Devonshire Celebrities


T.S. Pridham

Exeter: Henry S. Eland, High Street, London: Bell & Daldy, York Street, Covent Garden (1869) 270pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The author, Thomas Lawrence Pridham MRCS, LACL was Coroner for the Boro' of Bideford, GP Surgeon and was born in 1803 at Topsham and died at Bideford in 1873. He was the son of Edward Pridham. In 1865 he was elected President of the South-Western Branch of the British Medical Association. Among his published works are essays and papers on a number of epidemiological matters. His last work was The Celebrities of Devon, which he dedicated to the Rt Hon. Earl Fortescue. An index for the Table of Contents appears elsewhere in GENUKI Devon. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy held in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Library collection that can be downloaded from https://books.google.co.uk/books, with a search by either author or title. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Acland, Sir Arthur (Ackland)84
Acland, Baldwin1, 57
Acland family1-2, 216
Acland, Sir Hugh2
Acland, Sir John1-2, 209
Acland, Sir Thomas93
Acland, Sir Thomas Dyke2
Adelaide, Queen138
Adolphus, Bishop of Crediton3
Ager, Anne103
Ager, Sir Anthony103
Ager family103
Albermarle, Duke of (Monk)58, 101, 154, 162, 169
Albert, Prince Consort91, 120
Alexander I, (Russia)27
Alfius, Earl of Devon86
Alfred, King (the Great)3, 198
Alfric, Bishop of Crediton (Alfricus)3, 159
Alfricus, Archbishop159
Alfuoldus, Bishop of Crediton3
Alpsius, Duke of Devon180
Alwolfus, Bishop of Crediton3
Anne, Queen55, 110
Argyle, Duke of211
Arnold, Dr62
Arragon, Queen Katherine of191
Arundel, Beatrice124
Arundel, Ellen63
Arundel, Sir John63
Arundel, Thomas Earl of124
Ashford, Roger23
Ashleigh family51
Athelstan, King11, 87, 160
Audley, Lord69
Babington, Bishop of Exeter4
Babbage, Mr Charles5
Bacon, Sir Nicholas186
Baldwin, Archbishop (Baldwinus)6, 135
Bampfield, Sir Copleston, Bt.6-8
Bampfield family6-10
Bampfield, Colonel Hugh8
Bampfield, Sir John, Bt6
Bampfield, Rev Richard8-9
Bampfield, Thomas7
Barnes, Mr Samuel203
Barry, Sir Charles85
Barry, John14, 16
Bartolomeo, Fra183
Barton, Andrew41
Basset, Colonel Arthur11, 51
Basset, Sir Arthur54, 77
Basset, Bishop Falco13
Basset family11, 13, 51, 216
Basset, Osmund11
Basset, Richard208
Basset, Sir Robert11
Bastard, Mr93
Bath, Earls of (Grenville)95, 103, 109, 114, 167
Bath family12-14
Bath, Sir Henry (de Bath; also Bathon)12-3
Bath, Sir Walter (Bathon)12
Bazeley, Rev F L16, 111
Beaufort, Lady Margaret17
Beaumont family51
Beavis, Richard33
Becket, Saint Thomas ‰89-90, 135, 159, 228
Bede, Venerable234
Bedford, Earl of (and Duke of) (Russell)210-11
Bedford, John, Duke of212
Bedford, William Duke of210-11
Bentham, Jeremy27
Bere, Charles23
Berry, Mr Daniel18
Berry, Herbert de18
Berry, Sir John18-9
Berry, Lieutenant, (then Captain)20
Bisset, Mr216
Blackall, Bishop21
Blackall, H MD21
Blake, Admiral110
Blondy, Bishop Richard21, 32
Blondy, Mayor Richard21
Blount, Lady Gertrude69
Bluet family206
Bluet, Richard23, 54
Blundell, Peter22-4
Bodley, Sir Thomas24-6
Bohun, Humphrey de65
Boleyn, Queen Anne (also Bullen)60, 114, 224
Boleyn, Sir Thomas (also Bullen)224
Boniface, Archbishop32, 35, 234-6
Bonvile family51, 95
Bonvile, Sir William40
Boteler, Ann114
Boteler, Margaret114
Boteler, Sir Thomas (Earl of Ormond)114
Bovil family63, 106
Bowring, Charles26
Bowring, Sir John, Knt (also Dr)26-8
Boydell, Alderman176
Boyse, Mr216
Branscombe family230
Branscombe, Thomas230
Brayley, Mr George107
Brentingham, Bishop Thomas28
Brewer, Bishop William29-30-1
Brewer, Lord29
Brice, Andrew31
Bridges family63, 231
Brioniis, Baldwin de74
Brougham, Mr (Lord)101, 155
Brownscombe, Bishop Walter32-3
Bruce, Rt Hon Sir James Knight, DCL, FRS, FSA33
Bruce, Lord53
Brute (legendary)- also Brutus149, 159
Buckingham, Duke of168
Bullen, Queen Anne (Boleyn)114
Bullen, Margaret114
Bullen, Sir Thomas114
Buonoparte, Napoleon84, 140
Burgundy, Duke of125
Burleigh, Lord Treasurer26
Burnard, Elizabeth129
Burnard, Mr Thomas129
Burnett, Dr (Bishop)122, 184
Burns, Robert37
Burt, Mr160
Capern, Edward35-7, 179
Cambyses, Prince14
Campbell, Sir Colin222
Canning, Mr204
Carew, Bampfylde Moore45-9
Carew, Sir Edmund Batten40-1
Carew, Lady Elizabeth84
Carew family38-9, 43-5, 49, 51, 73, 198
Carew, Sir Francis39
Carew, Gerald38
Carew, Sir John39-40
Carew, Mr & Mrs48-9
Carew, Nesta38
Carew, Sir Nicholas39-40
Carew, Otho de39
Carew, Raymond de39
Carew, Rev Mr48-9
Carew, Sir Thomas39-42, 84
Carew, Sir Walter45, 220
Carew, Sir William de39, 41
Caroline, Queen101-2
Carpenter, Dr172
Cary family231
Cary, Bishop John50
Castle Deborah28
Castle, John172
Castle, Thomas28
Cavendish, Lady Elizabeth169
Cecil, Lord199, 202
Champernowne, Sir Arthur (Earl of Totnes)43-4, 51-2
Champernowne family51, 63, 103, 198-9
Champernowne, Lady Joan51
Champernowne, John51
Champernowne, Lady Ratheria84
Champernowne, Sir Richard84
Champernowne, Sir Walter102-3
Channel, Baron52
Charles the Great, Emperor72
Charles I11, 18, 55, 57, 92, 95, 100, 121, 196-7
Charles II7-8, 11, 19-20, 57, 84, 100, 109-10, 122, 128, 148, 154, 164, 167-8, 170, 172-4, 210
Chaunter, Bishop John the53
Cheney, Mr126
Chichester, Dame Anne55
Chichester, Sir Arthur53-5
Chichester, Sir Bruce53
Chichester, Sir Edward (Viscount Chichester)54-5
Chichester family53, 63, 216
Chichester, Lady Gertrude54
Chichester, Sir John54, 77
Chichester, Bishop Robert53
Chichester, Robert53
Chichester, Sir Thomas de53
Churchill, John55
Churchill, Winston55
Churchman, Mrs126
Clarendon, Earl of27
Clarence, Duke of138, 141, 191
Clark, James23
Clement VI, Pope87
Clifford, Baron, of Chudleigh58
Clifford family57
Clifford, Lord Henry57
Clifford, Colonel Hugh57
Clifford, Sir Thomas, Bt57
Clinton, Lord210
Clinton, Major General15
Cocke, Captain58-9
Coffin, Sir Elias60
Coffin family60, 62, 113
Coffin, Sir Jeffrey60
Coffin, John Esq113
Coffin, Sir Richard60
Coffin, Sir William60-1
Colburn, General15
Coleridge, Mr Derwentwater155
Coleridge family62
Coleridge, John Duke62
Coleridge, Rt Hon Sir John Taylor62
Collein, Archbishop30
Collyns, Charles Palk216-8
Compton family103
Cook, William209
Cooper, Sir William127
Copleston, Bishop64
Copleston, Ellen63
Copleston family6, 62, 64, 72
Cop(p)leston(e), John55, 62, 188
Copleston, Ralph63
Copley, Sir John101
Corinius, Bishop Kebie149-50
Corinius, Duke Solomon149
Cornish, Robert Stribling175
Cornwall, Reginald Earl of13, 189
Courtenay, Lord Edward69-71, 192
Courtenay family41, 51, 65-6, 95, 106, 198
Courtenay, Florus65
Courtenay, Lady Gertrude54, 69
Courtenay, Lord Henry69
Courtenay, Sir Hugh40, 65-6, 189
Courtenay, Lord John76
Courtenay, Lady Katherine69
Courtenay, Bishop Peter67-8
Courtanay, Sir Peter66
Courtenay, Sir Philip41, 67
Courtenay, Reginald de65
Courtenay, Bishop Richard67
Courtenay, Archbishop William65-7
Courtenay, Sir William (also Lord)8, 54, 69, 224
Cranmer, George126-7
Cranmer, Archbishop Thomas126
Craven, Earl24
Craven, Mr William24
Crediton, Bishop Frederick de71
Crocker family72, 103
Crocker, Sir John189
Cromwell, Oliver18, 164-6, 168
Cromwell, Richard165
Cruwys, Sir Alexander45, 73
Cruwys family63, 72
Cruwys, Sir Robert72
Cumberland, Duke of97
Dalkeith, Lady122
Darnley family183
Davies, John73
Dean, General164
Dennis, Ann207
Dennis, Sir Thomas207
Denham, Sir John124
Dentatus, Hamon106
Derby, Earl of176
Desmond family39
Devereux, Walter51
Devon, Earl of (Courtenay)48, 66, 71
Devon, Odon, Earl of177
Devon, Orgar, Duke of179
Dickenson, Mr160
Digby, Lord164
Dingle, Mr107
Dodderidge family74
Dodderidge, Sir John74-5
Drake, Sir Bernard76-8
Drake, Rev C Mackworth78
Drake family198
Drake, Sir Francis76-82, 121, 200
Drake, Sir John7
Drake, Robert83
Drew, Agnes84
Drew, Lice84
Drew, Edward83
Drew Family83-4
Drew, Henry84
Drew, Joan84
Drew John84
Drew, Serjeant84
Drew, Sir Thomas84
Dunstan, Archbishop181
Eastlake, Sir Charles Lock84-5
Ebrington, Lord (Fortescue)93
Edgar, King180-1
Edgcombe, Richard51
Edith, Queen159
Edward, King (Confessor)103, 159
Edward, King, the Elder87, 160, 180-1
Edward I39, 65, 68, 95, 100, 224
Edward II45, 67, 224-6
Edward III18, 28, 40, 65, 73, 87, 188, 226, 230
Edward IV40, 69, 83, 95, 125, 188
Edward V189
Edward VI115, 118, 135, 186-7
Effingham, Lord Howard of81
Elfrida, Queen180-1
Elgarus, Bishop86
Elizabeth, Queen25, 34, 39, 45, 51, 64, 70-1, 76-8, 80-1, 92-4, 103, 108, 114, 118, 120, 127, 136, 186-7, 199-200, 202, 207, 216, 224
Erskine, Lord99
Esse, Henry de (Ash)76
Essex, Earl of (Devereux)51, 65, 199, 201-2, 211
Ethelgarus, Bishop86
Ethelred, King180-1
Ethelrick, King149
Ethelsted, Queen181
Ethelwold, Earl180
Eudolphus, Bishop of Devon4, 86-7
Exeter, Duke of (Holland)51
Exmouth, Lord (Pellew)146
Fairfax, Sir Thomas11, 164
Fellowes, family216
Fellowes, Isaac Newton194
Fellowes, Newton194
Ferguson, Lieutenant15
Fitzgerald family38
Fitzgerald, David39
Fitzgerald, Maurice39
Fitzgerald, William39
FitzHamon, Robert106
FitzHarding, Lord58
FitzRalph family87
FitzRalph, Saint Richard87-8
FitzWarren Family114
Flowerby, Judge77
Foliot, Bishop Gilbert89-90
Follett, Benjamin90
Follett, Sir William221
Follett, Sir William Webb90-1
Forda, Abbot Devonius de74
Fortescue, Sir Adrian92
Fortescue, Bartholomew77
Fortescue, Earl100
Fortescue, Sir Edward92
Fortescue, Sir Faithful92
Fortescue family51, 92, 216
Fortescue, Sir Henry92
Fortescue, Hugh54
Fortescue, Sir John54, 92, 122
Fortescue, Sir Nicholas92
France, King Louis le Gros65
Frazer, General, RA16
Frobisher, Martin81
Frost, Mr160
Froude, James Anthony94, 192
Fulford, Sir Amis95
Fulford, Baldwin Esq (also Sir)95-6
Fulford family95
Fulford, Sir William95-6
Fuller, Dr106, 112, 208-9
Gardiner, Bishop Stephen69-70
Gascoyne, Chief Justice96, 112
Gaunt, Elizabeth of124
Gaunt, John of124
Gay family99
Gay, Bishop John158
Gay, John97-9
George I56
George III10, 129, 209
George IV148
Germany, Emperor Frederick of29-30
Gibbs, Sir Vicary99-100, 102
Giffard, Arthur100
Giffard, Colonel100-1
Giffard family100, 206
Giffard, Henry100
Giffard, Colonel John100
Giffard, Sir Walter100
Giffard, Sir William (Earl of Buckingham)100
Gifford family101
Gifford, High12
Gifford, Robert Lord101-2
Gifford, Roger23
Gilbert, Colonel203
Gilbert, Davies148
Gilbert family102-3, 106, 198
Gilbert, Sir Humphry76, 102-5, 108
Gilbert, Sir John105
Gilbert, Otho102
Gilbert, Pomeroy203
Gilbert, General Raleigh203
Gladstone, Mr177
Glamorgan, Jestin Lord of106
Gloucester, Duke of110, 168
Gomm, Sir William222
Gondomar, Ambassador202
Goring, Lord164
Gossett, Major146
Grandison, Bishop108
Grant, Captain184, 222
Granville, Hon Bernard109-10
Granville, George (Lord Lansdown)109-10
Granville, Lady Grace109-10
Granville, Lady Jane109-10
Granville, Lord, (& Earl)109
Granville, William Henry109
Gregory II, Pope232, 234
Gregory IX, Pope29
Grenfel, Hon Georgina94, 156
Grenfel, Pasco94, 156
Grenville, Sir Bevil107-11, 164, 208
Grenville, Charles109
Grenville family (Grenvil & Granville)100, 103, 105-6, 111, 156, 198
Grenville, Lady Grace105
Grenville, John (& Sir John)105, 107, 109-10, 167
Grenville, Sir Richard104, 106, 108, 114, 153, 164, 200
Grenville, Robert106
Grenville, Roger76
Grenville, Sir Theobald105-8
Grenville, Sir Thomas111
Grey, Lady Jane115-6, 118
Grindal, Archbishop Edmund136
Groves, Mr156
Gurney, Sir Richard107
Hankford family113-4, 224, 231
Hankford, John114
Hankford, Judge224
Hankford, Sir Richard114
Hankford, Sir William112-3, 231
Harding family119
Harding, Thomas, DD114-9
Harold, King17
Harris family119
Harris, Mr214
Harris, Sir William Snow119-20
Hatch, Thomas54
Hawker, Colonel130
Hawkins, Admiral Sir John76, 81, 120-4, 200
Hawkins, Mr206
Hawkins, Sir Richard121
Hawley, __ Esq1
Haywood, Colonel129
Haywood, Mrs129
Henrietta, Princess121-2
Henry, Prince197
Henry I38, 189
Henry II6, 60, 84, 89, 106, 135
Henry III12, 21, 29-30, 60, 68, 100, 162, 208
Henry IV67, 95, 112, 124
Henry IV, (France)25, 54, 121
Henry V40, 67, 92, 124
Henry VI92-3, 122, 124, 135, 191, 208, 230
Henry VII17, 41, 69, 92, 171, 182, 230
Henry VIII17, 39-40, 45, 60, 68-9, 94, 115, 185, 188, 190-3,
Herbert, Archbishop158
Herries, Mr27
Hesketh, Sir T H183
Hext, Thomas188
Hill family103, 231
Hill, Robert84
Hody, Sir John122-3
Hole, Mr Charles William107
Hole family63
Holland, Beatrice124
Holland, Dr66, 195
Holland, John Lord (Duke of Exeter)51, 123-5
Holland, Henry125
Hone family24
Honywood, Rev D50
Hood, Captain141
Hooker, Richard125-7
Hopkins, Bishop128, 151
Howard, Lord42, 201, 211
Howard, Sir Thomas201
Howe, John18
Huddesfield, Sir William41
Hughes, Admiral129
Hughes, Arthur129
Hughes, Elizabeth129
Hughes, Rev Sir Robert, Bt129-30
Hughes, Rev Thomas129
Hughes, William129
Hume, Mr28
Humphrey, Dr25, 118
Innocent III, Pope158
Isabella, Queen225-7
Iscanus, Bishop6, 130
Jackson, Lieutenant144
James I1, 11, 52, 54, 75, 197, 201
James II8, 20, 56, 60, 223
James IV41
James VI34
James. Mr204
Jefferies, Judge223
Jennings, Sarah55
Jewel, Bishop John114, 118-9, 125, 135-6
Joce, Mr107
John, King39, 51, 60, 74, 92, 158, 162
Johnson, Rev George222
Judith, Empress72
Keats family148
Keats, Jonathan, Bt148
Keats, Ralph148
Keats, Rev Richard145
Keats, Sir Richard Goodwin, KCB (also Admiral)137-46, 148
Keble, Mr62
Kelland, Mrs150-1
Kelland, Philip151-2
Kelland, Rev William150
Kempthorn, Sir John152-4
Kensington, Lord203
Kent, Earl of124
Kildare family39
King, Lord Peter155
Kingsley, Mrs156
Kingsley, Rev Charles94, 155-6
Kitto, John DD156
Knight, Mr Charles156
Lancaster, Constance, Duchess of66
Lancaster, Duke of (Gaunt)66, 124
Landor, Walter Savage37
Lane, Rev Thomas26
Langdon, Archbishop Stephen29, 158-9
Lawrence, Major General Stranger183
Leicester, Earl of164, 199, 202, 207
Leigh, __ of Northam99
Lely, Sir Peter122
Lempriere, Rev Dr90
Leofric(us), Bishop159-60
Lewin, Samuel28
Ley, John de la208
Ley, Mr107
Lisburne family183
Lisle, Lord164
Lloyd, Dr187
Lock, John155
Lorraine, Duke of30
Louis XIV (also Lewis XIV)122
Lovelace, Jacob160-1
Ludovicus Pius72
Lymington, Viscount194
Malet, Robert1
Manny, Lord Walter de73
Mansel, Sir John13
Mansfield, Sir James99
Marlborough, Duke of (Churchill)55-7
Martel, Charles232, 234
Martin, H58
Martin V, Pope50
Martin, Mr Thomas107
Martyr, Peter115, 136
Mary, Queen25, 69-71, 115, 118, 136, 186-7, 191
Mason, Mr172
Mayne, Mr151-2
Medina Sidonia, Duke of59
Middeford, Mr Thomas19
Mining, Mr Robert18
Mohun, Sir Reginald de21, 39
Mohun, Sir William39
Molineux family103
Monk, Rt Hon Charles Stanley, Viscount171
Monk, Christopher169
Monk, Lady Elizabeth169
Monk family (Moigne)51, 110, 162, 170, 208
Monk, General George (Duke of Albermarle)7, 11, 101, 162, 164-73
Monk, Sir Thomas162, 164
Monmouth, Duchess of97
Monmouth, Duke of55, 211, 223
Montague, John, Earl of Salisbury124
Moore, John18
Moren, Mr135
Morice, John172
Morice, Mr167
Morice, Sir William172-4
Morris, Lieutenant Colonel (then Colonel)110, 174-5
Mortimer, Edward (Earl of March)124
Mortimer, Roger226
Mountjoy family51
Mountjoy, Lord69
Mowbray, Earl Marshal95-6
Mowbray, Rt Hon John Robert175
Mowbray, Miss175
Moyle family208
Mudge, Dr176
Mulgrave, Lord141, 145-6
Muter, Colonel14
Navarre, King of25
Nelson, Horatio (and Bronte)139-41, 144-6
Netherlands, King od27
Newton, Sir Isaac5, 194
Newton, Thomas Esq34
Norfolk, Duke of (Howard)69, 130
Northcote family177
Northcote, James176
Northcote, Sir Stafford177
Northumberland, Earl of95
Oldham, Bishop182
O'Neale, Owen Rue164
Orgar, Duke of Devon180-1
Orleans, Philip Duke of122
Osbaldiston, Mr212-3
Osborn, Rev Lord Sidney Godolphin94
Outram, Dr142
Oxford, Earl of (Vere)164
Page, Mr107
Palk family182
Palk, Sir Lawrence V183
Palk, Sir Robert, Bt182-3
Palk, Walter182
Palmerston, Lord28, 36, 172
Parker, Mr William24
Parnel, Sir Henry27
Parr, Queen Catherine185
Patch, Clause49
Patch, John (father & son)184
Patch, Thomas183-4
Paul IV, Pope186
Paulet, Ann208
Paulet family95
Paulet, William208-9
Paulett, Sir Hugh189
Peel, Sir Robert27, 91
Pembroke, Earl of (Strongbow)4, 39
Petre family185
Petre, John, Bt187
Petre, John Esq184
Petre, Hon. Miss130
Petre, Sir William184-7
Peverel, Sir John39
Plantagenet family231
Plantagenet, Katherine69
Plantagenet, Isabella30
Plegmundius, Archbishop87
Pole, Arthur (Poole)191
Pole, Cardinal Reginald (also Poole)69, 71, 191-3
Pole, Edmund (Poole)191
Pole family (also Poole)190-3
Pole, Jefferye (Poole)191
Pole, Sir William12, 38, 190, 193
Pole, Sir Richard, Bt (Poole)191
Pollard, Anthony23
Pollard family63, 187-8
Pollard, Sir George188
Pollard, Sir Hugh54, 58, 188-9
Pollard, Sir John188
Pollard, Sir Lewis187-8
Pollard, Sir Richard188
Pollard Robert187-8
Pollard, Walter188
Pollock, Sir F91
Poltimore, Lord7
Pomerai, Ethelwarde de189
Pomerai, Henry de190
Pomerai, Sir Joel de189
Pomerai, Joscelin de190
Pomerai, Sir Ralph189
Pomerai, Thomas de190
Pomeroy family (Pomerai)103, 189-90
Pomeroy, Sir John123
Pope, Alexander97-8
Popham family51
Popham, Sir Francis23
Portman, __ Esq1
Portsmouth, Earl of55, 194
Potheridge, Baron of169
Poulet family63
Powderham, John67
Poynot, Bishop John135
Prevo, General Sir George15
Prideaux, Agnes197
Prideaux, Bishop John194-5, 197
Prideaux, Dr2, 172
Prideaux, Sir Edward54
Prideaux, Sir Nicholas172-3
Pridham, Mr E P203
Pridham, Mr T L, JP16, 107
Prince12, 29, 87, 153, 224
Puta, Bishop of Crediton3, 198
Queensbury, Duke & Duchess of97
Radnor, Earl of128
Raleigh family198
Raleigh, Major203
Raleigh, Walter of Exeter203
Raleigh, Walter of Fardel103
Raleigh, Sir Walter (Rawleigh)45, 76, 103, 198-204
Ratcliff, Hugh1
Redding, Cyrus228
Regnal, Walter84
Reyner, Mr46
Reynolds, Sir Joshua176, 204-5, 229
Rich, Mr98
Richard I6
Richard II66, 95, 112, 124, 231
Richard III68, 206
Risdon, Francis206
Risdon, Mr John221
Risdon, Thomas206
Risdon, Tristram205-6
Robsart, Amy207
Rolle, Dennis207-9
Rolle family209
Rolle, George1
Rolle, Lady210
Rolle, Sir John, KB209
Rolle, Henry208
Rolle, Rt Hon Lord150, 209
Rolle, Hon Mark210, 215
Romana, Marquis de137, 141, 148
Rooker, Mr107
Rookes, Mr161
Rupert, Prince154, 169
Rupibus, Peter, Knt30
Russell, Earl212
Russell family210
Russell, Lord John33, 156, 210
Russell, Rev John212-5, 219
Russell, Lady Rachel211
Russell, Lord William210-11
Sacvil, Sir Ralf33
Salisbury, Bishop of171
Salisbury, Countess of191-3
Salisbury, Earl of (Montague)124
Sandford family13
Sandys, Bishop of London125-7
Saumarez, Sir James141
Scott, Sir Walter166, 207
Scroop, Archbishop (Scrope)95-6
Seaton, Lord15
Serlo, Robert31
Shadwell, Chancellor34
Shakespeare, William176
Shee, Sir Martin85
Shepherd, Sir Samuel101
Sidney, Lord211
Sidney, Mary4
Simon, Archbishop226
Slidell, Mr172
Smith, Sir George162
Smith, Sir Montagu221
Smith, Mr184
Smith, Thomas221
Smith, Sir Thomas109
Somerset, Duchess of69
Soult, Marshal15
Southampton, Earl of211
Spain, Emporer Charles V71
Spain, King Philip II59, 71, 200-1
Speke family221
Speke, Georgina221
Speke, Captain John Hanning221-3
Speke, William221
Stapledon family224
Stapledon, Sir Richard224
Stapledon, Bishop Walter224-7
St Boniface72
St Burchard35
Stephenston family (Ley)208
St Hilarie149
St Leger, Anne114
St Leger family106, 114
St Leger, Sir James114
St Leger, Sir John108, 114
St Leger, Mary108
Stone, Mr160-1
Stow, William148
Strand, Mr George209
Strange, Mr111
Strangeways, Colonel47-8
Strangways family231
St Stephens, Michael de208
Stukely, George114
Stukley, Sir Hugh189
St Vincent, Earl of141
Swift, Dean98
St Swithin35
Suffolk, Duke of (Grey)115
Surrey, Earl of41
Sutton, Dr197
Talbot, Lord39
Taylor, Mr Tom205
Templer, Mr George213-5, 219
Theodore, Rees ap106
Thiers, Mons142
Thorn, Barnabus32
Throgmorton, Sir Nicholas (Became Carew)39, 200
Throgmorton, Sir William136
Tindal, Colonel15
Torrington, Earl of (Monk)169
Tracy, Sir William de90, 227-8
Treby, Paul219-20
Trelawney, Sir Jonathan71
Tremaine, Edward114
Trevilian family51
Trevilian, __, of Nettlecombe54
Tuckfield family95
Turner, Joseph Mallard William228-9
Valetort family103
Vansittart family183
van Tromp, Admiral165
Vere, Lord164
Veysey, Bishop33
Victoria, Queen16, 129, 209
Vyner, Thomas128
Wadham family230-1
Wadham, Sir John230-1
Wadham, Nicholas230
Wadham Sir Richard230
Wadham, William230
Wake, Sir Thomas67
Wales, Henry Prince of75, 112
Wallop, Baron194
Wallop family194
Walpole, Mr Horace37, 184
Walton family51
Ware, Roger23
Warley family6
Wellesley, General15
Wellington, Duke of16, 140-1, 144
Welsh, Lieutenant15
Westamus, Bishop198, 231
Westmoreland, Earl of95
Whitgift, Archbishop126
Wiat, Sir Thomas70-1
William I (Conqueror)92, 100, 103, 160, 189, 203
William III & Mary (King & Queen) (of Orange)8, 20, 56, 210
William IV137, 139
Williams, Mr51
Williams, Sir Michael51
Willington family51
Wiltshire, Lord185
Winchester, Bishop of30
Winchester, Bishop Daniel232-3
Winchester, Marquis of (Paulet)208
Windsor, Walter de38
Windsor, William de38
Winfred, Saint, of Crediton (St Boniface)232-4
Winslade family64
Wolsey, Cardinal17
Worcester, Bishop of195-6
Worth family51, 216
Worth, Henry23
Worthesley family231
Wrey family183
Wyche, Sir Peter109
Wyndham family231
York, Archbishop of126
York, Duke of20, 55, 57, 153, 168, 171