Name Index


Art in Devonshire, Part II

Trans. Devon Assoc., Vol. 14, (1882), pp. 278-316


George Pycroft

Prepared by Michael Steer

The aim of Pycoft's paper, delivered at the Association's July 1882 Crediton meeting, was to honour all Devonshire men who had in any way made themselves noteworthy in Art. It was followed at the 1883 meeting by White's paper adding the names and biographical information about a small number of widely known Torquay artists who had been omitted from the present paper. This paper focuses on Devonshire portrait painters and sculptors. A chronological list of the artists born in Devon is presented on page 316. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Acland, Sir Thomas Dyke, Bt282, 288, 307
Adams, Professor288
Aitkens, John Esq307
Albert, Prince282, 308
Alfred the Great307
Anderdon, Mr J H286
Angelo, Michael291
Anson, Hon Mr288
Argyll, Earl of291
Arundel, Countess of311
Bacon, Sir Edmund310-1
Bacon, Sir N310
Bailey, E H, RA284, 288, 306
Barnes, S Esq285
Bartolomeo, Fra293
Bayley, Rt Hon Sir John Bt307
Beaufort, Cardinal302
Bedford, Duke of307
Bedford, Rt Hon Luce, Countess of310
Beechey, William RA302
Belcher, John286
Bellini, Gentile297
Bennett, William N281, 316
Berkeley, Lady312
Bewick, Thomas292
Bidlake, Rev Dr293-4
Bodely, Sir Thomas310
Bonheur, Rosa314
Bouverie, Admiral285
Bowring, Sir John308
Boyer, G Esq285
Bridges, H Esq285
Britton, John294-5
Brook, Lord310
Buckingham, Countess of311
Buller, James Wentworth Esq308
Buller, Sir John Yarde Bt, MP306
Burritt, Elihu288
Burrows, Sir John Cordey308
Butler, Sir Walter310
Carrington, Rev Palk312
Casabon, Monsieur311
Cecil, Lady Frances311
Charles I310
Clack, Richard A281, 316
Clare, Earl of311
Cole & Gendall, Messrs287
Cole, Mr288, 305
Colley, John282
Collins, Samuel285
Condy, N M287, 316
Cook, Samuel282, 287
Cosway, R281, 316
Cotes, Francis280
Cotton, Mr302
Cotton, William RA302
Courtenay, Hon & Rev Gerald288
Courtenay, Lady306
Courtenay, Hon William Reginald307
Cousins, Jane288
Cousins, Samuel RA288, 316
Cox, Sir Richard311
Cranch, J316
Creswell, T B Esq307
Cross, J316
Crosse, R281, 316
Cumberland, Countess of311
Dahl, Michael279, 299
Danby, Earl of311
Dance, Nathaniel302
Daves, Sir John310
Davie, Sir H Bt307
Davey, R316
Deane, Miss285
De la Garde, Mr P C309
Delaware, Countess of286
Derby, Earl of311
Devon, Earl of282, 288, 306, 308
Devon, Elizabeth Countess of308
De Wint298
Dinham, John282, 307
Divett, Edward MP285
Dobson279, 299
Donne, Dr310-1
Dorset, Duke of286
Downman, John RA281, 316
Drummond, Sir James308
Du Fresnoy301
Duntze, Sir J, Bt288
D'Urban, General Sir B, GCB307
Eastlake, Sir Charles316
Eastlake, W287
Ebrington, Viscount307
Edward V311
Elgin, Lord285
Elizabeth I278, 311
Elizabeth, Princess311
Eliot, Lord294
Elliott, Rev W285
Ezekiel, E A283
Fanshawe, Rev F285
Farrington, Joseph, RA302
Fletcher, S Esq307
Follett, Sir W W, Bt, MP306
Fortescue, Henry Esq308
Fortescue, Mrs Henry308
Fortescue, Earl Hugh, KG282, 307
Fulford, Colonel306
Gandy, James279-80, 283, 299-300, 305, 316
Gandy, William279-80, 283, 316
Gawdy, Lady310
Gendall, Mr John282, 287, 305, 309, 312-3, 316
Gibson, John306
Gilbert, Rev John284
Glass, Dr Thomas283
Gleadall, Rev J285
Goff & Gully, Messrs283
Goldfinch, Major General285
Goldsmith, Sir H, KCB285
Gordon, Lord George286
Gordon, Miss302
Greenhill279, 299
Grey, Lady Jane291
Griffin, Mr310
Hall, General Gage306
Hall, Rowland306
Hall, Mr S C298, 313
Harding, Rev Nathaniel284
Hart, A S316
Haydon, Benjamin R284, 293-4, 316
Haydon, Mr G H308
Haydon, Howard294
Haydon, Samuel James Bouverie281, 284, 316
Hayman, F316
Heathfield, Lord280
Henrietta Maria, Queen311
Henry VII311
Herschel, Sir John288
Hex, Mr Thomas314
Heydock, Richard278, 305
Hill, Captain308
Hilliard, Nicholas278-9, 305, 316
Hine, Mr J296
Hippesley, T H Esq307
Hoare, Prince302
Hogarth, William279-80, 291, 299
Holford, Mr R S286
Holland, Lady Mary286
Holles, Mr Francis311
Holles, Sir George311
Hooper, Mr Reginald303
Hudson, Thomas280, 299, 301, 316
Humphry, Ozias, RA285, 316
Jackson, William279, 300, 316
James I281, 309
James, Master Isaac309-10
Janson, Bernard310
Jeffray, Arthur W308
Jenkins, Thomas316
Jervas, Charles299
Johns, Mr Ambrose Bowden287, 293, 296, 316
Johnson, Dr280, 301
Jones, Inigo281, 311
Keenan283, 300
Kelsall, W S Esq307
Kendall, Mr312
Kennaway, Mr Mark289
Keppel, Lord300
Keyser, Peter de309
King, J281, 316
Knapton, George280
Kneller, Sir Godfrey279, 284
La Fayette291
Langton, Tobias (also Langdon)279, 300, 305
Lawrence, General Stringer283
Leakey, J316
Lee. F R316
Lely, Sir Peter279
Leslie, C R, RA302
Lewis, Rev Richard MA285
Lonsdale, William Earl of307-8
Lowe, Rev306
Luthis, William310
Mackenzie, G Esq295, 304
Madras, Lord Bishop of307
Mann, Paul S309
Mason, Lady285
Mealing, John286
Medina, Sir John de279, 299
Miles, Mr William312
Miller, Patrick MD306
Mitchell, Philip286, 316
Mogford, Thomas281, 287, 289, 305, 316
Moon, Mr304
Morison, Sir Charles281, 310
Morris, Colonel307
Morrish, W S290, 316
Mount Edgcumbe, Lord300-1
Mountford, Dr311
Mulgrave, Baron286
Murchison, Sir Roderick Impey304
Napier, Colonel288
Neal, Dr312
Newman, Sir R, Bt285
Newman, Thomas Esq285
Northcote, James RA279, 281, 283-4, 290-2, 295, 302, 316
Northampton, Earl of310
Northumberland, Duke of306
Opie283, 291
Orange, Prince & Princess of286
Ormond, Earl of310
Palmerston, Lord307
Parker, Captain312
Parker, Montague E N Esq MP312
Paston, Lady Catherine311
Paston, Mr311
Patch, Dr Gayer312
Patch, John jnr283-4, 293
Patch, John snr280, 293
Patch, Thomas292, 316
Phelps, Mr308
Phillips, Alderman305
Phillpotts, Rt Rev Henry306, 314
Pickersgill, Mr288
Pitt-Lewis, Mr George308
Pridham, Mr T L293
Priestley, Dr307
Prout, Samuel293-8, 316
Pulling, F S, MA302
Quartley, Mr288
Radnor, Earl of285
Ramsay, Allan280, 301-2
Raphael278, 291
Reade, Mrs G285
Redgrave, Samuel282, 292
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, PRA279-81, 283, 285, 290, 292, 299-303, 305, 308, 316
Reynolds, Rev Samuel299
Richard II291
Richard III311
Richardson, Jonathan299
Richmond, Duke of285
Riley279, 299
Rogers, Sir John305
Rogers, Philip Hutchins303
Rogers, W316
Rolle, Lady306
Rolle, Lord306
Romney, George286, 302
Rooker, Mr Alfred308
Rowe, George303-4, 316
Russell, Mrs B284
Russell, Mr Denis284
Russell, Lieutenant Colonel Henry280, 284
Russell, John280
Russia, Catherine Empress of301
Salter, Philip305
Salter, William304, 316
Saltoun, General Lord307
Saunders, Mr Ralph303
Saunders, Mr Robert312
Saywell, J Esq285
Scanderbeg, George306
Score, William305, 316
Scott, Dr W R314
Seaward, Sir Edward Knt280, 284
Shakespeare, William291, 304
Sharland, William281, 305
Sheffield, Blanche306
Sheffield, Mr Thomas306
Sheffield, Mrs T285
Shipley, Mr William285
Shute, John278, 305-6, 316
Sillifant, Mr J288
Smith, Mr293
Soames, Mr307
Solly, Samuel Esq FRS308
Stanley, Charles311
Stephens, Edward Bowring, ARA281-2, 288, 306, 308-9, 316
Stephens, James306
Stevens, James Francis309, 316
Stuart family304
Stokes, Charles312
Stone, Henry311
Stone, John311-2
Stone, Mary311
Stone, Nicholas Esq281, 309-12, 316
Stone, Nicholas jnr311
Sutton, Mr310
Sutton, Sir Thomas311
Symonds, Sir W, KCB285
Taylor, Tom MA302
Thompson, G Esq285
Thornhill, Sir James299
Thurloe, John311
Titian290-2, 300
Townsend, Mr George304
Traies, Frank313
Traies, William312, 316
Turner280, 295
Tyler, Wat291
Tyrell, John308
Upham, John William313, 316
Vallack, Mr John283
Vanakin, Joseph279
Vanderbank, John279, 299
Vandyke279, 299, 312
Vanloo, John Baptist279, 299
Veronese, Paul300
Vertue305, 310
Vinci, Leonardo da308
Wales, Prince of301
Walpole, Horace278, 293, 305, 310
Webber, William John Seaward281-2, 313-4, 316
Wellington, Duke of304
Wells, Mrs288
West, Benjamin295
Whitaker, Miss295
Whitaker, Rev John295
Whiteford, Mr C C308
Whittaker, George314, 316
Widgery, Frederick John315-6
Widgery, William314-6
Williams, Charles314
Williams, Mr S293-4
Williams, T H315-6
Williams, William282, 287
Wordsworth, William285
Wren, Sir Christopher308
Wright, Joseph Michael279, 299, 302
Wright, Sir Sampson286
Zoffany, Johann302