Known Sailings between Bideford & Canada 1818-1855


Arthur Dark

The table below is mainly extracted, with permission, from the huge Prince Edward Island Database compiled by David Hunter and published on the web at: http://www.islandregister.com/ship_data.html. This shows all known shipping movements to and from Prince Edward Island since 1543 to the present day. Consequently, sailings to and from Bideford constitute a tiny minority. Originally placed online on the 16th March 1998 and regularly updated since then, this database was mostly constructed from P.E.I. Customs records (RG9) of outward and inward ship movements, Canadian National Archives MG24 1 10 and arrival reports compiled by Gary Carroll, Christine Gorman and Edison Horton from P.E.I. newspapers. Whenever passenger numbers or names are recorded these are included in the database. As immigration to Prince Edward Island became commonplace newspaper reports of passenger numbers became rarer.

A small number of known arrivals of Bideford ships in Quebec have been added to the table below. These have partly been collected from Marjorie Kohli's website entitled Immigrants to Canada. Further sailings from Bideford to Canada are believed to have taken place after 1855. Greenhill and Giffard believe that William Yeo's ships were taking emigrants from Bideford to Canada "until at least 1859." (See Basil Greenhill, Ann Giffard Westcountrymen in Prince Edward's Isle, Newton Abbot: David and Charles (1967).) The author would be grateful for any additions to this list.

Of the 120 sailings listed, 106 are from Bideford to Canada. Of these, 57 are known to have been carrying passengers and the minimum estimate of the numbers of emigrants carried by these ships is 1,891, an average of 33.1 passengers per sailing. This leaves a balance of 49 sailings for which there is no information on numbers of passengers. Assuming an average passenger load of 33 per sailing this would amount to a further 1,617 passengers, making a total minimum estimate of 3,508 for the 106 recorded sailings from Bideford to Canada between 1813 and 1855.

The largest number of emigrants carried by a single vessel was probably the 309 carried by the St. Ann's (535 tons) which sailed from Bideford for Quebec on the 26th April 1843, arriving at Quebec on June 10th. A stop must have been made at the quarantine station at Grosse Isle in the St. Lawrence River because it was there that one of the passengers, a Mary Rath, died.

Note that dates of arrival in P.E.I. are taken either from Customs logs or from local newspapers. In each case there may be a time lag between date of actual arrival and the date noted in either source. For example, the Bollina is known, from other first hand sources, to have sailed from Bideford, North Devon on the 4th May 1831 and to have arrived at Bideford, Prince Edward Island on the 5th June. News of its arrival did not reach Charlottetown and the Custom House until the 7th June 1831 which is the date recorded in the Customs log.

Where information on individual ships exists, it usually indicates the rig of the vessel (brigantine, barque etc.), tonnage, name of the captain (usually preceded by "Capt."), sometimes the number of days taken for the passage and the number of passengers. Where passengers are named these are usually "persons of quality" who travelled cabin class. Passengers who travelled steerage are never named. Passenger lists are exceedingly rare and there are none for this list of vessels.

13/09/18 Peter & SarahBidefordP.E.I.P.E.I. Gazette 19th Sep. 1818: Entered 13th Sep. brigantine Peter & Sarah, Eastridge, from Bideford
16/09/19 Lord BarringtonBidefordP.E.I.P.E.I. Gazette 23rd Sep. 1819: Entered 16th Sep. Lord Barrington, ship from Bideford.
01/06/20 MarsBidefordP.E.I.Collector of Customs Shippng Inward: 1st Jun. 1820, Mars of 341 tons, Capt. Richd. Moys from Bideford.
13/11/20 MinervaBidefordP.E.I.Collector of Customs Shipping Inward: 13th Nov. 1820, Minerva, Capt. J. Hainsmith from Bideford.
18/06/21 BacchusBidefordP.E.I.Collector of Customs Inward: 18th Jun. 1821, Bacchus of 233 tons, Capt. W. Bonenfant from Bideford.
30/05/22 NautilusBidefordP.E.I.Collector of Customs Inward: 30th May 1822, Nautilus of 289 tons, Capt. Nich. Mitchell from Bideford.
26/06/22 AlertBidefordP.E.I.Collector of Customs Inward: 26th Jun. 1822, Alert of 103 tons, Capt. William Williams of Bideford.
14/09/22 LaviniaBidefordP.E.I.Collector of Customs Inward: 14th Sep. 1822, Lavinia of 89 tons, Capt. Lewis Grossard from Bideford.
03/06/24 RoverBidefordP.E.I.21+passengers. Collector of Customs Inward: 3rd Jun. 1834, Rover of 92 tons, Capt. J. Bowen from Bideford-also- P.E.I. Register: Jun. 5th 1824, Rover, 30 days, Bowen from Bideford, T.B.Chanter Esq.and 20 shipwrights
07/09/24 AlertBidefordP.E.I.Collector of Customs Inward: 27th Nov. 1824, Alert of 112 tons, Capt. Jas, Barrett from Bideford.
 27/11/24PilotP.E.I.BidefordCollector of Customs Outward: 27th Nov. 1824, Pilot, brig of 201 tons, Capt. Lewis Grossard for Bideford.
 01/12/24AmityP.E.I.BidefordCollector of Customs Outward: 1st Dec. 1824, Amity, barque of 333 tons, Capt. John Johnson for Bideford.
12/06/26 BellonaBidefordP.E.I.P.E.I. Register Jun. 13th 1830: In the brig Bellona from Bideford, Mr. Thomas Burnard Chanter-also- Collector of Customs Inward: 12th Jun. 1826 Bellona of 271 tons, Capt. Rich. England, from Bideford with 1½ tons copper, 1½ tons iron.
18/06/27 BellonaBidefordRichmond Bay P.E.I.P.E.I. Register Jun. 19th 1827: In the Bellona from Bideford, Jun 18th Mr. Chanter -also- P.E.I. Register 18th Jun. 1827: Bellona, brig, Capt. England from Bideford arr. Richmond Bay.
09/06/29 CalypsoLiverpool & BidefordP.E.I.5 passengers- P.E.I. Register Jun 9th 1829: In the Calypso from Liverpool and Bideford, Mrs Charles Ready son of His Excellency Lt. Gvr., Mr. & Mrs. Chanter, Miss Hodgson and Miss Griffiths. P.E.I. register 9th Jun. 1829: Entered Jun. 9th, barque Calypso, Capt. Lowther from Liverpool.
30/05/30 CollinaBidefordP.E.I.74 passengers from Devon and Cornwall, 63 from Plymouth. This ship mentioned in The Cradle of the Confederation, Lorne C. Callbeck, p. 136 as arriving in June -also- P.E.I. Register 1st June 1830: 74 passengers, men , women and children arrived in the Collina, Martin, Bideford. A farmers (sic), Labourers and Mechanics chiefly from the counties of Devon and Cornwall -also- same issue of the Register: Entered brig Collina from Bideford.
01/06/30 BacchusBidefordRichmond Bay P.E.I.P.E.I. Register 8th Jun. 1830: Entered, brig Bacchus, Capt. Howe, from Bideford (arr. Richmond Bay) to T.B. Chanter.
01/06/30 CalypsoFalmouthRichmond Bay P.E.I.Lloyd's Register: Calypso, barque of 265 tons, built 1828 P.E.I., owned by Thomas B. Chanter which brought passengers from Devon in this year. -also- P.E.I. Register, 1st Jun. 1830: Entered, barque Calypso, Lowther, from Falmouth (arr. Richmond Bay)
 15/06/30CalypsoP.E.I.BidefordP.E.I. Register 15th Jun. 1830: Cleared, barque Calypso, Capt. Lowther for Bideford.
22/06/30 SapphoBidefordP.E.I.P.E.I. Register 22nd Jun. 1830: Entered, brig Sappho, Capt. Day from Bideford with 4 passengers.
26/10/30 BacchusBidefordP.E.I.Royal Gazette 26th Oct. 1830: Entered, brig Bacchus, Capt Howe from Bideford.
02/11/30 CollinaBidefordP.E.I.Royal Gazette 2nd Nov. 1830: Entered, brig Collina, Capt. Martin from Bideford.
 09/11/30BollinaP.E.I.BidefordRoyal Gazette 9th Nov. 1830: Cleared, brig Bollina, Capt. Howe for Bideford.
 09/11/30BacchusP.E.I.BidefordRoyal Gazette 9th Nov. 1830: Cleared, brig Bacchus, Capt. Howe for Bideford
 14/12/30BacchusP.E.I.BidefordRoyal Gazette 14th Dec. 1830: Passengers, in the Bacchus for Bideford -Mr. Billing.
 14/12/30CollinaP.E.I.BidefordRoyal Gazette 14th Dec. 1830: sailed on Friday, the Collina, Martin for Bideford.
07/06/31 CollinaBidefordP.E.I. 
07/06/31 BollinaBidefordP.E.I.61 passengers, about 30 of whom continued in Bollina to Quebec. See obituary of Henry Elliott J.P. in newspaper clipping (title and date unknown) of circa 1905, also Elliott's Mills Hampton 1840-1936, J.H. Elliott, The Canadian Statesman, Jan. 1937. (A.D.)
07/06/31 SapphoBidefordC.B./P.E.I.33 passengers. Also listed in Nat.Archives, R5846- 0- X- E
18/10/31 EllenBidefordP.E.I.Few passengers
29/11/31 SapphoBidefordP.E.I. 
27/05/32 CalypsoBidefordRichmond Bay P.E.I.197 westcountry passengers, "chiefly mechanics & labourers." See The Island Magazine #41, English Immigration to P.E.I. Part 2, Elliott, p. 4. -also- The Royal Gazette 29th May 1832: Calypso, Capt. Grossard, from Bideford, England arr. Richmond Bay with 197 passengers on 27th May.
 05/06/32Sarah & ElizaP.E.I.Bideford75 passengers. Royal Gazette 5th Jun.1832: In the brig Sarah & Eliza, 35 days from Bideford, 75 passengers, all in good health, including Mr. Bartlett and family on their way to Canada.
14/07/32 EllenBidefordP.E.I.20 passengers
 19/07/32CalypsoP.E.I.BidefordCollector of Customs Outward: 19th Jul. 1832, Calypso, Capt. Lewis Grossard for Bideford.
 16/08/32IndustryP.E.I.BidefordCollector of Customs Outward: 16th Aug. 1832, Industry, Capt. William Grigg for Bideford.
 29/08/32EllenP.E.I.BidefordCollector of Customs Outward: 29th Aug. 1832, Ellen, Capt. Fairfax Fishwick for Bideford.
09/10/32 BollinaBidefordP.E.I.Royal Gazette 9th Oct. 1832: Entered, Bollina, brig, Capt. Heay, from Bideford in ballast.
 27/10/32BollinaP.E.I.BidefordCollector of Customs Outward: 27th Oct., Bollina. Capt. John Heay, for Bideford with timber.
04/06/33 EllenBidefordP.E.I.2 passengers
14/06/33 Sarah & ElizabethBidefordP.E.I.40 passengers/14 to Bathurst New Brunswick.
29/10/33 EllenBidefordP.E.I. 
13/05/34 CalypsoBidefordP.E.I.56 passengers. See ad. From North Devon Journal in The Island Magazine #40, English Immigration to P.E.I., Elliott, p.11.
21/10/34 EbeneezerBidefordP.E.I.Capt. J. Marshall. See ad. From North Devon Journal in The Island magazine #40, English Immigration to P.E.I., Elliott. P.11)
20/06/35 Sarah & ElizaBidefordP.E.I./Quebec20 pass. for P.E.I./40 for Quebec. The Royal Gazette Jun 23rd 1835: The brig Sarah & Eliza, Capt. Marshall, from Bideford arr. here on Saturday. (She) sailed on the 29th April with 60 passengers, 20 for this place and the remainder proceeded with the vessel to Quebec. Royal Gazette 7th Jul. 1835: Entered, brig Sarah & Eliza, Capt. Marshall, from Bideford.
22/09/35 CollinaBidefordRichmond Bay P.E.I.See ad. In North Devon Journal in The Island magazine, #40, English Immigration to P.E.I., Elliott, p. 11.
06/10/35 DespatchBidefordP.E.I.The Royal Gazette Oct. 6th 1835: In the Despatch from Bideford, Rev. Mr. Lloyd, Mrs. Lloyd & 3 children.
08/06/36 SapphoBidefordP.E.I. 
12/06/36 Sarah & ElizaBidefordP.E.I.30 passengers
14/06/36 MarinaBidefordP.E.I.2 pass. Royal Gazette Jun. 14th 1836: In the Marina from Bideford, Mr, & Mrs. Grigg.
28/09/36 MargaretBidefordP.E.I. 
30/05/37 MerinoBidefordP.E.I.Several passengers. Royal Gazette May 30th 1837: In the Merino from Bideford, Capt. Emanuel (late of the French Army) wife and son.
02/06/37 British LadyBidefordRichmond Bay26 passengers. Royal Gazette May 30th 1837: Brig British lady, W. Yeo, Master, from Bideford, arrived at Richmond Bay, June 2nd with 26 passengers.
26/07/37 CollinaBidefordP.E.I. 
24/09/37 British LadyBidefordCascumpeque P.E.I. 
2/6/38 BravoGloucester & BidefordCascumpeque P.E.I.Colonial Herald 6th June 1838. The Bravo, Redmond, from Gloucester and Bideford arrived at Cacumpeque, May 2nd. Encountered a great deal of ice and narrowly escaped being crushed to pieces. Got into Louisburg where she lost both anchors, besides sustaining other damage.
14/06/38 EbeneezerBidefordP.E.I. 
12/09/38 British LadyBidefordRichmond Bay P.E.I. 
05/05/39 British LadyBidefordRichmond Bay P.E.I.Diary published in newspaper (author unnamed): 5th May 1839 - Yeo's ship with 43 passengers arrived at Port Hill from Bideford -also- Colonial Herald 11th May 1839: The British Lady, Yeo, 35 days from Bideford arrived at Richmond Bay on the 4th inst. With goods and 41 passengers.
 25/06/39British LadyRichmond Bay P.E.I.BidefordRoyal Gazette June 25th 1839: In the British Lady, from Richmond Bay for Bideford, the Hon. Samuel Green.
15/09/39 British LadyBidefordRichmond Bay P.E.I. 
28/09/39 BrunoBidefordCascumpeque P.E.I.Colonial Herald: Entered, Bruno, brig, Capt. Day from Bideford with 3200 bus. salt, cordage etc. (arr. Cascumpeque
19/05/40 British QueenBidefordRichmond Bay P.E.I.Royal Gazette 19th May 1840, p.3: In the British Queen from Bideford to Richmond Bay, Hon. Samuel Cunard.
19/05/40 MinervaBidefordP.E.I.Abt. 20 passengers. Lloyd's Register 1842: Minerva, Capt. R.Heard, built 1837 in P.E.I.. brig of 125 tons, owned by Heard, registered Bideford G.B. -also- Royal Gazette, May 19th 1840, p.3: In the Minerva from Bideford, Capt. W.Marshall, Mr.George Hard (sic), Mrs. Grossard, Mr. & Mrs. Ellis and family and 8 in steerage, 31 days in passage, brought no papers
16/06/40 Thomas & ElizabethBidefordP.E.I.24 passengers. Royal Gazette June 6th 1840: Mr.& Mrs. Hooper, Mr. Thomas Howe and 21 in steerage.
06/09/40 CollinaBidefordP.E.I. 
06/10/40 MinervaBidefordMurray Harbour P.E.I.1842 Lloyd's Register: Minerva, Capt. R.Heard, built 1837 in P.E.I., brig of 125 tons, owned by Heard, registered Bideford G.B.
15/05/41 SpecBidefordP.E.I.81 passengers. Lloyd's Register 1841: Spec, Capt. Marshall, registered Bideford G.B.
18/05/41 IsabellaBidefordP.E.I.Royal Gazette 18th May 1841: Arr. this morning, the brig Isabella, from Bideford, 37 passengers.
24/05/41 PocohontasBidefordPort Hill P.E.I.22 passengers
01/06/41 FloridaBidefordP.E.I. & New YorkLloyd's Register 1841: Florida, Capt. Hillman, brig of 186 tons, built 1840 in P.E.I., owned by Yeo & Co. -also- Royal Gazette Tues. 1st June 1841: Passengers, In the Florida, Hillman, at Port hill from Bideford, 29 passengers.
23/06/41 Emily B. HeardBidefordP.E.I.Lloyd's Register: Minerva, Capt. R. Heard, built 1837 in P.E.I., owned by Heard, registered Bideford G.B. -also- Royal Gazette Tues. 10th Aug. 1841: Entered, on Friday last, brig Minerva, Gorvin, 44 days from Bideford, 15 passengers.
06/10/41 GlenburnieBidefordP.E.I.1 passenger & crew for new vessel. Lloyd' Register 1842: Glenburnie, Capt. W.Day, barque of 238 tons, built 1840 in P.E.I.. owned by T. Chanter, registered at Bideford G.B.
06/10/41 Emily B. HeardBidefordP.E.I.18 passengers
 09/10/41OrestesP.E.I.BidefordCollector of Customs Outward: 9th Oct. 1841: Orestes, Capt. James Scott, for Bideford, with lumber.
19/05/42 British LadyBidefordP.E.I.Royal Gazette 31st May 1842: The British Lady, Yeo, 37 days from Bideford arrived at Port hill on the 19th inst., with goods and a number of passengers.
00/06/42 FalconBidefordQuebecGreenhill & Giffard p.184. Thomas Chanter's barque carrying 78 passe
18/10/42 Mary AnnBidefordP.E.I.Sailed 16th Sept. 1842, 40 emigrants.
? ArabBidefordCanadaSailed18th April 1843. 184 tons, 55 emigrants.
? IsabellaBidefordCanadaSailed 26th April 1844, 180 tons,12 emigrants.
11/05/43 British LadyBidefordP.E.I.30 passengers, 3 crews for new vessels. The Islander May 19th 1843: Arrived at Port Hill. May 11th, Brig British Lady, 30 days from Bideford with passengers.
23/05/43 CivilityBidefordP.E.I.Sailed 11th April 1844, 2 emigrants
24/05/43 Mary AnnBidefordP.E.I.82 passengers -also- The Islander May 24th in brig Mary Ann, W.H. Saunders Master, 35 days from Bideford, Dr.Boswell and family and 75 in the steerage.
17/06/43 Mary AnnBidefordQuebecBrig 179 tons, 82 passengers, some landed Charlottetown P.E.I. Left Bideford 18th A
10/06/43 St.AnnBidefordQuebecBarque 55 tons. Sailed 26th April,26 passengers. Mary Rath d. Grosse Isle Quaranti
30/05/43 British LadyBidefordRichmond Bay P.E.I.29 passengers
08/10/43 John HawkesBidefordCascumpec P.E.I.Sailed 7th Sept.1843, 3 passengers.
25/10/43 ArabBidefordQuebecSailed 26th August 1843, 184 tons, 36 emigrants.
? Lord RamsayBidefordCanadaSailed 20th April 1844, 346 tons.
28/05/44 Lady SaleBidefordP.E.I. 
21/06/44 HartlandBidefordHalifax Nova Scotia.The Islander Jun. 21st 1844: arrived at Halifax, barque Hartland, Gilman, from Bideford, Devonshire, 44 days, 70 passengers for P.E.I. and Quebec.
23/08/44 FloridaBidefordPort Hill P.E.I.Lloyd's Register 1841: Florida, Capt. Hillman, brig of 186 tons, built 1840 in P.E.I.. Owned by Yeo & Co. -also- The Islander 3rd Aug. 1844: Brig Florida, Scott, from Bideford, arrived Port Hill , 38 days, Mrs. Widgery.
03/09/44 Lady SaleBidefordP.E.I. 
20/09/44 British LadyBidefordBedeque P.E.I.7 passengers -also- The Islander Sep. 27th 1844: British Lady, George Redmond Master, 24 days arrived at Bedeque, Rev. Mr. Harrison & lady, Rev. Mr. Carraway and lady, Mrs. E. Humphreys and 2 children and I servant.
? MarionBidefordQuebecSailed 11th April 1844, 3 pauper emigrants (Mark Brayshay, table 10.7)
11/10/44 IsabellaBidefordP.E.I. 
22/10/44 CivilityBidefordP.E.I. 
23/05/45 CivilityBidefordP.E.I.The Islander May 23rd 1845: Mr. & Mrs. Widgery & sevant, Master Nott, Miss Nott, Miss Williams, Miss Webb & 33 in steerage some of whom were going to Quebec.
29/09/45 CivilityBidefordP.E.I. 
12/05/46 CivilityBidefordPort Hill P.E.I.The Islander 12th June 1846: In the brig British Lady, Scott, from Bideford, arrived at Port Hill with masters and outfits for 5 new vessels and two fam,ilies as passengers.
28/08/46 ArabBidefordQuebec14 assisted emigrants
04/09/46 CivilityBidefordP.E.I. 
28/09/46 Lady SaleBidefordP.E.I.2 passengers, crew of vessel to Quebec
04/06/47 SecretBidefordP.E.I. 
03/11/47 ConquestBidefordP.E.I.7 passengers
22/05/48 CivilityBidefordQuebecParish funded passengers
23/09/48 ConquestBidefordP.E.I. 
12/06/49 CivilityBidefordP.E.I.Islander 5th June 1849: Entered. 12th June, barque Civility, from Bideford, goods and passengers to W. Heard. Passengers. In the barque Civility, Ball, master, from Bideford, Mr. & Miss Trown, Mr. H. Trown. Mrs. S. Widgery and son - and 3 in the steerage.
25/09/49 CivilityBidefordP.E.I.Abt. 10 passengers.
16/05/50 CivilityBidefordP.E.I.Royal Gazette Tues. 21st May 1850: Passengers. In the Civility from Bideford, on Thursday last Mrs. Hebbes, Mrs. Brown and 2 children, Rev. Jacob Gale and lady. Three in the steerage.
05/06/51 SecretBidefordQuebec12 passengers funded by parish
09/10/51 CivilityBidefordP.E.I. 
 05/04/52SecretBidefordQuebecNorth Devon Journal, Apr.8th 1852: Emigrant barque.
28/08/52 BannerBidefordP.E.I. 
15/06/53 ElectricBidefordQuebecMarjorie Kohli
03/07/53 NuggetBidefordP.E.I.Described as an emigrant ship by the Bideford Journal + 4 horses
09/10/54 NuggetBidefordP.E.I. 
23/11/54 NuggetBidefordP.E.I. 
20/05/55 Ocean QueenBidefordQuebec22 passengers, See published log of William Gliddon