Will of Joseph Steer, Butcher of Bovey Tracey, Devon

June 12 1799

© Crown Copyright

The National Archives, IR 26/342, Records of the Boards of Stamps, Taxes, Excise, Stamps and Taxes, and Inland Revenue

Transcribed by Michael Steer

Date of the Probate or Administration Name and description of the Testatur or Intestate Names and places of abode of the Executors or Administrators Names of the Legatees distinguishing the Residuary Legatee Degree of Relationship Account of the several Legacies and Annuities, and Form of the Bequests, particularly of the Residue
Under £500 Joseph Steer of Bovey Tracey, Butcher Tho. Steer of the same, Sole Executor and Residuary Legatee   Nephew  
      Joseph Steer Ditto £300
      John and Elizabeth Lamble Nephew and Niece £50 each
        To be paid at the end of one year after the Testator's Death