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Help and advice for Invasion of the manor at Bishops Tawton in 1348

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Invasion of the manor at Bishops Tawton in 1348

From the Calendar of the Patent Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office,
Edward III Volume 8 (1348-1350),
London: HMSO, 1905, pp165-6, membrane 26d.

Digital copies of the Patent Rolls from 1216-1452 are available online
courtesy of a project by Professor G. R. Boynton
at the University of Iowa Libraries, USA.

© Crown Copyright

Transcribed by Debbie Kennett

1348 July 6 Westminster
Commission of oyer and terminer to Hugh de Courteney, earl of Devon, John de Stouford, Robert de Thorpe, Henry Grene and Adam le Bret, on complaint by John, bishop of Exeter, that Ralph le Bret, Theobald de Grenevill, Walter de Steveneston, Thomas de Merton, Walter de Merton, the younger, Thomas Treuger, Robert Treuger, Walter Treuger, Robert son of Thomas Treuger, Walter Whyteby, Robert Geneys, John de Luvyscote, Robert de Luvyscote, William Colyn of Toriton, John Bord of Toriton, Richard Pope, Walter Fitz William, Richard Austyn, Walter Austyn, John Corun, Richard Perel, Roger Duraunt, Henry Bybiry, John Byke, William Cruwys of Toriton, Thomas de Tetisbiry, Baldwin de Tetisbiry, Roger de Markeden, Walter Byrman of Lychington, Hugh Gate atte Toune, Simon ate Toune, Henry Laneman, Simon Goudrig, Nicholas Cock, John Calwe atte Mede, Thomas Rondolf, John atte Lake, Simon atte Mede the younger, Robert atte Mede Goba, William Denman of Matislond, Walter Denman of Matislond, Robert [illegible name] of Toriton, chaplain, Robert Bole, William Davy, William Freman, Robert Carevyle, Richard de Yvelcome, Baldwin de Yvelcome, John de Gosham, John Rede of Toriton, Robert son of Margery de Stowe, John de Hynneden, Mauger Coffyn, Richard Duraunt, 'skynnere,' John Payne, Ralph Gille, 'bakere,' John Mabely of Toriton and others in a very great multitude, confederate and sworn together, and furnished with arms, coming to the manor of Tauton Bishops, co. Devon, which is of the fee and dower of his church of Exeter at Tauton Bishops, by night invaded the manor, broke the close, gates, doors and bars of the houses of the manor, and entering the houses drove away 200 oxen, 100 cows, and 1,000 sheep, worth 500 marks, and had their will of them, carried away his goods, and assaulted his men and servants whereby he lost their service for a great time , to the great terror of the people especially as such an assembly of armed men, when the king was without the realm for its defence, could be taken for a hostile invasion of aliens.

By fine of 1 mark paid in the hanaper.

Memorandum that this commission was renewed later under date of 8 August.