - Brian Randell, 17 Jul 1999