Will of Sir Thomas Graynfield (1514)

Proved 12 May 1514

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PROB 11/17, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Name of Register: Fetiplace

Transcribed by David Carter

In da Nomine Amen. The 20th day of March the yere of our Lord god 1514, I Sir Thomas GRAYNFELD Knight in my hoole mynde make my Testament in maner and forme folowing.
First I bequeth my soule to almighty god and to our blessid lady and to all the hooly saints in hevyn, my body to be buryed in the church erthe of Bedyford in the South est parte of the channcell dore where my mynde is yf I lyve to make an altare and a preste to sing there to pray for me and myn annsetos and heires for ever, the saide preist and poremen to be put in by the discretion of myn heires and executor.
Farther I will that my said chappell whenne so ever it be made and the church of Bedford the meane season have my Cope of Tissue and my vestment of the same and a suet of blake velvet to be made of suych velvet golvinys(?) as I have by the discretion of myn heires and executors. Also I will that John GREYNFELDE yf he be disposed to be a preste to have the next avoydance of one of the benfic of Bedyford or of Kykehmton and yf he wilbe noo preste that thenne my sonne Roger GRAYNFELDE and his heires see hym have sum reasonable leving of landes by theyr discretions.
Item: I will that my sonne Roger shall mary my daughter Oner and to gyve her in mariage CCC markes in money to be levied of my lands and goods.
Item: I will that my daughter Jan which I had by my last wyff to have CC marks in lyke maner to be leveyde of my goods and lands provided allway that yf the said Oner and Jane fortune to dye or ever theybe maryed of ellis yf they mary contrary to the mynde consent and agreement and will of my saide sonne Roger that thenne they to have nothing of the saide money, byt thenne the said money whenne it is so levied to be disposed for my soulle by the discretion of my sonne Roger.
Item: I geve to the church of Bedyford and to the Brige of Bydyford £6.13s.4d.
Item: to the church of Kilkhapton £4.
Roger sonne I well desyr yow as my trust is in yow to doe this my will performed and fulfillid and yow I make myn executor.

Transcriber's Note: (Gt gt grandfather of the celebrated Sir Richard GRENVILLE)