Will of William Pyke, Master Mariner of Bideford

Proved 20 July 1827

© Crown Copyright

PROB 11/1728/296, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by Ros Dunning

I William Pyke of Bideford in the County of Devon master mariner knowing the uncertainty of life and being in Charity this day with all mankind do declare this to be my last Will and Testament in the first place I give and bequeath unto Mary Pyke my beloved wife every inch of land and all my Chattels property that I am possessed of only with this proviso that if she gets married after my decease then the whole of my land & chattell property to be equally divided share and share alike unto my four Children whose names are as follows Grace Pyke Benjamin R Pyke Mary Pyke & John Pyke after my just debts & funeral expences being paid by them the reason of my disposing of my property to my Children is because I am well assured that every man ought to provide for his own wife and if she becomes the wife of another man after my decease then as I have said before my four Children are to become owners of the whole of my property and to do with it as they shall best adjudge but if it shall please God to take my life before my two youngest Children shall arrive at the age of twenty one years then it is my request that their uncle Mr Jno Jewell shall act as trust for them during their minority I will again repeat what I have before said respecting my wife Mary Pyke I give unto her all the property I am possessed of whether in land or Chattle provided she remains in her Widowhood but as soon as she becomes the wife of another then the whole of my disposable property whether land or Chattel shall be shared & divided equally between my four Children Grace Ben Mary & John Pyke and if Mary Pyke remains in her widowhood and dies without becoming the wife of another then after her decease my four Children shall become sole and joint owners of what may be left as this is the wish of W Pyke he expects his Will may be complied with William Pyke August 13th 1826 Witnesses Names Robt Ley Robert Jewell

20 July 1827 Administration with Will annexed to Mary Pyke the relict