A 1781 Census of Bow Village

List of Bow parishioners April 2nd 1781 (total 734) (2 pages),

compiled by George Packer and Charles Tozer

Devon Record Office DEX/9/a/1/Bow/1

Provided by Peter Selley


Page 1
    A True and just Account of all the Inhabitants living within the said
    Parish of Bow otherwise Nymet Tracey carefully taken the Second
    day of April in the Year of our Lord 1781 by US, George Packer
                                                                                 Chas Tozer
Appledore Middle Halse Natson Moor Lane Continued Bow Town Continued Bow Town Continued Bow Town Continued Bow Town Continued
Timothy Sillifant Richd Hole John Wreford Wm Partridge Mary Langman Edwd Tolley Sylvanus Wreford Mary Dart
John Sillifant Ann Hole Elizabth Wreford Alice Partridge Eliz James Sarah Tolley Ann Wreford John Heard
Ann Sillifant Mary Hole Katherine Wreford [ ] Partridge Ann Folly Geo Heard Ann Drake Mary Heard
Elizth Sillifant Ann Hole Fanny Eastabrook Kath Kelly Wm Tucker John Bright Saml Jordan William Heard
Sarah Ballamy Richd Hole Sarah Davy John Rendle Eliz Tucker Sarah Heard Wm Luxton Susann Heard
Mary Clements Thos Hole Eliz May Ann Hopper Jane Tucker James Merryfield Eliza Stuckey Sarah Heard
Mary Mann John Hole Robt Lendon Wm Fewings Judith Tucker Sarah Merryfield Eliza Stuckey Mary Pitts
John Beere Robert Hole John Vugler Jane Fewings Eliz Tucker John Merryfield John Stuckey Wm Grenslade
John Smale Francis Hole Richd Jordan Wm Narracott Judith Tucker John Cockram Eliza Arscott Mary Bradford
John Tucker Wm Hole James Pleace Eliz Narracott Simon Tucker Ann Cockram Chas Arscott James Bradford
William Cann Sarah Heale Wm Luxton Grace Narracott Geo Mitchel Mary Cockram Eliz Hole John Woodman
Geo Sillifant Mary Brealy John Evans   Martha Mitchel Grace Cockram Richd Hole John Arters
Samuel Moare Geo Folly Wm Clememts Nymet Barton Sarah Mitchell John Middleweck Roger Eastabrook Grace Arters
John Lock Thos Bradford     Wm Grenslade Eliz Middleweck Eliz Eastabrook William Clements
Willm Stephens John Sowden West Hampson Peter Clements Eliz Grenslade John Middleweck Saml Eastabrook Sarah Clements
Wm Marwood Mark Stephens   Ann Clements Heny Parish Philip Middleweek Tryphena Eastabrook Mary Parish
Wm Snell John Discombe Geo White Wm Clements Wm How Robt Middleweck Wm Eastabrook John Parish
Saml Atkins   Eliz White John Shore Margaret Sommerton Willm Middleweck John Davy Mary Parish
  West Halse Betty White Eliz Shore James Smith Philip Middleweck Saml Down Jane Parish
Gays Lake   Mary White John Shore John Westren Mark Tozer Geo Packer Jane Parish
  John Boucher Mary Clements John Pugsley Tammy Westren Eliz Tozer Eliz Packer Ann Parish
Peter Way Ann Boucher Ann Mardon Eliz Pugsley Wm Westren Mark Tozer Eliz Hammett Mary Parish
Patience Way Mary Boucher Wm Delve John Pugsley Susanna Westren Eliz Tozer John Arters Thomas Hockaday
Francis Way Susannah Boucher James Drewe Mary Pugsley Samuel Mallett Geo Grenslade John Moore Tryphena Hockaday
Elizth Way Heny Heard John Carsley Wm Pugsley Sarah Mallett Eliz Grenslade Saml Bowden Mary Hockaday
  Ann Heard Thomas Drake John Mohun Eliz Mallett Geo Grenslade Thos Dart Tryphena Hockaday
Little Halse Sarah Heard   Ann Langaman Wm Mallett Eliz Grenslade Grace Tozer Ann Hockaday
  Robt Moore Bow Mill Thos Langaman John Mallett Marjory Grenslade Mary Tozer Eliz Gorwood
Andw Elliott Joannah Moore   Susanna Langaman Mary Mallett Ann Grenslade Charles Tozer Mary Gorwood
Grace Elliott Eliz Moore Robt Bradford Wm Parker Eliz Heard Mary Sweet Elizth Saunders Rebecca Gorwood
John Elliott Martha Moore Eliz Bradford Richd Bond Wm Heard Honor Hammett John Vinney George Kennacott
Mary Elliott Robt Moore     Mary Hockaday James Mardon Mary Vinney Mary Kennacott
Elizabeth Elliott   Nymett Bow Town Rebecca Hockaday Sarah Mardon Ann Vinney Eliz Nethercott
Grace Elliott East Langford     Mary Hockaday Thos Mardon Elias Vinney Margaret Cleave
Thomas Patrick   Richd Bond Robt Davy Saml Arters Eliz Mardon Isacar Vinney Susanna Cleave
Elizth Patrick Wm Hill Ann Bond An Davy Ann Arters Mary Radford Wm Banbury Wm Discombe
Elizth Patrick Mary Hill Grace Bond John Davy Ann Arters Wm Westren Mary Banbury Martha Discombe
Tryphena Patrick Martha Hill   John Courtney Saml Arters Joan Westren Grace Northleigh Saml Discombe
George Patrick Wm Hill Church House Jane Courtney Grace Arters Wm Westren Thomas Northleigh Richard Knowling
Mary Patrick John Hill   Eliz Snell Chrisn Sloman Edward Bond Betty Northleigh Martha Knowling
  Geo Hill John Parker Ann Mardon Mary Cann Ann Bond Mary Northleigh Jane Knowling
East Halse Grace Wellington Ann Parker Heny Trimlett Saml Wellington Ann Bond Eliz Northleigh John Cour…
  Richd Pike Ann Parker Eliz Trimlett Ann Wellington John Cockram Sarah Grenslade Thomas Madge?
Thos Avory John Madge Richd Parker Eliz Drake Mary Heard Grace Cockram Eliz Pike Mary Madge
Elizth Avory Heny Parish Geo Parker Wm James John Heard Grace Cockram George Wreford Eliz Madge
John Avory     Ann James Richd Heard Mary Cockram Ann Wreford Isaac Madge
Thos Heard Middle Langford In Ditto Mary James Heny Heard John Heard Betty Wreford John Snell
Elizth Heard     Agnes James Mary Heard Geo Violl Mary Wreford Eliz Dart
Elizth Heard Wm Westren Ann Sommerton Ann James Joseph Rowdon Eliz Hounsley Joan Wreford Susanna Discombe
Mattw Yeoland Joan Westren Susana Sommerton John Brealy Susannah Rowdon John Rowdon Fanny Wreford Thoms Mage
Rose Yeoland Eliz Westren Mary Sommerton John Watts Eliza Rowdon Eliz Rowdon Geo Wreford Alice Mage
Betty Wreford   [ ]Sommerton Mary Watts Mary Rowdon John Rowdon John Rowdon Thos Mage
  West Langford   Elizabth Watts Ann Rowdon Ann Rowdon Agnes Rowdon Jane Mage
43   Moor Lane Mary Watts Agnes Cleave Mary Rowdon Eliz Rowdon Isaac Mage
  Heny Ford     John Norris Richd Rowdon Ann Rowdon Matthw Mage
  Eleanor Ford Simon Snell     Jane Rowdon James Rowdon Eliz Mage
  Heny Ford Priscilla Snell 52 [48 actually] 55      
    [ ]Snell     56 56  
  45           58 [56 actually]
Page 2
Bow Town Continued Bow Town Continued Bow Town Continued Bow Town Continued Cott      
Simon Baker Anthy Bowden John Elliott John Short John Woodman      
Betty Baker Eliz Bowden Jane Elliott Mary Blackey Adam Woodman      
Mary Hounsley Thomas Bowden Mary Elliott Peter Battishill Mary Woodman      
Joannah Hounsley Elizth Bowden Eliz Elliott Ann Battishill Sarah Woodman      
Ann Hounsley William Bowden Robt Kellaway John Battishill Ann Woodman      
Mary Hounsley Mary Lobb Kathere Kellaway Eliz Battishill Thomazin Gibson      
Geo Hounsley John Sweet Robt Kellaway Jane Battishill Charity Gibson      
Solomon Heard Eliz Sweet Kather Kellaway John Kellaway Robert Call      
John Evans Mary Sweet Mary Luxton Rebecca Kellaway Biddy Call      
Eliz Evans Betty Heard Mary Morrish John Kellaway Mary Call      
Wilmot Evans Thomas Cosway William Kelland William Morris Robert Call      
Betty Evans Wm Sweet Mary Kelland Mary Morris Joan Tucker      
Sarah Evans Wm Drake John Kelland Mary Wellington        
Richd Evans Joan Wellington Elizth Kelland Thomas Wellington Spesters      
Wm Evans William Harvey Patty Kelland Nichs Heard        
Eliz Heard Mary Harvey John Kelland Mary Gidley William Speer      
Andw Heard Ann Harvey Mary Kelland Elsie Heard Eliz Speer      
Wm Heard Wm Harvey Mary Coombe Susanna Heard John Speer      
Ann Heard Edwd Saunders John Discombe Tryphena Heard Mary Speer      
Mary Heard Wm Adams Joanna Discombe Richd Warren Ann Speer      
Eliz Heard Patty Adams Mary Discombe Joanna Warren Edwd Popman      
Jas Kelland Ann Adams John Discombe Philip Warren Robt Fewings      
Joanna Kelland Mary Adams Mark Stephens William Warren Wm Dunster      
Richd Kelland Susanna Adams Mary Stephens Susanna Dunster Agnes Brock      
Wm Kelland Ann Allen Grace Breayley Susanna Dunsters dau        
Wm Hounsley Ann Allen Thomas Stephens Sarah Dunster Sappers      
Mary Hounsley William Luxton Mary Stephens Ann Dunster        
Elizth Hounsley Mary Luxton Mary Shute Susanna Bond Elizabeth Brock      
Wm Hounsley John Luxton Mary Clements Richd Vugler William Brock      
John Hounsley Thomas Wilmot William Heale Ann Vugler Mary Brock      
John Eastabrook Ann Wilmot Mary Heale Mary Vawden Robt Cockram      
Joan Eastabrook Joseph Eastabrook John Parish William Northam James Gibson      
John Eastabrook Mary Eastabrook Joan Parish Sarah Northam        
John Potham Mary Eastabrook John Bright William Luxton North Woods      
Elizth Potham Joseph Eastabrook Mary Bright Mary Luxton        
Mary Potham Elizth Eastabrook Eliz Bright Mary Luxton daur Agnes Eastabrook      
Willm Potham Wm Eastabrook Mary Bright Jno Luxton John Eastabrook      
John Potham Saml Eastabrook Robt Parish John Cooke Agnes Eastabrook      
Elizth Potham Fanny Eastabrook Ann Parish Eliz Cooke Wm Eastabrook      
Wm Scott John Hotten Thomas Tracey Peter Gosland Susanna Eastabrook      
Ann Scott Enoch Coombe Eliz Tracey Ann Gosland Joanna Eastabrook      
Wm Scott Eliz Coombe Heny Tracey Ann Gosland daur        
Heny Scott Joannah Coombe Thomas Tracey Mary Gosland Tredowne      
John Scott Elizabeth Coombe Eliz Tracey John Gosland        
Joseph Scott Susanna Coombe Heny Heard Rose Gosland Jas Langmead      
John Bond John Boucher Mary Heard   Mary Langmead      
Grace Bond William Gidley Robt Tucker Bud park Jas Langmead Jr      
Eliz Gorwood Jane Gidley Mary Tucker   Mary Jackson      
Joan Stephens John Coombe Nichs Tucker Robert Baker John Miller      
John Stephens Henry Woolacott Mary Nethercott Mary Baker        
Eliz Stephens Elizabth Woolocott Henry Nethercott Mary Baker daur East Hallerdon      
Eliz Wellington Esther Woolocott Richd Brealy Elizth Baker        
Jane Foot Nancy Woolocott Joanna Brealy Joseph Baker John Brock      
Sarah Baker John Woolocott Anne Brealy Geo Baker Mary Brock      
John Carsley Anthony Bawdon Richd Brealy Thomas Bolt William Brock      
Eliz Carsley John Drake Honor Bickle Jane Bolt Mary Sobey      
Mary Carsley Elizabeth Drake Mary Stowey William Bolt        
Mattw Carsley Mary Drake Sarah Wellington Jane Bolt West Hellerdon      
Wm Carsley Elizabeth Drake Sarah Sommerton Thomas Bolt        
Eliz ? Carsley Joseph Drake Thomas Summerton   Richd Gidley      
Eliz Piend Heny Drake Thomas Arters S Hilldown Mary Gidley      
Saml Jordan Benjamin Haywood Joanna Arters   Susanna Gidley      
Eliz Jordan Elizabeth Haywood John Arters John Baker Barthw Gidley      
Geo Jordan Mary Haywood Richd Bealy Senr Elizth Baker Fanny Gidley      
  John Haywood Sarah Bealy Mary Baker Huddy Hill      
64 Mary Cleave James Discombe John Baker Bartw Gidley      
  Benjan Haywood Mary Discombe Betty Baker John Gidley      
  Betty Haywood James Discombe John Rendle Ann Gidley      
  Walter Elliott Mary Discombe   John Shelston      
  Rachel Elliott William Discombe N Hilldown Mary Shelston      
    [ ]Discombe   Mary Shelston      
  70   Thomas Mardon Joanna Gidley      
    71 Robert Mardon        
      Susanna Mardon 54      
      John Mardon        
      John Mardon        
      Michal Mardon        
      James Bowden        
      Betty Woodman