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Eighth Report of the Committee on Devonshire Celebrities

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol 19 (1887), pp. 95-101.


R.W. Cotton (ed.)

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Committee's object was to produce a compendium of the county's celebrities, initially from existing biographical compilations, then "by means of casual observation and research". Its eighth report, delivered at the Association's 1887 Plympton meeting notes the arrival of the first six volumes of The Dictionary of National Biography and includes those celebrities not previously recorded in its collection. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Aikin 98
Albemarle, Duke of 99
Baker, George 96
Baker, Sir George Bt, FRS 101
Baker, Philip DD 96
Bale 100
Ball, Peter FRS 96
Ball, William 96
Bampfylde, Francis 96
Bampfylde, Thomas 96
Bastard, John Pollexfen 96
Bastard, William 96
Battie, William 96
Beeke, Henry DD 97
Bennett, William 97
Bentham, George FRS 97
Bidwell, John Carne 97
Billington, Thomas 97
Blagdon 100
Bowen, Rear Admiral James 97
Brancker, Thomas 97
Bray, Rev Edward Atkyns BD 97
Bridgman, Sir Orlando 97
Brock, William DD 97
Brooke, Charles SJ 97
Brooke, Henry James, FRS 97
Brydges, Sir Egerton 98
Budd, George, MD, FRS 97
Budd, William, MD, FRS 97
Burnet 101
Calamy 100
Campbell 100
Chapple, William 98
Charles I 98, 100
Collier, Sir Robert 98
Collins, Arthur 98
Collins, Colonel David 98
Cotton, Mr Richard W 95-6, 99-100
Davidson, James Bridge FSA 98
Davis, John 101
Davy, Rev William 98
Donn, Benjamin 98
Downman, Hugh MD 101
Dredge, Rev J Ingle 100-1
Dymond, Mr R 95-6, 99
Eliot, Sir John 98
Ellacombe, Rev Henry Thomas FSA 98
Elys, Edmund 98
Foss 100
Forster, Nathaniel DD, FRS 98
Foster, James DD 98
Froude, Richard Hurrell 99
Gilbert, Davies 98
Gorton 101
Granger 98-9
Gribble, Joseph Besley 99
Hallet, Joseph 99
Harding, Lt Colonel William 99
Hearne, Thomas 99
Henry VI 99
Holland, Joseph 99
Howe, Admiral Lord 97
Hudson 101
Karkeek, Mr P Q. 95
Kean, Charles FSA 99
Keble 99
Kennaway, Sir J H 95
Lloyd 99
Loosemore, John 99
Luny, Thomas 99
Lysons 96, 98-100
Maynard, Sir John 99
Monk, Nicholas 99
Monkswell, Lord 98
Moore 98-101
Mozley 99
Munk, Dr 101
Musgrave, Samuel 101
Newman 99
Northcote, Sir Stafford Henry Bt 99
Oliver, George DD 99
Osborne, John 100
Parsons, Eliza 100
Pengelly, Mr W FRS throughout
Peryam, Sir John Knt 100
Phelp, Eliza 100
Polwhele, Rev Richard 100
Pratt, Sir John 100
Pridham 100
Risdon, Tristram 98, 100
Rolle, Sir Henry 100
Rowe, John 100
Rundle, Thomas LLD 100
Russell, Rev John 100
Seller, Abednego  
Speke, John Henning 100
Stone, Nicholas 100
Tolley, David MA 100
Treby, Sir George 101
Trowbridge, Admiral Sir Thomas 101
Vivian, Colonel 96
Warburton 99
Waymouth, George 101
Weston, Rev Stephen BD, FRS, FSA 101
Whiston 100
Windeatt, Mr Edward 95
Wood 99-101
Worth, Mr R N 95
Worthy 98
Yonge, James FRS 101