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Help and advice for W. Prince's 'Worthies of Devon' and the Dictionary of National Biography, Part I - Index

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Name Index


W. Prince's 'Worthies of Devon' and the Dictionary of National Biography, Part I

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol. 17 (1885), pp. 199-214.


W. Pengelly

Prepared by Michael Steer

The paper, presented at the Association's 1885 Seaton meeting is first in a series providing notes on Devon celebrities whose names appear either in Prince, or in the earliest volumes of the Dictionary of National Biography, or in both. This first part introduces the collection from Acland (1) to Badcock (17). The author has used a system of abbreviations to identify the sources for each of the entries. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adams, William 204, 213-4
Ackland, Baldwin DD 202-3, 213-4
Acland, Elizabeth 203
Ackland, Sir John 199-202
Acland, John Dyke 203
Ackland, Margaret 200-1
Ackland, Margery 201
Ackland, Mary 200
Acland, Anthony 200
Acland, Arthur Palmer 204
Acland, Lady Elizabeth 203
Acland family 203, 214
Acland, Sir Francis 200
Acland, Henrietta Anne 203
Acland, Sir Hugh Bt 203
Acland, John 203
Acland, Lady Lydia Elizabeth 203
Acland, Richard 203
Acland, Sir Thomas 203, 204
Acland, Sir Thomas Dyke 203, 213-4
Acland, William 200
Acland, Sir Wroth Palmer KCB 204
Akeland, Hugh 200
Akeland, John 199-200
Akelane, Arthur 200
Alphred, Bishop 204, 213-4
Ash, Simon (Fraxinus) 204, 214
Ashwood, Mr Bartholomew 205
Ashwood, John 205
Astley, Herbert DCL 204, 214
Atwell, Hugh 205, 214
Atwill family 205
Atwill, John 205
Audlegh, Lady Alice 205
Audlegh, Lady Eva 206
Audlegh, Hugh de 206
Audlegh, Isabel de 206-7
Audlegh, James 207
Audlegh, James Lord 205-10, 213-4
Audlegh, Lady Joan 205-6
Audlegh, Margaret 207
Audlegh, Nicholas Lord 205-6
Audlegh, Roger 207
Audlegh, Roland 207
Audlegh, Thomas 207
Audley, James Lord 205
Audley, Sir Peter 208
Avery, John 210
Babbage, Charles 210-2
Babington, Bishop Gervase 212-3
Badcock, Samuel 213-4
Barnes, Joshua 209
Baird, William MD 199
Bentall, Mr W 211
Burghersh, Lord Bartholomew 208
Clavering, Eva 206
Clavering, Sir John 206
Clifford, Mary 203
Clifford, Lord Thomas 203
Coffington, Sir Stephen 208
Ditton 211
Duck, Elizabeth 203
Duck, Richard 203
Dyke, Elizabeth 203
Dyke, Thomas 203
Edward the Black Prince 207
Edward I 205
Edward III 206
Ferrers, Lord William 208
FitzWarine, Fulk Lord 207
FitzWarine, Lady Margaret 207
Fox, Lady Christian Harriet Caroline 203
Freeman, Rev Stephen 210
Froissart 206-7, 209-10
Fuller 205-7, 209, 212
Godwin, Bishop 212-3
Gwatkin, Rev R 212
Hawley, Margery 201
Hermentrude 206, 210
Herschel 211-2
Hoare, Henry 203
Hoare, Lydia Elizabeth 203
Hoare, Sir Richard 203
Hooker, Mr John alias Vowell 204, 212-3
Ilchester, Stephen First Earl of 203
Isaac 212-3
Johnes 205-7
Malbank, Isabel 206
Malbank, William 206
March, Lady Joan of 206
March, Roger Earl of 206
Martin, Eleanor 205
Martin, Joan 205
Martin, William 205
Martin, Sir William 205
Michelmore, Mr H 200
Mohun, Eleanor 205
Mohun, William 205
Pole, Sir William 200, 205, 207
Portman, Margery 201
Powning, Rev James BD 210
Prince, John throughout
Pulman, Mr G P R 205
Ratcliff, Hugh 200
Ratcliff, Margaret 200
Risdon, Tristram 200
Rogers 202
Stephen, Leslie 199
Touchet, Lady Joan 206-7
Touchet, Sir John 206-7
Vivian, Colonel J L 200-210, 212
Vowell, John alia Hoker gent 204
Westcote 205-6
Willoughby, Lord 208
Windeatt, Mr Edward 210