Name Index


Bovey Tracey Town Guide 2003: Your Guide to What's On & Where to Stay

Produced by Anna Klinkenberg for

Bovey Tracey Information Centre Trust, (2003).

Totnes: Kingfisher Print & Design, 64pp.

Index prepared by Michael Steer

One of a series of official guides produced over the years, first by the Parish Council, then by the Chamber of Commerce, and most recently by the town's Information Centre Trust. The well-illustrated Guide contains photographs of most local places of interest to visitors, including the ancient Parish Church, panoramas of the town, Dartmoor scenery, as well as pictures of several of the hotels and inns in the town. The booklet is essentially a trades directory produced for the local tourism industry. Bovey Tracey is the headquarters of Dartmoor National Park. The Guide provides short articles on the history of the town and region, as well as a 'guided tour' of Bovey. The small, rather remote ancient town briefly made national headlines in the Civil War. There is also a useful centrefold map of the town (pp. 32-3) and another of Teignbridge Hundred (p, 50). Bovey Tracey's impressive new coat of arms is much in evidence throughout the Guide. There is a section on surrounding villages and Dartmoor. This index presents only the surnames that appear in the Guide. Most of the names are either of local business people, or those playing an important role in the history of the town.

Aldridge, Mr & Mrs B 54
Arnolds 17
Ashby 24
Bean, Mr & Mrs J 54
Becket, Thomas a 5, 15
Brown, Sylvia & Paul 42
Campbell, Mr & Mrs 42
Cardew 28
Cobley, uncle Tom 48
Cookson, Mrs S 54
Corah, John 31
Courtenay 14, 22, 44
Croker, Miss Annie 13
Cromwell, Oliver 6, 14, 41
Dagnall, Mr & Mrs H 54
Dainton 26
Datuidoc 48
Edwards, Mr & Mrs T 54
Elphick, V 16
Godsland, Stephen 25
Green, Nigel 25
Hales, S J 23
Harvey, Linda 52-3
Henry III 5
Hicks, Miss Helen 52
Higgin, Graham & Claire 42
Hole, Major W G 36
John, Timothy 19
Johns, Rob 22
Klinkenberg, Anna 62
Manning 14
Marnham, Mrs E 54
Morton, Lucy 36
Newbery, Mrs Jean 44
Palmer & Radclyffe 25
Palmer, Victor 25
Pilkington, M & H 21
Rich, Mrs J 51
Richardson, Tina 20, 44
Riddell, Diane 43
Roberts, Mrs H 54
Steer's 21
Templar, George 7
Tracey, William de 5, 15
Wallace, Mrs Janice 54
Waters, Chris 30
Wedgwood, Josiah 6
Westaway, Sue 51
William IV 43
Wynne 45