Name Index


W. Prince's 'Worthies of Devon' and the Dictionary of National Biography, Part II

Trans. Devon Assoc., vol. 18 (1886), pp. 269-369.


W. Pengelly

Prepared by Michael Steer

The paper, presented at the Association's 1886 St Marychurch meeting is the second in a series providing notes on Devon celebrities whose names appear either in Prince, or in volumes 3 to 6 of the Dictionary of National Biography, or in both. This second part extends the collection from Baker to Brooke. The name of every celebrity introduced in Part II of the series occurs either in Prince or in the Dictionary, or in both. Celebrities in Part I of the series were listed alphabetically from 1 to 17. Those in this paper are listed from 18 to 83 inclusive. The author has used a system of abbreviations to identify the sources for each of the entries. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.
    A tabular summary of all celebrities from 18-82 inclusive appears on pp. 368-9.


Acland, John snr270
Acland, John270
Ackland, Sir John269
Albo, Richard320
Alexander III, Pope291
Andrews270, 313
Anne, Queen300
Apsley, Sir Allen296-7
Apsley. Sir Leven297
Arci, Sir Philip de301
Arscot, Arthur Esq326
Arscot, Blanch326
Arundel, Bishop Thomas350
Atye, Arthur327
Bach, John Christian306
Badcock, Samuel270
Baker, Aaron274
Baker, Bridget274
Baker, George, Mus. B.275
Baker, Rev George273-4
Baker, Sir George, Bt, MA, MD, FRS273-5
Baker, Martha274
Baker, Philip DD275
Baldwin, Archbishop270, 275-7, 292
Ball, Ann278, 327, 330
Ball, Bishop287
Ball family327
Ball, Giles gent (also Egidius)278
Ball, Henrietta Maria278, 280
Ball, Sir Peter, Knt, DCL278-81
Ball, Petrus (also Peter)279-80
Ball, Thomazine279
Ball, Urith279
Ball, William Esq278
Balle, Mary281
Balle, Peter MD280-1
Balle, William280-1
Bamfield, Amias287
Bamfield, Arthur287
Bamfield, Richard287
Bamfield, Thomas Esq279-80, 285
Bampfield, Sir Copleston Bt281-2, 284-6
Bampfield, Elizabeth287, 289
Bampfield, Francis MA286-7
Bampfield, Gertrude282
Bampfield, Jane282
Bampfield, John286, 288
Bampfield, Sir John Bt281-2, 286, 289
Bampfield, John Codrington Warwick287
Bampfield, Margaret282
Bampfield, Thomas288-9
Bampfylde, Amias Warwick288
Bampfylde, Charles Warwick288
Bampfylde, Coplestone Warre286
Bampfylde, John MP286
Bampfylde, John Codrington287
Bampfylde, John Codrington Warwick288
Bampfylde, Margaret286
Bampfylde, Mary286
Bampfylde, Sir Richard Warwick287
Bampton, John de, DD289
Bancroft, Dr290
Bardolf, Hugh351-2
Barkham, Ann290
Barkham family290
Barkham, Joan289
Barkham, John DD289
Barkham, Lawrence289-90
Barry, John291
Barry, Lord291
Barry, Robert291
Barry, William de291
Bartholomew, Bishop (also Iscanus)276, 291-4
Baskerville family294
Baskerville, Sir Simon, MA, MD294-5
Baskerville, Thomas294
Bassett, Agnes295
Bassett, Colonel Arthur295-8
Basset, Sir Arthur298
Bassett, Elinor295
Bassett, Elizabeth295
Bassett family295, 302-3
Bassett, Sir Francis298
Bassett, Bishop Fulk301
Basset, Mr James298
Bassett, Sir John295
Basset, Nicholas298
Bassett, Sir Robert295
Basset, Sir Thomas298
Bastard, Anne299
Bastard, Lady Bridget300
Bastard, Edmund Pollexfen, MP300
Bastard, John Pollexfen, MP299-300
Bastard, Sarah299
Bastard, William Bt299-300
Bath, Sir Henry de Knt (also Bathonia)300-3
Bathon, Augustine de302
Bathon, Sir Walter Knt302-3
Bathonia, Aliva de303
Bathonia, Hugh de303
Batten, Mr330
Battie, Edward303
Battie, Dr William, MA, MD303
Bavaria, Odilo, Duke of332
Bawceyn, Sir Guy (Bauzan)303-4
Bawceyn, Sir Stephen, Knt303-4
Bayonne, John Bishop of349
Beauclerc, Constance304
Beaumont, Constance de304
Beaumont, Richard Lord Viscount Main304
Beaumont, Rocelin de304
Becket, St Thomas292-3
Bede, Cuthbert358
Beeke, Rev Christopher304
Beeke, Rev Dr Henry DD304-6
Bellew, Mary326
Bellew, Nicholas326
Bellew, Spinetes326
Bellew, Susan326
Bennett, William (also Bennet)306
Bentham, George FRS, FLS306-8
Bentham, Jeremy307, 342
Bentham, General Sir Samuel307
Berkley, Sir John Knt280
Berry, Daniel308
Berry, Elizabeth308
Berry, Sir John308
Bidder, Mr George Parker309-15
Bidgood, Humphrey316
Bidgood, Dr John315-6
Bidlake, Dr John316-7
Bidwell, John Carne318
Billington, Thomas318
Bishop270, 333
Blackall, Elizabeth318
Blackall, Dr John MA, MB, MD318-9
Blackall, Bishop Offspring318
Blackall, Samuel MA319
Blackall, Rev Theophilus318
Blackmore, Mr Richard Doddridge323
Blewett, Edith335-6
Blewett, Elizabeth322
Blewett, Jane322
Blewett, Nicholas335-6
Blewett, Mr Octavian362-3
Bliss, Mary361
Blondy, Bishop Godwin320
Blondy, Hilary320
Blondy, Bishop Richard319-21
Blondy, William320
Blount, Sir Charles, Earl of Devonshire324
Bluett, Arthur322
Bluett family322
Bluett, Francis321-2
Bluett, John322
Bluett, Mary321-2
Bluett, Richard321-2
Bluett family322
Bluett, Francis321-2
Bluett, John322
Bluett, Mary321-2
Bluett, Richard321-2
Blundell, Peter323
Blunt, Lord Deputy323
Bodley, Agnes326
Bodley, Alice326-7, 329
Bodley, Ann326-7, 330
Bodley, Anne326
Bodley, Arthur326
Bodley, Blanch326
Bodley, Christopher326
Bodley, Edward326
Bodley, Elizabeth326, 329
Bodley family (also Bodleigh)326-7
Bodley, Francis326
Bodley, George326
Bodley, Gilbert326
Bodley, Joan323-4, 326-7
Bodley, John323-7, 328-9
Bodley, Sir Josias323-4, 326, 328
Bodley, Lawrence DD324-6, 328
Bodley, Mark326
Bodley, Mary326
Bodley, Miles328-9
Bodley, Prothesia328
Bodley, Richard326-7
Bodley, Robert326
Bodley, Susan326, 329
Bodley, Sibell329
Bodley, Thomas326
Bodley, Sir Thomas271, 324-9, 342
Bodley, William325-6
Bodley, Zachary326, 328-9
Bogan family329
Bogan, Prothesia329
Bogan, Walter (also Bougins)329
Bogan, William330
Bogan, Zachary MA330
Bond, Hugh275, 292, 306
Boniface, Saint (also St Winfrith)270-1, 330-3
Bonvill, Alis334-5
Bonvill, Ann335
Bonvill, Cecily335
Bonvill, Edith335-6
Bonvill, Elizabeth333-6
Bonvill, Florenc335
Bonvill, Isabell335-6
Bonvill, Jone (also Jane)335-6
Bonvil, John333-4, 336
Bonvill, John (2)333-6
Bonvill, Katherine335-6
Bonvill, Margaret333-4
Bonvill, Matilds336
Bonvill, Lord William333-6
Bonville family334
Borough, Christopher336-7
Borough, Stephen Esq336-40
Borough, William339-41
Bowen, James341
Bowring, Benjamin358
Bowring, Sir John271, 330, 341-3, 358
Bracton, de, family344
Bracton, Henry de273, 343-6
Brancker, Hannah347
Brancker, Thomas snr346
Brancker, Thomas MA346-7
Brandreth, Dr347
Brandreth, Mary347
Bransby, Mr341
Bray, Anna Eliza348
Bray, Edward347
Bray, Edward Atkyns BD347-8
Bray, Mary347
Brentingham, Bishop Thomas (Brantyngham)348-50
Breos, Graecia de352-3
Breos, Reginald de352-3
Bretland, Joseph snr351
Bretland, Joseph351
Bretland, Sarah351
Brewer, Alice352-3
Brewer, Beatrix de352
Brewer, Graecia352-3
Brewer, Henry351
Brewer, Isabel352-3
Brewer, John353-4
Brewer, Joan352-3
Brewer, Margaret352-3
Brewer, Peter353-4
Brewer, Richard352-3
Brewer, Bishop William353-6
Brewer, William jnr (Briwere)352-3
Brewer, Lord William351-4
Brian, Anne356
Brian, Elizabeth357
Brian, Lord Guy356-7
Brian, Sir Guy the younger356
Brian, Marget356-7
Brian, Sir Philip356
Brian, Sir William356
Brice, Andrew357-8, 364-5
Brice, Andrew snr357
Bridgeman, Dove359
Bridgeman, Edward snr359
Bridgeman, Edward289, 359
Bridgeman, Elizabeth359
Bridgeman, Henry359-60
Bridgeman, James359
Bridgeman, Joan289
Bridgeman, Bishop John DD358-60
Bridgeman, Michael359
Bridgeman, Orlando359-60
Bridgeman, Richard359
Bridgeman, Thomas359
Bridges, Andrei279
Bridges, Thomazine279
Bridport, Lord341
Brightwaldus, Archbishop331
Bristow271, 321
Brito, Richard360
Brito, William de360
Britt family360
Britt, Guy de360
Britt, Raph360
Britte, Walter360
Britto, Richard361
Britton323, 330, 333, 346, 367
Britton & Brayley271, 289
Brock, Mary361
Brock, William DD361-2
Brockedon, Mr William273, 362-3
Bronescombe, Bishop Walter270, 363-7
Brooke, Charles367
Brooke, Henry James Esq FGS, FLS, FRS367
Brownlow, Canon271, 333
Brute, Walter360-1
Brydges, Sir Harford307
Buck, Sir George362
Buckland, Dr William323
Bulkeley, F282
Bulkeley, Margaret282
Bull, Dr George323
Burnett, John328
Burozo, Hubert de360
Buxton, Jedediah313
Cambrensis, Giraldus271, 292
Camden291, 333-4, 352
Canterbury, Bonifacius Archbishop of319, 364-5
Canterbury, Simon, Archbishop349
Canterbury, Theobald, Archbishop of293
Canterbury, William Archbishop of348-50
Carew, Ann327
Carew, Sir Thomas279
Carpenter, Dr Lant341
Carter, Alce328
Catherall, Samuel347
Cave, Dr331
Champernown family363
Chanter271, 277, 290, 296
Charles I278-9, 294, 296, 298
Charles II279, 281-3, 289, 308
Chichester, Arthur Lord323-4
Chichester, Sir John321-2
Chichester, Mary321-2
Chuton, Lady Elizabeth333
Clarence, Duke of316
Combe, G271, 310, 312
Conybeare, Dr John323
Cooke, Ann278
Cooke, Sir William Knt278
Copleston, Amias282
Copleston family281-2, 326-7
Copleston, Gertrude282
Copleston, Humphrey279
Copleston, Urith279
Coplestone, John282
Cornwall, Richard Duke of301
Cotton, Mr R W271, 297, 337-9
Courtenay, Earl Edward334
Courtenay, Elizabeth334
Courtenay, Earl Thomas334
Courtenay, Sir William Bt285
Creston, Mr Richard283
Cromwell, Richard285
Culverwell, Anthony329
Culverwell, Sybill328-9
Damascus, Geoffrey Archbishop of349
Darcy, Sir Philip302
Dartmouth, Lord308-9
Davis, John338
Debell, Miss306
Delacron, Edward346
Dennis, Alice335
Dennis, Joan335
Dennis, William335
Dennys, Alis334, 336
Dennys, Sir Gilbert334
Despenser, Hugh le345
Devon, Earl of326
Dinham, Ann335
Dinham, Roger335
Dover, Isabella352-3
Dowrish, Ann326
Dowrish, Thomas Esq326
Drake, Bernard283
Drake, Sir Bernard283
Drake, Dewnes283
Drake, Elizabeth283, 287, 289
Drake family283
Drake, Sir Francis283, 287, 340-1
Drake, George283
Drake, Jane283
Drake, John283
Drake, Sir John Knt, Bt282-4
Drake, Thomas282, 287, 289
Drake, Walter283
Drake, William283
Drewett, Mr Stephen306
Dudley, Sir Robert340
Dugdale, Sir William276, 294-5, 298, 320, 344, 346, 354
Durham, Hugh Bishop of352
Dymond, Mr R350
Edward III348-9, 356, 360
Edward IV334
Egerton, Richard359
Elizabeth I275
Erle, Sir John356
Erle, Margaret356
Ermegard, Princess304
Esse, Richard de346
Essex, Earl of295-6
Ethelbald, King333
Fairfax, General Thomas296-8
Fert, Margaret (de Feretate)353
FitzStephen, Angharat291
FitzStephen, Robert291
Fordyce, Dr George307
Fortescue, Florenc335
Fortescue, Thomas335
Foss, Mr302-3, 344
Fox, Joan326-7
Fox, John326-7
Frederick, Emperor355
Frogg, Devereux347
Froude, Archdeacon363
Fulford, Jone335
Fulford, William335
Fuller271, 276-7, 291-3, 320, 353-4, 361, 366
Gale, Alice326-7
Gale, Thomas Esq326-7
Gay, John342
George III273, 300
Gibbons, Thomas289
Giles, Dr354
Gilfillan271, 288
Godwin271, 364
Goode, Barnham303
Goring, General296
Gregory II331
Grenville, Sir Bevil296
Grindal, Bishop275
Hamilton, Duke of298
Hammond, Colonel298
Harding271, 323
Harrington, Elizabeth334
Harrington, Sir John334
Harris334, 336
Havelock, Sir Henry KCB362
Hayter, Dr Thomas323
Hayward, Mr Abraham323
Helyar, Elizabeth359
Helyar, William359
Henry the young king293
Henry I304
Henry II291, 293, 304
Henry III301-4, 319, 344-5, 355, 360, 364
Henry V333
Henry VI333-4
Henry VII335
Herle, John334
Herschel, Sir John312
Hingeston-Randolph, Prebendary350
Hoker271, 277, 291-2, 319-21, 348-9, 353, 364-5
Holinshed271, 304
Holland, Richard Esq310
Holman, Alice329
Holway, Anne356
Holway, William356
Hone, Joan323, 326-7
Hone, Robert Esq323, 325-6
Hook271, 276, 349
Hooker, Sir J308
Howe, Lord341
Hurst, Agnes326
Hurst, William Esq326
Hussey, Mary Posthuma281
Hutchinson, Colonel271, 297
Hutchinson, Mrs271, 297
Hutchinson, Mr P O319
Hutton271, 347
Iscanus, Bartholomew276
Iscanus, Josephus342
Isaac, Mr J309-11
Islip, Archbishop Simon349
Izacke271, 279, 282, 284, 289, 292-4, 316, 319-21, 348-50, 353, 355, 364, 366
Jackman. Charles338
Jackson, William275, 306
James I269, 294, 328
James II281
Jardine, Sir Henry312
John, King304, 353
Jenkins271, 292-4, 316, 319-21, 325, 348, 353, 363-6
Jephson, Rev Thomas311-2
Kempe, Anna Eliza348
Kempe, John348
Kennicott, Dr317
Kirkeby, Isabella (or Elizabeth)334-5
Kirkham, Katerine (also called Matilda)335
Kirkham, Nicas335
Knight, Rev E275
Knight, Edward286
Knight, Mary286
La Fert, Marjory352
Lancaster, Jane322
Lancaster, John322
Langton, Archbishop Stephen355
Larder, Edmund335-6
Larder, Isabell (also Elizabeth)335-6
Leicester, Earl of339
Leigh, Agnes295
Leigh, Sir William295
Lenthall, William Esq284-5
Levermore, Elizabeth326
Levermore, Maurice326
Ley, Elizabeth318
Lindley, Professor318
Livinus, Saint333
Longchamp, Bishop William352
Lull. Bishop333
Lysons, D & S271, 274, 297-8, 300, 306, 309, 320, 323, 325, 330, 333, 336, 344, 350, 353, 367
Macbride, Captain341
MacEnery, Rev J305
Mansell, Sir John301-2
Markham, Captain A H271, 338-9
Martel, Charles332
Mary, Queen (cons. of Chas I)278
Maton, Dr305
Maurice, Prince296
Maynard, John289
McKenzie, Sir George312
Meriet, Margaret333-4
Meyrick, Hannah347
Mill, James342
Moffat, Miss Sarah351
Mogeridge, Thomas325
Mohun, Alicia de352-3
Mohun, Reginald de352-3
Monk, General281
Montacute, Marget356
Montacute, Earl William356
Moore272, 275, 287, 290, 292, 295, 309, 316-8, 323-4, 330, 333, 351, 354-5, 357-8, 360, 364, 366-7
Moore, Cecily335
Moore, Elizabeth308
Moore, John308
Moore, Maurice335
Murray272, 298, 366
Neck, Rev Mr305
Nicolas272, 319, 349, 357, 364
Nordenskiold272, 338
Oliver Dr272, 280, 289, 292-4, 320-1, 348-50, 354-6, 364, 366-7
Palk, Sir Lawrence, Bt MP (also Lewis)305
Parker, John347
Paris, Matthew of272, 355
Paulett, Lady Bridget300
Paulett, John, Earl300
Peacock272, 280
Pepin, King333
Percy, Joan de352-3
Perream, Elizabeth295
Perream, Sir William Knt295
Pet, Arthur338
Petermann, Dr337
Phillips272, 275, 277, 291, 294, 300, 302-3, 306, 309, 321, 330, 333, 342, 346-7, 349-50, 353, 356-7, 360-1, 363, 367
Pitt, William300
Plantagenet, Prince John291
Pole, Sir Courtenay282
Pole, Jane282
Pole, Sir William272, 277, 292, 303-4, 334-6, 344, 348, 353, 356-7, 360, 366
Prout, Samuel317
Prydeaux, Edmond Esq279-80
Pulman272, 283-4, 352, 356
Rae, Sir William312
Redvers, Adeliza277
Redvers, Baldwin de277
Redvers, Earl Richard277
Richard I351
Richard II356-7
Ridd, John323
Ridgeway, Sir Thomas Knt269
Risdon, Tristram272, 302-4, 331, 333, 335-6, 355, 360
Roberts, David363
Roches, Bishop Peter de355
Rogers, Ann290
Rogers272, 282-3, 294, 356
Rupibus, Bishop Peter de355
Salisbury, John of293
Samford family302-3
Scots, Ermegard Queen of304
Scots, Mary Queen of290
Scots, William King of304
Shute, Susan329
Shute, William329
Skinner, Bishop287
Snowden, George274
Southcott, ___ Esq325
Sparry, Prothasy328
Speed272, 301, 355
St Aubyn, Joan335
St Aubyn, John335
Stephen II332
Stewart, Rev A272, 305, 312
Stothard, Anna Eliza348
Stothard, C A348
Strode, Dewnes283
Strode, Sir Richard283
Strongbow, Richard291
St Vincent, Lord341
Sudbury, Simon of348-50
Temple, Dr Frederick323
Tracy, Oliver de346
Trevelyan, Sir Walter C305
Trevillian, Elizabeth326
Trevennant, Bishop John361
Turbert, Walter320
Turkilby, Roger de344
Twiss, Sir Travers344, 346
Tyrone, Earl of323
Urban V348
Vachan, Rees303-4
Valle, Beatrix de352
Vansittart, Mr305
Vernon, Joan de352
Vernon, William de352
Vitry, de277
Vivian, Colonel269, 278-80, 282, 286, 288, 295-6, 298-300, 321-2, 325-7, 329-30, 334-6
Von Herbertstein337
Wake, Isabel352-3
Wallace, Professor313
Warner272, 298
Warre, Sir Francis286
Warre, Margaret286
Wendover, Roger of272, 277, 291, 293, 353-4
Westcote272, 291, 322-3, 325-8, 335-6, 348, 350, 353-4
Westlake, Thomas289
Westminster, Matthew of272, 291, 353-5
Weston, Dr Stephen273
White272, 348
White, Hilary320
Wigbert, Abbot331
Willcocks, Dr272-4
Willcocks, W K273, 343, 346
Willes, Elizabeth329
Willes, Myles329
Windeatt, Mr Edward273, 362-3
Wittlesay, Archbishop William349-50
Wivell, Thomas335
Wood, Anthony A328
Worcester, Roger Bishop of291, 293
Worcester, William of348-9
Worsely, Anne299
Worsley, Thomas299
Worth273, 288, 298, 317, 323, 346, 353, 361, 363
Worth, Agnes326
Worth, John326, 343
Wright, Mr W H K306
Yattingdon, Nicholas de303
Yonge, Jane283
Yonge, Sir John Knt, Bt283
Yonge, Mr354
York, Duke of308
Zacharias, Pope332