Will of Richard Greynfelde (1549/50)

Died at Stowe, Kilkhampton: 18th March 1550/51

Provided by David Carter

Transcriber's Note: Grandfather of the celebrated Sir Richard Grenville. The original Will of Richard Greynefelde appears to have been lost/destroyed in WW2, but this transcript has been taken from the History of the Granville Family, by Roger Granville, 1895. The first part is verbatim, the latter an abstract summary. )

"Perceving by faith and creation my naturall lyf to be transitory, holie mynding repentance, in my most humble maner aske of Almightie God forgivenesse, and also of all the world. And under the protection of God make and declare here my last Will and Testament. First, I bequeath my soule unto Almightie God, my bodie to be buryed in such holie place, where it shall please Almightie God to provide."

He wills to Dame Maud his wife during the term of seventy years, if she so long live, his mansion and lands called Buckland, otherwise Buckland Graynfild, in as ample manner as he had by letters patent, dated 26th May 1542*. And after her decease he leaves them to Richard GRAYNFELD, son of Roger GRAYNFELD his late son and heir apparent, deceased, and his heirs male. Remainder to Degory GRAYNFELD, his brother. Remainder to John GRAYNFELD, his older brother.
The other mansions, viz: his mansion house in the town of Bideford, and all the residue of his town and borough of Bideford in com. Devon; his mansion place of Stowe, together with all gardens, orchards and ponds therewith, Stowe Park in com. Cornwall; his house and borough of Kilkhampton and his mansion of Woodford in the same county, together with all his other lands in Devon and Cornwall, he leaves to Richard his grandson and his heirs male.
Remainder to his brothers John and Digory and their heirs male.
Remainder to his right heirs.
He bequeaths to his daughter Mary 300 marks for her portion.
To his son-in-law Sir Richard LEE and Margaret his wife 100 marks.
To his son-in-law Robert WHETTALL, esq, and Jane his wife 100 marks.
To his brother-in-law John DRAKE and Amy his wife 20 marks.
The rest of his will shews him to have been a person of sound judgment and a master of economy.
His executors were Dame Maud, his wife, his brother-in-law Edmund SPECCOTT esq, John BEAUCHAMP, his brother-in-law John KILLIGREW, and John BEVILL esquires.

He made a codicil to his will, dated at Stowe, 3rd January 1550/51*, and another on 10th March, and another on the 15th of March 1550/51*, which was but three days before his death.