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The Devonshire Section (pp. 270-302) in

History of the Worthies of England. Vol I


Thomas Fuller DD.

London: John Nicholls (1811), 601 pp.

Transcribed by Michael Steer

Thomas Fuller (1608 - 16 August 1661) was a churchman and historian, now remembered for his writings, particularly these monumental two volumes, published after his death. He was a prolific author, and one of the first English writers able to live by his pen (and his many patrons). In about 1640 he married Eleanor, daughter of Hugh Grove of Chisenbury, Wiltshire. She died in 1641. Their son, John, baptised at Broadwindsor by his father on 6 June 1641, was afterwards of Sidney Sussex College, edited the Worthies of England, 1662, and became rector of Great Wakering, Essex, where he died in 1687. About 1652 Fuller married his second wife, Mary Roper, youngest sister of Thomas Roper, 1st Viscount Baltinglass, by whom he had several children. This rare book was produced from a digital copy held by the Stanford University Library that can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. Those on which copyright has expired are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Acland, Hugh arm300
Acland, Sir John300-1
Alba Marla, William de294
Albemarle, George Duke of285
Alford, William272
Amma, Sextinus279
Arscot, Edward arm300
Arundell, John296-7
Arundell, Thomas296
Ashford, Henry arm300
Audley, James Lord283-4
Auncel, William294
Austria, Leopoldus Duke of291
Bacon, Roger289
Bada, Walter de294
Bale274, 276-7, 288
Bamfield family282
Bamfield, John arm293, 300
Bampfield, Agnes302
Bampfield, Amias arm302
Bampfield, Sir Coplestone302
Bampfield, Richard299
Bampfield, William301
Bampfyld, John296
Bancroft, Archbishop288
Banfield, Amic arm300
Baron, Roger293
Barr, Lady Elianor Duchess of270
Baskervill family271
Basset, Arthur299
Basset, John298
Bath, Earl of270
Bathond, Walter de294
Beard, Henry293
Beauchamp, William296
Beaumond, Richard294
Beaumond, Thomas296
Beaumont, Philip297
Beaumont, William295
Becket, Saint Thomas277
Beigny, John de, Knt291
Bellamy family279
Bello Campo, Guido de293
Bendon, Robert de294
Bernardi, Robertus filius293
Bevil, John296
Bickels, William de294
Bikkebur, John de294
Bish, Edward Esq289
Blackstone, Chancellor275
Blenche, William293
Bluet, John296
Blundell, Peter290-1
Boleia, Willielmus293
Bolter, John293
Bonevil, Thomas arm293
Bonvile, Sir William296
Boniface (Winfride)274
Boterell, William293
Boyes, John294
Bozome, John296
Brandescomb, Richard294
Brankescomb, Richard294
Breos family295
Brewer, Bishop William277
Brewer, Sir William, Knt277, 295
Brighele, William de294
Brit, Ralph294
Brook, Thomas293, 295-6
Broughton, John296
Bruer, William de (Brewere)293
Budcokshed, Thomas297
Burghley, Thomas Lord275
Burgoin, William Esq291
Burton, Robert296
Byshop, William293
Camden273, 294, 301
Canterbury, Baldwin, Archbishop of289
Carew291, 301
Carew, Sir Gawain299
Carew, George298
Carew, Sir Peter299, 301
Carew, Thomas299
Carew, William298
Carmynowe, Thomas, arm293
Carrew, Nicholas, Knt (Carru)293, 297
Carpenter, Nathaniel290
Cary, Bishop James278
Cary, Sir John, Knt281
Cary, Philip, Knt292
Cary, Sir Robert Knt281, 299
Careye, Henry arm301
Caylleway, John arm293
Chalonns, Robert, Knt293, 296
Chambeuon, Richard294
Chamond, John arm298
Champernoun, Arthur299
Champernoun, Philip298
Champernoun, Richard295, 299
Champernoune, Roger, Knt292, 296
Channbuon, Richard de294
Chapwyk, John arm293
Charles I280, 285, 300, 302
Chavubuon, Thomas294
Cheigne, Nicholas294
Cheney, William296
Cheny, John296-7
Cheseldon, John296
Cheynede, John296
Chicheley, Archbishop288
Chichester, Sir Arthur280
Chichester, John, arm293, 297, 299
Chichester, Richard289, 297
Chichester, Bishop Robert276
Child, ___292
Childston, John294
Chiverston, William de294
Chuddelegh, James, arm293, 295-6, 298
Chudleigh, Jer297
Chudleigh, Richard arm299
Chusden, Richard294
Cirencester, Thomas de293
Cistercian, Roger the288
Clifton, Sir John298-9
Clivedon, Mathew de294
Cock, ___286
Cokeworthy, John293
Cokington, James de294
Cole, Philip296
Collums, Richard arm301
Colyn, William293
Com, Richardus (Comes=Earl)293
Comes, Reginaldus293
Cooper, Sir William290
Copleston, John293, 300
Copleston, Philip297
Coppleston, Christopher299
Corn, Walter295
Cornn, Robert arm293
Coterell, Nicholas293
Courtenay, Edward297
Courtenay, Hugh276, 296
Courtenay, James arm299
Courtenay, Peter299
Courtenay, Bishop Peter279
Courtenay, Philip, Knt293, 297
Courtenay, Robert de293
Courtenay, Bishop Richard278
Courtenay, William276, 297-9
Cowel, John287-8
Crocker, John arm293, 298
Cromwell, Oliver285
Crowethorne, Mathew de294
Culme family282
Curcensay, William de294
Cutclif family289
Cut-clif, John289
Damerell, John295, 301
Damuarle, John294
Daubeney, Giles297
Daubernonn, John294
Davis, Sir John280
Davy, John arm300
Delpin, Thomas294
Dennis family301
Dennis, Walter297
Dennys, Sir Robert299, 301
Denys, Sir Thomas, arm293, 298-300, 302
Dew, Sergeant283
Dinham, Charles297
Dinham, John297
Doderidg, Sir John282-3
Drake, John arm300
Drake, Francis Bt300
Drake, Sir Francis287, 301
Drew, Sir Thomas300
Drewe, Henry293
Duck, Arthur288
Duke, Richard299
Dumeford, Stephen296
Dunstanville, Avis de294
Dunstanville, Reginald de (Earl of Cornwall)294
Dynham, John, Knt293
Dynis, William297
Edgcomb, M297
Edgcombe, Richard297-9, 301
Edward, the Black Prince283-4
Edward, Duke of Cornwall294
Edward I270, 294, 301
Edward II294, 301
Edward III270, 281, 289, 292, 294-5, 301
Edward IV297
Edward VI299, 301
Eggecombe, Peter arm293, 298-9
Egglesheill, Matthew de294
Elizabeth I270, 272, 282, 284, 286, 299, 301
Elyot, Walter293
Enderby, Walter297
Englefeurd, William de294
Esse, Radulphus de294
Fawconb'ge, William de294
Ferers, William295
Fishaker, Richard (also Fizacre)289
Fitz, John arm299
FitzAcre, Martin294
FitzGilbert, Richard294
FitzHaimon, Robert283
FitzPayne, John295
FitzWarren, Almaricus294
Foleford, Baldwin, arm293
Foliot, Bishop Gilbert276-7
Foliot, Hugh277
Foliot, Robert277
Ford, John de289
Fortescue, Sir Adrian282
Fortescue, Edmond arm300-1
Fortescue, Henry293, 296-7
Fortescue, Sir Henry282
Fortescue, Hugh299
Fortescue, Sir John282, 298
Fortescue, Richard, arm293, 299
Fortescue William300
Fox, Mr273
Frie, Peter293
Frisius, Gemma279
Fry, Michael arm300
Fullford, John298-9
Furneaux, Mathew de294
Furnell, Alan de293
Furnell, Galfridus293
Furnell, Henry de293
Gambon, John snr293
Gaunt, John of276
Gefford, John arm300
Gemma, Johannes279
Germin family282
Giffard, Stephen293
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey286
Gilbert, Sir John299
Gilbert, Otho297
Glamorgan, Justine Lord of283
Glanvil, Sergeant283
Gloucester, Humphrey Duke of289
Godwin, Bishop276-9, 279
Goodman, Thomas298
Gorges, John arm293
Greenvile, John295
Greenvill, Sir Richard (Grenvile)283, 298, 301
Greenvill, Sir Theobald272
Gregory II274
Grymes, William arm300
Gunds, Hugo de293
Gyles, Sir Edward300
Haache, Robert ate294
Hales, Richard297
Hall, Edward297
Hallywell, John297
Hallywell, Richard298
Hanckford, Richard296
Hankford family281
Hankford, Sir William281
Harding, John279
Harris, Sergeant283
Harry, John293
Hasthorpt, William295
Hawell, John, Knt297
Heal, Thomas arm300
Heale family272
Heale, Sampson arm300
Heale, Thomas300
Heale, Warin300
Hearle, Thomas300
Henry I294
Henry II277, 288, 293-5
Henry III277, 293
Henry IV281, 286, 296
Henry V278, 281-2, 286, 296
Henry VI278, 282, 289, 292, 296
Henry VII281-2, 297, 301
Henry VIII282, 295, 298
Herle, John, Knt293, 296
Herle, Sir William281
Hille, Andree, arm293
Hille, Robert, arm293, 296
Hillingdon, Andrew297
Holeway, William293
Holand, Roger arm297-8
Holland, John arm293
Holland, H287
Holland, Richard, arm293
Hooker, Richard289-90
Horton, Gerard de294
Horton, Henry de, filius294
Horton, Robert de294
Horton, Walter294
Hoveden, Roger291
Ingepen, Roger de294
James I280, 288, 300
Jewel, John279
John, King289, 293
John, Mathew filius294
Jordan, Doctor271
Kendall, Richard295
Keynes, John (Keneys)296
Keynes, Nicholas, arm293
Kirkham, Nicholas de294-5
Kirkham, Robert293
Knovill, Gilbert de294
Kyngeslond, Thomas293
Kyrcham, John (Kirkham)298
Kyrcham, William299
Lacy, Philip arm293
La Fort family295
Landford, Edward297
Langford, Richard de293
Latom, Thomas293
Lauerance, John293
Lawill, Thomas de (also de la Wile)293
Leach, Simon300
Leland278, 288-9
Lodescomb, Radulphus de294
Maheel, John297
Malerbe, John arm293
Malerbe, William arm (Maleherb)293, 295
Malevorer, Hameth297
Mallet, John arm299
Marshal, John293
Martin IV, Pope286
Martyn, Sir Nicholas301
Martyr, Peter279
Mary, Queen275
Maynard, Mr Joseph273, 279
Maynard, Sergeant283
Melundinensis, Robertus277
Merwoode, Henry arm293
Mey, William293
Moeles family301
Molis, Nicholas de294
Molle, Mr Henry275
Molle, John275
Monck, George285
Morin, Radulph (Mora)293
Mounck, Thomas299
Moveforti, Reginald de294
Mulys, John293
Munketon, William de294
Muscegros, John de294
Nanfan, John297
Northcoat family301
Northcoate, John arm300
Northcott, Baronet271-2, 276, 278, 289-1
Norwood, William298
Palton, William de296
Paris, Matthew289
Parker, Edmond arm300
Parker, John arm299
Parkhurst, John279
Paulet, Hugh298
Pawlet, John295
Peaupell, Ralph294
Percy family295
Perot, Thomas293
Peverell, Thomas295
Peveril, Richard296
Philip & Mary275, 299
Pine, Edward296
Piperoll, Richard293
Pirest, Agnes (also Prest)275
Pius V284
Plympton, Robert289
Pohier, Walter de293
Pole, William de la278
Pollard, Lady Elizabeth282
Pollard, Sir George282
Pollard, Sir Hugh282, 298-9
Pollard, Sir Lewis282
Pollard, Sir Richard282, 298
Pollard. Walter arm293
Pomeray, Edward arm293, 296
Pomeray, Henry de la291
Pomeray, Nicholas la294
Pomeroy, Richard296-8
Pomeroy, Thomas296
Pool, William arm300
Poole, John Bt300
Portugal, Sebastian King of284
Prideaux, Bishop John279-80
Prideaux, John de Orcherton, arm293
Prideaux, John deAdeston, arm293
Prideaux, Roger arm299
Prons, Thomas293
Prouze, Avis la301
Prouze, Sir William la301
Pupard, William294
Putt, Nicholas arm301
Quivill, Bishop Peter272
Radeford, Nicholas293
Raleg, Willielmus293
Ralega, Hugo de293
Ralege, John de294
Ralegh, John de Grandport294
Ralegh, John de Charles294
Ralegh, Thomas de294
Raleigh, William de277-8
Rawleigh, Thomas295
Rawleigh, Sir Walter287
Reinolds, John290
Reynell, Richard arm299
Reynell, Walter arm293
Richard I291, 293, 295
Richard II281, 284, 301
Richard III297, 301
Ridner, Richard de293
Ripariis, Richard de (Rivers)294
Roll, Dennys arm300, 302
Roll, Henry300
Rolles family301
Rolles, Robert arm300
Ross, Lord275
Rouswell, Sir Henry300
Ruffus, William293
Rugway, Thomas300
Sandys, Sir Edwin290
Sapcote, John297
Sarisburiensis, Johannes276
Savory, Sir Christopher300
Schonaugh, Elizabeth Abbess of288
Scobhull, Thomas de294
Sechevile, Warin de294
Seimour, Sir Edward (Seymour)299-300
Servington, William de294
Seymour family (Semaur, also de Sancto Mauro)302
Smith, Sir George300
Southcoat, Thomas299
Southcote, George300
Specot, Sir John300
Specote, Humphrey arm299
Speke, John arm293, 298
Spelman, Sir Henry281
Stanbery, Bishop John278
Stanford, W275
St John, Edward arm293
St Leger, John299
St Leogar, George298
Stoner, Sir John281
Stonor, William, Knt297
Stowell, Thomas296
Stretch, John295
Stroade, William arm (Strowd)299
Stuckley, Hugh297, 299
Stuckley, Thomas284
Stukeley, Lewis arm299
Sutford, Baldwin297
Talbot, William296
Theodore, Rhese ap283
Tilley, Count280
Tirell, Henry294
Tottle, Henry arm300
Travers, Mr Walter290
Trebarth, Nicholas, arm293
Tremaine, Andrew292
Tremaine, Nicholas292
Tremaine, Thomas Esq292
Trererd, Walter de293
Troublefield, Bishop James275
Tukesbury, Nicholas294
Tyrant, Nicholas293
Upton family289
Upton, Nicholas289
Usher, Archbishop James290
Usher, Bishop Robert290
Valibus, Robertus de293
Vetere Ponte, Robertus de293
Villa Torta, Reginald de293
Vowell, Mr275
Wadham, Nicholas298
Wadham, Richard298
Wadham, William296
Wake family295
Walrond, William300
Walsingham, T276
Wanard, William293
Werthe, Thomas arm293
Whitelegh, Walter arm293
Whitgift, Archbishop289
Whiting, Henry293
Whitily, Richard295
Whitting, Nicholas294
Whytley, Richard298
Wibery family301
Wike, John296
Wilford, William286
William II, Rufus283
Willielmi, Osbert filius293
Willoughby, Robert297
Wilton, Radulfus de294
Wise, John arm293
Wise, Sir Thomas300
Wodton, Robert de294
Wolsey, Christopher297
Woolfhard, Abbot274
Wratham, William de293
Wyate, Sir Thomas301
Wymondham, William270
Yard, Richard arm (Yeard)293, 296
Yeo, John arm293
Yeo, Richard293
Yoo, William294-5
Young, Walter arm300
Zouch, Rogerus la293