The Vicars of Bovey Tracey 1258-1946

Transcribed by Michael Steer

A handsomely framed, engrossed list of the Vicars of Bovey Tracey hung for many years at the rear of the Parish Church. The following list appears as pp.14 and 15 of Rev. G.O.C. Duxbury's (1956) booklet: The Story of Bovey Tracey Church, referenced elsewhere on the GENUKI pages for Bovey Tracey.

Geoffrey de Tantone instituted 19 October, 1258
Roger de Merwode, priest instituted 5 January, 1265-6
John de Wolfrintone, occurs as vicar 17 January, 1270-1
Master William de Northovere, priest instituted 28 March 1279
Sir* Edward de Engleis instituted 20 June, 1309
Sir Robert de Flore, priest instituted 16 August, 1330
Sir Joceline de Snetesham, priest instituted 26 August, 1330
Sir Robert de Haydore, priest instituted 31 July, 1334
Sir Robert de Altone, chaplain instituted 30 January, 1335-6
Sir Robert de Derby institution not recorded
Sir Michael Gogeyn, priest instituted27 June, 1341
Sir Henry de Nieuport, priest instituted 6 March, 1348-9
Sir John de Neucombe, priest instituted 20 January, 1353-4
John Merrey, priest instituted 22 November, 1361
John Atte Mille, chaplain institution not recorded
William Pottock, chaplain instituted 5 September, 1401
Sir Richard Colle, chaplain instituted 22 June, 1438
Sir John Fermer, chaplain instituted 22 June, 1438
Sir Walter Hancoke, chaplain instituted 17 May, 1458
Master Robert Michelle, chaplain,
   Bachelor in Degrees
instituted 28 August, 1480
Robert Borde, chaplain instituted 30 July, 1520
Master Robert Bysse Doctor of Laws instituted 8 July 1534
Sir George Mannynge, priest instituted 17 October, 1546
Christopher Petell, clerk instituted 20 June, 1554
William Merrick, B.C.L. instituted 16 May, 1564
Edward James, M.A. instituted 13 August, 1576
Richard Dernlove, clerk instituted 3 April, 1577
Master John Milward, S.T.F. instituted 9 November, 1598
John Burchill, clerk instituted 15 July, 1603
James Forbes, Chaplain to King Charles I instituted 15 September, 1628
Francis Moore, clerk, M.A. instituted 26 December, 1668
Robert Caunter, clerk instituted 28 June, 1681
Francis Stooke, clerk, M.A. instituted 22 November, 1689
John Cooke, clerk, M.A. instituted 15 August, 1704
Samuel Maynard, clerk, B.A. instituted 28 July, 1715
Philobeth Dommett, clerk, B.A. instituted 1 November, 1735
Joseph Dommett, clerk, B.A. instituted 25 September, 1786
William Carwithen, clerk, D.D. instituted 29 January, 1831
John Macauley, clerk, B.A. instituted 1 May, 1841
The Hon. Charles Leslie Courtenay, Clerk, M.A.,   
   Canon of Windsor
instituted 27 July, 1849
Wyndham Hamilton Knight-Bruce, D.D.
   Coadjutor Bishop for the Diocese of Exeter
instituted 26 March, 1895
Walter Benjamin Vere-Stead, clerk, M.A. instituted 26 March, 1897
Henry Barry Hyde, M.A.
   Prebendary of Exeter Cathedral
instituted 24 April, 1908
James Anthony Howell, clerk, B.D. instituted 7 November, 1923
George Owen Charles Duxbury, clerk, M.A. instituted 2 November, 1946


* The title Sir recorded in the fourteenth and fifteenth century does not refer to knighthood, but to the fact that the Clerk in Holy Orders had not proceeded to the degree of Master of Arts.

Sovereigns of England have been patrons of the living for over 400 years. In the period before the sovereigns assumed that patronage, the patron for 280 years was the Hospital of S. John.