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Help and advice for Bideford Union Workhuse 1871

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Bideford Union Workhuse, Higher Meddon St.

From the 1871 Census, FHL British Film 0834864

Transcribed by Betsy Rubel (beharu[at]sbcglobal[dot]net)

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Name Relation to Head Cond. Age Sex Occupation Born (Devon unless noted) Other
George Eastman Head Mar 29 m Master of Workhouse Alwington  
Ellen Eastman Wife Mar 32 f Matron of Workhouse Ashburton  
Percy G. Eastman son   7 m   Bideford  
Laura Finewell officer unm 20 f schoolmistress Starcross  
Wiliam Ha(o?)rtap serv unm 24 m house porter Northam  
Mary Jones serv Mar 35 f nurse Barnstaple  
John Brinecombe inmate unm 12 m scholar Abbotsham  
Thomas Darch inmate   11 m scholar Abbotsham  
Lilley Hearn inmate   6 f scholar North Tawton  
Ellen Doug inmate   10 f scholar Bideford  
Samuel Thorne inmate wid 85 m pensioner Chelsea Bideford  
William Mitchell inmate   9 m scholar Bideford  
John Wakeley inmate wid 84 m form. Farm labourer Cornwall, Stratton  
William Gabriel inmate wid 76 m form. shoemaker Huntshaw  
Alfred Hookway inmate   11 m scholar Bideford  
William Gowman inmate wid 82 m form. shoemaker Bideford  
George Hookway inmate   9 m scholar Bideford  
George Hore inmate   5 m scholar Bideford  
Sarah Colwill inmate   6 f scholar Bideford  
Alice Cole inmate   10 f scholar Bideford  
Elizabeth Hore inmate   7 f scholar Bideford  
Grace Branch inmate unm 32 f form. Domestic serv. Bulkworthy  
Philip Branch inmate   6 m scholar Bideford  
Mary Branch inmate   3 f scholar Bideford  
Sarah Folland inmate unm 66 f laundress Bideford  
Ophelia Gowman inmate ? 40 f   Glouc., Bristol deaf & dumb
William Pickard inmate wid 81 m sailor Clovelly  
Ann Keats inmate unm 65 f form. Serv. Bideford Imbecile
Mary A Wescott inmate unm 36 f form. Serv. Bideford Imbecile
Ann Blight inmate wid 85 f form. Domestic serv. Langtree  
Lucy Hooper inmate   9 f scholar Bideford  
John Hooper inmate   7 f scholar Bideford  
Eveline Hooper inmate   5 f scholar Bideford  
Fanny Mock inmate unm 40 f   Bideford Imbecile
Nicholas Cummins inmate wid 80 m form. Landsurveyor Kingstone  
Edward Mackseth inmate unm 27 m form. Ironmonger Glou., Bristol  
Thomas Cole inmate unm 37 m pensioner Chelsea Northam  
James Gould inmate Mar 48 m farm labourer Northam  
William Lopell inmate wid 61 m white smith IOW, East Cowes  
Mary A Williams inmate unm 23 f servant Exmouth  
John B Williams inmate   1mon m   Bideford  
Elizabeth Piper inmate unm 84 f form. Serv. Bideford  
Charles Bale inmate   9 m scholar Abbotsham  
Thomas Bale inmate   7 m scholar Abbotsham  
Mary Jane Bale inmate   6 f scholar Abbotsham  
Maria Bale inmate   5 f scholar Abbotsham  
John Gibbons inmate unm 25 m farm labourer Bideford  
Mary Long inmate unm 36 f glove maker Littleham  
Priscilla Long inmate   10 f scholar Bideford  
William H Long inmate   2 m   Buckland Brewer  
Ann Short inmate unm 26 f form. Dom. Serv. Buckland Brewer Imbecile
Ann Champion inmate unm 40 f form. Dom. Serv. Buckland Brewer  
William Champion inmate   8 m scholar Bideford  
George Champion inmate   1 m   Bideford  
Harriet Braddon inmate unm 40 f form. General serv. Abbots Bickington  
Emily Braddon inmate   8 f scholar Abbots Bickington  
Thomas Turner inmate unm 75? m form. Labourer Clovelly  
Elvia Ever inmate wid 65 f form. Dom. Serv. Clovelly  
Selina Burman inmate unm 28 f form. Dom. Serv. Clovelly  
Thomas Burman inmate   7 m scholar Bideford  
William Burman inmate   3 m scholar Bideford  
Thomas Gay inmate wid 76 m farm labourer Woolfardisworthy  
Mary I Doyle inmate unm 19 f domestic servent Bideford  
Mary Doyle inmate   2 f   Bideford  
Elizabeth Moase inmate unm 75 f form. Serv. Clovelly  
Richard Shute inmate unm 33 m   Hartland deaf & dumb since birth
Laura Williams inmate unm 18 f form. Serv. Hartland  
William Colwill inmate Mar 47? m farm labourer Hartland  
William Bond inmate   12 m scholar Hartland  
Bryant Walters inmate   4 m scholar Hartland  
Charlotte Adams inmate unm 30 f farm serv Woolfardisworthy  
James H. Adams inmate   under mon     Bideford  
Elizabeth Curtis inmate unm 36 f form. Serv. Thorborough  
John Barry inmate unm 97? m form. Labourer Tiverton  
John Batten inmate unm 50 m form. Labourer Northam  
James Cann inmate unm 67 m form. General serv. Bideford  
Michael Moore inmate unm 76 m form. Farm labourer Georgeham  
Samuel Griffiths inmate   8 m scholar Northam  
Henry Chops inmate   11 m scholar Northam  
Elizabeth Gregory inmate unm 40 f   Northam idiot
Ann Kelly inmate wid 75 f form. Dom. Serv. Georgeham  
Mary E Ford inmate unm 10 f scholar Northam  
Sarah A Ford inmate   6 f schoal Northam  
Elizabeth A Borden inmate unm 18 f domestic servant Northam  
Mary A Borden inmate   under mon f   Bideford  
Elizabeth Evans inmate wid 72 f form. Dom. Serv. Northam  
Elizabeth Toliffe inmate unm 47 f form. Dom. Serv. Parkham  
John Palmer inmate   7 m scholar Parkham  
Alice Palmer inmate   9 f scholar Parkham  
John Bell inmate   10 m scholar West Putford  
Elizabeth Ashton inmate unm 75 f form. Serv. Welcombe  
William Goodenough inmate unm 44 m shoemaker Woolfardisworthy  
George Glover inmate   10 m scholar Woolfardisworthy  

Brian Randell, 12 Nov 2000