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The Last Fight of the Revenge at Sea: Under the Command of Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Grenville

Described by Sir Walter Raleigh, Gervase Markham and Jan Hoygen van Linschoten

Edited by

Edward Arber

English Reprints, No 29, Southgate, London, N. 104pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

This small scholarly book presents accounts of the last fight of The Revenge by contemporaries of Sir Richard Grenville. The book has no index. Much of its text was translated from Dutch, Spanish and French sources. Grenville was brought up at Buckland Abbey in Devon. He was a cousin of Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake. Grenville was appointed vice-admiral under Thomas Howard, and charged with maintaining a squadron at the Azores to waylay the Spanish treasure fleets. He took command of HMS Revenge, a galleon considered to be a masterpiece of naval construction. At Flores the English fleet was surprised by a larger Spanish squadron. Howard retreated, but Grenville, faced the 53 ships with a depleted crew, owing to sickness on shore. He might have escaped, but chose to confront the far superior force. For 12 hours his crew fought off the Spanish, causing heavy damage to 15 galleons; ultimately, Grenville wished to blow up the ship, but the crew surrendered, and he died several days later of his wounds. Revenge with 16 Spanish ships sank during a cyclone soon after. An original copy of the text is held at the University of Toronto Library and a complete electronic copy may be accessed at:
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NOTES of Vice Admiral SIR RICHARD GRENVILLE               10
I. Sir Walter Raleigh13
A Report of the Truth of the Fight about the Isle of Azores, this last Summer:
betwixt the REVENGE, one of Her Majesty's Ships and an Armada of the King of Spain
II. Gervase Markham 
The most honourable Tragedy of Sir RICHARD GRENVILLE, Kt.33
III. Jan Hoygen van Linschofen, 
The Fight and Cyclone at the Azores89


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The Tragedie of Sir Richard Grenville, Knight

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