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The Worthyes of Devon

IN which are Memorized many
famous Persons, viz., Earls, Barons, Bishops, Divines,
Statesmen, Souldiers, Lawyers, Physitians, Writers and
others who were Natives of that Noble
Province, omitted in the former volume



[Unpublished continuation of his Worthies of Devon (London 1810).]

MSS (2 vols.) (1716)

Plymouth and West Devon Record Office, Cat. 373

Transcribed by Brian Randell


[This listing is based on that given by Prince at the end of the second volume, but corrected and augmented by studying the actual text. Many more people, descendants of the main "Worthies", are discussed in the book so this listing is far from constituting a complete name index.]

Ayshford, Nicholas
Avery, John
Brion, Lord Richard, Baron of Ockhampton
Brooke, Sir Thomas
Bourchier, John, Lord Fitz-Warren
Bourchier, John, Earl of Bath
Bourchier, Lord William, Earl of Bath
Bourchier, Lord Edward, Earl of Bath
Bear, Richard, Abbot
Bampfeild, Francis
Branker, Thomas
Clotworthy Sir Hugh
Culme, Benjamin
Clobery, Sir John
Dove, Henry D.D.
Furze, Walter
Farringdon, John
Fry, Nicholas
Fry, John Ford, Thomas B.D.
Ford, Thomas
Ford, Sir Richard
Gayer, Sir John
Gove, Richard
Grosse, Alexander
Hall, Simon
Hilion, Walter
Hull, Sir John
Harlewin, Sir John
Halwel, Sir John
Hayman, Robert
Hutchins, Sir George
Juyn, Sir John a Judge
Jermin, Michael
Knevil, Sir Gilbert
Kendal, George D.D.
Long, Gilbert & John
Lant, Richard
Mules, Lord Nicholas
Moore, John
Marwood, Thomas
Mainard, Sir John
Manton, Thomas, D.D.
Monk, Nicholas, Lord Bishop of Hereford
Newton, Sir Richard, Judge
Nosworthy, John
Nicholl, Philip
Norrington, Nathaniel
Newton, George
Oreng, John
Osborn, John
Pulleyn, Robert
Peytevin, John
Prouz, Sir William
Plimton, Robert
Piercehay, Sir Henry, Judge
Prideaux, John, Srjt at Law
Prestwood, Thomas
Peele, George
Pollexfen Sr Hen., Judge
Quick, John
Redvers, Baldwin, Earl of Devonshire
Reigney, Sir John
Radford, William, judge
Rugge, Robert, D.D.
Rose, Thomas
Rainolds, Thomas, D.D.
Rainolds, Hierom, D.D.
Rainolds, William
Rainolds, Edmund
Rainolds, James
Rainolds, Richard, B.D.
Reynolds, John
Rolle Sr, Henry, judge
Rolle, Colonel Robert
Rowe, John
Rowe, John, M.A.
Role, Robert
St. Swithun, Bishop of Winchester
Saintmarychurch, William
Saint Aubin, Sir Mauger
Sulley, Lord Raymund
Slade, William, Abbot of Buckfast
Steuckley, Thomas
Summaster, Thomas
Slade, Samuel
Slade, Mathew
Slee, George
Spurway alias Hill, Richard
Short, Anthony, D.D.
Salter, Anthony, M.D.
Seymour, Sir Edward
Stoakes, Gilbert
Speccot, Peter
Shower, Sir Bartholomew
Tracy, Sir William
Tremayle Sr., Thomas, Judge
Tacle, John
Thorn, Robert
Tolley, David, M.D.
Turner, Robert, D.D.
Trankmore, Captain John
Tickle, John
Trebie Sr., George, a judge
Vilvain, Robert M.D.
Venning, Ralph
Saint Willibald
Warclough, Robert, Bishop of Exeter
Whiteing, Henry
Whiteing, Richard, Abbot of Glastonbury
Wilford, William
Wynard, William, Serjt. at Law
Way or Wey, William
Williams, Thomas
Waltham, Richard
Walrond, Henry
Westcome, Martin
Weekes, John, D.D.
Young, Walter