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Help and advice for Bishops Tawton: Tawton: The First Saxon Bishopric of Devon (1875): index

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Tawton: The First Saxon Bishopric of Devon

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 7 (1875), pp. 75-78 (1899), pp. 89-101.


J.N. Chanter

Prepared by Michael Steer

In 905, the Diocese of Tawton was separated from that of Sherborne, with Werstan installed as its first Bishop that year, followed by Putta in 909. In 913, the Diocese was transferred to Crediton. Although this series of events is widely believed and often written, it has been difficult to prove and the debate continues. It is thought that the bishop continued to have a palace in the village of Bishops Tawton long after the See was removed and traces of the original palace building have been incorporated into the house at Court Farm. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.
Adelelm, Bishop (also Ethelm) 180-1
Adelstan, Bishop 180, 190
Adulph (also Aidulph) 182, 187, 189
Ædulphus 185, 187, 189
Alphred 185
Alpsius, Duke 184
Alured, King 180
Asser, Bishop 190
Athelm, Bishop 190
Athelstan, King 195
Bear, Thomas (also Beare) 192-3
Bede 180
Bohn 181
Borlase, Dr 184
Brantyngham, Bishop 192
Brewer, Bishop 193
Britton 187, 192
Brown Willis 185
Camden 179, 183
Canterbury, Gervase of 181
Canute, King 186
Carey, John 192
Cedulf, Bishop 184, 189, 191
Chapple, William 185-6, 189-91
Chichester family 196
Chichester, Robert 193
Diceto, Ralph de 180, 187
Dinham, John de, Kt 195
Edulph, Bishop (also Eadulph) 180-1, 183-7, 189-91
Edward the Confessor 180-3, 186, 189, 195
Edward III 195
Elizabeth I 195
Ellis, Sir H 182
Ethelwald, Bishop 181
FitzWaryn, Almaric 195
Formosus, Pope 180
Fouke, Robert 195
Fowke family 196
Fridestan, Bishop (also St Frithstan) 180-1, 190
Godwin, Bishop 184-5, 190-2
Grandisson, Bishop 194
Grenevill, Sir Theobald 195
Grenevill, Theodore de 194
Hall, William 192
Hardy, Mr 180, 188
Henry V 195
Herstan, Bishop 181, 183
Heylin, Peter 185
Hooker, John alias Vowell (also Hoker) 182, 184-7, 190-2
Hutchins 189
Hyertha, Saint (also Urith) 183
Ingulph, Abbot 182, 188
John, Bishop of Rome 182
Kedulph, Bishop (also Cedulf) 190
Le Neve 184, 187, 192
Leofric, Bishop 180
Linscote, John de 194
Lysons, Messrs 187
Malmesbury, William of 179-80, 184, 188
Merton, Thomas de 194
Oliver, Dr 179, 185-95
Perrott, Thomas 196
Pille, Michael de la 195
Pleimund, Archbishop (also St Plegmund) 180-4, 188, 190-1
Pole, Sir William 184
Polwhele 185-6
Prince, Rev John 185
Putta, Bishop 179, 183-91
Ralegh, John de, Kt 195
Risdon, Tristram 183, 185, 196
Rome, John Bishop of 182
Russell family 193
Spelman, Sir Henry 188
Stafford, Bishop 192-3, 196
Stapleton, Bishop 187, 193, 195
Stevens 185
Tanner 185, 192
Teignton, Drugo de 193
Trengar, John 194
Tyrel, Richard 194
Uffa 183, 190
Vergil, Polydore 182, 188
Veysey, Bishop 193
Veysey, John 192
Vowell alias Hooker 182
Wainwright, Mr 195
Wendover, Roger of 181, 189
Werstan, Bishop 179-81, 183-5, 187-91
Werstan (2) 190-1
Westcote 183-4
Westminster, Matthew of 181, 189
Wharton 185
Worcester, Florence of 180-1