Name Index to the Bovey Tracey Section of:

Index to the Names of the Male Inhabitants over 18 Years of Age in the Parishes of
Moretonhampstead, Hennock, Lustleigh, South Bovey otherwise Bovey Tracey,
North Bovey, Manaton, Ilsington, and Widecombe in the Moor,
in the Years 1641, 1642


Cecil Torr (1913)

[With kind permission of the Westcountry Studies Library]

Index prepared by Michael Steer

In May 1641, a "Protestation against all Popery" was taken by the Lords and Commons, which was then circulated throughout the country. In 1642, returns were required from every parish, giving the names of those who had taken the Protestation. Many of these returns were preserved among the manuscripts of the House of Lords and it was from this source that Cecil Torr (author of Small Talk at Wreyland) made an index for the above parishes.

Angove, John
Austen, Michaell
Avant, Robert
Baker, James, John, Lawrence, Markes, William, William
Barter, William, William
Bartlett, George, William
Batty, George, Richard
Baylie, George
Beardon, Hugh
Beare, George, Roger, Thomas
Bearne, Peter, William
Berry or Berrie, Henrie, John, John, John, John, William
Berryman, John
Bishopp, William
Borrough, Nathaniell
Bowden, Hugh, John, John
Browninge, John
Bunckum, John
Bunker, Robert
Burd or Burde, John, Richard, Thomas
Carpenter, George
Catforde, John
Clea, John, Nicholas
Cleve, William
Coale or Cole, Michaell, Robert
Cocke, John
Codner, Francis
Colcher, Richard
Corbyn, Hanniball, William
Couch, High
Courtise, Robert
Cove, John, Richard, Thomas (CONSTABLE)
Coysh, Peter, William
Credford, Credforde or Crediford, John, John, Thomas
Crout, Stephen
Cullyng, John
Cummyn, John
Dadde, John
Daymen, John, Lyonell, Thomas
Daymond, John
Degon, John, William
Didham, Edmond
Dowlyn, Paul
Dreaton, George, Hanniball, John, John, William
Dunley, Henry
Eales, Edward, Edward
Edwards, Humphry
Ellis, Bennett
Endle, Thomas
Fanderell, George
Farwell, Richard
Flatcher, Nicholas
Flea, Thomas
Forde, John
Forbes, James (VICAR)
Freer, John
French, John, Peter, Thomas, Thomas
Fryer, Lawrence
Gardner, Markes
Gazicke, John
Gill, Francis, William
Glanfield or Glandfield, George, Richard, Stephen
Gonyame, Thomas (probably Coniam)
Gooswell, John
Graunt, William
Gray, Christopher
Green, William
Gribble, John, John, Robert
Hall, Stephen
Harris, George, John, William
Heart, Richard
Heath, Charles, Christopher, Edward, William
Heaward, George, John, Paschoe
Heller, Hugh
Hellyer, John, John, John
Hilman, Aurther, Edward
Hilmore, Edward
Hole, Richard
Hore, William, William
Horsum, Edward
Hunt, John, John
Jacob, Audrian (CONSTABLE), John, John, Williame
Kennicott, Roger
Kinge, Gregorie
Lamble, Edward, John, Michaell
Lange, William
Langworthy or Langworthie, Elias, Elyas, Henry, John, John, Thomas
Lashbrooke, William
Laskey, Phillipp
Lea, John
Leaker, John, Peter
Lee, Robert
Leer or Leere, Thomas (CONSTABLE)
Lowe, John
Lynes, Christopher
Maine or Mayne, John, Vincent
Man, John, William
Mawrie, George, Gregorie, Richard
Mead, Christopher
Merdon, Alexander, Michaell, Symon, William
Moulton, John, John
Muncke, Edmond
Myller, Jeffrie, William
Newcombe, Richard
Nicholas, Thomas, William
Norrish, Lawrence
Oates, Sebastian
Osberne, Christopher, George, John, Nathanniell, Peter, William
Osment, John
Osmonde, Jeremy
Overton, John
Parre, Bennett
Perry, Thomas
Perryman, Nicholas
Pethebridge, William
Philp or Philpe. Hugh (WARDEN), William
Pinsent or Pynsent, George, John, Richard, Robert, Symon, Thomas, William, William
Pooke, George, George, Lawrence, William
Poole, William, William, William
Potter, Mr Ambrose, Josias, Nicholas, Richard, Robert, Thomas
Pridham or Pridame, John (CONSTABLE), William
Prouse, John
Puddicombe, or Puddicomb, Hugh, Richard, Stephen, Stephen
Reed, John
Rogers, John
Rowland, Nicholas, Nicholas, Nicholas
Sainthill or Saynthill, Mr Nicholas, Walter, William
Sampson, Aurther
Sarell, John
Satterly or Satterlie, Christopher, George, John, John, Josias, Nicholas, Nicholas, Paschoe, Thomas
Shilston, Henrie, John
Skirdon, Edward, Richard
Smale, John
Smyth, Christopher
Soper, John, John, Thomas
Southcot, Mr Francis, Sir Popham
Sowden, John
Speake, Barnard, John
Splatt, John
Sprie, Richard
Stanckcombe, Hugh
Stanlake, Christopher
Steer, David, Edward, Edward, John, John, John, John, John, Michaell
Surridge or Surrage, Hugh, Hugh, William (CONSTABLE).
Sutton, Alexander
Tapper, Anthony, John, Joseph, Markes, Richard, Richard, Robert, William
Taverner, Hugh, Peter, Richard
Tayler, Hugh, John, Thomas
Tottle, Peter
Trend, Tymothy
Triggs, Walter
Turrle, Philip, Thomas
Tyncombe or Tynckombe, John, Thomas
Underhaie, Hugh, Richard, Richard, William
Upcott, Jeffery
Vinicombe, Peter, Richard
Voysey or Vesey, Andrew, George (WARDEN), John, Thomas
Wallis, Hugh, Nicholas
Wallyn, George, John, Robert, William
Warren, John
Watt, John
Westaway, Richard
Wetherdon, William
Whiddon, Richard, Richard
Wills, Gregory, John, John, Michaell, Michaell, Thomas, Thomas, William
Wilmead, John, Thomas
Wislake, Thomas
Wolcot or Wolcott, Benjamyn, David, Hugh, Mannuell, Peter, William
Woode, Robert
Wotton, Lawrence
Wreaford or Wreaforde, Elyas, James, John.