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Catalogue of an Exhibition of Portraits of Departed Worthies Connected with the Counties of Devon and Cornwall

Royal Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, Exeter Meeting 1873

Exeter: Royal Albert Memorial Museum, 37 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Royal Archaeological Institute (RAI) is a leading national archaeology society, with a history dating back to 1844. Its interests span all aspects of the archaeological, architectural and landscape history of the British Isles. Members of the Institute held their Annual Meeting at Exeter in July 1873 and were motivated to add to the attraction of their meetings with a collection of the portraits of local (Devon and Cornwall) celebrities "now deceased". To this end a committee was formed, chaired by the Lord Mayor of Exeter. The focus of the collection was expanded to include pictures commemorating historical places or events connected with one or other of the counties. Several well-known portraits were absent from the exhibition due to their loss in a recent disastrous Alexandra Palace fire. This rare and much sought-after catalogue was produced digitally by Google from a copy in the Fogg Museum of Art, Harvard University Library collection and can be downloaded from HathiTrust. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Acland, Sir Thomas Dyke Bt10
Addington, Dr Anthony20
Albemarle, Duke of, KG37
Allen, Ralph30
Anderson, Miss Amelia33
Anjou, Margaret of34
Anne, Queen9, 27, 30
Anstis, John9
Ashburton, Lord17
Atterbury, Bishop Francis11-2
Atwill, Lawrence24
Ball, John19
Banks, Sir Joseph35
Baring, Rt Hon Alexander17
Baring, Sir F Bt17
Barnes, Rev R H23, 27
Barnes, Ralph23
Barnes, Samuel FRCSL27
Barton, Canon John10
Basset, Mr E S7
Basset, Sir Francis7
Bastard, Joyce16
Bastard, Sir William16
Bedford, 3rd Earl of32
Bedford, Lucy Countess of32
Beechey, Admiral Sir William7
Belgrave, Lord35
Bewes, Rev T9
Bince, A36
Bird, J F31
Blackall, Henry Esq37
Blackall, Bishop Offspring23, 27
Blackall, Dr27
Blount, Gertrude10
Blount, William10
Boconnoc, Baron of8
Bodmin, Viscount19
Bompas, Mr G C14
Bonaparte, Prince Louis Lucien6
Bonaparte, Napoleon33
Borlase, Dr W29
Borlase, Mr W C29
Borough, Walter25
Bowring, Sir John Kt31
Bowring, Lady31
Bradbridge, Christopher25
Brun, Madame le9
Buckland, William14
Bulteel, Sir H23
Bulteel, John Crocker23
Bury, Rev Arthur DD28
Bury, Canon John DD28
Bury, Colonel John28
Bury, Sir Thomas Kt28
Calder, Sir R8
Camden, Earl37
Camelford, Thomas Lord8-9
Carew, Bampfylde Moore16, 20
Carew, Colonel20
Carew, Baron Edmund17
Carew, Sir Gawen Kt17
Carew, of the Hand19
Carew, Sir Peter17
Carew, Richard9
Carew, Rev Theo20
Carew, Sir W H Pole22
Carrington, N T29
Charles I19, 22, 37
Charles II9, 19, 21-2, 25, 28-9, 36-7
Chatham, William, 1st Earl18
Churchill, Sir Winston30
Clack RA30
Clarke, Dr Alured DD30
Clarke, Mr Baron30
Clift, William FRS34
Colby, Rev E Reynolds15
Colby, Rev F T, BD, FSA3, 8, 15
Colby, Mary8
Colby, Thomas8
Colby, Captain Thomas RN8
Cook, Captain35
Cook, Mrs10
Cook, Samuel10
Cookesley, Mr35
Cookworthy, William35
Cookworthy, Rev Urquhart35
Copleston, Bishop Edward12
Copleston, Miss12
Coplestone, Mary8
Cornish, Elizabeth Caroline25
Cornish, Robert25
Cornwallis, Marquis16
Couch, Jonathan36
Couch, Mr T Q36
Courtenay, Earl Edward10
Courtenay, Marquis Henry17
Courtenay, Peter de36
Cromwell, Oliver13, 20, 22
Davy, Sir Humfry27, 29
Devon, Earl of10, 36
Dicker, Michael Lee26
Drake, Dr35
Drake, Sir Francis Kt5, 8
Drake, Sir Francis F Eliott8, 21
Duck, Nicholas24
Duck, R Esq24
Duckworth, Rev H7
Duckworth, Sir John, Bt7
Duckworth, Admiral Sir John T Bt, GCB7-8
Dunstanville, Lord16
Eastlake, Sir Charles Lock Kt33
Edgcumbe, Lady Anne14
Edgcumbe, Piers18
Edgcumbe, Sir Richard Kt14, 18, 36
Edward, the Black Prince8
Edward VI13, 21
Eliot, Sir John Kt6, 10
Eliot, Rhodagund6
Elizabeth I5, 8, 11, 13, 21, 31-2
Elwill, Sir John, Kt, Bt9
Essex, Earl of31
Exeter, Gertrude Marchioness of10
Exeter, Henry Marquis of10
Exmouth, Edward 1st Lord Viscount5-6
Facey, Alderman John16
Flay, Elizabeth24
Flay, Thomas Esq24
Follett, Ben Esq16
Follett, Captain16
Follett, Charles J Esq BCL3
Follett, Sir William W, Kt16
Fortescue, Sir Adam17
Fortescue, Hon G M8-9, 21
Fortescue, Earl Hugh9, 17, 21
Fortescue, Sir John Kt17
Fortescue, Lucy21
Fox, Richard14, 33
France, John King of8
Froude10, 17
Fry family34
Fry, Nicholas34
Fursman, Chancellor35
Fursman, Mr35
Gandy, William11, 26
Garrard, Marc31-2
Gattey, Edward25
Gattey, Rev J23, 25
Gedie, Mr Richard MP6
Gedie, Rhodagund6
George I30
George II36
Gidley, Mr Bartholomew C Esq, MA3
Gidley, Courtenay25
Gidley, Elizabeth Caroline25
Gidley, John25
Gifford, Robert Esq34
Gifford, Robert 1st Lord34
Gifford, William35
Gilbert, Davies27
Gilbert, Hon Mrs Davies19, 27
Gilbert, Sir W Raleigh6
Glanville, Sir Bevil35
Glanville, Grace Lady35
Glanville, Sir John Kt7, 29
Glanville, Judge29
Glass, Thomas17
Glynn, Sergeant23
Glynn, Mrs23
Granville, Sir Bernard19
Granville, Sir Beville Kt19
Gray, Thomas30
Grenville, Anne9
Grenville family36
Grenville, Lady9
Grenville, William Wyndham (also Baron)9
Grosvenor, Lord35
Gwatkin, Mr J Reynolds14-5
Hakewell, Dr George19
Hall, Bishop12-3
Hamilton-Smith, Colonel8
Harding, Mr Alderman3
Harington, Rev Chancellor31-2
Harington, John31-2
Harington, John Lord32
Harington, Sir John31
Harington, Lady31
Harington, Lucy32
Harington, Mary Lady32
Hawkins, C Stewart Esq5
Hawkins, Sir John5
Hawkins, Sir Jos8
Hawkins, William5
Hayman, Francis33
Heath, Benjamin LLD23, 36
Heath, Judge23, 36
Heath, Thomas23, 25
Hele, Rebecca12
Hele, Thomas Esq12
Henrietta, Princess37
Henry, Prince31-2
Henry V34
Henry VI34
Henry VII14, 18
Henry VIII14, 21
Hilliard, Nicholas11, 17
Hoare of Bath29
Hoare, Prince10
Hodges, Sidney27
Holbein, Hans32
Honorius III36
Hoodley, Bishop27
Hooker, John24
Hooker, Robert24
Hoppner RA35
Howard, Thomas24, 26
Howe, Lord7
Hudson, Mr Thomas13, 15, 30, 36-7
Hunt, Robert FRS27
Hunter, John34
Hurst, William24
Inchiquin, Earl of15
Jackson, Dr19
Jacobson, William23
Jago, Dr13
James I31
James II9, 25, 30
James, John Haddy FRCSL28
Jansen, Cornelius7, 19
Jefford, Sir Thomas Kt25
Jeffreys, Judge9, 21
Jerman, James9
Jewell, Bishop13
Johns, A B19
Johns, Miss19
Johnson, Dr Samuel15
Kendall, Dr C13
Kendall, Mr28
Kendall, Nicholas12
Kennaway, Sir John Bt16
Kennaway, Sir John H, Bt, MP16
Kennaway, Joyce16
Kennaway, William Esq16
Kennicott, Dr Benjamin13
Kerslake, Mr14
Ketel, Cornelius32
King, Richard Esq, MA3
Kneller, Sir Godfrey11, 30
Knight, Jane36
Lacy, Bishop34
Lane, F23
Lawrence, Mr Northmore7, 12-3, 17-8
Lawrence, Sir T5, 33
Lawrence, Thomas36
Lely, Sir Peter37
Lemon, Sir Charles Bt23
Lemon, Mr William26, 29
Lemon, Sir William Bt23, 29
Lloyd, Horace C Esq3
Lloyd & Tempeltrof28
Luny, Thomas6-8
Lyttleton, George, Lord16, 21
Lyttleton, Lucy21
Lyttleton, Sir Thomas Kt (and Bt)16, 18, 21
Maclean, Sir John9
Marlborough, John 1st Duke of30
Martyn, Mrs T W36
Martyn, Rev W W19, 35
Martyr, Peter13
Mary, Queen10, 13, 21, 32
Maynard, Sir John Kt21
Micheau, Paul23
Miller, Patrick MD27
Milles, Jeremiah jnr34
Milles, Jeremiah snr34
Mitchell, Ralph23, 28
Monck, Sir Thomas Kt37
Monck, General22, 37
Monmouth, James Scott, Duke of9, 30
Moore, Sir A10
More, Sir Antonio32
Morice, Sir William Kt22
Morshead, Sir John Bt18
Mount Edgcumbe, Earl of14
Mountjoy, Lord10
Murray, Mr John35
Newport, Rev H34
Norfolk, Thomas, 4th Duke of, KG24
North, Lord18
Northcote, James16, 18
Noy, Attorney General Sir W, Kt19, 22
O'Brian, Morough15
Oldham, Bishop12
Oliver, Sir Benjamin Kt25, 34
Oliver and Jones37
Opie, Amelia33
Opie, Edward10, 27, 35
Opie, James17-8, 27
Opie, John, RA7, 20, 27, 29, 33
Opie, Mrs7
Orleans, Henrietta Duchess of37
Orleans, Philippe Duke of37
Owen, Professor10, 34
Oxford, Harley Earl of5
Page of Plymouth7
Palmer, Miss F15
Palmer, John Esq15
Parkhurst, John13
Patch, John jnr27
Patch, John snr26
Peel, Sir Robert16
Penneck, Chancellor13
Pentreath, Dolly6
Periam, Sir John26
Periam, Sir John Kt26
Periam, Sir W26
Peters, Rev Hugh13, 23
Petre, John Esq21
Petre, Sir William Kt21
Philip II (Spain)5
Phillips, Jane36
Phillips, Reuben36
Philpotts, Bishop23
Pitt, Hon Anne9
Pitt, Robert Esq8, 18
Pitt, Thomas jnr8
Pitt, Thomas snr8
Pitt, William 1st Earl of Chatham8, 18, 20, 33
Pole, Sir John de la, Bt20
Pole, Sir William Kt20
Pollexfen, Sir Henry21
Polwhele, Rev Edward7, 20
Polwhele, Rev R20
Pratt, Sir Charles37
Prideaux, Bishop John11
Prince, John26
Pyne, R S36
Radnor, John 1st Earl of19
Raleigh, Sir Walter6, 9
Rendel, James Meadows FRS35
Rendel, Mrs35
Reinagle23, 25, 27
Reynolds, Canon14
Reynolds, Miss F15
Reynolds, Dr John13
Reynolds, Rev John14-5
Reynolds, Sir Joshua Kt7, 14-5, 33
Reynolds, Rev Samuel15
Reynolds, S W15
Richmond, Margaret Countess of12
Robartes, Lord19
Rogers, William32
Rolle, Andrew21
Rolle, Denys Esq33
Rolle, George Esq22
Rolle, Sir Henry Kt (1st Lord)20-2
Rolle, Lady33
Rolle, John Lord33, 37
Rolle, Sir John KB21
Rolle, Hon Mark20-2
Romney8, 29
Rouse, Sir Anthony22
Rouse, Sir Francis Kt22
Rudall, F Esq36
Rudall, Mrs36
Sandwich, Lord14
Say, F R23
Seale, Sir Henry5
Seaward, Sir Edward Kt11
Seymour, Lord Protector32
Shee, Sir Martin12
Sheldon, John FRS26
Sicily, René King of34
Sidmouth, Henry 1st Viscount10, 20, 37
Sidney, Lady31
Smith, Colonel Hamilton FRS27
Smith, Sir George35, 37
Smith, Grace35
Smith, Miss Hamilton28
Solander, Dr35
Stafford, William Viscount21
St Aubyn, Colonel33
St Aubyn family22
St Aubyn, Sir John6, 15, 18
St Aubyn, Lady15
St Aubyn, Rev St Aubyn Molesworth15, 18, 33
St Germans, Earl of6-7, 10
Suffolk, Thomas Howard, Earl of24
Taylor, John28
Thomond, Mary Marchioness of15
Tippoo Sultan16
Traies, William31
Treby, Miss18
Treby, Paul Treby18
Treffry, Rev Dr11, 13
Treffry, Joseph Thomas11
Tregellas, John Tabois33
Tregellas, Mr W H33
Trelawny, Sir Jonathan Bt12
Trelawny, Bishop Sir Johnathan11-2
Trelawny, Sir John S11
Trelawny, Rebecca12
Tremayne, Colonel23, 26, 29
Tremayne, Mr9
Tucker, Mr J T15
Tuckfield, Joan25, 30
Tuckfield, John Esq25, 37
Van Dyke20
Van Somer, Paul16, 32
Vicentini, Vincentio8
Walpole, Horace18
Walter, John37
Walters, John Rolle37
Walters, Lucy9
Warren, Sir John8
Westcote family16
Whale, R33
White, Sir Thomas Kt24
William III (Prince of Orange)10, 12, 25, 30
William & Mary21
Wills, James30
Wise family22
Wolcot, Dr (Peter Pindar)33
Woollcombe, Rear Admiral G, RN6
Woollcombe, Mrs6, 8, 16
Zucchiro8, 31-2