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Help and advice for Bideford - Pigot, pre-1830

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Name Listing from the Bideford Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Cooke, Jas: Academy (Commercial School)                         High Street
Jewell, J: Academy (Commercial School)                          Bridge End
Hutton, F H: Academy (Grammar School)                           Bridge
Hern, M: Academy (Ladies)                                       New Buildings
Boyce, Henry: Attorney                                          Butt Garden Street
Brayley: Attorney                                               High Street
Callon: Attorney                                                Mill Street
Carter: Attorney                                                Mill Street
Cillins, Wm: Attorney                                           High Street
Hamlyn: Attorney                                                High Street
Hatherly, Wm Henry: Attorney                                    High Street
Husband: Attorney                                               High Street
Smale, Charles: Attorney                                        Emma Street
Smith: Attorney                                                 High Street
Grant, Robert: Auctioneer                                       Market Place
Heard, Richard: Auctioneer                                      Mill Street
Staveley, Geo: Auctioneer                                       High Street
German, John: Baker                                             High Street
Lendon, Joseph: Baker                                           Mill Street
Powe, Robert: Baker                                             Mill Street
Whitelock: Baker                                                Honestone Lane
Barnard, Thos: Banker (Commercial)                              Mill Street
Ley, James: Banker (Old Bank)                                   Allhalland Street
Ballhatchett, Thomas: Bar Iron Merchant                         Quay
Cooke, George: Bar Iron Merchant                                East The Water
Heard, Thomas: Bar Iron Merchant                                Quay
Tucker, Ths: Bark Merchant                                      New Buildings
Baker, Jas: Basket Maker                                        Market Place
Baker, Robt: Basket Maker                                       High Street
Crocker, John: Block Maker                                      Quay
Heard, Thomas: Block Maker                                      Quay
Barrett, Saml: Bookseller                                       Allhalland Street
Cole, Wm: Bookseller                                            Allhalland Street
Griffiths, Jane: Bookseller                                     High Street
Griffiths, Thos: Bookseller                                     High Street
Wilson, Robert: Bookseller                                      Quay
Cadd, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                     Mill Street
Dart, Richard: Boot & Shoe Maker                                Bridge Street
Lake, Simon: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  Bridge Street
Rendle, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 Allhalland Street
Trick, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  Mill Street
Whitaker, George: Boot & Shoe Maker                             Mill Street
White, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  Mill Street
Lendon, James: Brazier & Tin Plate Worker                       High Street
Lendon, Joseph: Brazier & Tin Plate Worker                      Mill Street
Lethbridge, E: Brazier & Tin Plate Worker                       Bridge Street
Phillips, Joshua: Brazier & Tin Plate Worker                    Emma Street
Sarell, Robert Dullam: Brazier & Tin Plate Worker               Honestone Lane
Tardrew, Philip: Brazier & Tin Plate Worker                     High Street
Williams, William: Brazier & Tin Plate Worker                   Mill Street
Courtice, Christopher: Brewer                                   Mill Street
How, John: Brewer                                               Market Street
Barratt, Richard: Cabinet Maker                                 High Street
Lock, George: Cabinet Maker                                     Mill Street
Reid, Joseph: Cabinet Maker                                     High Street
Gordon: Carrier
Handford: Carrier
Perkin: Carrier
Perkins: Carrier
Pridham: Carrier
Redfern: Carrier
Williams: Carrier
Ballhatchett, Thomas: Coal Merchant                             Quay
Brook, Wm: Coal Merchant                                        East The Water
Cooke, George: Coal Merchant                                    East The Water
Handford, Jn: Coal Merchant                                     Quay
Heard, Thomas: Coal Merchant                                    Quay
Hughes, Thomas: Coal Merchant                                   New Street
Sarell, Robt Dullam: Coal Merchant                              Honestone Lane
Saunders, John: Coal Merchant                                   Mill Street
Cruse, Robson: Coast Guard (Chief Officer)                      Appledore
Hosking, Richd: Coast Guard (Chief Officer)                     Clovelly
Hutchins: Cooper                                                East The Water
Pilephant, Samuel: Cooper                                       Bridge Street
Stevens, Emanuel: Cooper                                        Maidon Street
Turner, James: Cooper                                           Market Place
Elliott, Robt: Cork Cutter                                      Mill Street
Ellis, John: Corn Merchant                                      Allhalland Street
How, John: Corn Merchant                                        Market Place
Ley, Thomas: Corn Merchant                                      Allhalland Street
Westren, Samuel: Corn Merchant                                  Quay
Baller, Edward: Currier                                         Honestone Lane
Baller, George: Currier                                         Hanmer Bath
Prust, Michael: Currier                                         Mill Street
Bucking, Wm: Customs (Coast Waiter)                             Clovelly
Rice, Philip: Customs (Coast Waiter)                            Hartland
Grant, Thos: Customs (Collector)                                Quay
Wilson, Robert: Customs (Collector's Clerk)                     Quay
Colmer, Geo: Customs (Comptroller)                              Quay
Pridham, Lawrence: Customs (Landing & Tide Surveyor)            Quay
Baller, John: Customs (Landing Waiter)                          Quay
Passmore, Peter: Customs (Landing Waiter)                       Quay
Baker, Wm: Customs (Riding Officer)                             Moorwinstow
Barfett, Robert Tamlan: Druggist                                Quay
Griffiths, Jane: Druggist                                       High Street
Griffiths, Thos: Druggist                                       High Street
Handford, John: Druggist                                        High Street
Hogg, John: Druggist                                            Bridge Street
Jones, Hannah: Earthenware & Glass Dealer                       East The Water
King, Mary: Earthenware & Glass Dealer                          Mill Street
Peakome, Isaac: Earthenware & Glass Dealer                      Mill Street
Anthony, Thomas: Earthenware Manufacturer                       Waterloo House
Bale, James: Earthenware Manufacturer                           Potter's Lane
Barfett, Thomas: Earthenware Manufacturer                       Potter's Lane
Bird, John: Earthenware Manufacturer                            Potter's Lane
Madge, Simon: Earthenware Manufacturer                          East The Water
Petherick, Edward: Earthenware Manufacturer                     East The Water
Swain, John: Earthenware Manufacturer                           East The Water
Tucker, John: Earthenware Manufacturer                          Potter's Lane
Handford, John: Fire Office Agent (Atlas)                       High Street
Staveley, Geo: Fire Office Agent (British)                      High Street
Brayley: Fire Office Agent (Guardian)                           High Street
Husband: Fire Office Agent (Guardian)                           High Street
Bartlett, Richd: Fire Office Agent (Hope)                       High Street
Sneale, Charles: Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union)              Emma Street
Hogg, John: Fire Office Agent (Phoenix)                         Bridge
Barrett, Saml: Fire Office Agent (Royal Exchange)               Allhalland Street
Hamlyn: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)                     High Street
Smith: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)                      High Street
Doidge, Israel: Grocer                                          High Street
Freeman, Samuel: Grocer                                         Mill Street
How, Elizabeth: Grocer                                          Market Place
Norman, John: Grocer                                            High Street
Powe, Robert: Grocer                                            Emma Street
Sarell, Robt Dullam: Grocer                                     Honestone Lane
Bowen, Sarah: Hat Manufacturer                                  High Street
Griffiths, Richard: Hat Manufacturer                            Market Place
Lilly, Nathaniel: Hat Manufacturer                              Allhalland Street
Saunders, John: Iron Monger                                     High Street
Staveley, George: Iron Monger                                   High Street
Stevens, Wm: Iron Monger                                        Market Place
Stocker, Thomas: Iron Monger                                    Market Place
Tardrew, Philip: Iron Monger                                    High Street
Ellis, George: Joiner                                           Honestone Lane
Ellis, Wm: Joiner                                               Church Yard
Goss, Robert: Joiner                                            Allhalland Street
Heard, Richard: Joiner                                          Mill Street
Lee, Samuel: Joiner                                             Mill Street
Stevens, Wm: Joiner                                             Maidon Street
Stevens, Wm: Joiner                                             Market Street
Taylor, Joseph: Joiner                                          Mill Street
Barrett, Samuel: Lime Burner                                    Allhalland Street
Brook, Wm: Lime Burner                                          East The Water
Burnard, Thomas: Lime Burner                                    Mill Street
Courtice: Lime Burner                                           East The Water
Facey: Lime Burner                                              East The Water
Bligh, James: Linen & Woolen Draper                             Market Place
Hamlyn, Robert Cook: Linen & Woolen Draper                      High Street
Haseldine: Linen & Woolen Draper                                High Street
Spencer: Linen & Woolen Draper                                  High Street
Thorne, English: Linen & Woolen Draper                          High Street
Vellacott, Thomas: Linen & Woolen Draper                        High Street
Burnard, Thomas: Maltster                                       Mill Street
Eastman, Richard: Maltster                                      Market Place
Ellis, John: Maltster                                           Allhalland Street
How, John: Maltster                                             Market Place
Ley, Thomas: Maltster                                           Allhalland Street
Sarell, Robt Dullam: Maltster                                   Honestone Lane
Tucker, Henry: Maltster                                         East The Water
Westren, Samuel: Maltster                                       Quay
Burnard, Thos: Merchant                                         Mill Street
Cooke, George: Merchant                                         East The Water
Doidge, Israel: Merchant                                        High Street
Hamlyn: Merchant                                                High Street
Hatherly: Merchant                                              High Street
Chanter, Ann: Milliner                                          Mill Street
Chanter, Eliza: Milliner                                        Mill Street
Powe, Frances: Milliner                                         Emma Street
Cole: Paint Manufacturer                                        Market Place
How: Paint Manufacturer                                         Market Place
Bartlett, Bryant: Painter & Glazier                             High Street
Clark, George: Painter & Glazier                                Mill Street
Hall, Thomas: Painter & Glazier                                 Quay
Hernaman, John: Painter & Glazier                               High Street
Serjeant, John: Painter & Glazier                               Quay
Sweet, John: Painter & Glazier                                  Allhalland Street
Bowen, Walter: Post Master                                      High Street
Heard: Proprietor, Ship - Penrose
Pill: Proprietor, Ship - Perseverance
Gay: Proprietor, Ship - The Albion
Martin: Proprietor, Ship - The Friends
Chidley: Proprietor, Ships - Bristol Packet & Bucks
Wren, Robt: Rope Maker                                          New Buildings
Chope, Henry: Saddler                                           Market Place
Heal, Henry: Saddler                                            High Street
Saunders, John: Saddler                                         High Street
Yeo, Thomas: Saddler                                            High Street
Brook, Wm: Salt Merchant                                        East The Water
Crocker, George: Ship Builder                                   Rope Walk
Evans, John: Ship Builder                                       East The Water
Taylor, Wm: Ship Builder                                        East The Water
Tucker, Henry: Ship Builder                                     East The Water
Mckay, Hannah: Silk Dyer                                        Mill Street
Baker, Isaac: Stone Mason                                       East The Water
Illman, John: Stone Mason                                       Market Place
Modse, John: Stone Mason                                        Cold Harbour
Ackland: Surgeon                                                Mill Street
Baller, Joseph Hogg: Surgeon                                    Willett Street
Hammond, Jn: Surgeon                                            Butt Gardens
Hawke: Surgeon                                                  Mill Street
May, John: Surgeon                                              Allhalland Street
Mill: Surgeon                                                   Mill Street
Pridham, Wm Francis: Surgeon                                    Mill Street
Shopland, John: Surgeon                                         Mill Street
Smith: Surgeon                                                  Mill Street
Ash, Francis: Tailor                                            High Street
Croscombe, Robert: Tailor                                       New Street
Ellson, Nathaniel: Tailor                                       Mill Street
Isaac, Thomas: Tailor                                           Mill Street
Lake, Simon: Tailor                                             East The Water
Wellacott, Christopher: Tailor                                  New Street
Down, Robert: Tallow Chandler                                   Mill Street
Norman, John: Tallow Chandler                                   High Street
Holman, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Angel)                                Market Place
Yeo, Cath: Tavern/Inn (Appledore Inn)                           Mill Street
Warman, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Barley Mow)                             Mill Street
Clarke, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Blacksmith's Arms)                    East The Water
Brannan, Ann: Tavern/Inn (Blue Anchor)                          Quay
Camp, James: Tavern/Inn (Bush Tavern)                           High Street
Pim, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Castle Inn)                                Allhalland Street
Palmer, William: Tavern/Inn (Currier's Arms)                    East The Water
Grant, John: Tavern/Inn (Dolphin)                               Market Place
Hughes, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Dove)                                 New Street
Hobbs, John: Tavern/Inn (Duke Of York)                          High Street
Morrish, J: Tavern/Inn (Horse & Jockey)                         Market Place
Paddon, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Hotel)                                  Quay
Philkins, Simon: Tavern/Inn (Joiner's Arms)                     Market Place
Harper, W: Tavern/Inn (King Of Prussia)                         New Street
Williams, H: Tavern/Inn (Lamb)                                  Honestone Lane
Moon, Susan: Tavern/Inn (Lion)                                  Honestone Lane
Balch, Richd: Tavern/Inn (London Inn)                           Quay
Stapleton, W: Tavern/Inn (Malt Scoop)                           Cooper Street
Chidley, Richard: Tavern/Inn (Mariner's Arms)                   Cooper Street
Lance, Sh: Tavern/Inn (New Fountain)                            Maidon Street
Phillips, Wm: Tavern/Inn (New Inn)                              Market Place
Daniel, John: Tavern/Inn (New London Inn)                       East The Water
Brock, William: Tavern/Inn (New Ring Of Bells)                  Honestone Lane
Westren, Samuel: Tavern/Inn (Newfoundland Inn)                  Quay
Stevens, W: Tavern/Inn (Old Fountain)                           Maidon Street
Gibbs, Thomas: Tavern/Inn (Old Ring Of Bells)                   Honestone Lane
Illman, Jn: Tavern/Inn (Peacock)                                Market Place
Chape, Roger: Tavern/Inn (Plough)                               Market Place
Eastman, Noah: Tavern/Inn (Portobello)                          Market Place
Grant, Robt: Tavern/Inn (Rising Sun)                            Market Place
Crocker, Richd: Tavern/Inn (Ship)                               Cooper Street
Hooper, John: Tavern/Inn (Ship)                                 Market Place
Embery, John: Tavern/Inn (Ship & Launch)                        East The Water
Morrish, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Swan)                                  Mill Street
Spearman, W: Tavern/Inn (Swan)                                  East The Water
Mock, William: Tavern/Inn (Three Cranes)                        East The Water
Ley, Robt: Tavern/Inn (Three Tuns)                              Quay
Bayless, Jacob: Tavern/Inn (Union)                              Mill Street
Pidler, Wm: Tavern/Inn (West Country Inn)                       High Street
Simons, Moses: Watch & Clock Maker                              High Street
White, S: Watch & Clock Maker                                   Allhalland Street
Down, Robt: Whitesmith                                          Mill Street
Bartlett, Richard: Wine & Spirit Merchant                       High Street
Hamlyn: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                  High Street
Handford, John: Wine & Spirit Merchant                          High Street
Hatherly: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                High Street
Hogg, John: Wine & Spirit Merchant
Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online
Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999