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Bovey Tracey Church Rate, 1596


Hyde, H.B., Schopp, J.W. and Tapley-Soper, H.

Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 10 (1918-19). pp.329-336

[With kind permission of the Westcountry Studies Library]

Index prepared by Michael Steer

Southcote, Thomas, Esquire page 329
Exeter, Gervase, Bishop of  
Herte, Thomas (Constable)  
Mawry, Xpofer (Constable)  
Barter, William (Constable)  
Merdon, Michael (Constable) page 330
ffrenche, John (Constable)  
Will, John (Constable)  
Bennet, John (Constable)  
Bartlett, Willm. (Constable)  
Bearde, John (Churchwarden)  
Blackinstone, Walter (Churchwarden)  
Queen Elizabeth I  
The Land
(By name and taxable property location)
Southcote, Thomas, Esquire  
Southcote, Peter, Gent. (For the Parke)  
Merdon, Michael (Hawkmore)  
Merdon, Thomas  
Soper, William (Warmpitt)  
Weeleameade Tenement  
Pinsent, Thomas (Hatherley)  
Woolmeade, Richard, (Plumley)  
Perryn, Peter (fforde)  
Will, John (Wolley)  
Bennett, John (Wolley)  
Burnell, John (Wolley)  
Merdon, John (Wolley)  
Puddicombe, James (Subbrooke) page 331
Xpofer, William (Northcombe)  
Scobbetor Tenement  
Cove, Johane (Beare and Whitstone)  
Potter, Thomas (Aller)  
Battye, Lionell (Croundell)  
Clarke, Richard (Croundell)  
Potter, Richard (Stickeweeke)  
Osborne, Agnes (Stickeweeke)  
Will, John (Churchstile)  
Wallyn, William (Morehaies)  
Pooke, Johane  
Moore, John (Drake Lane)  
ffrenche, John (Combe)  
Bennett, Robert (Coombe)  
Conant, Robert (Combe, Cockleigh Park and Woodland)  
Pinsent, John (Combe and Cley pkes)  
Drayton, John (Heale)  
Merdon, John (Lower Cridiford)  
Harris, John (Higher Cridiford)  
Voysey, Nicholas (Luscombe and Cley)  
Merdon, Alexander (Woodehousdowne)  
Saunder, Johane (Crowde)  
Osborne, John (Walweeke)  
Smyth, Widow (Crowdell)  
Shappley, Andrew (Dunley)  
Tapper, Edmond (Littlebovey)  
Cleve, Nicholas (Littlebovey)  
Tapper, John, the younger (Littlebovey)  
Diggen, Marten (Littlebovey)  
Tapper, John, Weyver (Littlebovey)  
Gribble, Thomas (Bradley)  
Philpe, John (Bradleigh)  
Bearne, Lawrence (Weyford)  
Leare, John (Langaller)  
Trende, William (Bremley)  
Baker, John (Bremley)  
Hillman, Arthure (Bremley)  
Merdon, Wilmote (Bremley)  
Bowdon, Edeth (Bremley)  
Rendell, John (Bremley)  
Rendell, Stephen (Chappell)  
Surraige, Hugh (Chorlebrooke)  
Wallis, John (ffyve Weeches)  
Underhay, Michael (Whisellwill)  
Tappley, Margery (Colehouse)  
Underhay, John (Owlacombe)  
Hore, Osmond Owlacombe and Town  
Yearner Woods  
Bearde, John (Shute)  
Skirdon, John (Pullabrooke)  
Stokey, John (Great Salrudge)  
Surrage, Amey (Mills and Chorlbrooke)  
Gilbert, Sinclere (Westbovye)  
Miller, Ewyn and  
Will, Richard (Wreyland).  
Miller, William (Wreyland).  
Grose, Ewyn and  
Clannyborough, John (Wreyland)  
Moore, Amy (Yeo)  
Tancombe, William and  
Xpofer . . . aron (Yeo)  
Mawrye, Elizabeth (Yeo)  
Pope, Gregory and  
Cole, Robte and  
Buncombe, William (Yeo)  
Casely, John (Elsforde)  
Satterley, John (Elsforde)  
Will, Henry (Elsforde)  
Woolcott, John (Elsforde)  
Ball, Hugh (Bullaton)  
Archer, John (Jewes Bridge)  
Certen Meadows by Jewes Bridge called ffoxes Meadows  
Wreyforde, William (Washborne Meade)  
Collins, John (Woodlande)  
Murch, John (Wallwyke)  
Mawrye, Richard (Culverhouse Combe)  
Weytherdon, John (Pludde)  
Woolcott, Johane (Pludde)  
Barter, William (Parishaws Close)  
Heale, Mr John (Sperkes Barne and Sops, Undertowne)  
Herte, Thomas (Ducke Park and Sops House at Bridge) page 333
Dodd, John  
Venycombe, Thomas  
(Blank), John  
Oxenham, William (Hendestreete)  
Tayler, Thomas  
Coysh, John  
Cove, Andrew  
Ascott, John  
Cove, John  
Bartlett, William (Mr Gilbert's House)  
Ellett, Stephen (Hores House, Mary streete and Hendestreete Lane)  
Jewell, Henry  
ffreer, Gregory (Marystreete and Jurdens House)  
Blackingstone, Walter  
Sture, Thomas (Stantor and West bovey)  
Potter, Garrett  
Voysey, Andrew  
Harte, Jefferye (Sops Meadow, Portreeve park, Tanmilles and Lymes)  
Carpenter, Alexander  
Beare, George (Mannings Meadow)  
Cater, Henry (Wises Meadow)  
Kingwell, Willm.  
Cotes, John (Hindestreete and ffryars Meadows)  
Hellyer, Mathewe  
Ellacombe, David (Bradleyford)  
Bearne, Anne  
John . . .  
Graye, Gregory  
Taylor, John  
Smerdon, Thomas  
Cowle, John  
Osborne, Thomas  
Casely (blank)  
Cotes, Willm page 334
Wotton, Robert (Bartonland)  
Mawrye, Thomas  
Pooke, Robert  
Kinsman, Thomas  
Deyman, Henry (Mans House)  
Bound, Richawde (Georges House and Portreeve Park)  
Xpofer, Thomas (fflodder)  
Sops House and Garden in the end of Mary streete  
Dunley, James  
Merdon, Thomas and  
Merdon, Symon  
Man, Thomas (Hores Meadow)  
Bacher, Thomas  
Manning, Walter  
ffrench, Thomas  
Sop, Thomas  
Clement, Barnard  
Wallis, Willm.  
Voysey, Walter  
ffarwell, Mary  
Rackley, Richard  
Mawrey, Xpofer (Way, Atway and Beare)  
Weytherdon, William  
Voysey, Johane  
Stodden (blank)  
Wallyn (blank)  
Emmett, Elinor  
Conant, Widowe  
Bowdon, Nicholas  
Satterley, Widdowe  
Grey, John  
Weytherdon, Richard  
Bowdon, Robert  
ffurlong, Nicholas  
Precept in Latin attached to the roll  
Morris, Evan (Vicar General)  
Babington, Gervase, Bishop of Exeter  
Subscript to the Precept  
The above is a transcription of an original document from a valuable collection
in the possession of Dr Arthur Storrs of Bovey Tracey, by whom it was kindly lent
to the editors. The transcription, etc., has been made by the Rev. H.B. Hyde,
Mr. J.W. Schopp and Mr. H. Tapley-Soper (Eds.)