Name Index


The Worthies of Devon: Addenda

The Devonian Year Book, London: The Devonian Association, (1912) illus. pp. 32-41.


R. Pearse Chope

Prepared by Michael Steer

National pride in the industrial might of Britain and its growing Empire during the Victorian and Edwardian eras generated an increased public awareness of regional identity. Devon literature of that period became no longer just of interest to antiquarians or tourists. There was a growing market for it among Devonians, including those expatriates who formed Devonian associations in London and elsewhere. The London Devonian Association published a yearbook for many years. This article by the yearbook's editor provides an index of the names of prominent Devonians compiled from Prince's "Worthies of Devon", from the reports of the Devonshire Association's Celebrities Committee and from a variety of other sources. The article is intended to supplement Chope's earlier indexes that appeared in the Association's 1910 and 1911 yearbooks. An original (print) copy of the year book is held at the University of Toronto Library and was produced from a digital copy that can be downloaded from: https://books.google.co.uk/?hl=en with a search by either author or title, and also from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Acland, Baldwin32
Adams, Anna Maria36
Adams, William MP32, 36
Ælfric, Bishop32
Ælfwold, Bishop32
Ælfwold II, Bishop32
Alley, Bishop William32
Astley, Herbert32
Atwell, Hugh32
Audley, James de, KG32
Audley, Sir James32
Avant, Philip32
Babington, Bishop Gervase32
Baker, George32
Ball, Sir Peter32
Barclay, Alexander33
Baring Brothers33
Baring, Sir Francis33
Baring, John33
Barry, Philip de33
Barry, Robert de33
Barry, William de33
Bartholomew, Bishop33
Bartlet, John33
Bartlet, William33
Basset, Arthur33
Bastard, William33
Bawceyn, Sir Stephen33
Beal, William33
Beaumont, Richard33
Becket, Thomas ȧ36
Bedford, Francis Earl of39
Bellamy, J C33
Blondy, Bishop Richard33
Bluet, Francis33
Blundell, Peter34
Boniface, Saint35
Bonvill, Lord William33
Bowen, William33
Brewer, Bishop William33
Brian, Lord Guy33
Brit, Walter (also Brytte; Brithus)33
Bronscombe, Bishop Walter33
Budockshed, Robert34
Burchard, Saint34
Burgoin, William34
Burley, John (also Burleigh)34
Calwodeley, Thomas34
Carew, Sir Gawen34
Carew, John35
Carew, Sir John34
Carew, Thomas34
Carew, Sir Thomas34
Carew, Ursula35
Carwithen, Rev J B S, BD34
Cary, George34
Cary, Bishop John (also James)34
Cary, Judge John34
Cary, Sir Robert34
Champernowne, Sir Arthur34
Chanter, Bishop John le (FitzDuke)34
Chard, Thomas DD34
Charles II36
Cheare, Abraham34
Chilcott, Robert34
Chudleigh, John (also Chidley)34
Cocke, William34
Coffin, Sir William34
Coleridge, Frances Duke34
Coleridge, James34
Colleton, Sir John Bt34
Copleston, John35
Cotton, Edward DD35
Courtenay, Archbishop35
Courtenay, Earl Hugh35
Courtenay, Sir Peter35
Crewys, Sir Robert35
Cridiodunus, St Frederickus35
Crocker, Sir John35
Davidson, James35
Davidson, James Bridge35
Davie, Edmund MD35
Davils, Henry35
Denham, Sir John (also Dynham)35
Devon, Richard35
Devonius, Abbot John (alias de Forda)35
Drake, Robert35
Dyer, Gilbert35
Dymond, Jonathan35
Dynham, Sir John35
Eadulph, Bishop35
Ealphage, priest35
Edward III35
Eliot, Sir John35
Elizabeth I34, 36, 38, 41
Elys, Edmund35
Elys, Ursula35
Essex, Earl of34
Ethelgar, Bishop35
Fitz, John36
Fitz, John of Fitzford36
Fitzralph, Richard36
Flay, Thomas36
Floyer, William36
Foliot, Bishop Gilbert36
Foliot, Bishop Robert36
Ford, Thomas36
Forde, Maurice de36
Fortescue, Earl Hugh36
Fowler, Thomas36
Fulford, Anna Maria36
Fulford, Baldwin36
Fulford, Francis DD36
Fulford, Sir Richard36
Furneaux, Tobias36
Gandy, John DD36
Gervais, Walter36
Gifford, Colonel John36
Gifford, Humphrey36
Gilbert, Sir Adrian36
Giles, Sir Edward36
Gorges, Edward36
Gorges, Sir Ferdinando36
Gould, James36
Granville, Sir Bevil (also Grenville)36-7
Granville, Baron George (also Grenville)36
Greenway, John36
Grenville, Hon Bernard36
Grenville, Sir Richard37
Grenville, Sir Theobald37
Gribble, Joseph Besley37
Halse, John37
Halse, Bishop John37
Harris, Sir Edward37
Harris, John37
Harris, Thomas37
Hawley, John37
Haydon, John37
Heale, Sir John37
Heath, Benjamin37
Heath, Benjamin DD37
Heath, George DD37
Hele, Elize37
Henry II33
Henry IV34, 37
Henry V34, 37-8
Henry VI37-8, 41
Henry VII34
Henry VIII38, 40
Hieron, Samuel37
Hill, Sir John37
Hill, Sir Robert37
Hody, Sir John37
Hody, Sir William37
Holland, Joseph37
Hooper, William Harvey37
Howard, Nathaniel37
Huddesfield, Sir William37
John, King39
Jones, Pitman37
Kean, Charles John37
Kean, Edmund37
Keats, Richard38
Keats, Sir Richard Goodwin38
Kebie, Saint (also Corinæus)38
Kendall, John38
Kendall, William38
Kerswill, Sir William38
Kirkham, Sir John38
Lansdowne, Baron George36
Lavington, Bishop George38
Lavington, Rev Joseph38
Lethbridge, Christopher38
Lovelace, Jacob38
Lyde, George38
Lye, Sir Edmund38
Lye, Sir Edward38
Main, Lord Viscount33
Molesworth, Mary38
Molesworth, Robert38
Molle, John38
Monck, George38
Monck, Mary38
Moore, Edward MD38
Moxhay, Edward38
Neckam, Alexander (also Necham)38
Nelson, Richard John38
Ordulph, ealdorman38
Osborne, John38
Parr, John38
Peele, George38
Peryam, Sir John39
Petre, Secretary40
Polexfen, Andrew39
Pollexfen, Sir Henry39
Pollexfen, John39
Polwhele, Rev Richard39
Pomeroy, Sir Henry39
Pratt, Sir John39
Pratt, Richard39
Prideaux, Alice41
Prideaux, Sir Edmond Bt39
Prideaux, John39
Prideaux, Thomas41
Pridham, Thomas Lawrence39
Prout, Ebenezer, FGS39
Rennell, Thomas39
Reynell, Richard39
Richard I39
Richard II36
Risdon, Thomas39, 41
Robsart, Amy39
Robsart, Sir John39
Rolle, Dennis39
Row, John39
Russell, Francis39
Russell, Margaret39
Saunders, Richard39
Shillingford, John39
Shore, John39
Shore, Thomas39
Sibthorpe, Humphrey, MD, MA40
Smith, James DD40
Speke, John Hanning40
Spratt, Thomas DD40
Spratt, Rev Thomas40
Stanbury, John DD (also Stanbery; Stanbridge)40
Strachan, Sir Richard John Bt, KCB40
Tapper, Samuel40
Taylor, Frances Duke34
Teignmouth, Baron39
Tolley, David MA40
Towson, John Thomas40
Traies, William40
Trelawny, Robert MP40
Tremayne, Thomas40
Trewman, Robert40
Trowbridge, Sir Thomas40
Turner, Robert DD40
Wadham, Dorothy40
Wadham, Nicholas40
Walter, John Rolle MP40
Watson, Joseph40
Watson, Sir Thomas Bt, MD, FRCP40
Westcott, John40
Wey, William (also Way)41
Weymouth, George (also Waymouth)41
Wilford, William41
William II (Rufus)35
Williams, Adam41
Williams, Alice41
Williams, Thomas41
Woollcombe, Henry41
Woollcombe, Robert41
Woollcombe, William41
Yalden, Thomas41
Yarde, Richard41
Yeo, William41
Yonge, Sir George Bt, MP, KB41
Yonge, Sir William41