Name Index


Prominent Living Devonians

The Devonian Year Book, London: The Devonian Association, (1911) illus. pp. 42-61.


R. Pearse Chope

Prepared by Michael Steer

National pride in the industrial might of Britain and its growing Empire during the Victorian and Edwardian eras generated an increased public awareness of regional identity. Devon literature of that period became no longer just of interest to antiquarians or tourists. There was a growing market for it among Devonians, including those expatriates who formed Devonian associations in London and elsewhere. The London Devonian Association published a yearbook for many years. This article by the yearbook's editor provides an index of prominent living Devonians and was compiled from the pages of 'Who's Who'. The article is intended to supplement Chope's earlier article 'The Worthies of Devon' that appeared in the Association's 1910 yearbook. An original (print) copy of the year book is held at the University of Toronto Library and was produced from a digital copy that can be downloaded from: https://books.google.co.uk/books with a search by either author or title, and also from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Abbott, Lt Col. Frederick William DSO 42
Abell, Westcott Style M Inst N A 42
Ackland, Mabel Frederica 42
Ackland, William Alfred 42
Acland, Rt Hon Arthur Herbert Dyke, PC, MA, LLD 42
Acland, Sir Charles Thomas Dyke, MA, JP, DL 42
Acland, Francis Dyke 42
Acland, Gertrude 42
Acland, Sir Henry W, Bt 43
Acland, Reginald B D, KC 43
Acland, Theodore Dyke MA, MD, FRCP 43
Acland, Rt Hon Thomas Dyke Bt 42
Acland, Sir William Alison Dyke Bt CVO, JP 43
Addington, Hon Gerald Anthony Pellew Bagnell 43
Addington, William Wells DL, JP 58
Amory, Anne 51
Amory, Samuel 51
Anderson, Rt Rev Ernest Augustus DD 43, 57
Angel, Capt T Lumbard DSO 43
Applin, Captain Reginald V K, DSO 43
Applin, Captain Vincent Jessop 43
Baird, Mrs Edith Elena Helen 43
Baker, Andrew Clement (Arthur Clements) 43
Baldry, Alfred 43
Baldry, Alfred Lys 43
Balfour, George Edmond 43-4
Balfour, Georgiana Mary 44
Balfour, Col. John Edmond Heugh DSO, JP 43
Balfour, Major Kenneth Robert JP 43
Bampfylde, Coplestone Richard George Warwick, DL, JP 56
Bampfylde, Hon George Wentworth Warwick 43
Bardens, Emily Kate 55
Bardens, J 55
Baring, Hon Cecil 43
Baring, Lt Col. The Hon Everard CVO 43
Baring, Hon Hugo 43
Baring, John PC 57
Baring, Louisa Emily 43
Baring, Hon Maurice 43
Baring-Gould, Edward 43
Baring-Gould, Rev Sabine MA, JP 43
Barnes, Irene 60
Barnes, Preb. R H 44
Barnes, Major Reginald Walter DSO 44
Barnes, Rev R H 60
Barry, John Arthur 44
Bartlett, G T 44
Bartlett, Sir Herbert Fogelstrom Kt ISO 44
Barttleot, Georgiana Mary 44
Barttelot, Sir Walter Balfour Bt 44
Bastard, Caroline 44
Bastard, Edmund Pollexfen MP 44
Bastard, Rev William Pollexfen 44
Batson, Colonel Herbert CB 44
Baulkwill, Rev William Robert Kellaway 44
Belfield, Henry Conway CMG 44
Belfield, John 44
Bellamy, Sir Joseph Arthur Kt JP 44
Bellamy, Susan 44
Beresford, Hon Cecil Hugh W 44
Besley, Rev Walter Philip MA 44
Bickford, Admiral Andrew Kennedy CMG 44
Bickford, W 44
Blakeney, Capt. Robert Byron Drury DSO 44
Blakeney, William RN 44
Body, Rev George DD 44
Boles, Florence Lucy 44
Boles, Rev James Thomas 44
Boles, Rev Richard Henry 44
Bond, John 44
Bond, Rt Hon Sir Robert PC, KCMG, LLD 44
Bone, Allan Belfield 44
Bone, Rev Frederic James MA 44
Bone, Jane Anne 44
Borwick, George 45
Borwick, Sir Robert H, Kt JP 45
Bosworth, Col William John 45
Boucicault, Dion 60
Boucicault, Irene 60
Bourchier, Arthur 60
Bourchier, Violet 60
Bovey, Henry Taylor FRS, DCL, LLD 45
Bowring, Edgar Alfred CB 45
Bowring, Sir John 45
Bowring, Lewin Bentham CSL, JP 45
Boyce, Rev Canon Francis Bertie 45
Boyle, Rev William Skinner 45
Bradford, Elizabeth Baker 47
Bradford, Rev Robert 47
Bradford, Sarah Mary 46
Bradford, William 46
Brown, Frederick, ISO 45
Brown, Joseph 45
Buck, Lewis William 53
Buck, Louisa 53
Bucknill, Sir J C, FRS 45
Bucknill, Hon Thomas Townsend 45
Buller, Louisa 56
Bulteel, John 43, 57
Bulteel, Louisa Emily 43, 57
Buzacott, Charles Hardie 45
Buzacott, James 45
Carpenter, John 45
Carpenter-Garnier, John MA, DL, JP 45
Carpenter, Mary Louisa 45
Cator, Albemarle 45
Cator, John JP 45
Cator, Mary Molesworth Cordelia 45
Cave, Sir Charles Daniel Bt, DL, JP 45
Cave, Daniel 45
Chanter, Elizabeth 45
Chanter, John 45
Chanter, Hon John Moore MHR, JP 45
Charlewood, Admiral Edward Phillipps 44
Charlewood, Florence Lucy 44
Chichester, Lt Col Arlington Augustus DSO 45
Chichester, Sir Edward George Bt 45
Chichester, Major Gen J O 45
Churchward, Robert 61
Churchward, Susan Annie 61
Churston, Bertha 54
Churston, Lord 54
Clark, Caroline Maud 60
Clark, W J DL, JP 60
Clarke, Rev J S Childs 45
Clarke, Rev S Childs 45
Clayden, Arthur William MA 45-6
Clifford, Ethel (Mrs Fisher Wentworth Dilke) 46
Clifford, Baron Lewis Henry Hugh BA, DL 46
Clifford, W K, FRS 46
Clifford, Hon William Hugh 46
Clinton, Baron Charles John Robert  
Hepburn- Stuart- Forbes-Trefusis DL, JP 45-6, 60-1
Clinton, Mary Louisa 45
Colborne, Elizabeth Beatrice 58
Colborne, John Reginald Upton, DL, JP 58
Coleridge, Baron Bernard John Seymour Coleridge 46
Coleridge, Christobel Rose 46
Coleridge, Rev Derwent 46
Coleridge, Ernest Hartley MA 46
Coleridge, Rev F J 46
Coleridge, Hon Geoffrey Duke 46
Coleridge, Hon Gilbert James Duke MA 46
Coleridge, Lord Chief Justice 46
Coleridge, Lt Col Hugh Fortescue DSO 46
Coleridge, Sarah Mary 46
Coleridge, Hon Stephen MA 46
Collier, John 46
Collier, Hon John 46
Collier, John Francis 46
Collings, Rt Hon Jesse PC, MP 46
Collings, Thomas 46
Collins, Caroline Matilda 60
Collins, Lt Arthur Luce Trelawny, RA 60
Cook, Theodore Andrea MA, FSA 46
Cornish, Rev C J 46
Cornish, C J, DL, JP 46
Cornish, Rev Ebenezer Darrel 46
Cornish, John Lawrence 46
Cornish, Rt Rev John Rundle DD 46, 58
Cornish, Vaughan DSc, FGS, FCS, FRGS 46
Cornwall, Andrew 47
Cornwall, Sir Edwin, Kt, MP, LCC, DL, JP 47
Coryndon, Robert Thorne 47
Coryndon, Selby 47
Couchman, Rev Henry 47
Couchman, Rev Reginald Henry MA 47
Courtenay, Lord Charles Pepys 48
Courtenay, Col Edward Reginald CB 47
Courtenay, Rt Rev Frederick DD 47
Courtenay, Major G H 47
Courtenay, Hon Rev Henry Hugh 47
Courtenay, Lord Henry Reginald 47
Courtenay, Rev S 47
Cowie, Captain Henry Edward Colvin DSO 47
Cowie, H G 47
Crabbe, Herbert Ernest 47
Crabbe, William Glanville 47
Crediton, Bishop of 60
Croft, Sir Alfred Woodley KCIE, JP 47
Croft, C W 47
Cummings, William Hayman MusD, FSA, Hon RAM 47
Cutcliffe, Edith 48
Cutcliffe, George 48
Dangar, Rev James George VD, DD 47
D'Arcy, William Knox 47
Davey, Henry MInstCE, FGS 47
Davey, Jonathan 47
David, Rev Albert Augustus MA 47
David, Rev William 47
Davie, Major Arthur Francis Ferguson CIE, DSO 47
Davie, Fanny Julia 61
Davie, Sir H Ferguson Bt 47, 61
Davie, Sir William Augustus Ferguson, Bt. CB, MA 47
Davies, Major Charles Henry DSO 48
Davies, Maj-Gen F J 48
Davy, Edith 48
Davy, John Croote 48
Davy, Richard FRCS, FRSE 48
Derry, Capt Arthur DSO 48
Derry, William 48
Desborough, Henry 48
Desborough, Maj-Gen John CB 48
Deshon, Rev H C 48, 60
Deshon, H F 48
Deshon, Rosa 60
Dobson, Henry Austin LLD, FRLS 48
Douglas, Rev Philip W 48
Douglas, Sir Robert Kennaway Kt 48
Doveton, Captain 48
Doveton, Frederick Bazett 48
Dowell, Rev W 48
Dowell, Admiral; Sir William Montague GCB, DL, JP 48
Drake, Elizabeth Beatrice 58
Drake, Sir Francis George Augustus, Fuller-Elliott Bt 48, 58
Drummond, Sir James Hamlyn Williams Bt, CB 48
Duke, Henry Edward KC 48
Dunn, Albert Edward 48
Dunn, William Henry JP 48
Dunning, Sir Edward Harris Kt, JP 48
Dunning, Richard 48
Durston, Sir Albert John KCB 48
Earle, Rt Rev Alfred DD 48-9, 54
Earle, Henry FRCS 54
Easterbrook, James MA 49
Ebrington, Viscount Hugh William Fortescue 49
Edgcumbe, Sir Edward Robert Pearce Kt, LLD, JP, DL 49
Edmonds, Rev Walter John BD 49
Edwards, Rev N W 49
Edwards, Captain William Frederick Savery DSO 49
Ellicombe, George 49
Ellicombe, Mary Lilly Grace 49
Ellis, Sir Herbert Mackay KCB, LLD, FRCS, JP 49
Ellis, John 49
Ellis, Mary Lilly Grace 49
Elwes, Major Lincoln Edmund Cary DSO 49
Elwes, R J C 49
Eve, Beatrice Wright 49
Eve, Hon Sir Harry Trelawney Kt 49
Exmouth, Viscount 49
Follett, Charles CB 49
Follett, Sir Charles John Kt, CB, BCL, MA 49
Follett, John 49
Follett, Colonel Robert William Webb 49
Follett, Captain Spencer 49
Follett, Sir William Webb MP 49
Foote, Captain John RN 49
Foote, John Alderson KC 49
Fortescue, Col Hon Charles Granville CMG, DSO 49
Fortescue, Earl Hugh 49
Fortescue, Hon John William MVO 49
Fortescue, Captain Hon Seymour John RN, CMG, KCVO 49
Foulerton, Captain Alexander 50
Foulerton, Alexander Grant Russell FRCS 50
Foweraker, A Moulson BA, RBA 50
Foweraker, Rev E T 50
Fowler, Rev Hugh MA 60
Francis, Augustus Lawrence MA 50
Francis, Elizabeth Baker 47
Francis, William 47
Froude, Ashley Anthony CMG, BA, JP 50
Froude, James Anthony 50
Froude, Venerable R H 54
Froude, Robert Edmund CE, FRS 50
Froude, William CE, FRS 50
Fuller, Capt Rose Henry RN 48
Furlong, Lucy 52
Furlong, Thomas 52
Furneaux, Very Rev William Mordaunt DD 50
Furneaux, Rev W D 50
Furse, Charles Wellington 50, 56
Furse, John Henry Monsell 50
Furse, Rt Rev Michael Bolton MA 50, 56
Furse, Lt Col. William Thomas DSO 50
Garratt, Frances Lucy 50
Garratt, Col. Francis Sudlow CB, DSO 50
Garratt, Lt Col. John Arthur Thomas DL, JP 50
Garratt, Rev Sudlow 50
Garvice, Charles 50
Garvice, Captain Chudleigh DSO 50
Gerrans, Henry Tresawna MA, FRAS, FCS, FSA 50
Gervis, F S, JP 50
Gervis, Henry MD, FRCP, FSA, JP 50
Giffard, Hardinge Goulburn 59
Giffard, Hardinge Stanley FRS, MA, PC, JP 51
Giffard, Stanley Lees LLD 51
Gifford, Charles Edwin CB, RN 50
Gill, Allen, FRAM 50
Glanville, Ernest 50
Godwin-Austen, Lt Col Henry Haversham FRS, FZS, FRGS, JP 51
Godwin-Austen, Robert A C, FSA 51
Gosse, Edmund LLD 51
Gosse, P H, FRS 51
Gould, Alec Carruthers RBA 51
Gould, Edward Blencoe ISO 51
Gould, Sir Francis Carruthers Kt 51
Gould, Rev John Nutcombe 51
Gould, R D 51
Granville, Bernard 51
Granville, Rev Sub-Dean Roger MA 51
Gratwicke, Major George Frederick VD 51
Gribble, Francis Henry 51
Haggerston, Sir John de Marie, Bt 51
Haggerston, Sarah 51
Hale, Lt Col George Ernest DSO 51
Hale, G W 51
Halsbury, Earl of 51, 59
Hammick, Sir St Vincent Alexander Bt 51
Harris, Charles BA 51
Harris, James Rendel MA, LittD, LLD 51
Harris, John 51
Harrison, Mary St Leger (Lucas Malet) 51
Harrison, Rev William 51
Head, Rev A T 51
Head, Ernest 51
Heath, Francis George 51
Heathcote, Anne 51
Heathcote, John 51
Heathcote-Amory, Sir John Heathcote Bt, DL, JP 51
Heaven, Rev Hudson Grosett MA 52
Heaven, W H 52
Heberden, Charles Buller MA 52
Heberden Rev W 52
Hebersen, William Buller CB, JP 52
Hedgeland, Lucy 52
Hedgeland, Rev Philip 52
Hedgeland, Samuel L 52
Hicks, Beatrice Jeanie 61
Hicks, Dr Philip 61
Hodge, Frederick Webb 52
Holley, Major Gen Edmund Hunt JP 52
Holley, J H 52
Holt, Colonel William John CB 52
Hooper, Major Richard Grenside DSO 52
Hoskin, John LLD, KC, DCL 52
Hounsell, Beatrice Wright 49
Hounsell, H Strangwells MD 49
Hunt, Henry Carew 52
Hunt, Major Gen Robert Augustus Carew JP 52
Iddesleigh, Earl of 52, 55, 58
Ilbert, Sir Courtenay Peregrine KCB, KCSI, CIE 52
Inglefield, Brigadier General Norman Bruce CB, DSO 52
Inglefield, Rear Admiral V O 52
Jackson, Frank Stather 52
Jackson, J H 52
Jackson, George FRCS, JP 52
Jackson, Rev Percival MA 52
Jane, Frederick T 52
Jane, Rev John 52
Johnston, Elizabeth 52
Johnston, Rev George 52
Johnston, Rev J O, MA 52
Julian, Lieut Col Oliver, Richard Archer CMG 53
Julian, Captain Thomas Archer 53
Kane, W F de Vismes DL, JP, MRIA, FES 53
Karslake, Rev W J, JP 53
Karslake, Sir William Wollaston Kt, KC 53
Kekewich, Sir George William KCB, DCL, JP 53
Kekewich, Louisa 53
Kekewich, Major General Robert George CB 53
Kekewich, S C 53
Kekewich, Trehawke 53
Kekewich, Trehawke Herbert 53
Kennaway, Rt Hon Sir John Henry Bt CB, PC 53
Kenney, Colonel Arthur Herbert CMG, DSO 53
Kenney, Captain E H, RN 53
Kernahan, Coulson 53
Kernahan, Dr James MA, FGS 53
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge MA, FSA, FRHistS 53
Kingsford, Helen 53
Kingsford, Rev Sampson 53
Kingsley, Charles 51
Kinloch, Maj-Gen Alexander, Angus, Airlie CB, DL, JP 53
Kinloch, Colonel John Grant 53
Kirkwood, Col. Carleton Hooper Morrison DSO 53
Kirkwood, Captain John Heneley Morrison JP, MP 53
Kirkwood, J N 53
Kirkwood, J T 53
Knight, Henry 51
Knight, Sarah 51
Knowling, Elizabeth 53
Knowling, Hon George 53
Knowling, Prebendary 53
Knowling, Rev Richard John 53
Lambert, George MP 53
Lane-Jackson, Nichols 53
Langley, Beatrice Cordelia Auchmuty (Mrs Basil Tozer) 54, 59
Langley, Colonel W S 54
Langman, Sir John Lawrence Bt 54
Langman, Joseph 54
Leslie, Georgina Frances 58
Leslie, Martin Leslie 58
Leslie, Norman Evelyn 58
Lethbridge, Lt Col Sir Alfred Swaine KCSI, JP 54
Lethbridge, Helen 53
Lethbridge, John F 42
Lethbridge, Mabel Frederica 42
Lethbridge, Sir Roper KCIE, DL, JP 54
Lethbridge, Susan 54
Lethbridge, W F 54
Lethbridge, William 53
Lilly, William 54
Lilly, William Samuel MA, JP 54
Lindsay, Hon Colin 54
Lindsay, Leonard Cecil Colin FSA 54
Llewellyn, Col. Evan Henry DL, JP 54
Llewellyn, L 54
Lockyer, Edmund 54
Lockyer, Nicholas Colston ISO 54
Longmead, Sarah Anne 59
Longmead, William 59
Lopes, Bertha 54
Lopes, Sir Henry Yarde Buller Bt, JP 54
Lowe, George Shortland 54
Lowe, Peter Stanley 54
Lyte, Sir Henry Churchill Maxwell- KCB, MA, FSA 54
Lyte, J W Maxwell- 54
Mallet, Claude Coventry CMG 54
Mallet, Hugh 54
Mallock, W H 54
Mallock, William 54
Marker, Richard DL, JP 54
Marker, Rev T J 54
Martin, George Peter CB, RN, JP 55
Martin, John RN 55
Martyr, Lt Col. Cyril Godfrey DSO 55
Martyr, Joseph 55
May, Bessie 57
May, William 57
May, Colonel William Allen CB 55
McKenzie, Captain Joseph 54
McKenzie, Marian FRAM 54
Medland, Sophia 57
Mellor, Rt Hon John William PC, DL, KC 55
Mellor, Rt Hon Sir John 55
Michell, John 55
Michell, Hon Sir Lewis Kt 55
Mildmay, Francis Bingham MP, JP 55
Mildmay, H B 55
Miles, George 55
Miles, Alfred Henry ISO 55
Mohun,-Harris, C A 45
Mohun-Harris, Mary Molesworth Cordelia 45
Monkswell, Lord 46
Moore, Elizabeth 45
Morgan, Elizabeth 52
Morgan, James Gordon MD 52
Morley, Earl of 55
Mowbray, Sir Robert Gray Cornish Bt, DL, JP 55
Nation, William Hamilton Codrington 55
Norcock, Vice Admiral Charles James 55
Norcock, Commander John Henry RN 55
Norris, Sir William 55
Norris, William Edward 55
Northcote, Baron Henry Stafford CCMG, GCIE, CB 55
Northcote, Rev the Hon John Stafford 55
Northcote, Lady Rosalind Lucy 55
Northcote, Viscount Stafford Henry 58
Northcote, Earl Walter Stafford 52
Odgers, William Blake LLD, KC 55
Odgers, Rev W J 55
Oram, Emily Kate 55
Oram, Rear Admiral Sir Henry J, KCB 55
Oram, J J 55
Orpen, Rev E C 57
Orpen, Emily Maud 57
Owen, James George 55
Palmer, Captain Arthur Percy DSO 56
Palmer, Rev Canon 49
Palmer, Clara Jane 49
Palmer, J T 56
Parker, Edmund Robert JP 55
Parr, Robert John 56
Parsons, Major-General Sir Charles KCMG, CB, FRGS 56
Parsons, John 56
Paterson, William 56
Paterson, William Bromfield FRCS, LDS 56
Pearce, Edward 49
Pearce, Clara Jane 49
Peek, Sir Wilfred Bt 56
Pellew, Viscount Edward Addington Hargreaves 49
Perring, Rev Sir Philip Bt 56
Peters, Major William Henry Brooke JP 56
Peters, W H 56
Phillpotts, Captain Arthur Stephen, RN, JP 56
Phillpotts, Eden 56
Phillpotts, Bishop Henry 56
Phillpotts, Captain Henry 56
Phillpotts, James Surtees MA, BCL 56
Phillpotts, Louisa 56
Pilditch, Philip Edward LCC 56
Pine-Coffin, Major John Edward DSO 56
Pine-Coffin, J R 56
Pinkham, William 45
Pinkham, Rt Rev William Cyprian DD 45, 56
Pitman, Charles Edward CIE, FRGS 56
Pitman, Captain J C, RN 56
Pole, Sir Edward Reginald Talbot de la, Bt 56
Poltimore, Baron 43, 56
Ponsonby, Captain Charles 56
Ponsonby, Rev S G, MA 56
Porter, Rev E J 56
Porter, Brig. General Thomas Cole, CB, JP 56
Portsmouth, Earl of 56, 60
Praed, Susan 61
Praed, William Mackworth 61
Pretoria, Bishop of 50, 56
Radcliffe, Emily Maud 57
Radcliffe, Major Jasper Fitzgerald DSO 57
Radcliffe, W C 57
Radford, Bessie 57
Radford, Sir Charles Horace Kt 57
Radford, Daniel JP 57
Radford, Edward ARWS 57
Radford, Emma Louise 57
Radford, George David 57
Radford, George Heynes MP, JP 57
Radford, William 57
Ravenscroft, Edward William CSI, JP 57
Ravenscroft, Laura 57
Raymont, Thomas MA 57
Read, Charles 57
Read, Herbert James CMG, MA 57
Reichel, Rev Oswald Joseph MA, BCL, FSA 57
Reichel, Rev Samuel Rudolph 57
Rendel, Sir Alexander Meadows KCIE 57
Rendel, James Meadows FRS 57
Rendel, Baron Stuart JP 57
Rendell, Rev Arthur Medland MA 57
Rendell, Commander John RN 57
Rendell, Sophia 57
Revelstoke, Baron 43, 57
Revelstoke, Louisa Emily 57
Rickards, Rev Marcus Samuel Cam FLS 57
Rickards, R H JP 57
Ripper, Professor W 57
Riverina, Bishop of 57
Rivers, Ven Arthur Richards MA 57
Rogers, Henry RN 57
Rogers, Leonard, MD, BS, FRCP, FRCS 57
Ross, Caroline Matilda 60
Ross, Rev William 60
Rothes, Earl of 58
Rundle, Lt Gen. Sir Henry Macleod Leslie, KCB, KCMG, DCO 58
Rundle, Captain J S, RN 58
Sanders, Laura Stanfell 57
Sanders, T P 57
Saunders, William CMG 58
Savile, Albany 58
Savile, Eleanor Elizabeth 58
Savile, Colonel George Walter Wrey DSO 58
Savile, Colonel Henry Bourchier Osbourne CB 58
Savile, Colonel J W 58
Scobell, Jane Anne 44
Scobell, John 44
Scoble, Rt Hon Andrew Richard KCSI, PC, KC 58
Scoble, John 58
Scott, Owen Stanley 58
Scott, Captain Robert Falcon RN, CVO, FRGS 58
Seaton, Baron 58
Shelley, Sir John Bt DL, JP 58
Sherlock, Frederick 58
Sherlock, Thomas Bernard 58
Sherwell, Arthur MP 58
Sherwell, John Viney 58
Sidmouth, Viscount 43, 58
Simmons, Arthur Thomas BSc 58
Simmons, Thomas 58
Smith, Granville 58
Snow, Philip Chicheley Hyde CIE 59
Snow, Thomas Maitland 59
Soares, Ernest Joseph MA, LLD, MP 59
Somerset, Duke of 59
Soper, H Tapley FRHist S 59
Spear, John Ward JP, MP 59
Spicer, Robert Henry Scanes MD 59
Spragge, Lt Col. Basil Edward DSO, JP 59
Spragge, Colonel Charles Henry CB, JP 59
Spragge, F H, JP 59
Statham, Rev George Herbert 59
St Cyres, Viscount 58
Steer, Philip Wilson 59
St Germans, Bishop of 58
St Maur, Algernon 59
Strong, Rev Edmond 59
Strong, Herbert A, MA, LLD 59
Strutt, William RBA, FZS 59
Stucley, Sir William Lewis Bt 59
Studdy, Georgina Frances 58
Studdy, H 58
Swaine, Robert 54
Swaine, Susan 54
Tarring, Sir Charles James Kt 59
Tarring, John 59
Temple, Archbishop 59
Temple, William MA 59
Tetley, James MD, FRCP 59
Tetley, Ven James George DD 59
Tetley, Sarah Anne 59
Thomson, Robert 61
Tiverton, Viscount 59
Tozer, Captain Aaron RN 59
Tozer, Basil John 59
Tozer, Beatrice 59
Tozer, Rev Henry Fanshawe MA, FRGS 59
Tozer, John Hellyer 59
Trefusis, Capt. Hon George Walpole Rolle, RN 47
Trefusis, Hon John Schomberg CMG, DL, JP 60
Trefusis, Hon Margaret Adela 61
Trefusis, Rt Rev Robert Edward 47, 60
Trelawny-Ross, Caroline Matilda 60
Trelawny-Ross, Rev John Trelawny DD 60
Triscott, Charles Prideaux CB, DSO 60
Triscott, Joseph Blake 60
Troyte, Colonel 50
Troyte, Frances Lucy 50
Tucker, Lt Gen Sir Charles GCVO, KCB 60
Tucker, Robert 60
Underdown, Emanual 60
Underdown, Nathaniel Maguire KC 60
Upcott, Rev Arthur William DD 60
Upcott, J S 60
Upcott, Sir Frederick Robert KCVO, CSI, MInstCE 60
Upham, Elizabeth 53
Vanbrugh, Irene 60
Vanbrugh, Violet 60
Victoria, Queen 54
Vivian, Henry 60
Vosper, Sydney Curnow ARWS 60
Walcott, Col Edmund Scopoli CB, DL, JP 60
Waleran, Baron 60-1
Wallop, Newton DL, JP, FSA 56
Walrond, Bethell 60
Walrond, Caroline Maud 60
Walrond, Gertrude 42
Walrond, Col Henry JP 60
Walrond, Sir John W 42
Walrond, Hon Lionel Charles MP 61
Walrond, Sir William Hood PC, DL, JP 60
Walker, Ernest Octavius CIE, MIEE 60
Walker, Rosa 60
Waller, Mary Lemon 60
Walling, Robert Alfred John 60
Wallop, Hon John Fellowes 60
Watts, Francis, CMG, DSc 61
Watts, John 61
Watts, J W H 61
Whitby, Beatrice Jeanie 61
White, Sir William Henry KCB, FRS, LLD, DSC 61
White-Thomson, Fanny Julia 61
White-Thompson, Major Hugh Davie DSO 61
White Thomson, Rev Leonard Jauncey MA 61
White-Thomson, Margaret Adela 61
White-Thomson, Col Sir Robert Thomas KCB, DL, JP 61
Willcock, John 59
Williams, Sir James Hamlyn 48
Williams, Marian 54
Williams, Richard Smith 54
Williamson, Charles Norris 61
Williamson, Rev Stewart 61
Wills, Susan 44
Wills, William Saul 44
Wodehouse, Colonel Philip 61
Wodehouse, Rev Philip John MA 61
Wood, T Winter 43
Woollcombe, Admiral 44
Woollcombe, Caroline 44
Wreford, George 61
Wreford, Susan Annie 61
Wreford, William JP 61
Wrey, Sir Bourchier Robert Sherard Bt DL, JP 58, 61
Wrey, Eleanor Elizabeth 58
Wright, William Henry Kearley 61
Young, Sir George Bt, JP 61
Young, Captain Sir George Bt, RN 61
Young, Susan 61
Young, Sir William Mackworth KCSI 61