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Help and advice for Bovey Tracey - A History of the STEER Family

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A History of the STEER Family of Bovey Tracey

By Michael Steer

Bovey Tracey Family Names.

Many of the family names of people now living in Bovey recur again and again in the Parish Church registers and the records of the Baptist Chapel in Hind Street. The internet has made access to many of these records relatively easy and it is possible to search them by surname, through the International Genealogical Index (IGI), an enormous data base compiled by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) at

Bovey Tracey christenings are recorded from 1538 to 1837, marriages from 1539-1837; and Bovey Tracey Baptist Church baptisms from 1778 to 1837. It is also possible to search all Bovey Tracey IGI records by town name and surname through the Hugh Wallis index.

Another excellent source of data on old Bovey families is the Free BMD index.

After 1837, one of the most productive ways of garnering information about Bovey ancestors is through census data. The census for Bovey (and the rest of England) has been conducted every ten years from 1841, the most recently released set being results of the 1901 census. Most of the Bovey census data (excepting the 1901 census) are available on microfiche through the LDS Family History Centre nearest you.

Information on ancestors and relatives from the 1901 census can be purchased from the National Archives.

Other collections of Bovey census data are available on CDRom from a variety of sources (for example the complete 1851 census and 1881 census for Devon can be purchased inexpensively from the LDS) and extensive information about Bovey residents from the 1891 census can be found on the Web in GENUKI/Devon's 1891 Census page.

Further, the Devon Family History Society offers inexpensive books of baptism registers 1813-1840, marriage registers 1754-1812 and burial registers1813-1837. Details of the Bovey registers and their cost are on their website or can be obtained by contacting publications[at][dot]uk.

The major family history records repository for Bovey Tracey is Devon Archives and Local Studies at Exeter.

These resources can provide those searching for their roots in our ancient town with the trunk and branches of their family tree, but for those who wish to discover more about the old families who populated Bovey through the centuries, the real interest lies perhaps in uncovering some of the hard evidence about events and interrelationships that together constitute the leaves and the blossom on the tree's boughs. The Public Record Office A2A data base helps fill some of the gaps by providing a rich and detailed mine of information about Bovey Apprenticeship Indentures, Settlement and Bastardy Orders.

One of the most comprehensive early records of Bovey families is the Church Rate list for 1596. In it can be found a record, by surname, of the tax levied upon Bovey Tracey property owners over 400 years ago, for the upkeep of the Church and the poor of the parish. Among the family names listed are several that can still be found in Bovey today. These include: Wills, Wallyn, Moore, French, Pinsent, Harris, Voysey, Merdon (or Mardon), Saunders, Smyth, Tapper, Cleve, Gribble, Bowdon, Tancombe (Stancombe), Satterley, Wreyforde, Heale, Coysh, Jewell, Sture (Steer), Carpenter, Hellyer, Smerdon, Casely, Wotton, Manning, Wallis and Stoddon (Stadden), among others.

The Protestation Returns of 1642 provide a great many more examples of the old Bovey family names still found in the Town. Of these, all of the names listed above, with the addition of Beare, Cole, Crout, Commyns, Dadd, Daymen (Daymond), Edwards, Ellis, Heath, Heaward (Hayward), Hole, Lamble, Lange, Langworthy, Man (Mann), Norish, Perry, Pethybridge, Pooke, Pridham, Rowland, Sampson, Smale, Soper, Southcott, Trend, Triggs, Vinicombe and Woode will be easily recognizable as the names of neighbours or relatives, to many living in Bovey today.

The STEER family

Records indicate that the STEER family has lived in Bovey for well over 500 years. The surname itself is believed to be Anglo-Saxon in origin and derives from Sture or Stiur, meaning a young ox (Baring-Gould, 1910). In Devon, the name is fairly common in the South Hams, in and around Crediton, west through South Tawton, South Zeal and Okehampton and is found in the early records of several North Devon parishes. The earliest record of the name was as Ster, Stur or Stir in the Domesday Book, in a number of places throughout northern and southern England, although not in Devon (Kennedy, 2004).

The earliest recorded Steer's in Bovey were Robert Stuer or Steere alias Clarke (born about 1520) and his wife Tomsyn or Thomasin, and Joanna Sture (also recorded as Steere) alias Clarke, who married John Frenche in 1557. Robert and Tamsyn are named in the 1541 Lay Subsidy Roll for the parish and in 1544 Robert paid a property tax of £2. They seemed to have lived either at Crownley or at a place in the parish then called Stantor. He and Tamsyn had eight children whose surnames were recorded in the parish registers as Sture, Stewer, Steur and Steere, the spelling in those days being phonetic and varying at the whim of the priest or clerk who was the recorder. Over the next several centuries the name underwent several changes until it became standardised by about the 1720's as Steer throughout Devon.

Davie Steer appears as a small landowner on a 1641 map of Bovey properties held at the Heritage Trust Centre in Bovey. The five acres he farmed at West Bovey consisted of four fields situated in the Y-junction formed by the Haytor and Manaton roads, ie. the Lower Down area.

In 1642, the Protestation Returns for Bovey indicate that there were at that time nine male Steere's listed as heads of households. In 1861 and 1891 there were 10 Steer heads of households, many with very large families by today's standards. The 1901 census for Bovey reveals 32 male and18 female Steer's with clusters of the family at Newton Abbot, Plymouth and in the surrounding parishes.

Naming the Steer children in old Bovey was a rather unimaginative business. The male names recorded through the IGI and the several censuses are as follows; John (over 60 entries), Thomas (over 30 entries), William (over 30 entries), then in numerical descent to Joseph (over 20 entries), Jonas and George (over 10 entries), and less the 10 entries; Michael, Alfred, Charles, Edwin, Nicholas, and David, with a scattering of a few other names. For the females, Elizabeth (over 45 entries) Mary (over 30 entries), then, all below 10 entries; Alice, Ann(e), Sarah, Susan(nah), Jane, Martha, and Margaret with a small scattering of other Christian names.

Census data indicate that the majority of Bovey Steer's were either agricultural labourers or tradesmen; carpenters, cobblers, tailors and stonemasons. With the advent of the Potteries, several found employment as potters, kiln men and printers. The Public Records Office has preserved a copy of the 1845 will of Grace Steer of Indeo and the 1851 will of Thomas Steer, Blacksmith, of Bovey Tracey. They both seem to have been relatively well off.

Perhaps the jewel in the family crown and its black sheep was Joseph Steer (1776-1856) who with his brother Thomas, (mentioned in Lyson's Magna Britannia), were proprietors of the old Bovey Pottery at Indio. William Ellis, a contemporary, wrote of the Indio Pottery:

"The estate was purchased by Messrs Steer who were wealthy as they owned much property besides the Parish. The property was managed by Mr Tom Steer; and being a very enterprising businessman, it soon became in a thriving condition and prospered greatly as long as he lived, but thereafter (abt. 1801), owing to the bad mismanagement of his brother Joseph, it sank to insignificance" (Adams & Thomas, 1996, p. 35). In 1829 the Indio Pottery employed 40 operatives, and continued under Joseph Steer's management until its closure in 1836.

In 1805 he was involved in a dispute with Lord Courtenay, owner of a pottery at Bovey Heathfield, over water rights, and between that date and 1812 was in partnership with John Christophers as Joseph Steer and Company. The partnership was dissolved and from 1812, Joseph continued business alone.

Initially the Bailiff (or Steward) of Wifford, Joseph was by 1826 an Overseer of the Poor for the parish and by 1832 had styled himself Gentleman. He had in 1814 and 1817 been required to pay _2-18-0, and maintenance of two shilling and sixpence a week as "father of Elizabeth Rich's female bastard child". His will (also preserved at the PRO) left Bridge End Cottage in Bovey to Jane Ann Mead, daughter of his servant Elizabeth Pinsent and "born before her mother's marriage" with the provision that her mother "shall be entitled to reside, occupie (sic) or let and take the rent of the above house until Jane Ann Mead shall attain the age of 21 years".

Over the centuries few Steer's seem willingly to have left the town. Among the several who did, Joseph Steer was in 1869 a Trinity House Lighthouse keeper in Guernsey, in 1871 he, with his large family, was at the Start Lighthouse and in 1881 at the Menai Lighthouse off Anglesey.

The Parish marriage registers link the Steer family over the centuries with White, Taylor, Langworthy, Rackwood, Denley, Heward (Heyward), Rowland, Satterley, French, Tapper, Cruse, Wills, Coniam, Tapley, Gribble, Stonelake, Smale, Brown, Curnow, Manley, Christopher, Carpenter, Frost, Clampitt, Cox, Smith, Hart, Leaman, Yard, Lamble, Creed, Lavers, Sellers, Slee, Weeks, Caunter, Holmes, Davis, Coombes, Ridd and many more old Devon family names.

For readers interested in obtaining more information on the surname, there is an active Steer family name discussion group at STEER-L[at]rootsweb[dot]com.


  1. Adams, B. & Thomas, A. (1996). A potwork in Devonshire: The history and products of the Bovey Tracey potteries 1750-1836, Bovey Tracey: Sayce Publishing
  2. Baring-Gould, S. (1910). Family names and their story. London: Seeley & Co. Ltd.
  3. Kennedy, V. (Ed.). (2004). The Bovey Book. Bovey Tracey: Cottage Publishing.

STEER in the Parish Records

In 2003, Denis Cox of Totnes, who is related to the family, copied all the STEER entries he could find in the Bovey Tracey Parish Registers and Fursdon's Marriage Index, at that time held at the Devon Record Office at Rougemont in Exeter. His copy of the entries follows:


1538 - 1837

1538 - 1687
1540   CLARKE Ciscella d Roberti & Tamsin
1542 3 Feb STEWER Alys d Roberti & Thomisin
1544 31 July   Alynats(?) d Robti & Tomsin
1546 14 Nov STUER Elin d Roberti & Tomsin
1549 24 May STEWER als CLARK Thomas s Robti
1564 3 Aug CLARKE Johnes s Rio. ac KaNiemis ux
1594 10 Jan STEERE Johnes s Thomae
1596 12 April STEERE William s Thome
1597 28 Oct STEERE Johannes s Johannis
1598 29 Jan STEERE Johnes s Thomae
1599 6 Aug STEERE Joanni d Thomae
1599 12 Oct STEERE Phillippus s Johannis
1602 1 Oct STEERE Josephus d Thomae
1604 29 March STEERE David s Thomae
1607 6 Dec STEERE Edwardus s Thomae
1612 22 July STEERE Johannes s Thomae
1614 5 March STEERE Maria d Thomae
1621 26 Dec STEERE Johes s Johis
1632 17 Feb STEARE Maria d Edwardi
1638 25 Nov STEERE Gilbert s Johes
1639 28 May STEERE Mickaell s Edwardus
1639 15 Sep STEERE Johis s David
1640 7 May STEERE William s Johis
1643 30 July STEERE Johis s John
1645 10 Aug STEERE Hugo s Michaell
1647 8 Aug STEERE Michaell s Michaell
1649 30 April STEERE Jonas s John
1650 29 Oct STEERE Johis s Johis
1651 29 July STEERE Micole d Michaell
      (Nicole crossed out & Micole entered)
1652 17 Oct STEERE Edwardus s Johis
1662 29 July STEERE Thomas s Gilbert
1662 21 Aug STEERE Jonas s Michaell
1664 24 Aug STEERE Mary d Thomas
1665 6 Feb STEERE Mary d William
1666 27 Feb STEERE Jacob s Gilbert
1666 25 Oct STEERE John s Thomas
1667 2 Dec STEERE Edward s William
1668 7 March STEERE Willmote d Thomas
1669 7 May STEERE David s John
1671 4 Feb STEERE Katheren d Thomas
1672 1 Sep STEERE Micaell s Micaell
1672 7 Jan STEERE Wilmot d Hugh
1673 20 April STEERE John s William
1674 29 Sep STEERE An d Hugh
1675 24 Aug STEERE Thomas s Thomas
1675 22 Sep STEERE Jane d Jonas
1676 6 Nov STEERE Joane d Hugh
1677 2 Feb STEERE John s John
1678 1 April STEERE Alice d Thomas
1679 10 Jan STEERE Elizabeth d Jonas
1681 2 Feb STEERE Margore d John
1683 15 Nov STEERE Jonas s Jonas
1688 - 1837
1690 18 Aug STEERE Thomas s Thomas
1691 12 Feb STEERE Willmot d David
1692 13 March STEERE Nickoles s Thomas
1693 29 May STEERE Elizabeth d David
1694 20 May STEERE Jane d Thomas
1695 03 Sept STEER Alice d David
1696 18 March STEERE Thomas s Thomas
1697 19 April STEERE Jackion (?) d John
1698 24 July STEERE John s David
1700 21 Jan STEERE John s John
1705 14 June STEERE Thomas s David
1707 27 Dec STEERE Mary d David
1709 06 Nov STEERE Elizabeth d John
1710 14 Oct STEERE Anne d David
1711 15 April STEERE Jonas s Jonas & Jessior (?)
1716 07 June STEERE Elizabeth d Jonas
1717 19 Dec STEERE Sarah d Jonas
1726 08 May STEER John s John
1727 15 Dec STEER Thomas s John
1728 11 Oct STEERE Nickolas s Jonas
1729 16 Nov STEER William s John
1730 11 June STEERE David s John
1730 30 Sept STEERE William s Jonas
1732 27 Aug STEER Ann d Jonas
1733 18 March STEER William s John
1733 27 March STEER Sarah d John
1733 25 Nov STEER Mary d William
1734 15 Nov STEER Alice d Thomas
1735 12 Jan STEER Elizabeth d William
1735 20 June STEER Mary d John
1736 04 July STEER Jane d Jonas
1736 28 Sept STEERE Thomas s Thomas
1738 21 Aug STEERE Alice d Thomas
No records recorded between 1739 and 1746.
1746 10 May STEER Julian d William
1747 03 March STEER Elizabeth d James
1759 11 March STEER Sarah d Nickolas
1762 25 Feb STEER Betty d Nickolas
1762 25 March STEER John s David
1763 16 Oct STEER Ann d David
1764 06 Jan STEER Grace d Thomas
1764 28 Oct STEER Molly d William
1765 29 Sept STEER David s David
1765 28 May STEER Jonas s Nickolas
1765 15 Nov STEER William s Thomas
1767 05 Feb STEER Ann d William
1767 06 Nov STEER Susanna d Thomas
1768 02 Oct STEER Nickolas s Nickolas
1768 26 Dec STEER Mary d David
1769 02 March STEER Grace d Jonas
1769 28 April STEER Thomas s Thomas
1770 01 Jan STEER John s William
1771 22 Jan STEER Jenny d Jonas
1771 13 Sept STEER Elizabeth d Thomas
1772 19 July STEER Thomas s Nickolas
1773 03 Jan STEER Betty d William
1774 29 March STEER Mary d Thomas
1778 15 Jan STEER Joseph s Thomas
1778 15 Feb STEER Josias s William
1791 07 Jan STEER William s William & Mary
1792 29 Jan STEER John s Nickolas & Elizabeth
1793 26 May STEER Joseph s David & Dorthy
1794 18 May STEER Mary Ann d Nickolas & Elizabeth
1796 13 Dec STEER   s Nickolas
1801 19 April STEER William s Nickolas
1803 17 July STEER Jonas s Nickolas
1805 05 May STEER Sarah d Nickolas & Elizabeth
1805 13 Oct STEER William WILLS a base child of Thomas STEER - Blacksmith.
1807 08 March STEER Benjamin s Nickolas & Elizabeth
1810 17 June STEER Charles s Nickolas & Elizabeth
1823 18 May STEER Thomas s John & Grace
1824 14 Nov STEER Joseph s William & Nancy
  (b 18 Jan 1819)       (Blacksmith)
1824 14 Nov STEER Martha d William & Nancy
  (b 03 Jan 1821)       (Blacksmith)
1824 14 Nov STEER William s William & Nancy
  (b 06 Sept 1822)       (Blacksmith)
1824 14 Nov STEER Jonas s William & Nancy
1825 24 July STEER William s Thomas & Susan
1825 11 Dec STEER John Smith s John & Grace
  (b 24 Nov 1825)       (Labourer)
1827 30 Dec STEER Grace d John & Grace
          (Labourer of Little Bovey)
1828 23 March STEER Elizabeth d Thomas & Susanna
1830 14 Nov STEER Thomas s Thomas & Susanna
1831 03 April STEER Joseph s John & Grace
          (Labourer of Little Bovey)
1832 22 April STEER Joseph s Joseph & Mary
1832 06 May STEER John s William & Nancy
  (b 08 Dec 1827)       (Blacksmith)
1832 06 May STEER Elizabeth d William & Nancy
  (b 04 Dec 1829)       (Blacksmith)
1832 06 May STEER Jane d William & Nancy
1833 18 Aug STEER Thomas s Thomas & Susanna
1834 06 July STEER Jonas s John & Grace
          (Labourer of Teigngrace)
1834 24 Aug STEER Thomas s William & Ann
1834 14 Sept STEER Elizabeth d Benjaman & Mary
1835 07 Feb STEER Sarah d Joseph & Mary
  (b 07 Jan 1834)       (Carpenter)
1835 07 Feb STEER Nickolas s Joseph & Mary
1836 18 Dec STEER Charles s William & Ann
1539 - 1837
1557 22 Nov FRENCHE Johes STURE Joanna  
    als CLARKE      
1592 23 Oct STEERE Thomas WHITE Blannch
1593 10 Sept STEERE Johannes HALLY Maria
1593 17 Nov HALLY Johanes MERDON Elnora
1595 23 Feb TALIER Johannes STEERE Philippa
1595 21 Julio STEERE Thomas STEARKE Alicia
1596 28 Nov STEERE Johannes WALLIS Isota
1601 09 Nov STEERE Thomas BAKER Maria
1621 23 April STEERE Johes DURIDGE Alicia
1622 10 Feb PRIDHAM Johes STEERE Joanna
1628 28 April SPLATTI Johes STEERE Elizabetha
1629 24 Sept GILL Richardus STEERE Thomasina
1629 24 Sept GILL Ffranciscus STEERE Catherina
1629 23 Nov STEERE Edwardus LANGWORTHY Maria
1630 24 Aug STEARE David POOKE Margareta
1634 20 Nov STURE Johes LANGE Rebecca
1636 19 March STURE Johes ROWLAND Janea
1639 16 Nov SATTERLAY Richard STEERE Grace
1640 02 July STEERE John TOWNSINGE Ellinge
1644 23 Sept STEER Michaell PHILPE Willmot
1657 11 May SATTERLEY Pascoe STEERE Marye
    (s of Christopher - Weaver)   (d of David STEERE)  
    Agreement 18 October 1656  
1661 03 Dec STEERE Gilbert PROWSE Elizabeth
1663 27 April STEERE Joseph CODNER Elizabeth
1663 01 June STEERE Thomas OVERTON Katherine
1664 30 June STEERE William WOLLCOTE Elizabeth
1665 30 May STEERE Gilbert TAYLOR Willmote
1671 21 Sept STEERE Michaell PING Joan
1671 26 Nov STEERE Michaell LANDER Helena
1672 14 Aug STEERE John SATTERLY Barbary
1676 03 April STEERE John PERRY Mary
1686 30 Sept CUMING William STEER Mary
1690 22 Feb STEERE David SATTERLEY Rebecketh
1693 07 July STEERE John BAKER Anne
1696 03 Feb HEWARD Hugh STEERE Jane
1696 26 July DENLEY John STEERE Anne
1696 05 Nov STEERE John MAN Mary
1702 19 Nov HEWARD Richard STEERE Elizabeth
1704 16 July LOCKDON John STEERE Willmott
    (of Ashburton)      
1715 14 Sept STEERE Jonas GOODYEAR Elizabeth
1718 09 Sept DENLEY Andrew STEERE Julian
1721 02 Feb BROWN John STEERE Anne
1723 05 Dec CRUSE John STEERE Alice
1723 26 Dec STEERE John WOTTON Sarah
1727 15 Jan STEER John CRUSE Joan
1728 28 July PARR William STARE Mary
1729 21 Dec STEER Thomas YARD Elizabeth
1731 24 Jan LAMBLE William STEERE Jane
1732 02 July PARDY Jacob STEERE Eleoner
1732 24 Dec GRIBBLE John STEERE Margaret
1733 15 May STEERE William MAWBY Mary
1733 27 Dec STEERE Thomas TAPLEY Elizabeth
1735 28 Feb STEERE Jonas SMALE Grace
1736 08 Nov BALLEN Richard STEERE Anne
1746 26 Oct STEERE William GUMP or CRUMP Elizabeth
1752   TAYLOR John STEERE Mary
1753   STEERE Nicholas WINDSOR Mary
1756 29 April STEERE David WILLS Sophia
    (wit. - William Langley & Richard Brimbbombe)
1760 8 April HARVEY Andrew STEERE Elizabeth
    (wit. - John Harvey & Philip Ellis)
1761 27 April LAMBLE John STEER Alice
    (wit. - Thomas Tapley & Philip Ellis)
1763 20 Sep STERE Thomas BENNET Mary
    (By Lic. - wit. - John Lamble & Philip Ellis)
1763 29 Sep STEERE William STONELAKE Anne
1766 27 Oct SOPER Richard STEER Julian
1767 10 Aug STEER Jonas BENNET Elizabeth
    (wit. - Philip Ellis & John Bennet)
1773 9 Feb STEER John LEAMAN Margaret
    (wit. - John Leaman & James Drake)
1778 19 Nov CONIAM Thomas STEER Anne
    (wit. - Nickolas Steer & James Drake)
1785 11 Oct MIDLAND Richard STEER Margaret
1786 1 Aug MAYER Arthur STEER Jane
1787 4 Dec CONYAM William STEER Elizabeth
    (wit. - William Steer & James Drake)
1788 7 Feb STEER William TAPPER Mary
1788 30 Nov WILLCOKS John DOWLING Mary
    (of Ilsington)      
1791 4 Sep STEER Nicholas CURNOW Elizabeth
1791 9 Oct CARPENTER Joseph STEER Mary
    (of St. Thomas, Exeter)
    (wit. - Richard Soper & James Drake)
1792 13 Nov WILCOCKS Thomas WOOTTON Mary
    (of Lusleigh)
1799 27 Nov CREED William STEER Elizabeth
    (of Kingscarswell)
1800 26 Feb CLAMPITT William PEARCE Ann
1801 9 April BENNETT William STEER Jenney
    (of Lusleigh)      
1807 12 Oct STEER John STONELAKE Agness
    (wit. - Joseph Steer & John Potter)
1808 20 June STEER Jonas HART Grace
    (wit. - Thomas Hart & John Dymond)
1810 26 june WILCOCKS Joseph FROST Ann
    (of Farleigh)
1817 14 Nov STEER William EVANS Nancy
1817 23 Dec CLAMPIT William LAMBSHEAD Mary
    (wit. - Jane Clampit & William Hamlin)
1818 8 March BROWNING William STEER Mary Ann
  (Lic. With consent of parents - wit. - Mary Grant & Nicholas Steer)  
1822   STEER John SMITH Grace
1825 14 April STEER Thomas MANLEY Susanna
    (wit. - John Steer & Jonas Steer)
1827 19 July STEER Jonas AVANT Sarah
    (wit. - John Coniam & Elizabeth Steer)
1830 12 Sep CLAMPIT Joseph GOODER Miriam
    (of Lusleigh)
1831 26 Dec STEER Joseph BROWN Mary
    (wit. - James Brown & Elizabeth Brown)
1833 26 July STEER William FROST Sarah
    (wit. - James Welsman & Elizabeth Frost)
1833 18 Oct STEER Benjamin BALL Mary
    (wit. - Thomas Prouse & Mary Ann Gites)
1834 21 March WALLING Joseph STEER Elizabeth
    (of Hennock)
    (wit. - John Steer & Harriet Wills)
1835 15 Sep AGGETT William BROWN Ann
    (wit. - Joseph Steer & Elizabeth Brown)
1836 27 Sep CLAMPIT Thomas TROUT Elizabeth
    (Labourer - Both of age)
    (wit. - John Tapper & Susan Sampson)
End of Book.
NOTE - The entries in italics were recorded in "Fursdon's Marriage Index" for Bovey Tracey, but were not recorded in the handwritten copy or the Bovey Tracey Parish Records held at the Exeter Study Centre.
1538 - 1689
1547 17 June STURE William s of Robti & Tomsin  
1594 18 Jan STEERE Johannes s of Thomae  
1595 18 April STEERE Johannes    
1595 5 May STEERE Blannake w of Thomae  
1598 16 April STEARE Johannes s of Thomae  
1598 4 Nov STEERE Johannes    
1600 5 Sep STEERE Philippas s of Johannis  
1601 10 April STEERE Alicia w of Thomae  
1602 4 March STEERE William s of Thomae  
1602 29 April STEERE Maria d of Thomae  
1603 25 Sep CLARKE Katherina Vidna    
1616 3 April STEERE Alicia    
1616 24 April STEERE Alhcia d of Thomae  
1616 28 April STEERE Josephns s of Thomae  
1617 10 March CLARKE Johannes    
1619 10 Dec STEERE Isotis w of Johis  
1640 30 Aug STEERE Thomas    
1641 11 Feb STEERE Maria ( widow )    
1652 12 June STEERE Alicia w of Johis Thatcher
1654 7 Sep STEERE Elizabeth d of Michael  
1655 14 Mar STEERE John   Thatcher
1663 13 Aug STEERE Elizabeth w of Gilbert  
1664 11 March STEERE Michaell of Bradley    
1665 3 july STEERE Andrew s of William  
1665 8 Oct STEERE John   Sadler
1667 11 March STEERE David    
1675 25 Nov STEERE John    
1677 28 Jan STEERE Hugh    
1677 19 Aug STEERE Helena w of John  
1677 18 Oct STEERE Elizabeth d of Michaell  
1678 8 Sep STEERE Thomas    
1684 18 May STEERE Jonas    
1684 5 June STEERE John    
1684 28 Aug STEERE Thomas    
1687 7 Oct STEERE John   Parish Clerk
1690 - 1837
1690 26 June STEERE Mary    
1690 28 Dec STEERE Thomas    
1694 17 April STEERE Michael    
1694 03 June STEERE Jane d of Thomas  
1695 03 April STEERE Gilbert    
1695 29 Nov STEERE Mary    
1696 31 March STEERE Catherine    
1697 09 Nov STEERE John    
1698 11 May STEERE Mary    
1699 30 Aug STEER Edward    
1699 25 Nov STEERE Eliner    
1700 14 May STEERE Wilmot    
1703 26 Nov STEER Barbery (nee SATTERLY)  
    Widow of John - m 14 August 1672
1708 16 May STEERE John    
1711 03 May STEERE Anne    
1711 27 Nov STEERE John    
1711 20 Dec STEERE Mary    
1712 06 Jan STEERE Elizabeth    
1712 25 Jan STEERE Elizabeth Widow of Jonas  
1714 16 March STEER William    
1715 02 Aug STEERE Thomas    
1715 09 Oct STEERE Margaret    
1716 28 July STEERE Jonas    
1717 05 June STEERE Elizabeth    
1721 28 April STEERE Mary    
1724 12 April STEERE Mary    
1729 29 April STEER Elizabeth    
1732 05 Oct STEERE David    
1732 01 Nov STEERE Rebekah (nee SATTERLEY)  
    Wife of David - m 22 February 1690
1732 21 Nov STEER John    
1733 22 Nov STEER Mary    
1734 06 Dec STEER Michael    
1734 11 Dec STEER Mary    
1735 06 Feb STEER John    
1736 03 July STEERE Mary    
1737 25 Jan STEERE Thomas    
1737 21 Nov STEER Alice    
1737 27 Nov STEERE Michael    
1746 10 May STEERE Mary    
1753 19 July STEER Jane    
1761 17 Oct STEER Elizabeth    
1762 12 Jan STEER Elizabeth    
1762 18 Aug STEER Ann    
1764 19 Jan STEER Grace    
1764 19 Dec STEER Ann    
1765 01 Aug STEER Sarah    
No records recorded for 1766 and 1767.
1769 10 May STEER Grace    
1769 31 May STEER William    
1769 22 June STEER David    
1770 10 Oct STEER Elizabeth    
1770 15 Oct STEER Thomas    
1771 20 June STEER William    
1774 17 Nov STEER Sarah    
1776 14 Aug STEER Jane    
1775 or        
1776 17 Dec STEER John    
1777 13 June STEER Joseph    
1779 28 Feb STEER Jonas    
1780 17 Sept STEER Mary    
1786 21 April STEER Nickolas (Paid)    
1789 02 Nov STEER Elizabeth    
1790 14 March STEER David    
1793 06 Nov STEER Thomas    
1795 07 May STEER William    
1798 20 June STEER Joseph    
1801 08 March STEER Thomas    
1805 20 Dec STEER Ann    
1806 23 March STEER Mary    
1807 20 March STEER Sarah    
1809 09 March STEER Mary    
1812 19 April STEER Jonas    
1814 16 Jan STEER Sophia 90 (b 1724)
1815 18 July STEER Mary 54 (b 1761)
1821 09 Oct STEER William 60 (b 1761)
1826 24 July STEER Elizabeth 94 (b 1732)
1834 27 April STEER Susann 30 (b 1804)
1837 30 Aug STEER Susan 5 (b 1832)
1837 11 Oct STEER Sarah Jane 6 (b 1831)
End of Book.