Bovey and the Coronation of Queen Victoria

Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 9:1, (1916) p. 2.


J. Shears

Prepared by Michael Steer

Verses on the Coronation of Queen Victoria composed at that date. They were recited by Mrs John Shears, a native of Bovey Tracey, in Bradford, on New Year's Day 1914. She was aged 84. She was the daughter of John Coish, who fought at the Battle of the Nile, and Betty (née Goodyear) his wife.


King William the Fourth, one year has been dead
And now Queen Victoria reigns in his stead.
The Royal young Princess promoted to reign
And this is the day for Queen to be Crowned.

The singers of Bovey together agreed
And all through the Town in concert agreed
And music and singing as they went along,
And Queen Victoria was the theme of their song.

Now early the morning the bells they did ring
And the birds of the air they did merrily sing
The Vulcan's brave sons their anvils did fire
And the day for to keep was their desire.

The Wesley scholars you very well know
To Chellow Brook Farm with their teachers did go;
And dinner for them there was there prepared,
Which teachers and scholars their banquet did share.

The dinner being over, back they retreat
And the Baptist scholars in Town they did meet.
Then these two parties you very well know,
To Vicarage House together did go.

And then the Church scholars with them did unite,
And that was a pleasing and beautiful sight;
The Vicar did after at this place appear,
And by a chance he sat on a chair, his seat he did take,
And a very grave speech the doctor did make *

Old brave master Hall, the man of renote,
And then on the heath the games did promote;
The prizes were won, to me it was told
The running and racing like Grecians of old.

There was plenty of cider for people to drink,
And some had too much, you can very well think;
So the spile was stopped, no more to be had,
And so the fellows looked sour and sad.

Jack Shears, Bradford.

* This verse apparently includes part of a missing verse. The doctor referred to was Dr Haydon.