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Watkins, J. An Essay Towards a History of Bideford in the County of Devon.

Exeter: Printed by E. Grigg (1792) xii + 276p.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The full text of this book has been made available by Google Books. Search for the author and title at The book is dedicated by its author to George Buck of Daddon, in the county of Devon, Esq.
Mr Hugh Adams, Barnstaple
Mr John Ambrose, Bristol
Mr Samuel Arnold, Little Torrington
Mr Thos. Arter, Barnstaple
Mr James Aspeme, London
Mr Laurence Alford, Wear Gifford
George Buck, Esq., Daddon, 2 copies
Mrs Buck, Bideford
Tobias Baylis, Esq., Bristol
Miss Banbury, Bideford
Thomas Berry, Esq., Eastleigh
Mr John Bishop, Bideford
Daniel Braithwaite, Esq., London
Mr Thos. Burnard, Bideford
Mr Wm. Browne, Bookseller, Bristol, 6 copies
Mr George Brayley, Bideford
Mr Butson, Bristol
Isaac Byers, Esq. Bideford
Mr Rich. Burch, Bristol
Mr Wm. Burch, ditto
Mr J. Buckingham, London
Mr Thomas Blunt, ditto
Mr Isaac Burges, Falmouth
Mr Samuel Bremridge, Barnstaple
Mr John Bowen, Bideford
Mr Thos Bowen, Swansea
Thomas Cummings, Esq. Teingmouth
Mr Hugh Cann, Holdsworthy
Mr Cazel, Exeter
Mr Wm. Chappel, Appledore
Mr James Chappel, ditto
Mr John Copner, Bideford
Mr Richard Chapman, Northam
Mr Edw. Chapman, Monkleigh
Rev. Mr Darracott, Taunton
Archibald Douglas, Esq. Bideford
Mr Benj. Donne, Bristol
Mr John Debrett, Bookseller, London, 2 copies
Mr John Doidge, Bideford
Mr Wm. Doidge, Bideford
Martin Dunsford, Esq. Tiverton
The Right Hon. the Earl of Exeter
Mr Daniel Ebeling, Hamburg
Mr Samuel Elliot, Barnstaple
Mr Wm. Edwards, Bideford
Mr James Ellis, ditto
Mr Richard Eastman, ditto
Mr Archibald Ewing, Barnstaple
The Right Hon. Earl Fortescue
Mr R. Fauider, Bookseller, London, 25 copies
Mr Andrew Foord, Great Yarmouth
Faithful Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, Bideford
Mr J.W. Glubb, Bideford
Mr Alex Gunniss, ditto
Mr John Grindley, ditto
Mr Thomas Griffiths, ditto
John Gifford, Esq. Dublin
Mr E. Grigg, Printer, Exeter, 12 copies
Good Intention Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in the 2nd Regiment of North Devon Militia
The Right Hon. Lord Harrowby
James Hamlyn, Esq. Clovelly Court
Mr Robert Hamlyn, Bideford
Mr John Handford, ditto
Mr Thos. Handford, ditto
Mr John Harvie, ditto
Mr Thos. Hammett, ditto
Mr John Graham Hewett, ditto
William Heywood, Esq. ditto
George Heywood, Esq. ditto
Richard Hoare, Esq.
Mr John Hore, Bideford
Mr Wm. Heay, ditto
Mr Clement Heard, ditto
Mr John Heard, ditto
Mr Robert Heard, ditto
Mr John Hearding, ditto
Mr John Hearding, ditto
_____ Hedges, Esq. Welcome House, Somerset
Jeremiah Harman, Esq. London
Mrs Ann Hanson, Bristol
Ozias Humphrey, Esq. London
Mr Hazard, Bookseller, Bath, 2 copies
John Heysett, Esq. Bradford, Devon
Mr George Hogg, Bideford
Mr G. Hirtzell, Exeter
Rev. Mr Johnes, Rector of St John Baptist, Bristol
Wm. Jackson, Esq., Bideford
Mr John Jewell, ditto, 2 copies
Mr Edw. Jenkins, Northam
Mr John Illman, Bideford
Rev. Mr Keats, Tiverton
Mr Ambrose King, Bristol
Rev. Mr Samuel Lavington, Bideford
Sam. Lichygaray, London
Rich. Lawrence, Esq. London
Mr James Ley, Bideford
Mr Thomas Ley, Monkleigh
Mr Stephen Ley, Bristol
Mr Francis Lyon, Bideford, 2 copies
Mr Richard Littlewort, London
Rev. Mr Morrison, Yeo
Rev. Mr Thos. Morrison, New College, Oxford
Rev. Mr Thos. Moore, Torrington
Mr John Marks, Bideford
Mr John Martyn, ditto
Mr Wm. Mathews, ditto
Mr Robert Maine, ditto
Thos. Mackenzie, Esq. Plymouth
Peter Nouaille, Esq. Seven Oak, Kent
Paul Orchard, Esq. Hartland Abbey
Rev. Mr Polwhele, Kenton
Rev. Mr Richard Pitt, Grosvenor-street, London
Mr James Philips, Bookseller, ditto, 2 copies
Mr Thos. Philips, Bideford
Mr Richard Preston, Ashburton
Mr John Pitt, Barnstaple
Mr Philip Peard, Bideford
Mr Theodore Price, Birmingham
Isaac Reed, Esq. London
Mr John Rawle, Bideford
George Rooke, Esq., ditto
Mrs Rooke
Mess. Rivington, Booksellers, London, 2 copies
Mr James Rickord, Exeter
The Right Hon. Marquis of Stafford, 2 copies
Sir John Smith, Bart. Sydlin, Dorset
Rev. Mr Wm. Smith, A.M., Rector of Bideford, 2 copies
Rev. Martin Stafford Smith, B.D., Prior Park, Somerset
Mr Wm. Smith, Bideford
Mr Thomas Smith, ditto
Mr James Smith, London
Mr John Sewell, Bookseller, ditto, 12 copies
Mr Wm. Sewell, ditto
Henry Stephens, Esq. Cross, Devon
Mr Thos. Sciance, Bideford
Mr James Sciance, Barnstaple
Mr Robert Shute, Bideford
Mr George Stavely, ditto
Mr Thos. Stapledon, ditto
Mr Daniel Salter, Tiverton
Allen Tucker, Esq. Bideford
Mr John Torr, Exeter College, Oxford
Mr Wm. Tunnard, London
Rev. Mr J. Toulmin, Taunton
Mr Peter Upjohn, Bideford
Wm. Vaughan, Esq. London
Mr Thos. Vickery, Bideford
Rev. Mr Wm. Walter, A.M., Master of the Grammar School, Bideford
Rev. Mr Richard Walter, Milton-Damerel, Devon
Mr John Willcock, Bideford
Mr Stephen Willcock, ditto
Rev. Mr Williams, Hartland
Mr John White, Bideford
Mr Peter White, London
Mr Richard Watkins, Bristol
Mr Wm. Watkins, Bideford
Mr J.B. Willyams, St John's College, Cambridge, 2 copies
Mr Henry Whitechurch, Tavistock
Mr Josias Wren, Bideford
Mr Rich. Wheeler, ditto
Mr Thos. Wright, London
Mr Thomas Wills, Torrington