Index: Southcote family pedigree

The Visitation of the County of Devon in the Year 1620. (1872).
London: Harleian Society, pp. 266-269


F.T.Colby (Ed.)

Prepared by Michael Steer

At the dissolution of the monasteries in 1535, John Southcote bought Indio (or Indeo) at Bovey Tracey from the Crown and built a new house on the site. He had made his fortune as steward or tithe holder for several monasteries in Devon. He was agent for St John's Priory at Bridgewater on which he held the lease until its dissolution. Indio remained in the Southcote family for several years, passing first to John's son Thomas, then to his eldest grandson Robert. In 1625 Sir John Stawell owned the house. Thomas Southcote was Sheriff of Devon 1558-9 and MP for Tavistock in 1555, for Plympton Erle in 1558 and for Dartmouth in 1559. John Southcote's pedigree, together with his arms was registered in the 1620 St George and Lennard Visitation. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally in Google Books with a search by either author or title, and also from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers..

Barkley, Elizabeth (Plimstock) 269
Barkley, Thomas (Plimstock) 269
Barnham, Grace 266
Battesdon, Susan (Bedford) 266
Battesdon, William (Bedford) 266
Carey, Mary 267
Carey, Thomas 267
Dillington (Isle of Wight) 267
Eveleigh, John 267
Eveleigh, Jone 267
Eveleigh, Margaret 267
FitzWilliam. Elizabeth 266
Hankford (Sidnam) 266, 268
Hayes, Elizabeth (Axmouth) 266
Hayes, John (Axmouth) 266
Kirkham, Suzan 266, 269
Kirkham, Sir Thomas 266, 269
Lamberte, Thomaszone 267
Lamberte, William 267
Manwaringe, Barbara 267
Manwaringe, Sir Henry 267
Pole, Katherine (Colkham) 269
Pole, Sir William (Colkham) 269
Pomeroy, Barbara 266
Pomeroy, Hugh 266
Reinell, Agnes 266
Reinell, Richard 266
Robins, Frances 266, 268
Robins, William 266, 268
Robinson (London) 267
Rouse 266
Rugeway 266
Seamer, Elizabeth 269
Seamer, Sir Henry 269
Southcot, Agnes 266
Southcot, Barbara 266
Southcot, Elizabeth 266-7, 269
Southcot, Elizabeth jnr 266
Southcot, Frances (also Southcotte) 266-7
Southcot, George 266
Southcot, Grace 266
Southcot, Grace jnr 266
Southcot, Jane 269
Southcot, Joan 267
Southcot, John 269
Southcot, John (Bowey) 266
Southcot, Katherine 269
Southcot, Margaret 267
Southcot, Mary 267, 269
Southcot, Nathaniell 269
Southcot, Popham 269
Southcot, Suzan 266
Southcot, Thomas (Bowey) 266
Southcot, Thomas (Mohun;s Awtrie) 269
Southcot, Thomas jnr 269
Southcot, William 269
Southcote, Athur (Exeter) 266
Southcote, Sir Edward 266
Southcote, Elizabeth 266
Southcote, FitzWilliam 266
Southcote, Sir George 266
Southcote, Jane 266
Southcote, John (Shillingford) 266
Southcote, John jnr 266
Southcote, Susan (Shillingford) 266
Southcote, Thomas 266
Southcote, William 266
Southcott, Anne 267
Southcott, Anthonie 267
Southcott, Barbara 267
Southcott, Cicily 267
Southcott, Dowsable 267
Southcott, Elizabeth 269
Southcott, Frances 267-8
Southcott, George (Calverley) 267-9
Southcott, Grace 267
Southcott, Henrie 267
Southcott, Humphry (Cheriton) 267
Southcott, John (Bovey) 267-8
Southcott, Katherine 267
Southcott, Margaret 267
Southcott, Mary 267
Southcott, Nicholas 267
Southcott, Peter (Lusley) 267
Southcott, Robert 267
Southcott, Thomas (Bovey Tracey) 267-9
Southcott, Thomas jnr 267
Southcott, Thomazine 267
Staplehill, Elizabeth 267
Staplehill, Thomas 267