Name Index


The Story of Bovey Tracey Parish Church.

By G.O.C. Duxbury

Gloucester: The British Publishing Co., 1956

Index prepared by Michael Steer

This small booklet was produced as a guide to visitors to the Parish Church and to raise money towards the Church's fabric fund. In the Foreward, its author (the Vicar) pays tribute to his predecessor, Rev. Prebendary Hyde who had conducted research aimed at producing an earlier history. The booklet's cover is decorated with a photograph of the Church by Graham C, Newstead and the small guide was priced at one shilling. Pages 14 and 15 of the booklet provide a list of the Vicars of Bovey Tracey from 1258 to 1946. This list in its entirety appears elsewhere in the GENUKI Bovey Tracey pages.

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Coombe Cross Hotel back cover
Dart, C.H. The Bovey Dairy inside back
Davies, R.M., Chemist inside front
Moir & Davie, Central Garage inside back
Riverside Private Hotel, Hills, Mr. & Mrs. Charles E, Proprietors        1
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Name index  
Anne, Queen 9
Beaufort, Lady Margaret 7, 12 (arms)
Becket, Thomas a 5
Beer, William 13
Bofa (mythical Saxon theign) 5
Bray, Alice 8
Buckingham, Duke of 9
Charles I, King 9-10
Charles II, King 8, 13
Clarke-Johns, Mr. Charles Percy 13
Clarke-Johns, Mrs. 16
Courtenay, Rev. Charles Leslie 10, 13
Croker, Mrs. Marion Charlotte 16
Devon, Earl of 13
Dommett, Rev. Joseph 15
Dommett, Rev. Philobeth 15
Drake of Exeter 12
Duxbury, Rev. G.O.C. 3
Edward VI, King 8
Elizabeth II, Queen 2, 13
Eveleigh, Alice 8
Eveleigh, Nicholas 8
Exeter, Bishop of 5
Flood, Noah 10
Flore, Sir Robert de 15
Forbes, Maria 9
Forbes, Rev. James 9, 11
George V, King 13
George VI, King 13
Grandisson, Bishop John de 5-6
Hele, Elizaeus 8
Henry II, King 5
Henry V, King 11
Henry VII, King 7, 12
Henry VIII, King 5
Hole, Miss 11
Hunt, Holman 13
Hyde, Rev. Prebendary Barry 3
John, Prince 5
Johnson Philip (photographer) 2
Kipling, Rudyard 5
Lavis, Noel 13
Mary, Queen 7
Quinel, Bishop Peter 6
Richard, Prince 5
Southcote, John 7
Sprague, Rev. Mr. 10
Stalwell alms dish 4
Stalwell, Sir John 9
Stalwell, William 9-10
Stapledon, Bishop Walter de 6
Templar, Rev. John 10
Tracey, Henry de 5
Tracey, Sir William de 5
Victoria, Queen 10-11
Wippell, Messrs of Exeter 13